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Houghton lake. It’s where I spent every summer while I was visiting my grandparents from the time I was 8 years old. They would use my aunt and uncles cottage while I was there. My aunt and uncle would usually come up on the weekends to spend time with us. They had a daughter who was two years older than me which was theirs. That first summer I was there they adopted a little girl and then two summers later they adopted a boy. We all got along well even though there was an age difference between the younger kids.

Being 18 and just having graduated high school in the spring this was probably the last time I would be able to spend the summer here. I was being thrust into adulthood. I had to make a choice in my life. Go to college and gear myself for a career or try to find a job. Either way I had to do something but I was given the summer to decide what that choice would be.

I took it easy that summer and spent it relaxing and doing a little fishing on the lake. Jessica arrived at the house early Friday afternoon. She settled into one of the upstairs rooms before coming down to hang out with me. It was the first time I had seen her the whole summer which was odd considering how close we had been in the past. She had a part time summer job while she was off from college and it kept her busy. She had just quit since school would be starting in 3 weeks. She wanted a little time for herself before she headed back to school.

I watched her glide swiftly down the stairs towards the living room. Something about her had my attention. She had changed and filled out a little more in all the right places. She was my cousin but nonetheless she was still good looking. She wasn’t a knock out beauty, more like the girl next door with a quiet sexual aura. She stood about 5 foot 7 with natural blonde hair, brown eyes, small little pert nose, full lips, and a big smile. Continuing down, her chest had filled out to around a B to small C. They had good bounce as her feet hit the steps. She had wide hips, not fat and over bearing just wide hips which my German grandma gave the girls in the family. Her ass fit her hips and looked to be a nice handful.

She reached the bottom step and smiled as she turned to the kitchen and walked away. She noticed the way I was looking as she turned. I couldn’t help it, something inside was turning my desire. It wasn’t strong as of yet but it was there. She seemed to give a little extra sway as she walked opposite of my direction.

I dismissed the feeling and read a little more in my book. She returned with a drink in hand and sat on the couch next to me. We started talking and laughing almost like we hadn’t been apart for the past 9 months. It was so natural and easy to talk to her. The only thing that was different was the fact that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She noticed but it didn’t seem to bother her, it almost made her delight in the fact that I was seeing her as something other than my cousin.

The weekend past quickly and it was Sunday afternoon. Everyone was at the cottage now. The place was buzzing with people and pets. I needed a break not only from the house but to try and clear the sexual thoughts my mind was creating about the way my cousin looked. I slipped from the house and went down to the dock to sit and watch the water.

“Whatca doing,” Jessica asked?

It startled me for a second but I didn’t let it show. I turned slowly and watched her toned legs carry her across the soft grass towards the dock. They look delightful as they moved and pulled the thin peach colored fabric of her short little shorts tight against her mound. Yum.

She smiled as she came and sat next to me on the dock. The shorts pulled tight as she twisted herself down. The fabric pulled hard and showed a clear camel toe before it disappeared under her body as she dangled her legs off the dock.

“Just sitting and watching the water,” I sighed.

I shifted and tried to hide the rising excitement from my athletic shorts. She only smiled and watched the water with me.

“You want to do our annual trip,” she asked?

For years we had gotten on the old pontoon type paddle boat and peddled our way from the dock down to the canal that ran around the back side of the houses across the street. It was a challenge to peddle the mile and a half down the lake just to get into the canal but we had done it every year.

“We would have to go today,” I replied. “Everyone is heading home in the morning.”

“I’m game if you are,” she jumped.

Normally we would start at the crack of dawn and be back by midafternoon. We would be pushing it to get back by dinner.

“Fuck it, let’s do it,” I said standing.

She quickly followed. I watched her ass as she spun around. I averted my eyes before she found me looking and began to untie the rope that held the paddle boat in place. I pushed it away from the dock and took my seat next to her on the bench seat. We started paddling and the time past quickly as we talked.

We reached ataşehir escort the mouth of the canal and headed down the winding path of the deep black water. We passed under the bridge and continued down. We normally turned back at the bridge but today we ventured further on. Finally we decided that it was time to head back.

