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Adam nearly dragged Audrey back to the room, fueled by unrestrained enthusiasm. He had finally told her his true feelings, the ones he had repressed for so many years. He was so skilled at pushing those feelings away, but something had changed: all of this time together, watching her run his campaign so capably and with such belief in him. He was done holding back. He was all in.

And he was done holding back his sexual fantasies as well.

He led Audrey to the edge of the bed and sat down, pulling her next to him. “Audrey, let’s just be honest with one another. I want to know your real fantasies.”

“Adam I don’t know… I just love being with you. I love everything we do.”

“Audrey, I know, but I know that there are things you hold back. You have fantasies. Tell me what they are. Let me make them real.”

“Adam, I’m not sure…”

She didn’t want to admit her fantasies about things that felt dirty and shameful, things that she had never dared try with anyone. This moment was perfect, why try to push things further right now?

“Audrey.” He held her face again, he looked at her eyes that way again. She felt exposed. It felt like he could read her thoughts.

“Audrey, are there parts of you that haven’t been touched? That you want me to touch?”

She gulped. She nodded.

“Audrey, I’ve been having a fantasy of exploring a new part of you, but I never wanted to push you beyond what was comfortable. It felt too extreme and vulnerable. But we’re here, in this moment, and I want to explore every inch of you.”

“You want to… “

“Audrey, I want to try anal sex with you. I want to fuck your ass. Is that what you’ve been thinking about?”

She was silent, hesitating.


A smile spread across his face. His eyes lit up with excitement. He had known it, he had felt that desire and that connection. And he had been right — she wanted it too.

“Adam, I’m worried about…”

“Stop worrying. I want this. You want this. We’ll learn this together. If you want to stop at any point, we’ll stop.”

She nodded.

He surveyed the bag of toys that they had left strewn across the bed. There were nipple clamps, vibrators, a pack of condoms. But there were also containers of lube and 2 butt plugs: one blue one narrow with ridged bulbs, and another pink with a large tapered point. He looked at her curiously, “you’ve never shown me these before.”

“I didn’t expect to have you go through my whole bag. I bought them a few weeks ago just… to try.”

“You’ve tried these? By yourself?”

“Yeah… I just wanted to see if it might be fun. And it turns out that it was kind of fun.”

He was salivating now and his cock had gotten instantly hard. She was prepared for this. He had had no idea.

“I want you to tell me what you’ve done.”

“Come on Adam…”

“Tell me.”

“Fine, fine. I started with a small pink one first, one that I didn’t bring. I bought a plastic applicator that can be filled with lube — it has two finger handles that you push in when it’s inserted, and… it fills you with lube. I brought one here. It’s over there,” she looked in the direction of a thin blue tube. He looked at it and then reached for it, to her embarrassment, and examined it in his hand, fascinated and entranced. He could barely contain his excitement, he wanted to fill it up with lube immediately and slide it into her.

Just talking about it was making Audrey hot, her pussy moistening at the thought of the feeling of the lube applicator sliding through her hole and filling her with cold lubricant. That first time had been so unexpectedly sensual.

“So, after filling up with some lube I took the pink plug and spread lube all over it and put just the tip of it between my cheeks…”

He was staring at her hungrily, desperately. He wanted to spread her cheeks open. He wanted to slide that plug inside of her.

“And then I pushed it a little bit at a time. It hurt a little as I spread around it but I just kept pushing it deeper and deeper…”

She was getting more comfortable telling him everything in detail, because she was just so wet and so in love and so desperate to have him touch her ass. She was scared but her desire overwhelmed her fears and she propelled herself onward, reveling in the details.

“I just kept pushing it, bit by bit, until it kind of popped in fully and then my ass closed in around the tapered end. And I felt so filled up, so good. I moved around and then I sat down on the floor so that it was pushed in as deep as it could go. And then I started touching myself and it just felt so intense. So I took my favorite vibrator,” she eyed the small purple vibrator resting nearby,” and I turned it on and rested it gently on my clit and I came so hard, Adam. I came so fucking hard.”

