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This is a fictional account.


In the morning, on his way to class, Jason pulled out his cell and called Stephanie. Pam answered instead.

“Jason, Stef’s in the shower. I saw it was you and answered,” Pam declared.

“Hey, Pam,” Jason replied. “That was fun yesterday.”

“It sure was. You know you can fuck us anytime you want,” Pam offered.

“Thanks. We’re all set for tonight on my end,” Jason confirmed.

“Ours too,” Pam acknowledged. “How soon can you be here today?”

“I have mostly morning classes today. I can be there after work, about five,” Jason said, remembering he needed to check Dr. Jenny’s files for the two names.

“Good, that works fine,” Pam proclaimed.

“Yeah, you guys can come over here around seven then,” Jason affirmed. “In fact I can drive you.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Pam said, as if they were setting up a business meeting instead of a day of wild sex.

Jason and Pam said their good-byes and hung up. Kira and Tessa were waiting for him outside earth sciences class again it seemed. They greeted him with warm smiles. They were excited about Friday’s game and they talked about weather forecasts and clothes to wear. Jason hadn’t even had time to contemplate any of that and he was glad for the information.

At the infirmary, Dr. Jenny seemed in a joyous mood. Now that she finally had an end date in mind for her employment, she began to make all sorts of plans. She had catalogs for several trips that she was thinking about and showed Jason the ones about Hawaii and Italy. Of course, everything looked fantastic in the pictured brochures and he listened intently as the good doctor effused over her choices. When Jason had checked the first patient in and the doctor was in her office with him, Jason scanned the records for the two names, Tiffany Thompson and Susan Baldwin.

Jason found the charts easily but was surprised to learn they were both juniors. Sure enough, each had asterisks next to their birthdays. Neither had been to the infirmary in a while so he had never seen them before. Now he was really curious about these two. Were they fat or ugly or both that they were juniors and still virgins. After all to most guys a girl could easily get laid if she wanted to versus a guy that had to find the right opportunity. He dwelt on that for most of the day as his shift end approached and his time to fuck these two neared.

Leaving work at five, Jason went back to the frat to get his car. He was at the dorm by twenty after. He went to Stef’s room, where Pam and she were waiting for him with huge smiles. They were both reshowering and getting ready for their big night. They quizzed him for ten minutes on the guys he had chosen. Of course, they knew Chad, and Stef recalled meeting Kyle but the rest they were curious about. Jason told them one or two might even be virgins and that thrilled them even more. He watched them strip out of their robes and put on lacy underwear right in front of him like it was the most natural thing in the world. ‘How my life has changed since agreeing to this contest,’ Jason thought.

When they had some clothes on they pulled out a long scarf to blindfold him with. Jason was reluctant about this part and it made him wonder more about whom he was being asked to deflower. He hoped he wasn’t getting the raw end of this deal.

“Is this really necessary?” he said as they blindfolded him with snickers and giggles.

“Yes, they want to remain anonymous,” Stef said.

“You sure it’s because they don’t both howl at the moon,” Jason alluded.

The girls laughed. “Don’t worry,” Pam said. “You’ll think you’re fucking any of your eight virgins for the first time.”

Stef had obvious told her that, “Yeah, sure,” Jason replied.

“Well, not as good as us two,” Stef claimed, “but as good as those other six.”

When they were ready they led him down the hall. He could hear Stef and Pam joking with two other girls in the hall as they walked slowly. He had no idea how many others were standing there in silence watching him be led to his potential demise.

“Wow, he’s handsome,” one of them said. “Bring him by my room after.”

“Yeah, he’s cute even blindfolded. Let’s pass him around,” she said the other jokingly but half serious.

Jason started to feel like meat on display in a meat-case when they arrived at the room. A knock and they were in and then he heard the door close. Introductions followed, but obviously he couldn’t see whom he was being introduced to as he shook hands. Pam and Stef just used first names even though he knew the rest. Jason tried to judge the size of the women by their hands, but both seemed small, and he realized that was useless with his large hands. Pam and Stef walked him to a bed. He sat down with their help before they left with words of encouragement and told him to enjoy. Jason was decidedly nervous and wondered why he got himself into this. Could he trust Pam and Stef not to set him up into a bad experience?

Jason felt the bed shift as both girls sat down Side escort on either side of him. He again tried to judge by the movement if they were large or small but failed with both sitting at the same time. His hands were in his lap as he felt sometime touch his pant leg.

