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I watched from behind my pina colada as the muscular Brazilian man strode around the poolside. He had a short graze of curly black hair, shaved clean at the sides; and dark, deep set eyes that fell on me briefly as he scanned the pool. His body glimmered in the tropical sun from the baby oil that had been massaged into his huge, shredded body. It looked slippery, and inviting to the touch. I took another gulp of my drink.

It was hot in the pool, and even hotter out of it. Lisa sat beside me, arms out in the breeze accompanying a glass of shiraz. As my girlfriend of seven years, we were comfortable in each other’s silence, and I found a small moment of peace as she tilted her head back to the evening sun; her glasses a glinting shield for closed eyes.

I turned back to the Brazilian man. He was stood talking with another man, wearing nothing but a thin bathing piece that just barely covered the large bulge between a thick set of thighs. Even the bikini babes on the recliners were stealing glances. I imagined myself standing in front of him – feeling small. Powerless. Like he could do anything with me and I’d just be forced into submission.
My dick started hardening. I took another sip, taking my time to lick my lips after.

“Are you checking him out?”
I jumped, almost spilling my drink.
“What? No!” I said to her. “Of course not! I was, uh… He has a nice watch on.”
“You were checking him out!” She pulled her glasses up.
“What the hell, Lisa. Why would I be checking him out?”
“You totally were. Look! You’re blushing!”
Lisa pointed at my face, a mischievous grin taking form on her own. She had the once-in-a-decade look of someone who had just discovered a hidden truth. Her eyes were so wide that I could see the cogs inside her head moving. And as I began to feel my face heat and redden, I knew in my soul that she finally understood.

“Oh my God. Danny, are you…?”
“What? No! Anyway, I gotta pee.”
I turned directly away from her and got out of the pool, hiding my boner as best I could. and even knowing full well that I was caught, I was still in denial. We had been together for 7 years, and until now she had no idea that I was bisexual.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and head up to the hotel room. I was feeling kind of shaky; heavy from the cocktails too. My swimming shorts were egging on my thickened dick as I climbed the stairs to the 4th floor. Inside the hotel room I sat on the bed with my towel still around my waist and still wet from the tropical humidity. With my head on my hands I thought what I was going to say to Lisa – how I was going to bullshit my way out of this one.

She knew, I told myself. She knew what you were thinking.
But at the same time, my inebriated brain was being pulled back to the man by the pool. That golden brown skin; that hairless body-built torso; that bulge…
I cursed myself for having too many drinks. As soon as I saw the wet fabric hugging his big foreign dick, I couldn’t help myself but stare.
Once my boner finally subsided enough to go public, bursa escort I made my way back down to the pool with a game plan. The shrimp from the birthday lunch had made me sick. And then with the staring: Deny, deny, deny.
But it was different people in the Jacuzzi. I looked around but couldn’t see Lisa anywhere. Brazilian guy wasn’t there either – neither were his friends.
Did she go looking for me? I thought.
“What’s the time,” I asked myself, flicking up my watch. “Almost dinner.”
It was entirely possible that Lisa went to get changed for dinner, and whether or not she had gone looking for him it looked like their spa time was over for the day. I popped my head into the restaurant and laundry on my way to the suite, taking the elevator this time, as that was her preferred method of vertical transport. I noticed water on the elevator floor. Must have been her.
At 4th, I stepped out and padded down the soft carpet with my bare feet. At the very end of the hall was our room; but this time there was a note on the door.

A little present from me to you.
Happy birthday.
Lisa xx

I smiled at the note; a little jolt of excitement perking up my heartbeat. I swiped my card, opened the door and walked in. Then I froze.

There, leaning against the wardrobe door, was the guy. He was big. A lot bigger than me, and his muscles looked even bigger from the tanning oil his body was still coated in.
I gaped, not knowing what else to do.
“Feche a porta,” he said, in a deep whisper. “The door.”
I blinked in disbelief, then spun to close the door, and spun back, still gaping. He started walking over to me, his huge muscles more impressive with each step. I pressed my back against the wall, feeling small as he loomed closer. My breath started jittering as he rested his huge hand on the wall beside me. I looked up in his dark, brown eyes as he slowly looked me up and down.

“You like me, uh?” he said, a hint of a smile on his lips. “You a stare at me.”
I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came. He cradled my chin with his free hand.
“You are a cute when you go a red.”
I felt myself flush even more; blood rushing to my inflating hardon. He looked me up and down once again, then brought his mouth down beside my ear – his naked chest just inches from my own.

“I think I know what you like,” he whispered. I could feel his breath in my ear. The stubble of his jaw brushed against my cheek, and I felt the corner of my mouth biting my lip in response. Suddenly he grabbed me by the towel, flinging me across the room as it came undone in his hand. I stood there facing him, dripping with water and sweat as my boner pushed for freedom in my swim shorts.
He swaggered over to me again, this time his hands going to my string. He locked eyes with me as he pulled the knot loose.
“Take eet off,” he commanded.

