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I found Hubby’s text after showering the next morning.

“Come by the house, Wifey has a surprise!”

I responded as I finished getting ready to check out. “Be there ASAP.”

Who could resist an invitation like that? Another opportunity to be around Wifey, or even be with her again? “Don’t get ahead of yourself Blake,” I thought as I followed the directions Hubby provided.

Hubby greeted me at the door.

“Hey Blake, nice to see you. C’mon in.”

After settling in chairs near the pool Hubby said, “Sorry Blake, I’ve got some bad news. Wifey had to run out and will be gone for a while.”

The disappointment obviously showed on my face.

“But hey, hang out for a bit, drink a beer, relax before you hit the road. Maybe she’ll show up.”

“Well, OK. Maybe for a little while.”

After handing me a cold Corona we sat by the pool, shot the shit, and started getting to know each other. He was pretty well versed on many subjects and seemed pretty normal.

Suddenly, the gate to the pool opened and in strolled Kate, Hubby and Wifey’s sex obsessed neighbor.

She looked stunning in a brightly colored, multi-patterned sun dress. The halter top of the garment cupped her big breasts and a circular silver pendent hung from her neck.

“Hi Hubby,” She walked slowly towards us.

Hubby stood and embraced her. Her white platform pumps with straps around the ankle accented her lithe, tanned legs.

Kissing Hubby on the cheek she turned her attention to me.

She sashayed slowly towards me and I stood to greet this voluptuous beauty. “You must be Blake. Wifey said you were handsome but my goodness, you’re pretty hot!

“You look ravishing Kate! I never dreamed I’d meet you while I was here.”

“Looks like you might get to do more than just meet me.” Her blue eyes and pink accented lips shined as she smiled at me.

Turning back to Hubby she included him as she stated, “I’m in the mood to try something new and you two are invited.”

“Kate you naughty thing, what do you have in mind?” Hubby’s interest obviously piqued.

“Let me get changed and you’ll find out.”

“She’s beautiful!” I couldn’t help myself.

“That she is,” returned Hubby. “And, she’s a total nympho when it comes to sex. Whatever Kate’s got in mind is sure to be good!”

Within minutes the sliding door opened and Kate stepped outside.

She was a vision of beauty with unbridled sex appeal. Her now visible breasts were barely adorned with a pink micro-bikini top that managed to just cover her nipples, and around her shapely hips was a sheer pink, wrap-around skirt displaying white Lilies. As she walked slowly towards us the tiny ‘V’ of the bikini bottom appeared in the skirt’s full length slit, the pink strings of the bikini tied in big loop knots at her hips above the skirt.

Her white pumps clicked lightly on the concrete as she approached. “C’mon boys, join me in the cabana.” Her hips swayed sexily as she proceeded to the covered couch.

Standing before the enclosure with her tanned back to us, she untied and dropped the wrap-around faux skirt, revealing the pink string from the bikini bottom, exiting the top of her shapely ass cheeks and joining the thin string around her waist.

Moving to either side Hubby and I touched Kate lightly, running our fingertips up and down her heart shaped ass, her inner thighs, her flat tummy, and over her luscious tits.

Drawing her to him, Hubby embraced his neighbor and kissed her deeply.

Continuing to massage her ass cheeks I waited as my cock pushed angrily against my jeans.

Turning to me, Kate’s demeanor invited me to embrace and kiss her as well. I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d just spent Maltepe Escort hours the night before with the most beautiful, sensuous woman on the planet, and now an almost perfect clone was in my arms, our tongues clashing in anticipation of sex to come.

Hubby continued caressing Kate until we parted. “So Kate, what exactly do you have in mind?”

Stepping back she responded, “You boys like what you see?’

“Ummm,” was all I could muster.

“Kate, you know what you do to me,” said Hubby.

“Well, I’ve been letting Hubby play with my ass more and more, recently. I think I’m ready for some anal sex!”

Hubby and I looked at each other with Cheshire cat grins.

“And, after listening to Wifey go on about Blake fucking her, well, not only do I want Hubby to take my anal virginity, I want you two to double penetrate me. I want to have unbridled, unbelievable, slutty sex with you guys. I want to be fucked like there’s no tomorrow.”

“I’m in,” said Hubby.

All I could do was swallow and nod.

Kate struck a pose. “You boys like my bikini?”

“What’s not to like?” I was finally able to speak.

Her semi-erect nipples poked at her tiny top and a small tuft of blonde pubic hair appeared sexily above the minimal ‘V’ of her bikini bottom.

