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Double Penetration

Dr. Laura Daniels woke up. She got up and found herself on a bed inside a room that has a floor area of seven meters by five meters; with a height of five meters. Getting up on her left is Reggie Thorne; fully naked. Like many ladies, she instinctively directed her eyes towards his crotch and briefly saw the enormous cock before she turned her eyes away from it. She noticed that she’s also fully naked. That prompted her to turn her back to Reggie. She sat on the edge of the bed. Instinctively, she covered her breasts; putting her left arm across her chest. She put her thighs together and placed her right hand over her pubic area.

“Oh! Shit!” she uttered as she turns her back to him.

Similarly, Reggie turned his back to her but prior to that, he had a glimpse of Laura’s breasts and a few portion of her pubic area. He sat on the edge, too; opposite to where Laura is seated. He placed his hands to cover his crotch.

“Who are you?” Reggie asked.

“Reggie! Doctor Daniels!” a voice of a man said.

Reggie and Laura looked first at the ceiling; in an area above them; then, they tried to look for a sound speaker or two. Laura realized where she is.

“Get me out of here! I’m supposed to be doing the observation!” she yelled while carefully scanning where could the camera be hidden.

Reggie turned his head to his right and talked to Dr. Daniels.

“Observation? You’re a doctor?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m a doctor,” Laura said turning her head to her left; obviously intending to answer the second question only.

“Of what? And, what observation are you talking about?” Reggie asked further.

Little do Reggie and Laura know, a laboratory assistant in the control room has been instructed to release a gas into the room where Reggie and Laura are being held. That gas is intended to sedate them again. This gas is christened “Sedagas I” that is pronounced as “Sedagas One”. The said gas is formulated to be very potent. Similar to a sarin gas, it is odorless. With the right volume, it’s essentially harmless. In theory, Escort İstanbul anything that is excessive is fatal. No experiments were done to explore the effects of too much ingestion of Sedagas I. This gas will not be visible even through a manifestation like a fog-like or white-smoke-like appearance provided that the prescribed dosage used is precisely ample for a room space that’s approximately the same as that of the room where Reggie and Dr. Daniels are held.

“Shall I explain, Doctor, or will you have the honor to do so?” the male voice said; seemingly, the owner of that voice opted to let Reggie and Laura have moments to converse before the voice continues with whatever is next.

“Get me out of here!” Laura said; looking at a wall which she assumed to be one of the locations of a hidden camera. “I am Doctor Daniels, the one in-charge of this ex…”

She stopped at mid-sentence. She realized Reggie might be pissed off if he will find out that they have experimented on him. She almost said “experiment” but consciously held her tongue.

“…tremely sensitive observation,” Laura continued.

“What’s the observation all about?” Reggie reiterated.

Laura was not able to reply immediately. The voice said, “Seems like things are normal.”

“What …”, Laura said clearly before she uttered the next words in a weakened manner.

“… do you —”, Laura said as the effect of Sedagas I started to manifest.

She was intending to ask “What do you mean by ‘things are normal’?”.

A few seconds later, Reggie and Laura showed manifestations that they are practically half-asleep and are about to fall onto the floor. Immediately, two secret doors opened and about six laboratory personnel moved in; three personnel from each door; each of these six is wearing protective gears that are similar to the so-called hazmat suits. Quickly, the three of the six moved near to Dr. Daniels; the other three approached Reggie. They were just in time before Dr. Daniels falls onto the floor.

Reggie and Laura are already İstanbul Escort Bayan sedated. The laboratory personnel placed Reggie and Laura onto the bed; lying side by side.

“Get out of there now,” the voice ordered.

The laboratory personnel obeyed. The doors were locked after all of them vacated the room.

The remaining Sedagas I is suctioned out of the room as new oxygen is introduced into the room.

In the control room, Dr. Grey supervises the procedures being done. He’s the one who’s speaking into the microphone. He owns the voice that Laura and Reggie heard.

“Is the room devoid of Sedagas One?” he asked.

A female laboratory assistant who monitors the Sedagas I volume in that room answered, “Our gauges show that there is a very small trace of Sedagas One that’s still circulating in that room, Doctor. I think, we can consider this ‘negligible’!”

This female laboratory assistant is the one instructed a few minutes ago to release Sedagas I into the room holding Laura and Reggie.

“Maybe; but I want no trace of Sedagas One at all,” Dr. Grey said. “Let me know once we have no trace at all.”

“Yes, Doctor!” the assistant said.

Their team waited for a few more minutes. In the control room are two doctors and seven assistants. The other doctor has a surname “Hayes”. The seven assistants are Draymond, Harriet, Wayne, Xander, Pascal, Sheila, and Ned. Harriet is the one who monitors the Sedagas I content of the room where Reggie and Laura are resting in. Dr. Grey is the overall leader while Dr. Hayes serves both as an alternate leader and as an additional expert.

After about six minutes, Dr. Grey asked, “Update?”

“There are still traces of Sedagas One, Doctor,” Harriet said, “but, I guess, in the next two minutes, the room will be absolutely free of the Sedagas One that we just released into it.”

“Doctor Hayes,” Dr. Grey said as he looked to his right; at Dr. Hayes who sits on a chair near a monitor of the next substance they will release into the room. “Is Anadolu Yakası Escort the dosage we plan to release into the room already the maximum possible?”

Ned, Xander, and Harriet briefly looked at Dr. Grey before refocusing on what they’re doing. The other four didn’t pay attention at all at this time.

When his name was called, Dr. Hayes turned his head to his left to look at Dr. Grey. After Dr. Grey spoke, he replied, “Not really but I do not recommend increasing the dosage as it might make Doctor Daniels and Reggie addicted to ‘you know.'”

Everyone in that room knew that what Dr. Hayes meant by “you know” is “sex”.

At this point, the laboratory assistants passively listened to the conversation between Dr. Grey and Dr. Hayes.

“Will it be fatal or will it introduce a certain brain damage?” Dr. Grey asked; seriously considering the option to increase the dosage.

For a few seconds, Dr. Hayes looked at his references in a tablet resting on a table near him. He operated the tablet to check some figures and some medical notes.

“Not really fatal for as long as,” Dr. Hayes said without looking at Dr. Grey, “we’re not exceeding the limit …”

“… and for the second one about having a brain damage,” Dr. Hayes continued but this time looking at Dr. Grey, “none; anatomically speaking; but if we are to consider ‘brain’ as, essentially, the ‘location of the mind,’ there is a likelihood that they will become hypersexually active; likely to have uncontrollable sexual desires.”

Dr. Grey said while looking at Dr. Hayes intently, “That’s reasonable. After all, it’s consistent with what our bosses wanted.”

Dr. Hayes looked at Dr. Grey with a confused look for a few seconds before the former spoke, “I agree. They wanted to produce a serum that will be an aphrodisiac —”

Dr. Hayes was cut short when Dr. Grey spoke.

“They wanted Laura to be sexually addict,” Dr. Grey said.

With “They”, both Dr. Hayes and Dr. Grey refer to the “bosses” that the latter mentioned a few seconds ago.

The laboratory assistants stopped briefly to look at Dr. Grey. He looked at each one of the assistants before looking again at Dr. Hayes.

“You heard me right. They wanted two things : one, to make Laura hypersexual; and, two, to have a new marketable aphrodisiac,” Dr. Grey said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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