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Every now and then we all encounter a sexual desire being satisfied, where we enjoy someone new and exciting. It’s those hot moments when a sexual fantasy is being fulfilled, in this case having a brief “fling” with a female “recently separated.” Its one of my fantasies, to enjoy some hot intimacy with a female “on the rebound” Oh god, I have got raging hard on, just thinking about it.

I have moved out of home now and am renting a large old house with my buddies Ben and Dan. Its a 4brm two storey house close to the CBD. We are all single, studying at university. We are all studying law. As young males, naturally we like to party and meet those lovely ladies out there. We’ve had a few parties here already. If we were “lucky” anyone of us may have meet a nice girl during those times. We are justing after some fun, not too serious and not so committed.

It was at one of our house parties that I “meet” her. Actually I have known her through friend of a friend but never really paid much attention to her or those girl friends of hers. I don’t even know her name, just by face. But she was with this guy Paul for some time, so I suppose that’s why I didn’t pay much notice to her. I have seen her at our house parties before and at other ones. Then through the social grapevine I heard she had broken up with that Paul guy. Now I know Paul a little but not well. He studied business at the same university and played footy, thats the extent of that association. He knew Dan my mate better but through a common friend. Now Cindy actually is rather attractive. But you know how it is, as she was with someone else she was less noticeable to me, until now. When I heard about their breakup, suddenly I wanted to find out who this girl was. I didn’t even remember her name. Now I recognize her as Cindy a pretty honey blonde.

So it was at one of our house parties that we invited everyone we knew and didn’t know that well. And there she was, Cindy with her bestie Sarah and some other chick I don’t know. Of course when a pretty girl becomes “single” again, I make a point of getting to know her better. I made sure that “boyfriend” wasn’t here as well, cause that might create a scene or two. I like that immediate attraction to a woman who has just split from their boyfriend. For some reason I find a woman desirable at this time and my aim was to “seduce” her. To experience her. The mix of her vulnerability and sexual attraction just too desirable to turn down.

As soon I saw her with her friends, I approached her, offering to get her a drink and introduce myself. Of course she already knew me from previous informal meetings and I knew of her. There was this instance attraction.

We seem to hit it off and shared some common interest. I found out she already working at a legal firm. She wasn’t studying now and started at the law firm a few months ago. Interestingly she gave me some advice on the workings of her firm as I said earlier I am studying law.

Her friend Sarah hung around, as I flirted endlessly with Cindy. She was rather attractive as well. She wore these sexy looking glasses and often looked at me with a known smirk. Apparently she is single, but I like the vulnerable attraction to someone recently separated. I tried not to talk to Cindy about her current situation, preferring to let her tell me. But eventually she succumbed a little when she realizes that there are other nice guys out there. She can tell I was trying to “seduce” her.

I think that guilt thing was getting to her. Should she be flirting with another man, after only recently breaking up?

Then she reluctantly opens up about her breakup as the alcohol relaxed her making it easier for her. Her beautiful smile was seducing me. And that sexy look of her bestie rather hot. But I didn’t want to be seem to be flirting with Sarah as well.

So I politely excused myself with Sarah, suggesting I take Cindy away for a small tour of the house. Admittedly by now I was pretty semi hard. The thought of fucking this sexy lady was getting to me. I wondered what she looked like… well underneath. She looks like she has a great body. Is she real hot in bed? I bet she is. I charmingly showed her around. The party atmosphere was loud and hot. I wanted to take her to my bedroom, so we can “talk.” Maltepe Escort And I did. And she didn’t decline the idea. We sit on the edge of the bed and she opens up.

“Oh god, I never thought this will happen so soon. I have been with him for a year. I shouldn’t be here with someone else. But I feel an attraction to you. I am not sure this is right or that I am ready.”

I looked at her and proceeded to brush her blonde hair from her face. She was pretty, has had beautiful creamy white skin. I was feeling real hot. I wanted to know what she was like. I looked at her, then she moves towards me and starts to kiss me. The smell of her perfume was seducing me. I felt a bolt of electricity run through me as the hot desire for her, envelopes me. She runs her fingers up and down my arm. I am fully erect now. I felt I was beginning to seduce another man’s lady. I was getting extremely turned on.

I move up to sit up against the head board and she doesn’t hesitate to follow me, sitting close to me on my right side and we begin to kiss. It’s what I wanted, this intimacy with her. All the hot thoughts and imaginations start to fill my head. I wanted eat her. See what she looked like down there. Taste her. Was she shaven? Then fuck her like a wild animal.

I move my hand lower. But instantly she stops me. She wore this sexy pair of shorts. I try again but again she stops me.

“I am not ready yet. I am just not emotionally ready for someone else.” She smiles at me before running her right hand over my chest.

“Take your time.” I replied.

I really love this vulnerability. Should I or shouldn’t I because of an emotional connection to someone else or feeling guilt or feeling too easy. But I want to find out what she is really like. Know what she’s like intimately when she’s with a man. And to experience this with her when she has just separated with someone. It arouses me those thoughts.

