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I love to watch people, I love noticing people when they don’t know I’m watching them. I notice little characteristics. I was traveling this last week, and was in several different airports in the course of flying to and from my destination. I think people strike up conversations at airports because they have the anonymity of you’ll never see this person again. There is no danger, you don’t know them, they don’t know you, and you’ll never see or hear from each other unless you choose to exchange information. I was standing in line at the coffee bar in the Minneapolis airport when my attention perked up when the guy in front of me ordered. I’m such a sucker for accents, and his very proper British accent had my nerve endings on high alert. I looked more closely, from behind. He had nice hands, he was well dressed, his dress pants only slightly wrinkled from his flight, and his suit coat thrown over his arm and his tie loosened. And he smiled at the sales girl as she handed him his change and I was compelled. I couldn’t help myself.

I worked up my best southern drawl, I figured if I was going to comment on his accent, I could present one of my own. I placed my order quickly, and moved to where he was waiting for his drink. “Excuse me, I just had to comment, I do love your accent” I bubbled.

“You’ve got an interesting one yourself, your definitely not from around here are you?” he replied.

“Why, no, I’m from a little south of the Mason-Dixon line, what about you?” I looked up into his green eyes and laid a hand on his arm.

He looked down at my hand, back into my eyes, and said, “Just south of London, what are you up to young lady?”

I pulled out all the stops, being the best little belle I could be, and cooed, “Just being friendly, I suppose. I must admit I have quite the thing for men with accents, and yours caught my attention and just won’t let go. Does that bother you?” I slid even closer, using the excuse of someone trying to get by us to the counter. My hand slid off his arm and rested on his torso. I let it slowly fall until it was on his stomach and was headed lower when he grabbed my arm. I looked up at him and batted my eyes and smirked, “What, you have something more interesting to do while you wait for your plane?”

They called his name from the counter. “Well, hello Davis,” I said, Kartal Escort “now that I know your name, I’m Arabella, but all my friends call me Bella.” Just as I finished talking, they called my name from the counter as well and handed me my coffee. “The least you could do is sit down and drink your coffee with me, I won’t bite, unless of course you want me to.”

He smiled at me, hung his head for a moment, then looked at me, and gestured towards some chairs sitting nearby. “Why, thank you, don’t mind if I do,” I said as I winked at him and sat down. I glanced over to where the rest of my travel party was sitting, saw that they were just fine on their own for a little longer and settled into my seat.

“Business, pleasure, or both?” I asked.

“Business, here in Minneapolis,” he replied.

“Care to add some pleasure to that business?”

“You are certainly direct aren’t you? All I know about you is that your name is Bella and that you’ve got a nice set of legs.”

I pouted and said, “And that’s ALL you’ve noticed?”

“Well, no, but all I figured was polite to say.”

“How about this, would you talk dirty to me in that proper British accent of yours while you fuck me?”

He spilled a little of his coffee as his hand faltered, “Damn, that’s hot” and he cupped his hand to him.

I took advantage of the situation and grabbed his non injured hand and ran into the closest men’s room, dodging few passengers at the late hour and ignoring the looks I did get. I saw the handicapped stall had a sink inside it, so I pushed him in there, locked the door and pushed his hand under the cold water. I stood very close and rubbed his arm in a soothing manner.

“You’ve got balls, you know that ma’am? How old are you anyway?”

“Twenty-eight, sir, is that old enough for you?”

He growled at me, “Do you have to keep calling me sir?”

“Just my upbringing I suppose, and you’re what, 45ish? That makes you a sir where I come from.”

“45 just last week, and you make me feel old with the ‘sirs’.”

“Hmmm, well, how about I wish you happy birthday and make you feel young again?”

“Right here? Now?”

I stepped in front of him and hopped up onto the sink and said, “What, you wanted to wait ’till you got to know me better? I’m Bella, I’m horny, I’m not wearing Pendik Escort any panties, does that about cover all you need to know?”