The sky became overcast and the wind started to pick up. This was not good considering we now had to paddle against both the wind and waves. Suddenly the sky opened up and began pelting us with ice cold rain drops. They stung as the wind drove them hard against our skin. We were both freezing cold now and were looking for a way to get out of the cold.

I turned to rudder hard and pointed us towards shore. There was a little gazebo on a dock that would provide some shelter. I crashed into the dock and tied the boat quickly as she bolted for cover. Her little shorts were now almost see through. They clung tight to her ass cheeks as she climbed from the seat. The dark shadow splitting the center of the material was a dead giveaway that she wasn’t wearing anything under them. My mind turned circles as I tied the rope to a cleat and joined her under the cover.

We were now out of the rain but still freezing as the wind continued to swirl.

“Fuck, I’m freezing,” her teeth chattered.

If that wasn’t a dead giveaway then her nipples poking hard against her shirt was. I pulled her close and hugged her tight to try and warm her. It felt good to hold her and stay warm but it didn’t do anything for my rising cock. Her soft flowery smell of her hair combined with the soaked and clinging wetness of her clothes added to the excitement and made it swell even more. I tried to hide it but it’s kind of hard when you’re pressed against another body. She felt me poking her but didn’t mind it. Staying warm was more important to her.

The rain lasted another 10 minutes before it quit. The wind didn’t let up however. The best thing for us was to get back on the boat and start paddling towards home. We untangled from each other and headed for the boat.

She climbed on and sat. I watched her shorts pull tight against her center. Her mound pressed against them and a shadowy blur of her lips rewarded my straining eyes. I looked for a moment too long and was caught by her smiling face. My face burned red with embarrassment as I untangled the rope and joined her. Her soft face had a dark look on it. It wasn’t a look of anger or hate, more of a ‘did you like what you saw because I liked that you were looking.’ It rattled me a little as we started peddling hard against the waves. Was there something there? Did she have the same weird sexual thoughts for me?

I turned to look at her face. Her eyes shifted from my lap to the waves ahead of us. The lump in my shorts was not too noticeable but it was still there. On the dock, there was no way she couldn’t have known what I was thinking. She was checking if it was still there. Now she only smiled and peddled hard with me.

Curiosity maybe. There had always been a closeness between us and maybe that led to us being comfortable around each other. Whatever it was, the boundaries were shifting into something neither one of us had thought about.

I stole a look at her lap. Her wet shorts hid nothing from my eyes as I noticed a dark line running up from the triangle between her churning legs. It stopped after a few inches. I watched it flash in and out of sight as her legs went up and down on the peddles driving the chain around the gear to keep the paddles going. I couldn’t help but stare at the thin little landing strip. I was only an inch from seeing the top of her slit. I had never wanted to see something so bad in my life.

“Hey,” she cried. “Am I going to do all the work here or what?”

I snapped back and looked at her. She had a wicked smile on her face. She knew and her face blushed as I sat slack jawed and pushed the peddles to keep pace.

“Sorry,” I piped.

“For what,” she asked coyly?

“Um,” I stuttered.

“It’s fine,” she relented. “Cute really, having a crush on your cousin.”

I sat quietly and worked to get us home.

I swung the boat around and got us on the dock. She climbed off quickly but not before I got one last look at her hidden treasure that wasn’t so hidden. She glanced over her shoulder and swayed her hips as she headed up the hill for the house.

Her wet clothes lay piled on the floor in the bathroom as I shut the door. The steam from her hot shower still hung in the air as I turned the water back on. I striped my clothes and lay them on the floor next to hers. I looked at the little peach colored shorts and couldn’t help but lift them from the floor and look at them. Just minutes ago they were touching the spot I wanted to touch. It was a twisted fantasy I had had for a while but I was always able to put it to rest. Today had changed that.