Then my hot thoughts are disrupted as I feel her hand move right down to my groin. I was fully erect already and she smirked at me when her hand touches me there. It was this first time intimacy I enjoy with a female on a rebound.

“I know you want to fuck me…but I am too confused at the moment.”

Then she kisses me again, her hand returns to my chest as she undoes the buttons of my shirt.

This time I touched her chest, feeling her bra beneath her t shirt. She doesn’t stop me. I cup her right breast with my left hand, squeezing it gently. I can feel her hot breath on me and her breathing becomes deep and excited. My heart thumps hard against my chest wall. I am overwhelmed in lust now. The scent of her arouses me beyond description. Being so intimately close with her was highly arousing.

Then her right hand grabs me down there again. I am so hard now. Then I hear her soft quiet moans. Oh god. I close my eyes, imagining her going all out crazy on me with her right hand. I throbbed excitedly at the thoughts. I wanted to experience her, pleasure me like she does with her “ex.”

“Can I use my hand?” She smirked. “We can’t can’t have intercourse. Is that OK?”

I moved my head acknowledging her. Oh god, I am very happy with that, its one of my fantasies. I didn’t want to say too much, its just what I wanted actually. Oh god I know she will be “f…king hot.” as I feel the passion.

Then I try to insert my hand down her bra. I wanted to touch her soft warm mounds. The scent of her skin and perfume is driving me crazy. But she stops me and begins lightly licking my face and neck. I bury my face in her blonde locks. Oh god I feel the electricity surge through me. Her right hand lightly massages me through my pants. I am so turned on as I imagined myself as her “boyfriend.” I wanted to experience her how she really is.

Then I feel her breathing into my right ear. I hear the quiet moans of seduction. Then her sexy voice whispers into my ear.

“I want to make you feel good… I want to masturbate you…with my hand…Oh my god, I can’t believe I said that.” She reiterates embarrassingly and blushing red at her own words.

Oh my god, oh my god, as I listened to her hot words. I close my eyes to feel her hot passion. To feel her presence and touches. Then she undos my pants. I throbbed uncontrollably Ümraniye Escort at the expectation of that moment she first touches me with her warm hand. I groaned with excited anticipation. It was a fantasy coming true. Then she grabs at the now exposed shaft.

“Oh yeahh, so stiff, I really turn you on, yeah.” She moans quietly. “Oh god I feel so dirty. Oh god I really want to do this, make another man feel good. Make him cum with my hand. Oh god I feel so dirty. I can’t believe I said that.”

I stare into her beautiful eyes as she whispers. She smiles beautifully at me, deliberately exposing her intimate side and innocence to me.

She then proceeds to massage my testicles. I start to moan in delight as she ran her soft warm hand over my “sacks.” Then she gripped firmly the rock hard shaft and slowly pulled the foreskin back. Oh my god, as it causes me to moan pleasurably. It elicits a hot smile from her.

“Ohhh yeahhh you like that?” She teases. “Oh my god, I never thought I will touch another man like this…so soon.”

She runs her fingers up and down feeling the unfamiliar erection. Then she whispers in my ear again.

“Oh god I feel so hot…so dirty. I want to masturbate you now.” She teases again, her face blushing at her own words.

Oh god I close my eyes to kiss her. My mind explodes with lust as the moment has come where I am about to enjoy her handjob technique. Then she begins licking her hand whilst staring at me. A hot smirk appears on her pretty face as she applies her saliva over my erection in a light twisting movement. Oh my god, it causes me to squirm and moan quietly. I watched this seductress in action, working me with her soft hand moistened by her tongue. I closed my eyes again, to listen to her soft moans of excitement and feel her hand lightly massaging me.

Then I hear her whisper to me again.

“You like the way I masturbate you, using my saliva on you big hard cock, yeah?” She teases again.

I opened my eyes, oh god she so stunning close up. I nodded excitedly in response.

Then I am startled by someone standing at the door entrance. I can just make out the silhouette of a female in the partially street light lit bedroom. It was Sarah. Her mouth wide open in disbelief at what she was seeing. I am not sure how long she has been listening to us.

Cindy probably was already aware she is watching her with another male. But it was arousing me her presence. I wanted her to watch. Cindy continued doing what she was doing but her pace was picking up and her twisting right hand becoming more firm in its grip. Now she was alternating between pumping me and twisting me. I start to moan a little more from the multiple sensations. My hip starts to pump up and down. It brings a smirke across her face. I bring her closer so I could kiss her, putting my right arm around her head.

Then I feel the presence of someone else sitting on the bed. It was Sarah. She is now sitting close to us watching and listening to our intimacy.

She turns to Sarah briefly. A hot smirk appears on her blushing face.

“Oh god I feel so dirty…please don’t tell anyone I am with Jason.” She blushes. “Oh god it’s so wrong, touching another so soon. Oh god I feel so guilty but its making me feel so hot.”