His gaze involuntarily dropped to my now spread legs as my skirt rode up my thighs. He swallowed loudly, and seemed to make a decision as his hands covered my thighs and pushed my skirt all the way up to my waist. Maybe he was just checking to see if I was telling the truth. I was. And that seemed to be all he needed to know. His hands went to his trousers and they along with his boxers hit the floor. His hands were still on my upper thighs, but his thumbs met in the middle and spread my pussy open for him to see better. I was already wet and dripping, he dipped his head, pushed me back and licked me. I sighed in appreciation, then he grabbed my hips and in one quick thrust was buried to the hilt.

I only had time to react, I leaned up and bit his shoulder through his starched white shirt to keep from screaming. “My GAWD you’re huge” I mumbled as he started thrusting faster and faster as one arm held me still on the sink ledge and the other was furiously rubbing my clit. He did just as I asked and constantly told me every dirty thing he could think of as he fucked me there on the sink.

My head hung back as I let the sensations wash over me, I braced one leg against the wall nearby and tried my best to meet him stroke for stroke, but his speed and intensity left me gasping for breathe.

I felt my orgasm coming hard and fast, and again, I reached up and bit his shoulder, digging my nails into his strong upper arms as my body bucked and then stilled around him. He pushed me back and started his pace just as hard, just as fast, then stopped and pulled me off the sink and turned me around. I leaned over the sink and held on with my legs braced open. He grabbed my hips and entered me from behind with as much force as he had been thrusting earlier. I turned on the water to muffle my cries, and ended up getting my shirt rather wet in the process.

He flipped my skirt up over my back so that my ass was completely open to him. He reached around and rubbed slow circles around my clit, such a contrast to the hard, fast thrusts he made behind me. I raised up on my tip toes as I felt the next orgasm slam into me. My muscles quivered around him but he never Göztepe Escort slowed this time.

Suddenly, he pulled out of me, and after a couple quick strokes of his hand, he sprayed his cum all over my naked ass. It dripped down my legs and hit the floor. He leaned back against the wall behind him, panting. I grabbed paper towels and cleaned myself up, pulled my skirt firmly back into place, and exited the stall as he continued to pant behind me. “Bu-bye now” I called as I turned to wave at him. The three passengers standing outside erupted in applause as I walked out.

I walked over to where my family was sitting and pulled my very exhausted 2 year old onto my lap, leaned my head back against the wall, and closed my eyes with a smile on my face. A few moments later, I heard a now familiar accent mumble, “I don’t suppose this seat is taken?”

I opened my eyes and looked up as he gestured to the seat directly across from where I was sitting. “Umm, no, not at all” I replied, worried for a moment he was going to cause trouble.

He smiled at me and said, “That’s a beautiful little girl you’ve got there, she looks very much like her mother. I’m Davis, from just south of London by the way,” and extended his hand to me to shake.

“Thank you kindly, sir, you traveling for business or pleasure?”

“Oh, a little of both it seems, got one more stop before I head back across the pond, headed south of the Mason-Dixon it seems.”

I looked at him, and up to where the flight attendant announced pre-boarding for those of us with children, and back to him and said, “You are on this flight?”

“So it seems,” he smiled at me. “Guess I’ll see you on the plane,” he said as he picked up his laptop case and began walking to the line of those boarding. “I’m in first class, how about you?”

I laughed as I gathered up my diaper bag, purse, teddy bears and sippy cups, “No, I don’t think they’d let me up there like this.”

I stood there with my mouth hanging open, unable to believe it. I quickly got everything together and made my way onto the plane, when I was passing him sitting there in the first class section, I faltered and dropped my daughter’s sippy cup, he leaned down to get it and when we were close enough to whisper, he said, “I’ll see you later in the flight, yes, if this one goes to sleep?” He made sure to touch my hand as I took the cup from him.

“I suppose that could happen,” I whispered.

I walked with shaking legs back to our seat and sat my daughter down in her seat and just smiled. This should be an interesting flight home after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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