I lifted the fabric to my nose. I glanced around looking to see if anyone was kadıköy escort bayan watching. Not likely considering I was in the bathroom with the door closed, it was more instinctive. I pressed the seam where her mound would have been riding against to my nose. I inhaled deeply. The deep earth and musk smell went quickly up my nose to my brain. From there it traveled quickly down to my cock and swelled it with the knowledge that I was smelling pussy. I wasn’t smelling any pussy though, I was smelling Jessica’s pussy. My cousins forbidden pussy.

I exhaled and pulled in another deep drag and realized something else. She was wet before she took these off. The rain water should have washed most of the smell away but the fact that it was so strong only meant one thing. She wasn’t the only one that was excited on our little trip.

It was too much for me to handle. My hand quickly found my cock and started to slide quickly over the slippery head. Within a minute I pressed her shorts over the head of my cock and fired thick ropes of sperm into the already wet material. My hips bucked hard and I finished. Satisfied, I climbed into the shower with the shorts.

I rinsed them off and wrung them out before tossing them back to the floor. I leaned against the wall and let the hot water warm my body. I felt relaxed after having released a lot of pent up sexual energy.

I changed into some sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt to stay warm. The rain and wind had chilled me down to the bone. Jessica had done the same thing only what she had on was skin tight and showed that once again she didn’t have anything on under them, top or bottom.

Chatter, clutter and noise filled the dining room as we all sat and started eating. Jessica and I sat next to each other like normal and we stole some glances at one another. We hadn’t spoken about what had happened on the trip. There wasn’t much to say really. I saw her, she saw what it did to me and we both liked it. Where would it go from here? I didn’t know at the time. So it was as if everything was normal. It wasn’t for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen on the trip. It wasn’t right for me to be having these thoughts but I couldn’t stop them and slowly I began to give up fighting them.

After dinner she helped the women clean and get everything ready for tomorrow. They would be leaving for home in the morning and then in a couple of days they would be heading to Florida to their condo for a 2 week vacation.

The news was sprung on me shortly after we all settled down in the living room for evening TV. My aunt and uncle would be leaving for Florida on Wednesday. All three of my cousins would be going too. That was a plus since Jessica would be going. The down side was my grandparents had decided they wanted to go as well. That left nobody to take me to the airport on Saturday so I could fly home. My choices were to stay in Detroit for 3 days at a hotel and go to the airport by myself or I could ride with them to Florida.

3 days in Detroit didn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to me. I guess I was going to be driving to Florida. Then they added another wrinkle to the plans. They were going to get my aunt in Illinois who lives an hour north of Champaign. I wasn’t too happy with the whole thing. I guess being in a van with family was better than hanging around in Detroit and hoping I didn’t get mugged. I slipped from the house and went back to the dock.

It was dark now and an almost full moon flickered on the waves. It was calm and rain free as I sat and dreaded the trip home. Driving straight through was bad but making a 12 hour detour was going to make it even worse.

A stick broke in the distance and it got my attention. I turned and saw Jessica come from the shadows of the tall maple trees out into the light of the moon. She sat quietly beside me.

“Not too happy about the trip I take it,” she asked?

“Would you be,” I replied? “I had a 3 hour ride home that just turned into a 2 day trip.”

“It won’t be that bad,” she lied.

“Right,” I said sarcastically.

“Truth or dare,” she piped changing the subject?

I cocked my head and looked at her. It was another thing we did on occasions. It had been at least 2 years since the last time though.

“Truth,” I muttered.

So the game began. It started off normal but after a while it got a little interesting.

“Did you enjoy looking at me today,” she asked?

“Who wouldn’t,” I replied quickly.

We both giggled nervously before I looked at her and waited for her to decide her choice.

“Truth,” she sighed. She was debating on the dare but held back for now.

“Was it exciting for you to have me look at you,” I asked in a measured tone?

“It’s nice to be noticed,” she said after some thought.

“Dare,” I said boldly.

“Hmmm,” she thought. “I dare you to go skinny dipping with me.” Her eyes were wide and her smile wicked.

“Fuck no,” I blurted out. I would love escort maltepe to get her naked but the lake wasn’t up to my Florida standard of 85 degrees or more to swim in. There was no way I was getting into the water. “That water is cold,” I continued.