“Gosh, this is more awkward than we thought,” someone said.

“It sure is, Tiff,” Susan must have said and he memorized the difference in their voices.

“Stef and Pam were right though, Jason. You’re a very handsome guy and in good shape too,” Tiffany said squeezing his upper arm and feeling the good sized bicep. You’re a swimmer, right?”

“Yeah,” Jason simply replied.

“How do we start this?” Susan said, more nervous sounding than he was which made him feel a little better.

“I suppose we need to get him undressed,” Tiff said; she sounded a little more assured.

Jason flinched a little when he felt hands on him. He began to wish he hadn’t agreed to this. He felt like a blind man, not used to being blind. The buttons on his shirt opened one by one as someone removed his shoes and socks. With two people working on him he was down to his pants in no time. They had him stand up and he felt hands at his belt. Jason felt his cock stir. Apparently, he was nervous but something else was excited by the prospect of what was ahead. His pants dropped to his ankles and four hands helped him step out of them. He could felt the beginnings of his cock tenting his boxers. He could almost feel their eyes looking at him.

“Now these,” he finally heard Tiffany say guardedly.

Her voice sounded like it was about to crack. ‘Maybe this is the moment of truth for them too,’ Jason decided. He felt hands at the waistband of his boxers, but they seemed to hesitate a little before he could feel them sliding down. Jason could tell when his cock burst free from his underwear and sprang up and down somewhat.

“Oh, my god,” he heard Susan voice.

“Geez,” Tiffany exclaimed too.

A good minute passed without a further word or comment. Jason was sure they were staring at him and doubted the object of their gaze was above his waist. He smiled slightly and felt some of his nervousness part. Suddenly he flinched as he felt a hand – it had to be Tiffany’s from the side it came from – lightly tracing a finger along the top of his cock. Soon another hand joined it and this time he believed it was from Susan. He stood still while they examined his cock and balls with their fingers.

“It’s so big, Jason,” Tiffany nearly whispered beside him.

“Thanks,” Jason replied with more confidence.

“It’s too big,” Susan complained. “He’s too big.”

“It worked for Pam and Stef,” Tiffany stated.

“Yeah, but …” Susan muttered.

“It’ll fit just fine ladies after we prepare,” Jason said as the voice of experience.

After a pause, Tiffany said, “It’s beautiful, Jason. Big and beautiful.”

“It is,” Susan agreed, both still touching his now stiff cock.

They helped him sit down again and then Jason heard a rustling of clothes. They were obviously stripping too. He wished he was watching this. He always enjoyed the sight of a woman baring herself before him. This stinking blindfold was beginning to piss him off. He had promised not to remove it since his hands would be free and he had agreed. Now he contemplated if he could. He decided to just lie back on the bed with his legs hanging off. He tried to see just below the bottom of the scarf but the girls had tied it too well.

Next, Jason felt the bed move again as both girls sat on either side of him. The bed creaked but he wasn’t sure that meant anything other than three people were on it. Hands fondled his cock and balls again. It felt wonderful and despite being blindfold, he closed his eyes and just lay back. The delicious sensations of four hands on him were wonderful.

“Look, Susan,” he heard Tiffany say.

“What is that?” Susan asked. “Did he cum?”

“No, no, that’s pre-cum. It’s a lubricant the guys have much like when we get wet,” Tiff informed.

Jason remembered what Stef, or was it Pam, said about Tiffany blowing a few guys. Susan sounded less experienced.

“What do we do with it?” Susan asked.

“Rub it into the head,” Tiff instructed.

Jason then felt a finger doing just that. It made his dick throb and pulse to have these two exploring his body and touching him, possibly for their first time touching a cock. He stayed quiet and let them have their fun.

“Play with his testicles,” he heard Tiff say.

He felt a hand cup them and move them around in his scrotum, “That’s so weird,” Susan said.

He was about to smile when someone licked the top of his cockhead. It sent a spark through his cock like an electrical charge. This not being able to see what was coming was suddenly appealing to him. The shock of not knowing what would come next was surprisingly exciting and new. This might not be such a bad idea after all. If he envisioned other women doing this to complete the picture, Side escort bayan he could enjoy the experience completely. He thought of Claire and Kim for some reason and his cock surged again as the mouth at his cock encircled the head.

“Oh, fuck,” Jason gasped aloud.

“He likes that, Tiff,” Susan said.

“Mmmm,” he felt her mumble with his cock in her mouth.

