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After I cleaned myself up and ran home from Lydia’s, I ran to my room and closed the door. I stripped naked and grabbed a paddle I had stolen from my sorority sister’s room. Her boyfriend was in a fraternity had gotten a paddle from his fraternity brothers.

Lydia answered the phone and I told her my roommates were mad I had come home so late. She counted out to 40 in unison with me spanking myself. When I was done my butt was so raw red it hurt to sit when I had dinner with my parents.

I slept really well that night, knowing that I would see Lydia again, as she was on my running path, and I so wanted to feel her hand spanking my bare bottom.

The next day at school I saw Sarah and told her everything that happened. I told her my butt was still red. She wanted to see it so in-between classes I lifted up my skirt and she giggled.

“You butt is a little red, Katie. Have you been a naughty girl?” she said with a giggle.

“No Sarah, and if you come with me today to the coffee shop I will prove it.”

Coach gave us the day off, but Sarah and I went out for a run anyway. I told her we had to take the practice route, knowing it would make me really sweaty by the time I got to Lydia’s. It was a hot day and the sun was bearing down on us. Running through the forest allowed for some shady areas, but I kept the pace up trying to get to Lydia’s as fast as I could.

When we hit town my nipples got erect and I felt my pussy get moist as I thought about what was about to happen when I saw Lydia again. I told Sarah we had to stop at the coffee shop for a drink and she said OK.

We got there and Lydia was standing outside as if she was waiting for me to arrive.

“You are just in time for your spanking, Katie. Oh, and I see you have brought a friend with you. Let’s go inside and get washed up.”

Lydia closed her shop after we entered, and then unlocked the door to her apartment. She let me take a shower first, apparently so she could talk with Sarah without me present. I was just about finished scrubbing myself when Lydia told me to dry off and come out without the towel. I was a little nervous, wondering if Sarah would be there. I left the towel on the floor and opened the door and there was Lydia, naked, sitting on the bed. Sarah was standing up next to her.

“It’s about time you got out of the shower, making me wait on you. Lydia has to spank you while I clean up, and I don’t want to miss it,” she said with a grin.

I walked over to Lydia as Sarah entered the bathroom to take a shower.

“Sarah told me you showed her your ass at school today. That was very naughty of you. Only naughty girls show their asses to other girls.” Lydia told me to get on her lap. I was feeling that this was naughty, and that I should not be doing it, but my pussy was telling me other things and I just went for it. I lay across Lydia’s lap, smelling her own hot pussy as she started spanking me with her bare hand.

I got to 25 by the time Sarah came out, and Lydia said she would start over to Sarah could watch from the beginning. I had tears welling in my eyes when Lydia got to 25 the second time. I looked up and saw Sarah giggling at me, standing with nothing on.

“Sarah, would you like to spank Katie for awhile? My hand is getting sore,” Lydia said. I was shocked and stunned and did not know what to say as I got up off of Lydia and then lay on Sarah’s lap. I so loved Sarah and even though she was going to spank me I knew our pussies were close together.

“Count out as a spank your ass, bitch,” Sarah said with a giggle. I obeyed her and kept up strong until she got to 35. I had been spanked 95 times now and I was getting out of breath. Sarah noticed my pussy was dripping on her thighs and she told me to stand up and lick my wetness off of her knee. It was so hot. I just knelt down and started licking my own juices off Sarah’s delicate knee. Sarah lifted me up by my arms and started eating me out and I had to place my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. I stroked her hair and petted her neck as she kept working on my pussy. I held on as long as I could before coming, draping myself over her as I collapsed.

Lydia helped lift me off of Sarah and into her bed, where I took a nap with Sarah before we both finished our run. Neither of us said a word during the run to school. Sarah stared at me and smiled as we undressed and I showed my red bare ass to her again.

“Lydia is not going to like you showing your ass to me again, naughty girl,” she said, as we both giggled and hit the showers.

All through my classes the next day I could not stop thinking about being spanked, even though I knew it was wrong. I couldn’t stop daydreaming of being at Lydia’s apartment, standing before her naked and then lying on her naked lap as she spanked my bottom again and again and again.

I felt asleep in my psych class and had the same dream. The professor woke me up and told me to sit out in the hallway until she came to talk with me about the proper maslak escort use of a study hall. I sheepishly walked out with my head down and sat outside the doorway.