“Suit yourself,” she teased.

She stood abruptly and turned towards the end of the dock. With her back to me her top lifted over her head and it fell to the wooden planks on the dock. I watched as she walked further down the dock to get further from me and the light. She was just a shadow as she bent carefully and slipped her pants from her waist. She ran and jumped into the water with a loud splash.

Cold water or not I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away. My clothes came off quickly as I raced down the dock and splashed in next to her. The water was cold and it sucked the air from me as I pushed on the bottom and surfaced. It was neck deep as my feet pushed hard against the bottom. I gasped for air in shock and was met by a wave of water as she splashed my face.

“Whew, that’s cold,” I roared. She laughed hard.

She splashed me again. I batted the water back at her. It became an all-out war as we disturbed the peaceful night. I reached out and dunked her. She fought for the surface and attacked me. We kept our distance but tried to dunk each other.

My hand slipped and I caught a hand full of her firm tit. I squeezed it quickly but let go right away. It was accidental.

“Whoa there tiger,” she quipped while laughing.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Not half as sorry as you’re going to be,” she fired back.

She started swimming hard for the stairs on the dock. I wasn’t sure what she was up to but climbing the ladder out of the water meant she would be exposed. I wanted to get a look and she knew what I was up to the minute I started to follow. This only encouraged her to tread water faster.

She reached the ladder and climbed it quickly. I only saw her white ass in the moon light as she pulled herself from the water quickly. Dam I thought as I tried to catch up and get out of the freezing water.

She bent down and grabbed her clothes quickly as she ran down the dock. She grabbed my clothes along the way and laughed as I figured out what she was up too. She missed my shirt and didn’t go back to try and get it. She knew I was on the last step before reaching the dock. She slipped quickly under the shadows of the trees. The only thing I could hear was her laughing all the way up the hill.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

At least I had my shirt to cover myself. I decided to use it to cover my waist and head up to the house and see what the situation was. Who was up and where were they in relation to where I had to go to get to my room. As I looked around I hear her giggling from above.

“Yeah, real funny Jess,” I teased. I was trying to hold back a laugh.

“I thought so,” she laughed. “You look like Tarzan with that thing tied around your waist.”

“You want me to go all natural and scare the neighbors,” I asked?

“I dare you to,” she roared.

“Isn’t it my turn,” I asked quickly?

“So it is,” she replied. I could make out her big smile as the light shined out from her window above me.

I said the first thing that came to mind. “I dare you to show me your tits.”

She started laughing hard and had to pull herself away from the window.

“Haven’t you seen enough of me today,” she finally managed to say?

“Not unobscured,” I said honestly.

“Haha,” she laughed a little sinister. She sat and watched me watching her.

“Well,” I asked?

With a twisted smile she leaned out the window and lifted her top to reveal her perfect breasts. Her nipples twisted hard and pointed out in the cold night air. She left her shirt up much longer than I expected before returning it back down to its normal position. I stood quietly, awe struck as she smiled down at me. She loved what she was doing to me.

My cock was straining under my shirt as I held it over my waist. She slipped from the window. My boxers and pants flew from the sky and fluttered down to the ground near me. I dropped my shirt and pulled my pants up my legs as she watched. I don’t know how much of me she saw but she was still smiling when I snapped the elastic across my waist.

“I had fun today,” she said softly.

“Me too,” I replied.

“See you in the van on Wednesday,” she asked sweetly?

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied.

“Night,” she said before leaving the window for good.

I went inside and tried to get some sleep. The images of today continued to flicker through my thoughts. Her camel toe, the wet fabric against her mound, the wetness her mound left in her shorts, the feel of her tit in the brief moment, the sight of them from up above. My cock strained the sheets high off my body as I lie on my back and finally feel asleep.


We left late in the evening on Wednesday. We all piled into the Dodge Sprinter and headed for Illinois. It was a packed ride with 8 people in the van. After we got my Aunt I wouldn’t have a seat and would have to ride in the back on the floor. All the luggage was stored on the roof in a cargo box. I didn’t mind it though. I would just sit in the back and sleep.

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