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Folks, I’m between editors, so rather than keep you waiting I’ll go ahead and post this anyway at the risk of some mistakes. Hope you don’t mind that but I’m trying to progress for you. As always, feedback welcome. BlewWater69


Jason drove them back to campus. Casey was more talkative on the ride back to school. Her manner was that of an excited little girl.

“Wow, I didn’t know it could be like that,” she said.

“It’s the best feeling ever.” Jason exclaimed.

“Thank you, Jason, for showing me,” Casey stated.

“I’m the one that should be thanking you for letting me be your first.” He then thought, ‘Mark was right that most of these women were thankful to the guy that popped their cherry.’

“I’m glad you were first even though I know you have other girls like Kira and Tessa.”

‘If she only knew,’ Jason thought. “Yeah.”

“I don’t care. I’m glad you and I did it,” Casey said, but then she started to cry.

“Casey, don’t!” Jason exclaimed.

“Don’t worry,” Casey said through her sobs. “It’s not about you. It’s my Daddy.”

“Don’t tell him.”

“Jason, it’s not that easy. You don’t understand.”

“Tell me.”

“Some other time. Right now I’d rather remember the joy and pleasure of being with you. Thanks.”

Jason dropped her at the dorm and kissed her goodbye. He promised to see her again soon despite knowing the difficulty of that statement. After she got out, he drove back to the frat and proceeded to take a shower. In the strong light of the shower stall, before he got under the warming water, he could see a telltale pinkish residue on his cock. The sight of it reminded him of the guilty he felt for possibly taking advantage of Casey. Even though she said differently, he somehow still felt guilty of taking her in her vulnerable state. He scrubbed himself clean as if washing away his sins.

Back in the room, he finally remembered to make his notations in the log. He listed Sheila and Casey as thirteen and fourteen. He had six more virgins to go. He was far

ahead of any of the other brothers. If he had the full four years, no telling how many cherries he could pop. Unfortunately, time was running out on him sooner than even Mark had thought. Jason called his Big Brother after putting the book away again.

“Hey, Little,” Mark said upon picking up.

“Big, how’s it going?”

“Fine, just fucking busy with work is all. Stay in school and fuck virgins as long as you can,” Mark recommended.

“I’d like that but I’m afraid you were right about this change in the guard with Dr. Jenny leaving.”


“The new doctor, Dr. Amanda Clark, is going to computerize the patient records. At this point, there’s no telling if she intends to keep the same procedures from the cards Dr. Jenny used. I’m afraid she won’t and I’ll lose the only verification process for the virgins.”

“I see,” his Big Brother said. “Not good.”

“No. And I’m so close too.”

“You are? Last I talked with you I think you were on number nine or something.”

“Well, I’m up to fourteen now. Just got number fourteen tonight” Jason said.

“Wow, you are the stud of studs. The king of virgin slayers. Twenty should be no problem for you, that is if you can get them before the system changes.”

“Right. I have one or two more names but I don’t think I have six. Plus, chasing only select women will be infinitely harder than nailing every virgin I can find and meet that’s in the infirmary records.”

Jason couldn’t believe the callousness of his own words these days. This contest had changed him and not in a good way.

“True. I’ll inform Douglass Caulfield of your dilemma, but I don’t think he’ll be willing to change the terms of the contest at this late date. Personally, I think he is glad it will finally be over. He’s not well I hear.”

“I continue to have girlfriend problems too, like I told you last time,” Jason mentioned.

“Oh, yeah? How’s that hot redhead you talked about?”

“Great, but making me very guilty for my extracurricular activities. She rightly expects me to be with her and her alone. I’m taking her and two other virgins I fucked to see the Thunder game tomorrow. She wasn’t too happy to be going with them.”

“The speed at which you’ve nailed these virgins has been remarkable and contributed to your dilemma,” Mark said. “The rest of us had more time for breakups than you. You’re amassing virgin lovers faster than anyone in history.”

“Tell me about it. I just fucked this girl, Casey. She can’t wait to do it again and I’d like to oblige her but I’m covered up already for the whole weekend. Chad would love to have my problem but it’s getting tiring.”

“Hang in there, Little. You’re almost there. Then you can settle down with Beth or whoever else strikes your fancy with at least a cool million dollars.”

“I can’t wait for that. I really like Beth and don’t want to lose her. Somehow I have to find a way to fuck six more virgins and keep her too.”

“Good luck. Wish I had your problems.”