Suddenly a voice asked me what I was doing outside of the classroom. I looked up and it was my friend Sarah. “Sarah, what are you doing here,” I asked.

“Your psych teacher called the dean’s office and they asked me to come and get you, however, I have another idea.”

“What is your idea,” I said, noticing her devilish smile she had every time she thought of something good and nasty.

“I think you deserve a spanking. Stand up and place your hands against the wall,” she said. “Sarah, I can’t do that here in school. Somebody may see us.”

“Do it quickly before the bell rings for the class change and then everyone will see you,” she said. I was scared and nervous and excited at the same time. I did not want to get spanked in school, let alone by my good friend Sarah. But the thought of it made me tingle inside and I found myself getting up and placing my hands against the wall. Sarah reached up under my skirt and removed my panties, telling me to lift up one foot at a time so she could fully get them out of the way.

She hiked my skirt up, leaving my bare butt open for her hand. Thankfully she did not make me count out loud, but her spanks were very loud by themselves, echoing in the empty hallway, causing me to grow nervous that someone may hear us.

My eyes were watering when she got to 30, and I felt my pussy growing wetter. Sarah kept spanking me until she saw a trail of wetness run down my inner thigh.

“Go back to your class, Katie, and meet me in the locker room after school,” Sarah said. “What about my panties?” I asked. “I said go to your class, or do you want another spanking?”

I rushed into the classroom just as the bell rang. I was petrified someone would see I wasn’t myself. Sarah still had my panties and I was a bit dazed and disheveled, my hair was a little messy, and I couldn’t walk straight. I gathered my things and went to my next class. I could not stop my pussy and just the feeling of sitting in a classroom with no panties and a red ass was enough to make me cum. I patted my pussy with a tissue as I did not want to cause a scene, but my professor saw what I was doing and asked me to stand up and come to her desk.

“What are you doing Katie,” she said. “I saw you playing with your pussy in class.”

I was stunned to hear this. I was not playing with my pussy anyway, just patting it dry. I did not know what to say.

“N-no, I mean, no I, what?”

“Only bad girls play with their pussies in class, Katie. You are a bad girl and need to be punished.”

My eyes widened as I could not believe what I was hearing. I had just been spanked by my friend and I could not believe I was about to get spanked again. What as happening to me?

“Come over my lap and let me spank some sense into you,” she said. I felt like I was floating toward the front of the classroom as I suddenly was in front of the my professor and laying across her lap as the rest of the class looked on in awe. She hiked up my skirt and started spanking me. At one point she asked the class to start counting aloud. I was so embarrassed I wanted to hide but there was no place to go. Once the class got to 50 she stopped and told me to go back and sit in my seat and think about what I had done.

All I could think of was how it hurt to sit on my red butt and how turned on I was by my teacher. My pussy was wetter than before but I did not dare pat it dry with a tissue. I left the class leaving a puddle on the seat.

After school I rushed to the locker room and met Sarah, who told me she could not make the practice run that day but urged me to do it anyway. I really liked running with Sarah, but I really wanted to see Lydia again, and even if Sarah was not running, I knew I had to.

I slipped out of my skirt and Sarah noticed my ass was red. “Is it still red from me,” she asked. “No, my professor spanked me for playing with my pussy in class,” I said. Sarah giggled and said she had to go.

I went on my run and grew tired as I was mid-point in the forest. Apparently all the spanking had taken something out of me, but I was determined to make it to Lydia’s place. I got there all sweaty and out of breath, and found Lydia waiting for me in her usual spot.

“I was wondering if you were going to make it today,” she said.

“You are all I can think about,” I blurted out. She led me inside and offered me a bottle of water. We walked up to her apartment and went inside. Sarah was there wearing a dominatrix outfit of black leather straps and a large paddle in her hand.

“What took you so long Katie? I have been waiting for 15 minutes. Get in the shower and come out for your spanking.”

Seeing Sarah like that made me get all excited and I wanted to play with myself right there. I hustled into the shower and soaped mecidiyeköy escort bayan myself up before rinsing off and grabbing a towel. I left the bathroom and saw Lydia also was wearing a dominatrix outfit.

