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Author’s Notes: I strongly suggest reading Thank You Jeannie Ch.1-6 before this story.

This story is protected by (c) copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

* * * * *

Chapter 7 – Getting To Know Her In’s and Out’s

Sue and I enjoyed what could best be described as a honeymoon over the next few months. Losing our virginity with each other formed a bond that could never be broken. We’d always be each other’s ‘first time’. Powerful memories that rarely fade with time would always link us.

Yet, being brother and sister, we couldn’t exactly announce to the world that we were infatuated lovers. Quite the opposite, we had to hide it from everyone. We’d discovered sex together, found joys and pleasure far beyond our recent innocent fantasies. Only we could share our feelings and self-discoveries. One of several benefits was learning how to honestly talk about anything. We learned to confide in each other. Sue and I had a couple of friends, but had always kept anything meaningful locked inside us.

The more we shared our feelings, desires, preferences, fears, and insecurities, the better everything got. We soon trusted each other totally. The sex kept getting better and better. It wasn’t easy being honest, but we worked at it until we could freely discuss sex and our bodies.

Thanks mostly to our parents, we’d been totally ignorant about the fun side of sex. It took us a while to get beyond the missionary position. We’d never heard of the Kama Sutra. Where we lived, I’d give long odds there wasn’t a copy within a 100 miles.

It was by talking that we realized we both wanted to try what I now know as the doggy position. God, did we love doing it doggy! The first time I entered her from behind, I got so excited I came after a couple of stokes. Happily Sue was honest enough to admit I’d left her high and dry. After guiding Sue onto her back, we got into a wonderful 69 session until she came.

Her warm, velvety mouth revived my penis. Returning to her hands and knees, Sue teased me by swaying her tight buns, until I managed to bury my erection inside her sexy moving target. Seeing my shaft slowly sink into her firm body sent my head reeling again. I grabbed her hips, then thrust into her as far as possible. We both sounded long, happy sighs when I hit bottom, literally. I held still until I calmed down. Slowly I withdrew, staring at my slick, glistening shaft as it reappeared. Some primal area in my brain always goes absolutely crazy when I see my dick from above going in and out between Sue’s cheeks.

I had to look away or risk coming too soon yet a second time. I sank into her silky, warm, sheath, then held myself in. Sue helped by jamming her butt hard against my pelvis. To distract myself, I ran my hands over Sue’s body. Concentrating on how wonderful her skin felt as my fingertips roamed near and far did help me relax. The boiling in my loins gradually cooled to safer levels.

I felt Sue’s breasts hanging below her, falling onto my open palms; it was so wonderful, I prayed to never escort kartal forgot that moment. I leaned over Sue until I was able to nibble her neck, shoulders, and ears. I gently sawed into her, all the while my hands explored her front. I warned Sue how good it felt to make love this way, but promised I’d do all I could to last for her. Still, I wondered how long I could hold back the building pressure.

She guided my fingers onto her clit. I’d learned by then exactly how to massage her special mushy area to bring on her orgasm. A series of ‘ooooooohhhh’s’ came from Sue’s diaphragm, each one lower and longer than the one before. Sue was racing for the finish line. I was trying to be the tortoise, but her hips gyrated so seductively as she neared climax, that I was being turned into a hare. Finally I heard a breathy “NOW!” I reared up, grabbed her swinging hips, looked down, then pounded my tingling phallus into her spasming pussy as fast as I could drive my hips.

We were alone in the house. Thank God! For the next minute or so we both shrieked numerous, unintelligible utterances. Her pussy went nuts, and my cock loved every minute of it. I collapsed flat on Sue’s back when I was totally spent. I came so hard that I soon went soft, Sue’s contractions expelled me sooner than I liked. Rolling onto my back, Sue fell atop me. Oblivious to anything but our lover, we kissed and caressed, time passed unnoticed.

Sorry, if I digressed. Every time I think about doing doggy with Sue I lose all concentration. Guess I was talking about our honeymoon period. It was wonderful for us. We learned so much from each other because we wanted to. I learned about her period, birth control, Sue’s turn on’s and turn off’s. I learned more about Sue the person the first two weeks we became lovers than I had my entire life beforehand.

Sue had been keeping a stash of 2 months worth of birth control pills. She’d bought them from a friend just in case she’d found a boy she really wanted and vice versa. The same night she’d first let me touch her breast, she started on them in case we got carried away, which we damned well did. Rubbers weren’t impossible to get, but they weren’t easy either. There was only one local pharmacy, and if anyone unmarried bought any, the whole county knew about it by breakfast. I knew Sue was embarrassed talking about sex initially, but God bless her, she taught me all the practical aspects of female biology, especially avoiding pregnancy!

Sue had a sex drive a guy could only dream of. We were pretty well matched. During her periods and fertile times, until her pills took effect, we relied on oral sex, mutual masturbation, or getting into the missionary position with my boner rubbing over her clit until we came.

I’ve heard most married couples can’t get enough the first year. We were a lot like that. After growing up in a Sex Free Zone, we did all we could to make up for lost time. A new game we’d play after sex was inventing a new position to try the next time we were free to screw our brains out.

I remember the afternoon we first did it with Sue sitting on my lap. We’d gone to the park after maltepe escort school. The picnic area where we’d first fooled around, turned out to be a real winner. No one ever used it, except on weekends.

