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Double Penetration

…Since you are not here with my physically, I took you to my bedroom emotionally and spiritually. I was so on fire for you that it was not going to take long…. I stood at the foot of my bed with my jeans off, legs spread wide…. The vibrator was in my right hand as I leaned forwarded and braced myself on the bed with my left hand….

I knew exactly what I wanted…. I was imagining you behind me, the tip of your cock on my clit…. teasing me…. I placed the tip of the vibrator on my clit and turned it to low…. increasing the speed slowly as I imagined you teasing my clit with your cock.

Within seconds I was having an incredible orgasm! My left arm collapsed and I feel to the bed, my breathing starting to slow….. and that is when the day dream took over.

In my dream we had been apart for several days…. you had been working long hours and I had missed you so. I was in the bedroom, in the same position as I was in my conscious state… legs wide, leaning on the bed, vibrator at my clit…. I look up and see you walk into the bedroom. Our eyes meet and I start to rise and move to you…. Your voice is soft “No, baby! Finish! I want to watch you!” I see a tiny grin on your face…”How long have you been standing there, lover?” Your voice laced with a grin “Long enough!”

Our eyes never part as I resume the tempo of the vibrator…. You are fixated on me and I on you…. You see my body start to move, my hips rising and falling…. you know I am close to cumming and you want to help me. You move gently behind me and kiss my back, running your fingers down my spine and between my legs… your tongue traces down my center and teases me…. my hips move faster as the vibrator hits against me and your tongue delves deep within my darkness….. and then it is upon me! Moans of pleasure escape my lips, my legs tighten, I through my head back and I let the climax consume me.

You move your mouth up my back and wrap your arms around me, holding me…. We stay in that position for a moment…. leaning over the bed…. my breathing starting to slow.

Your voice is tender as you whisper “I love watching you! I love touching Ataşehir Escort you!” You start to move us to the bed but I have other things in mind! It is your turn to feel the rage of a climax! I turn to you and kiss you lightly then move my lips to your ear…. “Strip, Lover!”

My words bring an instant excitement to you and you do not hesitate to toss your clothes aside…. I finish removing all remains of my togs and we stand face to face feeling the heat from each others body.

I begin kissing your chest, down your arms…. and then encourage you to turn around and lean on the bed…. my lips move down your back… you can feel my nipples brush against you. My fingers explore your body….. goose bumps run across your back as I run my tongue down your spine and past your center.

Your back arches up to my touch as I work my way down your back…. I encourage you to spread your legs a bit wider allowing me to kneel between your knees as you lean onto the bed. My fingertips caress the sides of your hips and down your thighs as my tongue moves slowly down the back of one thigh… lower and lower I move, touching and licking your amazing body as I move to your ankles…. I see you peek down at me as I lift your left foot and begin to suckle on your toes…then slowly moving to your right foot… Our eyes meet again and we exchange a wink…

My tongue is wild as it begins its journey back up your legs… dancing for a moment at that special area at the base of your tush where your legs join….. over your ass I move to the small of your back…

You attempt to turn around to me….”No, Lover…. this is all for you!” My fingers begin their special journey… running down the center of your spine… down to your tush… my tongue following behind and tasting your body. I linger a moment at your center as I feel your body tense a bit… your hips push back on me as you relax.

My tongue circles the rim of your darkness… your excitement is evident as you spread your legs a bit wider, welcoming me. Darting into you slowly I hear a soft moan escape your lips… You are not aware that my fingers have Kadıköy Escort left your body for a moment and now are dabbed with our special lotion from the night stand. Slowly I move my fingers to your back side, running down to your center…. My tongue pulls back as I circle your opening with the tip of my index finger. You welcome the touch and push back on my hand. With extreme tenderness I slowly insert my finger deep within you…. moving with gentleness, I slide my finger into your darkness and then out a bit… your hips push towards my finger, wanting to feel me inside you… The rhythm starts, in and out… in and out. …. my free hand moves further between your legs and cups your now swollen balls.

My lips work their way down your body further… joining my hand at your balls, sucking them into my moist mouth… slowly I pull my finger from your center.

I feel your body relax… a bit of disappointment is felt… you were so enjoying the touch to your darkness. You hear my whispers…. “I want to please you, Lover. I want us to experience everything.”

Your body jerks as you feel the unexpected “visitor” now at your center…. I have coated my vibrator with our lotion and it is now teasing your tiny hole. You relax as you hear my words…”I promise, I will not hurt you, my darling…. I promise.” I slowly slide the tip of the vibrator into you, adjusting the sensation to a very low pulse. Your balls are swelling more in my hand as the vibrator works its magic on your darkness.

I move my hand further between your legs and feel your rock hard cock…. it has been so neglected and craves my touch. The head of your shaft is so defined… my finger tips trace the rim, running down the inside… pressing against the vein that is now protruding and pulsating.

You are caught in a world of passion… I increase the speed on the vibrator as my hand grips your cock… my tongue is moving on you like a wild fire… spreading over you quickly, tasting every part of your darkness and manhood.

As my hand begins to move quicker on your raging hard on my tongue teases your balls… the vibrator has Bostancı Escort slid in you a bit further and the sensation is something you have never felt before…. Your voice is heavy with passion “Oh, God, Katherine!!!!”

Your hips thrust your cock against my tight grip and then back against the vibrator… never before have you felt this… never before. You are torn between decisions… do you let yourself cum or do you stave off the explosion and continue with the incredible feeling that you are experiencing now!

The choice is no longer yours…. your body has control. My grip moves faster and harder on your cock, the vibrator is fucking your ass like it has fucked my cunt many times…. I move my mouth to the inside of your legs and bite you gently…. running my tongue over your balls and to the side of the vibrator, tasting your wetness….

You feel it start deep…. your back tightens as your legs go rigid. I grip your cock and hold it tight, squeezing it in my hand…. the vibrator stays in you, no longer moving in and out but the vibration still pulsing in your ass. My lips nibble at you…. Your moan starts from very deep within you… growing louder and louder as your hot seed travels through your shaft. You feel your body break out in a cold sweat as your cum nears the head of your cock… And with the force of a bullet your cum rockets from you! Your darkness tightens around the vibrator and attempts to expel it from you… Your breathing has stopped a moment as your mouth falls open a bit.

And when every drop of seed has left your cock you start to relax a bit, your legs weak. I begin to slide the vibrator from you gently… licking your center as the vibrator is removed… I slowly release my grip on your cock…. my lips travel down the back of your thighs and kiss you gently.

Again you peek down at me… An evil grin appears on my face as I gaze up to you. “You are the devil, Woman, and I love you madly!”

You reach down to me and stroke my face… I move my lips to your hand and kiss you gently. “Come here, you animal” you say.. as you take my hand and pull me to my feet. We embrace for the longest moment…. the wetness from your seed is cool on my skin as you hold me tight…. We will shower later, right now we want to complete this moment the right way…. You cup your hands to my face and look down at me…. Words are not spoken…. there is no need.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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