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Many wonder about the obsession of anal sex and when viewed from a purely superficial standpoint, I guess I could see why one questions the attraction to the act. Clearly, other sexual acts are acceptable outlets for our sexuality and if you want to get kinky there are sex toys, oral sex and positions to explore, right? Why all the curiosity about anal?

Well, to be honest that’s how my wife and I felt too. Then we discovered the real secret behind it.

There was a time when sex was suppressed by puritanical thought to the point that the mere act of the missionary position was felt to be the ultimate expression of intimacy. But humans grow and they explore. But it’s not about exploring as much as it’s about growing.

How did we discover the forbidden pleasures? Well, it started by accident.

My wife, Jennifer and I have always had wonderful sex. She’s brunette, shapely legs and full breasts. Her ass is compact and tight – its what attracted me to her in college. I work out, bench press quite a bit and have somewhat of a six-pack abdomen going on. But we’re far from jocks despite our regular routines in the gym.

We both finished college with honors and have always explored our sexuality. In college, she even experimented with some lesbianism (telling me the details of course) and I’ve felt open enough to masturbate for her visual pleasure on occasion. So we experiment, explore and talk about how we feel and what we want. But that’s not what opened our thoughts to the forbidden fruit.

Jennifer was riding me like a cowgirl one evening. It was a favorite position in which she could grind her clitoris into me while receiving maximum penetration from my above average dick. I, on the other hand, could last longer with her on top than in any other position when making love to my beauty.

During this particular occasion, I was gripping her ass cheeks as she gyrated on my dick. I began to lift my hips to fuck her more deeply and kept grabbing each ass cheek to help her fuck me harder and harder.

My fingers soon found their way between the cheeks of her ass and her asshole began bumping my finger. Jennifer began to moan and I noticed she moaned louder with each bump of her ass on my fingertip.

Her juices were flowing well and the wetness generated from our fucking wet my finger that was now deep between her ass cheeks. I could feel my dick sliding in and out of her pussy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as we fucked.

Then by accident, as I ran a finger up the crevice of her ass – her asshole seemed to suck my finger inside as it passed over the opening. My first realization was that I was able to grip her compact pelvis more aptly with my finger inserted in her ass like a grip on a bowling ball.

But her realization was that she immediately started cumming and I mean immediately. It was liked I had touched the launch button as she rocketed to orgasm bringing me quickly with her.

Later she admitted it was the sensation of being penetrated there that did it. But we didn’t say much more than that, writing it off as just another great evening of hot sex.

The next time we had sex was within the next few days. She was so hot. We had teased each other all day and she at one point asked if I was going to push her button again.

So we were rolling around in bed naked and enthralled with each other. I literally could eat this beautiful creature and that’s what I did.

She spread those shapely legs and my mouth found her wetness. The aroma of her pussy was intoxicating and the taste sweet. I fucked the sheets of the bed below me as I French-kissed my gorgeous wife’s pussy as I lay between her legs with my mouth pressed tightly against her mound of flesh– slipping my tongue deep within her before sucking her clitoris then piercing her with my tongue again.

Jennifer moaned. She splayed her legs wide and lifted her hips toward my mouth encouraging me to devour her even more.

“Oh, honey yes.” She said as she gripped the sheets beside her.

I wanted her – more of her. My hands wrapped under her thighs which I would kiss teasingly only for her to beg me to eat her some more. She was vocal that evening gasping for me to lap her juices, to eat her and to give her more.

It was one of those moments you recognize if you’ve ever experienced it. A moment when the two of you are giving yourselves fully to each other and the rest of the world no longer exists. For that moment there is no one else, no shame, no good, no bad, nothing – nothing but the two of you and nothing matters but pleasure, sharing and giving.

I licked the full length of her pussy. She moaned.

I kissed it and she lifted her pussy for more. I ran my tongue down the length of her pussy again güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she moaned even more becoming less vocal and more breathless.

She spread her thighs as wide as possible to allow as much access as she could. Her pussy was lovely and I continued to lick it and kiss her thighs and ass cheeks below.