“What’s the matter? Not getting enough?”

“No. I’ve been working ankara escort so hard I haven’t had time to pursue any ladies,” Mark professed.

“What’re you doing Saturday night?” Jason asked, thinking out loud.

“Nothing … why?

“If you can come down for the night I’ll get you laid, guaranteed.”

“You will?”

“Yeah. And not just one but two great lays.”

“Really. That would definitely be worth the trip. Count me in.”

“Great. You’ll like these two. They’re very hot for sex,” Jason claimed.

“What’re they like?”

“Stephanie has fabulous, huge tits and is a great fuck. Pam is tall with smaller breasts but incredible nipples. They both suck a mean dick too,” Jason explained.

“Sounds great. Count me in,” Mark said.

Jason started studying when he hung up with Mark. He still had an hour or two before he needed to get to bed. Chad came in after about an hour.

“Things set for Saturday night?” Chad asked.

“Yes, and my Big, Mark, is coming now for the night.”

“Where’re we going to put him up?”

“Don’t we have a spare mattress in that storage room?”

“Yeah, I think so. It should be there anyway.”

“Let’s drag that down Saturday morning and set it up on the floor. Mark can sleep there after all the fun,” Jason concluded.

“Did you think about inviting anyone else?”

“Yeah. I think I’m going to ask Brad from the swim team. He might like to get laid too.”

“Three enough for those two hot sluts,” Chad asked.

“Probably not, but I plan on coming back that night or the following morning. I don’t want too many bodies to fight over to get to bed or them,” Jason said joking. “Keep everyone off my bed too, Chad, okay? No cum stains that aren’t my own.”

“Alright. Thanks for arranging this by the way.”

“No problem. Pam and Stef were hot for it.”

Jason woke Friday wondering how the day would go. It should be a simple affair. Take three girls, one his supposed girlfriend, to a baseball game. Drop two of them back home and spend the night with Beth. Leave her fairly early the next morning to come back to the room for Pam and Stef. Sounded simple enough but somehow he knew it wouldn’t be. All sorts of things could go wrong.

Before he left for class, he called the stadium and ordered two more tickets with the Cherry Popper’s contest credit card. He felt somewhat guilty charging the credit card for dates not related to virgins even though all three of these women were numbers in his log. He reasoned it was all part of the plan though. He couldn’t be expected to just fuck and leave them. He doubted any of the past brothers had done that either. The tickets would be waiting for him at will call.

Jason made his way to practice. He was there a little early and got a bunch of laps in before Brad showed. When he saw Brad beside the pool talking to the coach, he swam over. As soon as Brad was done talking to the coach, he joined Jason in the pool.

“Hey, man,” Jason said.

“What’s up, dude,” Brad said.

“What’re you up to Saturday night?”

“You’re asking me out on a date?” Brad asked jokingly.

“Right. I’m planning the best day of your life though,” Jason intoned.


“Feel like joining in on a gangbang of two hot chicks in my room? I won’t be there until morning though.”

“No shit! That redhead from the other day one of them?”

“Fuck you! That’s my girlfriend, asshole. No, these are two hot babes I nailed a while back. They love group sessions with multiple guys. My roommate and Big Brother, Mark, from last year will be there. I thought you might like to come too. No pun intended.”

“Sweet. I haven’t met any hot chicks yet. My balls are itchin’ for action,” Brad mused.

“Be there before eight,” Jason said laughing. “You can thank me later.”

Jason beat Brad by at least six lengths that day. Brad’s excuse was he had a hardon thinking about Saturday and it slowed him down with the huge drag. They laughed and joked about the whole thing until they parted for classes.

Jason ran into Jillian as he was nearing Carlisle Hall for economics. She looked great. Her complexion was far better, almost completely healed. She looked thinner too.

“Hi, Jillian,” Jason said.

“Hi, Jason.”

“You’re looking great, girl.”

“Thanks. I have you to thank for everything. I owe you.”

“Nonsense,” Jason said, but liked the thought.

“No really. Look how my face has cleared from the chlorine and the new medication Dr. Jenny gave me. I’ve also dropped close to ten pounds. All thanks to you. Kira and Tessa have even asked me to join them for dinner every night from now on.”

“That’s great!” Jason effused.

“I feel like I want to pay you back somehow,” Jillian proposed.

“How, What?”

“I don’t know but I’m open.”