“Katie, lay across my lap and Sarah will spank you. She said you liked it when she spanked you in school today.”

I blushed from the thought of Sarah telling Lydia that, but I so wanted to get spanked I would have done anything wrong for punishment.

I lay across Lydia’s lap and Sarah stood in front of us, wailing her paddle against my butt until it was a dark crimson red. Then Lydia and Sarah changed places and I was spanked again with the paddle. Overall it must have been 75 spanks and my pussy was super wet. Sarah asked Lydia to stop and she started fingering me. I was so hot that Sarah’s fingers thrusting in and out of me were enough to make me cum.

I got off of Sarah and knelt in front of her, placing my mouth over her swollen pussy which was begging to be licked. I tongued her in and out until she came, covering my face with her wetness. Lydia picked me up and licked my face, then pushed me on the bed and went down on me. She switched into a 69 position and I worked my fingers and tongue on her until she came, squirting her cum out all over my face and neck. I opened my mouth to catch some of it and she tasted so sweet. That made me cum and I felt Lydia grind her face in my pussy.

By this time Sarah had already cleaned herself up and Lydia ordered me to take another shower. I had just stepped in when Lydia joined me and ordered me to bath her. I soaped up a washcloth and rubbed it against her chest and back, then her arms and legs, and finally her pussy and ass. Afterward, Lydia rinsed off and stepped out, telling me I had five minutes to clean myself and get dressed and get downstairs in the shop.

Thoughts raced through my mind: What clothes would I wear? I had nothing with me except my sweaty running top and shorts. And, what did she have in mind that I needed to be dressed?

Not wanting to further burden Lydia with my lateness and make her want to punish me again, I decided to get ready quick. I so loved being spanked but I was feeling woozy and needed to take a break.

Leaving the bathroom I found a set of clothes on her bed, two bandannas. I was not sure what to do with them, but with only one minute to spare, I made a quick and fateful decision. I created a skirt out of the larger bandanna, which only had enough material to cover my pussy and ass if I completed covered one thigh and left one thigh completely exposed. Any kind of wind would be enough to kick up the skirt as if I was trying to flash someone. The smaller bandanna was just enough material to make into a bikini top, which I tied into a knot behind my back. I slipped on a pair of open toe high heels next to the bed and hurried down the stairs. It was awkward with four-inch heels, but I managed to get down stairs just as Lydia and Sarah were exiting the shop. I was right behind them as Lydia locked the door. Not knowing where we were going, and being too afraid to ask, I simply followed them as we walked a few blocks and got to a mini-van.

“You will sit in the back, Katie. Here, let me help you,” Lydia said. She opened the sliding door and I saw the back of the van was empty except for one car seat. Lydia strapped me in, making sure my upper and lower bodies were secured to the chair. She also made me lift up a little so she could move the bandanna cloth away from by butt. I did not question her. Sarah sat in the front passenger seat and Lydia took the driving chair. They played music which made it hard for me to hear what they were doing.

All of a sudden I felt something poking me from under the seat. It was a strange feeling, but not too uncommon to the vibrators Sarah and I would play with on the weekends. This object entered my pussy and impaled me on the seat. I was rocking back and forth with the movement of the van, and I was becoming aroused. I gritted my teeth as I tried to hold on and not cum, but it was no use as the more the van rocked, the more I moved around the cool metal spear. As I was about to cum I let out a little sigh and then rolled my eyes back in my head which whipped back as I had a big orgasm which left me completely drained.

The silent-vibrator left my pussy as it retreated back into the seat. I was glowing from all the excitement, but also exhausted and too ashamed to say anything. The van soon stopped and Lydia and Sarah exited the van, leaving their windows cracked open, and left me behind. I wondered if they had forgotten about me. Did they know I made a mess of myself? Was I being punished?

I was worried that Lydia or Sarah was going to spank my raw butt again. The thoughts made be wet again but I was scared at the same time. The side door opened and Sarah entered the van. She began removing my seat belts when she said, “Katie, did you cum all over merter escort yourself in the van? What’s wrong with you? Can’t you act respectable anywhere, you filthy pig.”

