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I sit elegantly at the hotel bar and sip my martini. I look fabulous on a bar stool.

My naked body is veiled with a knee-length mink coat cinched at the waist. I cross my legs and give the room a good look at my thigh. I’m wearing a red lip and Louboutins. I let the fur slip off my shoulder just the tiniest bit.

I’m at the point in my career where I only work with who I want, when I want. I have a roster of regulars I enjoy spending time with, and they treat me exceptionally well. But I’m always on the prowl for new clients.

I spot her at a table in the corner. She’s older, with dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a Chanel suit. She’s been typing on her phone all night. I angle my body in her direction with an effortless toss of my hair.

It’s not long before she sends over a drink. I draw the olive into my mouth with my tongue and bite into it while she watches.

I sit down gracefully at her table. She has the kind of easy confidence that comes from real power.

“I’m Esmerelda.”

“You are spectacular.” She puts her hand on my thigh. “Come to bed with me.”

“I’m very expensive.”

I sancaktepe escort part my legs ever so slightly. She teases me with her fingertips.

“Of course you are. How much for the night?”

“Ten thousand.”

“You deserve twenty.”

She slides her finger all the way in and tickles my g-spot.

“I think we’re going to have a very fruitful relationship,” I purr. I cross my legs tightly and she stirs me up.

She finishes her drink and we walk to the elevator together. We wait quietly but she pushes me up against the mirrored wall as soon the door closes. She kisses me hard and smears my lipstick. I watch us go at each other in the reflective ceiling.

We enter the third-floor luxury suite and I go straight to the balcony. The view is extraordinary. There’s a white canopy bed with white organza curtains that blow and sweep in the wind. I recline glamorously and touch myself over the fur.

She comes out with two glasses of champagne and joins me on the bed. We clink. She slowly appraises me with her eyes. She looks satisfied.

“I’m yours,” I say. “What would you sarıyer escort like?”

“I want to pamper you.”

She runs her finger down my cleavage. I smile seductively.

“That’s my favorite.”

She undresses and I watch with interest. She carefully lays her jacket across a chair and steps out of her shoes. She’s wearing a black lace bodysuit underneath her blouse, and the underwire cups her breasts perfectly. Her bare shoulders are strong and sleek. She leaves her pants on.

She slinks onto the bed like a panther. She slowly takes off my belt. She unbuttons my coat like she’s savoring every second. She drinks me in.

She brings my coat inside and returns in only her lingerie with a lit candle. I can see her perfect landing strip through the fabric. The boning pushes up her breasts and they jiggle when she walks.

She lies down next to me and drips burning hot wax on my stomach, breasts, and nipples. I gasp in pleasure, and the ocean breeze cools my skin. She drips on my shaved pussy and gently blows. My skin is so sensitive I can feel the wax harden and set.

Next she silivri escort traces an ice cube along the curves and hollows of my body. I tremble from the cold. She tucks an ice cube inside my labia and goes down on me until it melts.

She takes off her bodysuit and I touch her everywhere. Our nipples brush as we kiss. We lie down and scissor against each other. We hold each other’s legs and find our rhythm. One orgasm blends into the next. We fuck and fuck until we’re grinding face to face. She suckles my breasts and grasps the back of my neck.

The pleasure builds until we can’t stand it anymore. The wind and roar of the surf help conceal the sounds of our lovemaking, and I muffle her cries with my chest when she cums.

She lies back in bed and I walk to the railing to take in the view. The yellow moon reflects off the water in long shards. I shiver and cross my arms over my bare chest.

She comes up behind me and rubs herself against my ass. I reach back for her and she kisses my neck. She puts her arms around my waist and massages my tits. I tilt my head back and moan.

She picks me up and sits me on the ledge. I’m facing her and the metal bar presses against my stomach. My heart is racing. I can barely see the ground below us. She grabs onto my legs and plunges her tongue inside me. I sigh with pleasure and run my fingers through her hair. I can feel the wind at my back. I hold on tight.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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