Jason thought for a second. Could he be as crass as to take advantage of Jillian’s proposal? Surely, she knew what she was saying; she just couldn’t bring herself to say the rest. Was she hot for him because he helped her? Maybe? She was a virgin and one of the few he knew for sure remaining. ankara escort bayan Maybe this was his chance to change that. He might not get another chance. Now that she looked so much better, it wouldn’t be long before guys like Brad were hitting on her and asking for dates. His chances would surely fade away if she had a boyfriend.

“Okay, meet me outside by the big oak after class,” Jason said.

“Really?” Jillian said, acting surprised now like she hadn’t intended for him to take her up on it. “By the oak tree?”

‘Maybe I’m being terrible,’ Jason thought, but continued none-the-less. “Yeah, we can go somewhere from there for lunch. You free for lunch?”

“Yes,” Jillian said, acting somewhat relieved that maybe all he was talking about was lunch.

It’s not that she didn’t want to have sex with him, she did. Bad! She was just nervous about it. She had promised to buy lunch the next time they got together anyway. So maybe that’s all it was. She’d used that as an excuse to see her handsome benefactor again anyway. Now, he was just taking her up on it. That’s all. She sort of felt relieved but then again not really.

Jason finally got to economics on time. The teacher noticed but didn’t say anything. Connie and Sophie noticed too and both gave him big smiles. After class he said hi to both of them but excused himself saying he had to meet someone. He found Jillian waiting by the big oak tree not far from the building entrance just as he said.

“Hey,” Jason said upon walking up.


“Ready? We can walk to the frat for lunch.”

“What … oh … I thought we were going somewhere where I could pay?” Jillian said.

“No need for that unless you want to,” Jason declared. “We can get a free meal there.”

“Okay,” Jillian answered.

They talked about Jillian’s improving swimming skills as they walked along. She was up to ten laps for each work out session when she couldn’t even do four a short while ago. Not only had she dropped weight but she was feeling more toned than she could remember in a long time. Her energy levels were better and she felt more positive about everything. Technically, she’d only lost ten pounds but she felt stronger and looked like she’d lost a lot more.

“You know, you saved me from quitting school,” Jillian proclaimed.

“Thanks, but all you needed was a helping hand, you did the rest.”

“Even so, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Being it was Friday, the frat was serving fried fish for lunch with French fries and apple sauce. They filled their plates and took seats away from the prying eyes of the other watching brothers.

“This is not part of my diet,” Jillian said jokingly. “I’ll have to swim a few more laps for this and to clean my skin of the grease.”

“Yeah, definitely off the diet for me too,” Jason conceded and laughed with her.

They talked about the baseball game he was taking Tessa, Kira, and Beth to that night. Jillian had brought it up as she had learned of it from Tessa and Kira.

“Three women … quite a handful even for you, Jason,” Jillian chided.

“I know. Did Tessa and Kira tell you the whole story?”

“Yeah. Don’t be mad at them for telling me, please.”

“No … no … that’s fine, I don’t care. Hopefully, everyone will have fun,” Jason concluded.

“Hopefully,” Jillian agreed. “I think Kira and Tessa understand about Beth.”

“What do you mean?”

“That she’s your real girlfriend I mean.”


“It’ll all work out.”

“Thanks. I think so. Want to go to my room?” Jason suggested when they were done.

“Is a girl safe in there?” Jillian mused.

“If she wants to be,” Jason said joking back.

“Okay,” Jillian said somewhat hesitantly.

Jillian’s mind raced with the thoughts of what could or might happen once in a sophomore fraternity guy’s bedroom. This was something that most college girls only did if they trusted the guy. She told herself, ‘I trust Jason, but do I trust myself.’

Jason unlocked the door and showed her in. Once inside, he asked if she wanted a drink or something. Having just eaten and had a large glass of milk, Jillian declined. They sat down on the bed as Jason turned on the TV with the remote.

“You like to watch TV during the day?” Jason asked.

“Days of Our Lives,” Jillian replied.

“A soap?”

“Yeah, my mom got me into it a long time ago,” Jillian confessed.

Her smile was cute and Jason found himself looking into her grey eyes. They were warm and friendly as she was. She had allowed her strawberry blonde hair to grow out since they met and Jason liked the new longer length to her shoulders. The small smattering of faint freckles on her nose and cheeks were more evident on her face now that the acne was nearly gone.

“What channel?” Jason asked.

“It’s not 1:00 yet. You can watch whatever you want.”