You really get to recognize each others responses and I noticed that the lower my licks and kisses explored – the more Jennifer moaned and the more she lifted herself to meet those explorations.

Suddenly, there was her asshole as if I’d never seen it before. It was pink – puckered and strangely seductive. Forbidden was not the attraction. On the contrary, it was forbidden for anyone but me. Jennifer was above me moaning and writhing on the bed and she clearly was inviting me to do whatever to her body that I wished and that she desired. And it was clear that nothing was forbidden.

I was suddenly filled with intense desire for her. I wanted all of her.

I licked the rim. Jennifer moaned.

I kiss her asshole. She purred.

I ran my tongue around the puckered edge. She gasped and her moan turned to a low guttural sound that was almost inhuman.

If there was any hint that I was being attracted to a forbidden region, that fear subsided as she reached down and grasped the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide so I could explore to my hearts content. So I did.

I began to French-kiss her ass but unlike her pussy my tongue would only penetrate so far. So I licked and kissed my way around her most personal orifice and she groaned with every lick. Soon I inserted a finger, then two – lubricated by the wetness that rolled down from her pussy.

“Fuck me, honey. Put your dick in there.” She said.

I started to get up and get some lube but Jennifer pulled me up between her legs, grabbed my dick and shoved it in her pussy. Her pussy was hot and wet. But as soon as my dick was completed lubricated with her pussy – she gripped the base of my dick and pulled it out of her then aimed the head at her ass.

I managed to reach a tube of lube with my hand as she ran the head of my dick around her asshole as if loosening the rim. Squeezing a glob of lube from the tube between us, she smeared it quickly on my dick and I grasped the base of my dick and focused the glistening tip toward the folds of her asshole.

Penetrating güvenilir bahis şirketleri her was incredibly easy. Jennifer wanted me inside her badly and she accepted my dick readily. The head popped over the rim of her ass and she gasped before lifting her hips to allow me to probe deeper within her.

It was tight and warm. I remember looking down and watching the pink flesh of my dick slowly glide between the folding flesh of her asshole. Each fold enveloped the girth of my dick then gripped it like a vise.

Her pussy was in full view. It glistened. Then it occurred to me that our union was even more personal than if I were fucking her pussy. I was penetrating her in a manner that she had not allowed anyone to penetrate before me.

What’s more is that society even forbid such a union. The penetration was taboo. It was as if reserved for a sacred few who dared cross the limits of sexuality.

Jennifer would tell me later that it was incredibly sensual and she felt she was giving herself to me for the first time. It was as if society had trivialized the pussy to such an extent as to minimize the importance of the act of fucking in the traditional manner. To the point that her asshole was the last horizon – the forbidden fruit and the ultimate act of submission – of giving – of sharing.

I fucked Jennifer’s ass slow and full that evening – fascinated with each stroke as if fucking her for the first time. Jennifer said she felt like a virgin that day.

Quickly, my balls contracted – the shaft of my dick pulsated and Jennifer’s ass quivered in unison. Stars flashed before my eyes. Jennifer reached down and rubbed her pussy then gasped with her mouth open and her eyes closed.

We came together. Her ass began to spasm with each wave of orgasm and my dick showered her forbidden tunnel with white cream. I collapsed in her arms and we lay there for what seemed forever.

I didn’t withdraw my dick from her ass – not purposefully at least. I wanted it to stay and I think she did as well. It slowly softened and slipped gradually from within the folds from which it entered, plopping against the cheeks of her ass.

“I’m wet.” She said with a smile.


“I feel you running out of my ass.”

I looked and sure enough there was white cum oozing from her pink flesh.

“I’m sorry.” I said. It was all I could think of.

“You better not be sorry.”

And that’s how it all began. It was how we learned the secret and what this anal stuff was all about. It might have happened by accident but that accident was an intense attraction. It had nothing to do with anal sex and everything to do with the intimacy of it all.

And what could be more intimate and loving?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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