Jason cupped his hands behind his head and accidently pushed the scarf up a little in the back. He still couldn’t see anything though but it felt looser. The mouth on his cock was doing a fair job but lacked tongue action. He contemplated instructing her but decided to just let it go. The mouth was pushing down on successive bobs. It felt good, and then suddenly was gone.

“Lick his balls, Suz,” he heard Tiff say to Susan.

Almost instantly he felt the mouth return to his cock and another tongue licking his nuts as a hand held them up. This imagining what was happening was definitely exciting. Jason moved his hands from behind his head, again loosening the scarf a little. He reached down blind and felt the naked sides of the two women. He couldn’t reach Susan’s tits from where he lay but he could feel of Tiffany’s. He palmed the hanging teat and was delighted by its weight and size. He tried to judge how big they were with his hand and guessed maybe C-cups. The nipple was large and erect. He tweaked it with his fingers and thumb and heard Tiffany moan around his cock.

Jason’s other hand traced along Susan’s side near what had to be her hip. He could tell she wasn’t petite but didn’t feel any real bulk either. His hand continued around her ass. The cheek was a little meaty but firm and soft. She must have been angled on the bed to get at his balls and he was able to trace a path down the crack of her ass. Both women now moaned as he sought points of interest. Jason’s hand teased around Susan’s rosebud making her gasp. He descended lower and found the folds of her sex. He could feel a little moisture as his fingers tried to part the soft, hair-covered folds. Susan cooed aloud when his fingers slipped into her pussy and felt around the wet warmth inside.

Jason’s hand pulled gently downward on the nipple in his left hand. His actions seemed to be sparking greater need into the two women and they sucked and licked harder. Susan mouthed his testicles one at a time and it felt delightful in combination with Tiff’s bobbing on his dick. He could feel his balls beginning to react to the exquisite sensations. Then the action to his cock was gone making him groan, the surprise again very stimulating.

“Let’s switch,” Tiff said.

“What do I do?” Susan asked.

“Put your mouth on his cock and just bob up and down like I was doing,” Tiff instructed.

Seconds later, with their roles reversed, the sensations returned as the mouths resumed. He lost the hold on Tiff’s breast as she moved lower on his body. He traced along her hip too and squeezed her ass cheek. It felt nearly as meaty as Susan’s, he thought. Jason pushed a finger into Susan’s cunt and she growled around his cock in her mouth. His finger didn’t get far at all before he felt the barrier he aimed to remove later. His finger pressed lightly at it and rubbed around. Susan constantly moaned on his cock from the pleasure he gave her. Her pussy was juicing more all the time.

Jason’s hand rubbed Tiff’s ass and he felt her move closer. He slid his hand back and could now reach the crease of her ass. He followed the same routine as he had with Susan and soon had his fingers probing Tiffany’s cunt too. Her moans equaled that of Susan. This kept up until he felt his balls constricting more. He patted them both on the ass and they pulled off.

“What?” Tiff asked.

“I might cum soon. I just wanted to tell you both,” Jason said.

“Oh, okay,” Tiff answered.

“Should we start now?” Jason asked. “Do you have condoms?”

“We’ve started on the pill, Jason. We don’t need that unless you want it,” Tiff said.

“No … of course not. I was just thinking of you guys. It’s better without, of course,” Jason stated. “Who’s first?”

“Tiffany,” Susan said.

He could sense their shifting around on the bed and felt Tiffany move over him. She poised above his cock with just the head nudging up against her pussy.

“What should I do?” Susan asked.

“Just watch,” Tiff commented.

Jason said, “You can come up here and sit on my face.”

“Really?” Susan inquired.

“Sure. Just watch my blindfold,” Jason suggested with a smile.

“Do it facing me so you can watch,” Tiff said.

They waited while Susan got into position. Jason got a whiff of her aroused pussy as she lowered over him.

“Susan, wait till I’m in Tiff though. We may need to talk,” Jason suggested.

“Good idea,” Tiff said nervously. “Is this going to hurt badly, Jason? Stef said you’ve done this several times before.”

“You might have some sharp pain at first but it should quickly pass,” Jason informed.

“Okay,” Tiff Escort side said worried.

“Go ahead. It’s all about you. Don’t worry about hurting me or anything,” Jason commented.

Tiffany settled down on his cock. His cockhead nudged up between her labia, into the heat of her pussy. She shifted slightly until his cockhead teased into the opening of her cunt hole. She dropped slightly and his cockhead nudged firmly up against her maidenhead.