“I like to check out the sports scores if you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all,” Jillian said, beginning to wonder what she was doing there.

Not that she minded at all being with Jason. In many ways, she wished he had meant to take escort ankara her up on her pay back to him sexually, instead of some other way. She found Jason extremely handsome. It bothered her some that he already had so many women in his life. She wished she could garner his full attention and keep it for herself. She’d even begun to get more interested looks from some of the other guys on campus but it was Jason that appealed to her the most. He had been there for her when it counted and she had been attracted to him from the first moment they met.

Jason propped up some pillows against the headboard of his bed and leaned back. Jillian felt a little silly just sitting there, so she leaned back too. They were lying side by side on his bed as he watched the posted scores. Jillian watched for a while but finally had to lean over towards him with her head on her raised hand.

“Jason … I thought you were going to let me pay you back?”

“Well, I decided why make you pay when we could come here for free.”

“Oh, so it was always just lunch?”

“What did you think?”

“I ahh … I mean … I was thinking …”

“Jillian, what are you trying to say?”

“It’s just that I thought you really wanted a pay back.”

“Like what?” Jason questioned, amused by her obvious dilemma.

She caught his slight grin, “You’re just playing with me.”

“Tell me what you want,” Jason said chuckling.

“You’re playing with me. Are you just teasing me or are you mocking me?” Jillian now asked somewhat annoyed.

“No, not mocking you. I’m just trying to get you to say it.”

“Why … What, you want me to beg?”

“No, not that either. I just wanted to hear you ask, but forget it if you’re going to get upset about it.”

“Jason …”


Jillian looked at him and then leaned in quickly and kissed him. Jason was a little surprised at first but kissed her back until Jillian broke the kiss. She looked into his blue eyes for what seemed a long time but then kissed him again. That kiss led to several more until they were both out of breath.

“Wow,” Jason said when he leaned back against the pillow.

“What?” Jillian now asked.




Jillian leaned on top of him now. Her firm breasts pressing into his chest. She kissed him several more times, at least as intensely as before. Jason’s hand came up to caress the side of her face as they kissed. Jillian stopped kissing him on the lips but kissed the palm of his caressing hand instead. Jason used his other hand to brush her pretty hair from blocking the complete side view of her face. She has a cute, small nose he noticed, as if for the first time. Everything about her seemed to look enticing now. He felt his cock stir in his pants.

Jillian stopped kissing his one hand and looked down at Jason. Her eyes scanned over his face as if reading a computer screen or searching for something. The look on her face was intense, yet inviting. Jason watched her with interest as to what she would do next.



“I’ll say it now.”


“Take me.”


“I want you to take me. Take me if you want.”

“Jillian, you don’t…”

“I want to. I want to more than anything. Not just to pay you back, but because I …”


Jillian’s eyes kept scanning his face as if looking for a sign or a weakness or an opportunity. She stammered a little as she continued.

“I know you have plenty of prettier girls than me but I don’t care. I don’t care if you’re doing it with Kira and Tessa. I don’t care if Beth is your true girlfriend. I don’t care about anyone else. I just want to be with you.”

“Jillian, you’re beautiful, but … I can’t … I can’t commit to anyone else …”

Jason stammered now as he tried to convey his own feeling. He had approached her paying him back casually up till now, the way their relationship had started from the beginning, but now he felt the same intensity she did. He couldn’t deny being attracted to Jillian. He was conflicted again. Fuck her and fulfill his desire and continue the contest or tell her she didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want to do it with him. She should save herself for someone more worthy.

“I don’t care!” Jillian exclaimed. “I was nervous before about doing it but now I want to.”

“No you don’t. You’re just saying that out of a sense of owing me.”

“No … I do … I do want to do it with you and not just because you helped me.”

“Jillian …”

She cut off Jason’s words with a kiss. She kissed him deeply and started unbuttoning his shirt. He thought about pushing her off for her own good but the other side of him took over now. He held her hips and kissed her back passionately. Jillian moaned into their kisses as she pulled his shirt open. She kissed down his neck with tender loving kisses. Her hands ran over the muscles of his bare chest as she worked her way lower.

Jason tried to open the buttons on Jillian’s shirt but she kept moving around. He got the tops ones open enough to see her white bra encasing her ample breasts. He had admired those breasts a couple times when they were in the pool. Her nipples were already poking indentations in the bra. He wanted to touch them but Jillian moved down too far. Her hands opened his belt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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