We were horny as dogs in heat. Sue had worn a skirt without panties. I’d worn sweat pants with an elastic waistband for easy up and downing. As soon as we’d get out of sight on the trail, we’d slip a hand into our partner’s pants, then feel up their butt as we walked. By the time we’d get to our secluded little glen, we’d be ready to rock. Picking out a new position in advance meant we’d had a day or more to imagine what our next sex was going to be like. We usually were both dripping from anticipation by the time our opportunity arrived.

We made a beeline for the picnic table. The attached bench turned out to be perfect. My pants hit the ground about the same time my tush hit the bench. It took a little effort, but Sue managed to get her legs around me, then sat on my lap with my erection poking up between us. My hand found Sue’s pussy, her hand wrapped around my best friend. We kissed like it was our last night on earth.

When Sue decided it was time, she raised, aimed me, then impaled herself on me in what seemed a heartbeat. She mostly controlled the action. I’d expected a lot of up and down motion, instead Sue mostly swiveled her hips so my shaft felt like it was being twirled around inside her. Her puffy lips felt like they were sucking the base of my cock.

There wasn’t much in and out type friction, our love making was mostly a slow grind against each other. The ‘Oh, I’m gonna come’ tingles ratcheted up far more slowly than I ever recalled. Ever see a balloon inflate, breath by breath, until it blows? Well this time my balloon inflated very, very slowly. The balloon also got twice normal size before it popped. Every nerve in my body was jangling by the time my warm sperm finally pulsed into Sue’s fiery depths. The orgasm she gave me melted my spine.

We cuddled and kissed long after we climaxed. We remained joined, not wanting to part. It was soooo good, we exchanged many I Love You’s, along with many kisses and caresses. We loved each other. We said so often during our love making. But what does love mean? I tried to think about Sue and love, but the warm tongue lazily caressing mine pushed all other thoughts aside for the moment.

Chapter 8 – Conspirators

Sis and I managed to have sex virtually every Friday and Saturday night, and I don’t mean a quickie. I mean screw until someone sends up a white flag sex. The rest of the week we improvised. Generally we’d be able to do something two or three times from Sunday to Thursday. Usually we’d only manage to find twenty minutes, an hour if we were lucky. Whatever time we found, we enjoyed, even came to depend upon. We got spoiled.

Needless to say it shook us up when our folks announced we were going to spend two weeks at Uncle Jake’s. Next Friday we’d be merrily motoring our way for a family visit, for six damned hours! Sometime around 8PM Friday our sex lives would be in jeopardy!

I’ve heard it said ‘when someone gives pendik escort bayan you lemons, make lemonade’. I’d be lying if I said some of the enjoyment Sue and I got from sex wasn’t because we were screwing right under our prudish parent’s noses. Sue and I decided to take this trip as a challenge, no way we were going to be celibate for two weeks!

That very night I crept into Sue’s room at 3AM. “Sue! Sue!” I whispered until she finally awoke. There was just enough moonlight streaming through her window for Sue to see my immense silly grin. Hurriedly I outlined my plan.

Thursday we’d begin to complain of a mild cold. Friday, make sure the luggage got packed in the rear passenger seats so we could ‘get some sleep’ during the long drive in the rear luggage area. We had a nice SUV. One useful feature was the third row seats, they were removable. You could easily take out the seats, leaving a flat cargo area. The SUV had tinted windows, so once it was dark, Sue and I would have total privacy back there.

As it dawned on Sue that we could as least fool around all the way there and back, her face took on the same goofy grin as mine. How pleased was I with myself? Enough that Sue spotted my boner sticking out of my PJ’s fly. Now fully awake, plus aroused by our conspiracy, Sue decided my ingenuity deserved special recognition. Grabbing a pillow, Sue laid on the carpet. Hiking up her night shirt, she raised her knees, offering my ready penis what it most desired.

“Lewis, you deserve a reward. Maybe if we get each other off, we can get back to sleep.” We were both giddy. We’d never done it during the night. It had always seemed safer to fool around when we could predict our folks routine. I locked Sue’s door, knelt, then allowed her hand to guide me into her divine warmth.

I intentionally entered her as slowly as I could manage. Sex is fabulous, a climax the ultimate joy, yet insertion can sometimes be the most incredible sensation of them all. There was something special about this moonlit coupling, all alone in the night. Contentment, bliss, joy; all those sensations and more washed over me as I slowly sank into my sister’s warm body.

We kissed constantly from start to finish. Quietly we made love. Was it five minutes, fifty? I’ll never know. Time ceased to exist. My entire world was the mouth I was kissing, and the soft, moistness surrounding my erection. I maintained a gentle, steady pace throughout. When at long last I sensed approaching release, my pace remained unchanged, but each stroke leading to my climax was driven home with greater force than the stroke before. Somehow I managed to avoid our flesh making loud slapping noises, yet still forcefully send my hyper-swollen shaft home with increasing urgency.

Finally I delivered a series of a dozen downstrokes, each sent sperm deep into Sue’s womb. All around my shaft I felt her glorious warmth. Sue came. We were both silent, but her loving contractions around my super sensitive penis shouted her release far better than any mere words. I knew Sue was sharing my euphoria as hormones flooded our brains.

She was right, I fell soundly, dreamily asleep the moment my head hit my pillow.

* * * * *

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