“Oh, god,” Tiffany gasped.

“Does it hurt badly?” Susan asked nervous that she was next.

“No, but I can feel him right there,” Tiffany grunted. “He feels big.”

Jason’s hands snaked innocently to her hips. He grabbed them as if holding her up. Tiffany paused until Jason spoke to her.

“Press down,” Jason suggested.

As Tiffany did, Jason shocked her by pulling down hard on her hips and thrusting up into her. The double effect of her dropping down and him thrusting hard up all occurred right on her barrier. The poor skin covering stretched and then gave way. Jason’s cockhead pressed past it about an inch or so.

“Oh, fuck,” Tiffany howled, scaring Susan and slightly worrying Jason from her strong reaction.

“Oh, god, it hurts,” Tiffany grunted.

“You hurt her, Jason,” Susan said.

“Just sit still a minute, Tiff,” Jason advised.

They all waited until Tiff said the pain was passing like Jason said. “It’s a dull ache now,” Tiff informed after several minutes.

“Take it slow and go at your own pace. Speed up as it starts to feel good,” Jason suggested like a teacher.

“Okay,” Tiff muttered.

“Okay, come here,” Jason said to Susan, grabbing her hips.

He had the impression now they were both a little wide in the hips as he got two handed feels of their asses. Susan settled down on Jason’s mouth as Tiffany began to move almost imperceptibly at first. Susan’s legs were soft and heavy on either side of his head. Certainly they weren’t Ariel’s petite legs or Sheila’s rock hard sprinter’s legs. He snaked his tongue into her pussy feeling a wet tangle of pubes tickling his nose and chin. Her scent was strong but not unpleasant. Almost immediately her wetness covered his lower face.

Tiffany was moving a bit faster now. Jason tried to concentrate on how much of him was inside her, as he ate Susan’s cunt making her moan. He could only feel several inches inside Tiff. He grabbed Tiffany’s hips and pulled down slightly on each downward thrust of hers. He sank deeper making Tiffany gasp and groan. Jason could barely hear though, with Susan’s legs muffling his ears.

This position they kept up for a while. Jason had managed to pull Tiffany down until he felt her cervix on one thrust. Once he did that, he knew to stop, and let her feel all of him inside her. Her movements were pretty regular now, as she fucked herself on his cock. Jason switched his concentration to the moaning Susan and pulled her down closer too. His tongue teased deliciously at her plugged opening. After several minutes of that, he moved up with his mouth and fingers to find her clit. When he sucked that into his mouth, Susan howled like a wounded animal. Her body ground harder against his face making it hard for him to breathe and hear anything. Her legs were rubbing against the sides of his face and Jason could feel the blindfold getting wet and loose.

Jason flicked his tongue across Susan’s trapped clit in his mouth. From the shaking of her hips he could tell she was getting close to cumming. He continued the assault on her sensitive button until he felt her shudder. She ground her pussy even harder against his chin and her legs squeezed his head as she came. Jason couldn’t hear much but the flood of juice from Susan’s pussy into his mouth and on his face told him what he needed to know. He released her clit and tongued her cunt hole for more of the discharging nectar.

Jason couldn’t hear or see it but, above him, Tiffany was leaning forward as she pumped up and down on his cock. Her mouth sucked on one of Susan’s distended nipples. Susan’s hand was tweaking one of hers.

“Oh, god,” Susan screamed as the bliss of her orgasm washed over her. “Oh, he’s fuckin’ good.”

“Fuck, oh geez, his cock feels so good too,” Tiffany told Susan, not sure she could hear her through the pleasure clouded haze of her orgasm.

“Ahh … Mmmm,” Susan groaned.

The first orgasm passed but Jason didn’t stop. He held her up temporarily to get some fresh air in his starved lungs before resuming his sucking. Back to her clit again, he soon had Susan careening from her last orgasm to another. The fingers of his hands held her cunt lips open wide so he could tease her aggressively with his mouth and tongue. It only took a few more minutes to get her off again. This time, she bucked against his mouth as he held her down and sucked her tortured little nubbin.

Jason couldn’t breathe again as she squeezed his head mercilessly with her thighs. She tried to get away from his torturing tongue but he held her fast until she stopped pouring cum onto his face. When he felt her body go slack, he let up and Susan rolled off him into a fetal position on the bed. When she did so her leg dragged across the now loosed wet scarf. It slid up several inches. Suddenly Tiffany and Jason were face to face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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