Sarah’s words made me want to cry. I was acting like a pig, a filthy dirty pig, unable to stop myself from coming in Lydia’s van. Sarah cleaned me with a wet nap and told me to get out of the van. I was thankful Lydia had moved my bandanna skirt to the side so I did not leave a dark wet spot on it.

Sarah took my hand and led me into a restaurant where Lydia was already sitting at a booth facing the door. Sarah sat next to her and I sat across from them. Salads were already on the table. Lydia said I could start eating and I was so thankful, as I had not had anything all day except for a piece of raisin toast for breakfast and a banana and pop for lunch.

Soon our meals arrived. While they ate broiled chicken, double-baked potatoes and drank red wine, I had a kiddie meal of fish sticks, fries and a apple juice box.

Still afraid to ask why I was being treated this way, or if the waitress had made a mistake, I began eating my fish sticks with my head down. Lydia and Sarah chatted amongst themselves, and I could not clearly hear them over the din from the restaurant.

We left the restaurant after about an hour and Sarah put me back in the chair in the back of the van,putting my seatbelt on very tight. “Try to control yourself this time Katie. I do not want to have to clean you up again.”

I meekly said OK and Sarah slammed the door shut. Once again I was left alone as Lydia and Sarah left to go elsewhere. The back door opened 15 minutes later and two young boys about my age lifted a box into the van. One of them said to the other, “Look at that tied up bitch. What I would do to fuck her brains out.” The other boy laughed and said he wanted to fuck my mouth and cum down my throat. They actually started to enter the van before Lydia came to close the doors shut. I could not turn around and had no idea what the boys looked like or what the package was.

When the van started up again I was left alone, the radio playing and Lydia and Sarah chatting. All of a sudden I felt a push from under the seat, only this time it was under my butt. A vibrator slowly crept up into my asshole and then started to vibrate. I gripped the arm rails of my chair as this coupled with the movement of the van was bringing me to another rolling orgasm. I thought I had it under control when the other vibrator pushed into my soppy wet pussy. It started to vibrate and I soon came. I was brought to another orgasm before the two vibrators retreated in the seat and the van stopped. I had no clue where we were, having lost all my concentration as I was focused on my orgasms.

Sarah once again came to get me and found me again covered in cum and the seat covered in cum, too. She scolded me and told me Lydia had selected a punishment for what I had done. I was so afraid I started to cry and wanted to hug Sarah, but she pushed away from me and told me to get my filthy ass outside the van. I had to help Sarah carry the large box up the stairs to Lydia’s place, and then was told to clean my dirty pussy in the shower.

What had become of me? Why did I crave spankings so much that I let myself become used by other people? Why did I have to cum every time I was aroused? I knew I had an easy time of reaching orgasm, but why so often? And why was my friend turning on me? She was my friend and now she was working with Lydia, a woman I only knew as someone who was attractive and someone who I loved to spank me with her bare hand.

After I had cleaned off I dried myself with a towel and left the bathroom naked. Lydia called me over to the bed and had me sit in her lap. I was nude and she was fully clothed. She began stroking my hair and asking why I had been bad.

“I am sorry I came in your van. I could not control myself,” I said. “That is too bad, Katie. Good girls act proper when they are out in public. Sarah did not cum in the van? Good girls also dress appropriately, wearing clothes that cover them. You dressed like a whore tonight. You must be punished.”

I got off of her lap and was led to another room in the apartment, where Sarah was waiting leaning against a large contraption.

I thought I had seen it before on a late night television show, but was not clear if that is what it was.. It looked like a weightlifting bench but with several modifications. Sarah spoke up and said what I dreaded she would say.

“This is a spanking machine, Katie. Little pigs like you who cum all over yourself and your owner’s van have to be punished and spanking is the only way you cum-pigs will learn.”

Sarah was right. I was a cum sucking pig. I was a dirty girl pig who could not control herself and came anytime she pleased. I really needed help and was glad my friend Sarah was there for me.

“Let Sarah show you how to get into the spanking machine, Katie, and then we can get on with the rest of our evening,” Lydia said. Sara told me to lie on the board and bending at my hips so my legs were hanging off the board but my feet were not touching the floor. Sarah handcuffed me to the top of the board and put a strap on my back to keep me from coming up. She also tied a strap around the back of my thighs so I could not move my legs. I was tied down to the table.

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