I didn’t ask questions; I started pulling down my shorts to the ankles, flicking them off and turning back to him as he was drizzling a bottle of oil all down his front. A question flickered on my brow, but he just bursa escort bayan winked at me and kept squeezing the bottle on himself. When he was done, he grabbed my wrists firmly, holding them up between us. I resisted weakly, but he was clearly stronger than me and liked to demonstrate his power. I wriggled a moment more, but he shushed me, slowly guiding my hands onto his chest. I opened my palms, letting them feel his smooth, slippery chest as he grabbed me by the waist. My drunkenness soon got the better of me as I found myself lost in the task of slowly rubbing oil into his body. Up over his beefy shoulders, down his massive chest, sliding over the waves of abs – until I got down to the thin piece of fabric stretched over his banana-sized bulge.

I looked up at him. He looked down at me. His lips were slightly agape, and I could see his teeth clenched inside. One eyebrow flickered.
“Do you want it?”
The question drove my eyes to the bulge. The mysterious package within.
It seemed more a statement than a question. But I knew what we both wanted.
I rejoined his gaze, letting myself drown slowly in it – down to my knees. My fingers played with the fabric around his crotch, teasing myself more than anyone else. I oiled up and down his powerful thighs, getting incrementally closer to the prize. I let my face drift closer until I could smell his dick a mere inch from my face.

I let my oily hands slip inside the fabric, taking form around a huge meat pole – half hard. I gasped in disbelief at the size, slipping it out to get a good look. It was one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen. Long, brown, and thick. He was completely shaven – as a Brazilian should be – and I pulled his thong right down and off so we were both completely naked.
I began to jerk his big dick off with both of my hands, pointing it at my lips until I couldn’t help but slip the tip inside. My tongue quickly lapped at the underside, tasting his sweat as I slid down his shaft. I sucked hard, making a vacuum to pull it deeper and harder into my mouth, then letting it slip slowly out again. He growled down at me in pleasure, licking the rim of his top teeth. I responded by taking his dick in and out of my mouth a few more times.

Seconds turned to minutes as I slurped away on his giant sausage. I used my hand to pump up and down the base of his oily shaft, forcing as much of it down my eager throat as I could. He then took my head in his hands and began to fuck my mouth. I let his dick slide through my lips and down my tongue to his thrusting pace. Faster and faster until he pulled me back by the hair, a string of saliva still connecting me with his giant dick. I gasped for air – looking up at him, hungry for more.

He pulled me upward, and my legs followed. He spun me around to face the mirror; the soft of my butt nestling into the hardness of his muscles and dick. He wrapped his arms around my front, exploring the front of my body as he rubbed his oily torso against my back. I looked at myself – at him – at us together. I was his. His fuck toy. His slave. escort bursa
He smothered me from the back, licking up my neck and grinding his huge appendage up between my butt cheeks. I could feel his tip on my hole, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing backward into it.
One hand around my waist, his other clamped gently around my neck. His mouth found my ear again.
“I’m going to fuck you so good,” he growled.

I felt his arm tighten around my waist and neck as he pushed his hips into me. I pushed back, parting my butt cheeks as his oily python began to ease inside me.
A groan welled up from my throat, unbeknownst to me. He pushed harder, holding my trembling body still as my groan escalated. My tight hole gave way, stretching right around his dick like a glove, welcoming it in despite its girth. I closed my eyes, feeling it slide deeper and deeper into my ass.
“Ooh, fuck,” I heard myself saying. He grunted, slipping his tongue inside my ear as he ground his hips into me; pushing up at just the right angle to squeeze in his final inches. My eyes and mouth shot open soundlessly, and I could only just breathe as he began to slip in and out of me. I looked at us in the mirror. My back was arched, meeting his groin with every thrust. Slowly at first, his pace then quickened; squeezing a small yelp out of me with every push. I bit my lip, my eyes rolling back into my head as he tongue-fucked my ear.

He clamped harder around my neck and his other hand slid down to my cock, wrapping around it and pumping it slowly as he pumped his own up into my body. As he sped up, he became more aggressive. His dick went deeper and deeper inside and I soon felt myself lose control. My knees shook violently as he fucked me savagely from behind like an animal. I held onto his neck, moaning so feverishly that I thought I might cry from the pleasure. Just as I thought I might cum, he threw me to the ground, face down, then proceeded to mount me.

He pushed my face into the carpet, pulling my ass up to meet him. He grabbed me by the arse with both hands, and slipped his big oily dick back into my warmth. Then he was back at it, fucking me doggy style. Each slap of his hips against me sent a wave of pleasure, making me cry out with every grunt as he shoved his meat inside me, again and again. Faster and faster he fucked me; his balls slapping against mine. Faster. Harder. He leaned over me, finding a deeper angle as he grabbed me by the neck again. I felt my balls began to tighten and I knew I was going to cum.

“Cum in my ass,” I begged him. He grabbed me roughly, pulling my head up by the neck to arch my back more. He began to tongue-fuck my ear again, grunting louder as he went extra deep with each thrust. I was almost there. Faster. Harder. Faster. Deeper. With an almighty roar, he thrust into me one last time, squirting a thick load deep up inside me. And just as I was on the edge myself, the pulsations of his huge dick sent me over. I blew my load all over the floor underneath me, moaning so loud, and arching back to get every last inch of his throbbing dick inside me.

Outside, Lisa stood listening with her back against the wall. She smiled, licking her lips as she pulled her hand out of her shorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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