Turning slowly she gave us both a wonderful glimpse of side boob and the string rising between her ass cheeks.

Turning full circle Kate sat on the edge of the lounge. Reaching beneath the settee she retrieved a satin bag. “Hubby, would you help me for a sec?” Handing him a silver necklace he attached it behind her head.

Sitting up straight we could see the word ‘SLUT’ spelled out in fake jewels around her neck like a choker.

“Wow, you look totally hot!” I responded to her show.

“Just a reminder boys cause I’m really in the mood. Now come here and get those cocks out!”

Without hesitation we both dropped our jeans and stood before her.

Kate reached up and grabbing both of our members she slowly ran her hands up and down our shafts.

Her touch was light and I could feel myself growing harder with her continued fondling.

Leaning forward she first put Hubby in her mouth, then me. She continued this alternating approach licking and sucking and fellating the two of us. She worked her tongue expertly around each head and beneath the glans of our cocks drawing us deeper into her sexual hold over us.

She looked us each in the eye as she fellated and deep throated us. Somehow she continued stroking the shaft of the other cock while licking our cocks and balls, raising our temperatures as she gratified our anticipation.

“Oh my god Kate,” I blurted as I held her head gently and added a sight hip thrust into her pink painted lips.

“Ummm, you boys are hard as rocks, and big! Hubby, I need you to fuck me!”

“Yeah,” was all he could say in response.

Kate lay back on the divan and Hubby knelt between her spread legs moving her little pink ‘V’ aside. He pushed his enlarged head past her vaginal lips and was suddenly buried to the hilt inside Kate’s deep, wet pussy.

Shutting her blue, heavily made up eyes, and opening her lips, a sigh and slight groan escaped her mouth. “Yes Hubby, oh, that’s so good!”

I couldn’t help but stare, mesmerized by the sexual action before me. Hubby’s cock invaded then retreated from Kate’s beautiful, pink snatch as she moved against him for better penetration.

Finally she opened her eyes and looked at me. “Come here Blake. I want you in my mouth while Hubby keeps fucking me. And, don’t worry, there’s plenty of pussy for both of you, amongst other things.” Her smile spoke volumes as I continued to take it all in.

Kate’s Cevizli Escort chin length, blonde hair enveloped her face as she continually moved against Hubby’s motion. The choker necklace spoke volumes as to her intent and desire.

Kneeling on one knee I kissed Kate’s painted lips then nibbled first one, then the other hardened nipple through the fabric of her pink mini top.

Kate’s hand found my manhood, encircled it with her fingers, and jerked my cock gently.

I moved up so Kate could engulf my manhood with her lovely lips and mouth.

Hubby pulled his cock from Kate’s cunt. “Your turn,” he grunted as he moved to the side.

Plunging my mouth to her sopping wet pussy I licked the length of her slit, slurping and kissing her pink snatch.

“Mmmm. I like that Blake.”

Then, I was between her legs holding them up so that her white heels were above my shoulders.

Plunging my engorged cock into that swollen, beckoning pussy, I pumped Kate with vigor. She felt unbelievably soft and pliant around my slowly penetrating prick.

I watched attentively as she deep throated Hubby and I pushed myself to the hilt. She slid her mouth up and down Hubby’s shaft and I matched my thrusts to her rhythm.

Kate pushed against me and the feeling running through me and out through my dick was amazing.

Kate wrapped her fingers around Hubby’s base and flicked her clitoris with the other hand.

“Oh Kate, you are amazing!’

“Just keep fucking me Blake I’m almost ready for both of you.”

Following a few more minutes of frenzied fucking, we all parted.

“Blake, I have a history with Hubby, I mean he is my neighbor and all, so I’m going to let him have my ass first.”

Rising to her knees she prepared for rear entry. “You come over here and fuck my mouth while he takes my ass. After that it’s anyone’s guess. Just know, I’m expecting big things from both of you.”

Kneeling on the ground, Hubby licked Kate’s pussy, then her ass. Lubing her butthole and his index finger he eased it in to her bottom.

Kate responded with a smile and cooed to Hubby, “Yeah, get me ready for your big cock. I want your cock in my ass!

Putting my cock to her lips she responded by kissing its head, flicking me with her tongue, then engulfing my hardness in her moist mouth.

Hubby poured lube in his hand and prepared his big head for penetrating her beautifully rounded ass.

I untied her bikini bottom and let it fall from her body.

Easing himself into her bottom Kate stopped fellating me and let the anal penetration overcome her.

“Take it slow Hubby,” was all she said.

After minutes of slow accommodation, Kate’s ass began to slide up and down Hubby’s enlarged cock.