Adam’s hand was rubbing his rock hard cock, grasping it tightly as Audrey’s voice had turned from shy and bahis siteleri cautious to breathier and urgent. He was so ready to fuck her ass, he had to fuck her ass right here, right now. He knew she was ready for it.

“Audrey, lie face down on this bed. Right now.”

“Adam, but…”

“Don’t argue with me. Just do it.”

She didn’t want to argue. She wanted to lie face down on the bed. Right now.

She laid down.

She felt completely vulnerable and breathlessly excited. Her chest was heaving. Adam moved next to her and grabbed a pillow. She breathed deeply to calm herself as he lifted her up by her waist and slid a pillow underneath her belly. She knew how exposed her ass was going to be, turned up in the air. She wasn’t going to argue.

Adam moved behind her and looked at her ass, her cheeks clenched close, her legs resting together. He put his hands on the backs of her knees and spread her legs apart roughly, far, her feet hanging off the sides of the bed. She felt an intoxicating mix of fear and desire. He was going to touch her ass. He was going to fuck her ass.

He rested his hands on the cheeks of her ass and squeezed, hard enough that when he relaxed his strong fingers her body automatically relaxed under him, allowing him at last to spread her apart and take in the pink rosebud of her ass. He breathed in deeply to steady himself against his urgency, he wanted her ass so badly. She heard his breath and inhaled too, readying herself for this moment.

He reached out a single finger to touch her. He rested the fingertip gently on her anus, just enough for her to feel it and adjust to his touch. The slightest wiggle that she gave in response spurred him on, and he pressed harder, letting her feel the pressure of him there. Gentle but firm. She squirmed again, slightly.

“I’m going to spread some lube on your ass,” he said, enjoying narrating his intentions. It amplified the excitement for both of them. He lifted his hand from her and flipped open the cap of a small container of cool gel and squeezed a large drop onto his finger. He touched it to her lightly and then began moving his finger, sliding it all around her hole and deep into the sensitive surrounding skin. It felt so slippery and intimate, her breaths were deepening now and he felt no resistance. He let the very tip of his finger slide directly over her hole and push a little deeper this time, just enough for the very tip to begin spreading her open.

She gasped in pleasure.

He moaned in surprise, feeling her tight asshole resisting his finger but her desire for more. He pushed the tip in and out a few times and felt her tightness open and close to him. He paused.

“I’m going to fill the lube applicator,” he narrated. He lifted his finger away and heard her slight sigh of disappointment and longing. He moved quickly to remove the plunger of the applicator and fill the plastic tube with a steady squirt of lube, reinserting the plunger and sliding his fingers into the circular handles.

“I’m going to slide this into you now,” he stated and placed the tip of the applicator directly on her anus, exerting just enough pressure for her to feel it there, squeezing against her, until he began to push harder and watch her tight, resisting ass give way to let it in. She gasped at the sensation and heard him echo her with an intake of excited breath. He pushed it in just a little further, then more, until it was an inch inside of her. Her ass was wiggling and she was holding her breath.

He began to pull the trigger and watch the stream of lube begin to enter her, and she let out her breath in a moan. He pushed it the whole way until all the lube was inside of her. He began to pull it back out and she felt an excitement about the momentary emptiness before she knew she would begin to be filled up again. She was curious about what he would do next and laid there, waiting, desperate for his touch.

He picked up the blue bulbed butt plug first and added large drops of lube to it. It was narrow, with four small bulbs on top of one another. “I’m going to try this one first to warm you up,” he said, and quickly placed the tip of the first bulb at her shiny, lubricated anus. It was narrow and small and easy to push into her ass, and as the first bulb entered her she cried out in pleasure. He kept going, her asshole yielding to his pressure. He pushed it in further, to the second bulb, then the third, and finally the fourth and she was emitting a steady stream of high-pitched “oh oh ohhhhhhh.” The sight of the end of the blue plug buried in her ass was making his cock painfully hard.

He playfully pulled at the plug, enjoying the resistance he felt as he tugged at it. She gasped as he pulled hard enough to slip out one bulb, then the next, until the final bulb slid out of her and she felt desperately empty again.

