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The orgasm that pulsed through me this time made my whole body spasm around his in an agony of heat and contractions that made me think that it might be too much, that it just might kill me this time. The intensity made me finally black out for a second or two.

When my eyes opened next, his dark ones were staring intently down into mine, his body still hammering in and out of me making the spasms of my body go on for far longer than they ever have before. I couldn’t do anything else but lay there and cradle him deeper into my body, shifting my hips for a slightly deeper angle that made my eyes roll back into my head again and made him buck harder into me and groan deeply in his chest.

It was like he just couldn’t let himself go yet, that he hadn’t yet had enough of me. It was a heady sensation.

I drew my knees up and wrapped my arms around his back to hold him as closely as I could. I let one hand wander down and cup one of his buttocks, enjoying the flexing sensation of his truly superior ass in my hand. I was mostly a pile of goo at this point, my body was still gently contracting and his body was still continuing the same heavy rhythm of before. I couldn’t do anything else but lay there holding him close and take it.

He began building me up once more. The heavy pounding thrust of his body just continued and my body either had to heat once more or begin hurting, my body, being the smart body that it is, began slowly heating again.

His jaw was clenched tightly at this point and he had finally allowed his eyes to shut as he pressed his face against mine. The slow heat that had begun building between my thighs finally gently released, making my body contract with waves and waves of gentle pressure against his. This wasn’t like the other two orgasms I had had, this one was soft and finally pulled his body with mine. He gave one last deep groan and started pounding into me even harder then he had before, loosing all sense of rhythm and feeling like he had gotten ten times harder inside of me then he had been before. He had wrapped his arms around me at this point as well and avcılar escort we rocked together unevenly until both of our bodies finished shuddering.

We collapsed together in a sweaty pile of quivering flesh that I at least assumed wouldn’t be moving any time soon.

He shifted us over on our sides, cradling me into his chest, curving his body around mine and drawing the covers over us. I breathed in his musky scent and let my body drape around his in my completely satiated state and just let my mind drift off. I felt too good at this point to actually be able to think about anything constructive. I couldn’t even think about what was going to happen next. It was all way too much for me.

He murmured something in my ear and I think I must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew it was dark out and he was over me, kissing my neck and ears with wet nibbling kisses that sent shivers throughout my body. It was like having electric shocks run through me.

“I didn’t have time to truly enjoy all of you last time, though of course, I really cant complain too much”, he spoke softly as he continued nuzzling and kissing my neck and shoulders, passing here and there to come back to my mouth and give me the same type of kisses that had started all of this. This time he was going to go slowly, savor me, and I have to say, I had no objections at all.

His hands had started out combing through my hair and tracing over my cheek bones, but he began trailing his fingertips lightly over my shoulders and chest, plucking my nipples gently, and I was finally able to run my hands over the sculpted muscles of his body, to finally be able to truly luxuriate in the wonderfulness of him.

I hooked my leg over his waist and rolled him under me. He didn’t resist, but helped me do it. I’m not usually graceful enough with these sorts of movements to pull them off completely. But with his help we rolled smoothly and I enjoyed the sensation of his body rolling against mine. He somehow managed to continue kissing caressing me as we went and I enjoyed ataköy escort the sensation of my bare breasts pressed again his hard, only slightly hairy, chest.

This wasn’t like any sex I’d had ever before. It was like he was going to enjoy every inch of me and take his time doing it. But now it was my turn to enjoy him a little bit. Up until now he had been the one to mostly control things, and I wasn’t about to complain about it, but now I could take my time as well and enjoy everything he had to offer me.

I closed my eyes, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him, but that I wanted to actually experience him. Its like when you take away one of your sense, everything stands out more clearly, his hands on me, the smooth planes of his chest, shoulders, and arms, the downy hair on his upper thighs that tickled mine, his heavy erection against my belly, the stubble that had become apparent on his cheeks brushing against my skin as he continued to kiss me everywhere he could reach.

His hair was as messy and tangled as mine and I allowed myself to take a few minutes to untangle it and slide my fingers through its silkiness. Tracing his cheeks and chest I let myself slide further down, far enough to put me at eye level at perhaps one of the more interesting parts of him.

I brushed my cheek against his cock, enjoying the smooth hardness. It was the perfect length and width for me, hard and growing redder by the minute. I had been wondering what he tasted like and decided I wanted to find out. I licked his length making him grunt and twist his hands in my hair once more and without any more warning I sucked him into my mouth all the way to the root of him. His whole body jerked and it almost seemed like he gave a short scream, though he muffled it behind his teeth. I swirled my tongue around and balanced the delicate spheres of his balls in my hand. With my other hand I started a gentle sucking twirling movement with my mouth and hand to drive him crazy. The taste of him was like the rest of him, rich and musky and at the end bahçelievler escort of it all, pure male.

When I managed to drive all of him down the back of my throat and bury my nose at his base, in his coarse reddish curls, it was like I had the very center of his entire being. He was audibly moaning now, it was no longer simply the vibration of his chest and body. It was his turn to arch his back and twist and moan under me. I thought it was fitting since he had managed to do the same to me only a fairly short time earlier.

The tip of him started leaking freely with his thick, viscous essence. I lapped it up like cream, starting to hollow my cheeks and really suck on him every time I drew near the end of him, almost pulling completely off before sucking him back down. I continued to let my other hand play between his legs, keeping him perilously close to the very edge of explosion.

He finally arched his back one last time and pulled his hands from my hair to grab under my arms and pull my mouth up to his. My legs were over him and he nearly growled at me.

“No more, I have to have you right now, I think I might die with it!” And with that he speared his thick flesh back up into my own eagerly waiting body.

In this position it felt like he went even deeper than he had before, with my legs spread wider over him and his cock rubbing against my clit and my g spot simultaneously. His hands clamped on my waist and with a few short thrusts I felt him grow even harder and burst inside of me. His teeth and jaw clenched and his entire body bucked against me. His hands going up to grab my breasts almost painfully as he came deep inside me.

I think I must have had an overly pleased look on my face when he finally opened his eyes again, because he reached down between my legs where he was still buried and gently tugged on my clitoris, which Im sure stood out wetly between my legs. It was time for my body to buck and arch again as I began coming yet again. This was as intense as the first time and I could do nothing but grab his other hand and slump over his chest to bury my face in his shoulder.

With the first throb of my body I had the overwhelming need to sink my teeth into his muscle and get another taste of him. As I did it, his body jerked helplessly under mine once more and it was like the world exploded once more before everything disappeared once more.

A/N: Hope everyone enjoyed it! I love hearing feedback!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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