“Oh my god…oh my god.” Sarah whispers softly as she listened to Cindy.

Sarah just sat there in silence, her mouth still open. I can see her tongue lick her lips as she stared into my eyes. I am mesmerized by another female’s presence. Thoughts of being with both of them together cross my mind. What was Sarah like? I imagined her, while Cindy gave me a handjob. The hot thoughts only served to heighten my pleasure. Both Cindy’s and Sarah’s hot stares were arousing me. And Cindy was getting increasingly excited. Every now and then she would lick her palm slowly whilst staring at me and now at Sarah. It elicits a response from her.

“Oh yeahhhhhh.” Sarah gasps in excitement.

Then Cindy would apply her saliva on my erection in quickened hand motions before jerking up and down with increasing speed. Her face blushing embarrassingly as she performs in front of Sarah.

“Oh yeah…oh yeah.” She moans with increasing excitement.

Oh my god, I feel the overwhelming pleasure, İstanbul Escort of my approaching need to cum. And let myself go in front of two beautiful girls. I open my legs wider and begin that rhythmically pumping my pelvis in sync with Cindy’s right hand. Suddenly I feel Sarah’s hand rest on my inner left thigh. She begins running her fingers slowly on its surface. Oh god, It adds to my extreme excitement. My legs start to flex slowly at the dual sensation.

Immediately Cindy bends down and spits at my swollen head. It surprises me how she is. How hot she really is.

“Oh god I feel so dirty…oh yeah, you like that?”

As she moans excitedly twisting the thick fluid rapidly around the head, causing me to squirm in pleasure. The look on her pretty face as she smirked is f…king hot. Oh god. I look at Sarah. She also wore that hot smirk as she bit her lower lip. Cindy’s hand starts picking up speed.

Her breathing becomes deep and faster as she gets increasingly excited with extra enthusiasm.

“I want to finish you. Oh god yeah. Oh god Jason I never thought I will finish another guy with my hand. Oh god… I feel so dirty.” Her face blushing red on her intimate admission again.

The familiar hot sound of fast stroking begins to pick up along with her increasing hand speed. I begin to moan continuously. I feel myself starting to lose control. My body squirm in pleasure. I can still feel Sarah’s hand lightly stroking my inner thigh. It feels so nice.

“Oh god, oh so hot… I really want to masturbate you…make you feel good…Oh god I really want to finish you with my hand…Oh god…feel so good…Oh god…I know you like it, yeah.” She teased relentlessly with her dirty talk.

Then I hear a whisper from Sarah again.

“Oh my god, oh my god.” As she listened to Cindy.

She begins massaging her left breast through her top moaning quietly as she watched and listened to Cindy.

My god, I am now experiencing how Cindy gives a handjob, her hot enthusiastic persona. I roll my head side to side in pleasure as I feel myself let go. The sounds of her moans gets to me. Suddenly I feel Cindy’s hot spit on my swollen head again.

“I’m going to go crazy on you now, Jason.” She deliberately teases.

Immediately her right hand pumps me extremely fast turning into an instant blur. It becomes wild and frenzied. The hot erotic sound of her furiously masturbating me, becomes loud. She moans enthusiastically. Her breathing becomes deep and fast. I start to moan relentlessly and begin to cum.

“Oh god yeahh…feel so good…” She whispers excitedly.

I thrust my pelvis up hard as I finally let go. Ropes of my cum fly out in several spurts. I moan loudly losing control. Some landing on her hair. She squeals in satisfied pleasure. In that little moment, I momentarily lose myself, calling her name out.

“Oh Cindy, Oh Cindy.”

“Oh yeah, don’t forget me, will you.” She immediately replies with a hot smirk.

Then I hear a quiet giggle from Sarah. I blush embarrassingly, as I don’t always call out a girls name in throes of ecstasy.

But god, she was incredible. And she doesn’t suddenly stop, preferring to milk every drop.

Then in a moment of intimacy she ask if I had any tissues. I pointed to the top draw of the bedside table. She pulls out some tissues and “caringly” wipes me down. I watched sensing her sensitive side.

“We better go. I don’t want people looking for us.” She smiles.

I feel attracted to her and to Sarah. I now know what’s she’s like, how she is, how she gives a handjob, her technique and I would love to spend more time with her and that hot bestie of hers, Sarah. I would love to fuck them both together. I wished Sarah had got into me as well, I smirked after they leave.

The whole night I couldn’t sleep as I fantasied about Cindy and the hot handjob she gave me while Sarah watched. I want to make some contact with her in the next few days.

Two weeks went past and I haven’t had any contact with her, despite me messaging her twice. Then a few weeks later at another house party there she was with Sarah. Cindy was back with Paul. I watched from a distance hoping she doesn’t see me. I smirked as I watched her and Sarah. Its OK I convinced myself. I really enjoyed the encounter. I know what’s she like now. And Paul probably doesn’t even know that another man has experienced her during their brief breakup. I left early that night, back home for a good wank as I thought about that night a few weeks ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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