“One more toy to try before I fuck you in your ass. I’m going canlı bahis siteleri to push this big pink plug into you now.”

She felt more nervous now, that pink plug was much larger and it had been painful when she tried it herself. She had to trust him to be slow.

“Be careful…”

“I will.”

He squeezed lube onto it and then placed the narrow tip of it at her puckered hole. He immediately began to apply enough pressure to force it in, against the strong resistance of her small anus. He could see her shoulders tensing up and her arms clenching around the pillow under her belly.

“Relax,” he instructed.

She took a deep breath.

He pushed it in further. It was beginning to hurt. He was stretching her so wide and he wasn’t stopping, he was pushing it further and further. Her ass was spreading around it and she was beginning to feel a fiery pain as it stretched her to the limit. He could hear her panicky breathing but he wouldn’t stop unless she said the safe word. He hoped that she could handle the pain without it because his desire was completely unbridled now and hearing her say “filibuster” right now would really kill the mood.

He kept pushing. Deeper. Spreading her wider.

At the widest point she was gasping and clawing at the sheets under her. And then it popped in, her anus contracting around the end of the bulb, leaving just the pink handle sticking out, wedged between her cheeks. She yelped as it went in all the way. It was painful but then the pain gave way to an unbelievable feeling of fullness. He could sense the change and gave her a moment before he began to turn the bulb by the handle, playing with it, watching her wiggling response as he twisted it around and tugged at it, against her resisting anus.

She was enjoying it now. She was ready.

“I’m going to pull this out. And then I’m going to fuck you up the ass.” Just saying it was making him want to explode. He had never fucked anyone this way before, and neither had she. They both knew that this was going to be their first time, and it would be theirs, together.

He tugged harder and harder at the pink plug and she was gasping again at the discomfort of her ass resisting the stretching and pulling of it. Oh he was tugging at it so hard, she felt the searing hot pain of it, worst when it finally began to pop out, stretching her with its widest point and then sliding out so quickly, almost too quickly, leaving just a hot ache in its wake.

“I’m going to slide into you now. I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

She steeled herself for it. He spread lube across his pulsating cock and then pressed the tip against her anus. It felt so different than the toys — with both a hardness and a soft flexibility that made her wonder if it could force its way inside. It felt big. Terrifyingly big.

He began to exert the pressure of his cock against her asshole and push. He pushed hard and felt her ass barely opening, he was pressing against her but her ass was resisting him. He knew that he’d have to push with more force to get inside of her, and that it would be a much more abrupt intrusion than the prior toys. But it was the only way.

He pushed hard enough for the tip of his cock to open her ass and slide in.

“OW OW OW OW OW OW!” she was yelling, she was repeating it over and over, she was squirming and wailing in pain. “Oh god that hurts so much it hurts it hurts it hurts,” she howled through the hot, blinding pain of her asshole being stretched wider than ever before.

“Please please go slowly. Slow slow slow,” she begged. She wanted him to stop, she wanted his hot painful prick out of her but she couldn’t bring herself to use the safe word, she just couldn’t. He was just slightly beginning to move his cock within her, just sliding it almost imperceptibly back and forth right where it was, just the tip, but such a wide hard tip. Every little movement was so overwhelmingly painful but so was total stillness, so she let him slide in just a little bit deeper.

“OW OW OW Owwwwwww,” she said but the last “owwwwww” was different and he could sense that the pain was lessening, slightly. He pushed in a tiny bit further, the ridge of the head of his cock disappearing completely into her ass. He was swimming in the ecstasy of watching his cock slide into her ass. She was so spread open to him. He was hurting her a little, but he liked it, and he was sensing her just beginning to like it.

He pushed in more.

She wiggled in response, and this time instead of a painful cry she uttered a low, guttural moan.

He pushed in further.

She squirmed under him and moaned again, before gasping in surprise, “what did you do? What are you doing?”

“What?” he asked, “Do you need me to stop?”

“No, no, no, it’s just that all of a sudden the pain disappeared. What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything. I’m sliding into your ass. My cock is halfway canlı bahis into you now.”

“Oh my god the pain is just… gone. It’s just… pleasure.”