“Oh god, fuck me Hubby, fuck my dirty little slut ass.”

He responded by meeting her thrusts gently at first but increasing the rhythm and depth as Kate really got into it.

“Oh god that’s so good. Hubby’s really fucking my ass and it feels…Oh .”

He started pounding her butt and I slid back into Kate’s mouth.

“What do you think Kate, is our slut ready for both of our cocks?” A sly grin was plastered on Hubby’s face.

“Bring it on boys,” she whispered hoarsely. “Blake, you get on the bottom and fuck me. Hubby, you stay where you are.”

Arranging ourselves as directed my cock was buried in her pulsating pussy as Hub eased back into her butt.

Kate’s eyes were closed but the look of satisfaction on her face as we began slowly fucking her holes was heavenly. “Oh my! Oh, that’s good. That feels amazing!” Kate relished the intensity of two big cocks sliding in and out of her.

I gazed at Kate’s face as I reached Atalar Escort up with both hands and fondled her large, ripe breasts. The necklace said it all as we fucked Kate’s holes with renewed vigor.

“Why did I wait this long? This is amazing you guys…”

“You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you Kate?” Hubby egged her on. “You going to go home and tell your husband about this?”

“I don’t know, just keep fucking me!”

I was ready for more. “Hey Hubby, let’s turn her over and I’ll take her ass for a while.”

Re-arranging ourselves Kate waited while I positioned myself.

Lowering herself slowly onto my pointed manhood, her beautiful ass slid down my length.

Moving up and down Kate slowly and determinedly took me to additional depths of pleasure.

“Oh Blake, you feel exceptional back there. C’mon Hubby, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard!”

Hubby lined himself up as I helped hold Kate in position for his big cock.

We were soon fucking Kate in unison, then separately, in unison, separately. I held her luscious tits and tweaked her nipples as we continued thrusting deeply into her holes. The bikini top was on either side of her bare tits.

Hubby spoke to her, “Kate, you’re such a fuck slut, just like your necklace says.”

“I am Hubby, I’m a dirty little slut. I’m your slut boys…just don’t stop.” She writhed with pleasure as little moans escaped her mouth. Her body shook slightly with ecstasy as we kept up the pace, her response indicating her level of arousal.

Hubby kissed her then exclaimed, “Kate, you’ve got almost 20 inches of cock in you.”

“And it feels unbelievable Hubby.”

The three of us were grinding together.

“As good and nasty as a dripping double creampie sounds, I want you guys to cum in my mouth and on my face. Finish me like the total slut I am.”

“You ready Blake?” Hubby asked as he pounded Kate.

“Anytime!” Kate’s ass felt unreal and had me hovering close to the brink.

Hubby pulled out of her soaked pussy then Kate climbed off of me and knelt by the chaise lounge.

Standing, I positioned myself next to Hubby. Kate grabbed our cocks and pulled us to her mouth.

She engulfed both of us in her masterful mouth, licking our cocks as her tongue darted side to side.

Then we were both jacking off, willing ourselves to shoot a load in her mouth and on her lovely face.

“Ahhh,” Hubby came first, exploding onto her face, hair, and finally in Kate’s mouth.

She turned her attention to me as I finished yanking my cock to an explosive state.

I shot my load in her mouth then across her blue eyed, cum covered face.

The amount of jizz on her was substantial and somehow made her appear even sexier than before.

Our cum co-mingled, slowly dripping down her face and chin. Some of it landed on her succulent boobs.

Scraping a majority of the semen into her mouth, Kate made a show of the load before expertly swallowing it.

After rubbing the remaining cum into her beautiful breasts and nipples she reached up with her hands and we helped her to her feet.

“Kate, you are…” she held her hand up to quiet me.

“I know Blake, I’m a dirty little fuck slut aren’t I?”

“Well, you said it, not me.”

“It’s Ok, I know what I am, and what I like. And, I like you two!”

“You going to clean up Kate, or are you going home to your husband with our loads coating your face?” Hubby inquired.

“He likes hearing, and in this case, seeing the results of my adventures.”

“You are a dirty girl Kate…”

“Yes I am Hubby, as you, and now Blake, know. By the way, Blake, be a dear and unhook this necklace. I’ll leave it for one of Wifey’s next get-togethers.”

Unhooking the choker I watched Kate sashay across the patio, her micro bottom in hand, the top still tied around her beautiful back, to retrieve her sundress.

“Pretty fucking hot, isn’t she Blake?”

“Indeed she is Hubby, indeed she is!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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