He smiled. He could feel her amazement — she was taking it, she was going to take all of him. And she was going to enjoy it.

He pushed in further and he watched her body begin to completely relax. She was adjusting herself into a position of total submission. He was nearly all the way into her ass and she was yielding to him, opening to him, her tiny tight asshole stretching around him.

Her breathing was becoming deep and ragged now, and her words were an incoherent string of indecipherable moans, “please please please oh yes oh yes yes yes mmmmmmm oh my god oh my god more more deeeeeeper yes.”

He was ready to push himself in all the way, to the hilt, and as he did her voice rose up in a high-pitched wail of helpless pleasure. He was inside of her. His entire cock was inside of her ass.

He began to rock back and forth, and she gasped.

“More more more more oh oh oh oh.”

“I’m fucking you up the ass, how do you like that?” he groaned as he slowly increased his speed.

“Oh god I like it so much I like it so so so muuuuuuuch,” she moaned back.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard up the ass now,” he replied and he started to thrust more forcefully, sliding the tip of his cock almost out but then plunging back into her, deep, burying himself entirely.

She was squirming wildly underneath him and he saw her hand begin to move between her legs.

“Are you touching yourself, Audrey?” he asked.

“It feels so goooood,” she groaned back.

He reached over for her purple vibrator. “Here, put this against your clit,” he instructed and brought it whirring to life, placed it into her grasping hand, and she pulled it under herself, wedging it between the pillow and her clit.

She began bucking violently under him and he could feel her muscles clenching around him, her asshole squeezing him tightly as the intensity of the vibrator’s waves pressed against her sensitive clit. She was getting louder, as loud and unrestrained as he’d ever heard her. Her voice was rising and falling in waves, from guttural groans to breathy shrieks. She was wild with pleasure.

She was trying to tell him that she was about to come, but she couldn’t speak. She had lost all control. She could hear him moaning and feel him thrusting but all she could do was lie helplessly under him, completely overrun by pleasure.

She was trying to moan but she could no longer moan, because she was crying. She was sobbing. Tears were streaming down her face but she was too incoherent to understand why. There was pleasure and pain and love and total vulnerability and deep, unprecedented intimacy. He was fucking her ass but it was like he had hit some untouched part of her, beyond the physical. She was gasping and wailing and finally she found her words: “Adaaaaaam Adaaaaaam Adaaaaaammmmmmmm.”

“Audrey. Audrey.”

She suddenly flung out her arms, screaming, coming so hard that it was overwhelming, her body wracked by convulsions and waves of pleasure that brought more tears and moans. He was in awe of her, watching her flooded with sensations and emotions that he could feel pouring out of her.

He was so overwhelmed by this gift of herself, this completely surrender, that he found his own body begin to clench. His balls, pressing against her hot skin, were tightening and he could feel himself ready to explode. He tilted his head down and leaned over her back, his strong arms pressing into her sides as he held himself up, thrusting into her as deeply as he could, before his own moans crescendoed into an unrestrained screaming, wailing climax. He was coming deep into her virgin ass. He was taking her, every part of her completely.

He spurted into her in a huge, convulsing, wracking orgasm that went on and on, his muscles spasming with accompanying groans of completion. She was silent and motionless under him, until the last convulsing movements faded away and it was just the two of them, quieted, raw with the wonder of it.

She could feel him begin to pull out of her and there was no pain as his cock slid through her until a sudden feeling of emptiness returned. But this time she felt satiated, no desire left, just pure exhaustion.

He moved quietly and carefully next to her, careful not to disturb her stillness. She shifted slightly towards him and he slid an arm into the space between the pillow and her breasts, his other arm around her back, his face against hers, their hot cheeks pressing tightly together. She lifted her arm to encircle his neck and pull him into a single, gentle kiss.

They breathed in deeply, together, savoring this moment, cherishing one another. Neither dared to move.

The sky had darkened and the music outside was a distant pulsating beat that lulled them into peaceful reverence. Locked in their embrace, their eyes softened with love and gratification, they allowed themselves to drift off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

*We are new writers and would so appreciate any comments, thank you!

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