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I wrote this for a special man, *pouncehugcuddle* you know who you are. Thanks Teknight once again for your editing expertise. You’re patience with my grammar astonishes me. As always the people in this story are over 18.


Anxiously I wait for you to answer as the phone rings. It’s Saturday, late afternoon, and I’m not sure if you are busy, but I’m hoping you will pick up. A grin crosses my face when you do and I hear your sexy voice.

“Hello, sweetheart, how are you today?” you ask, your Texas drawl making me melt. “Are you having fun visiting with your family?”

“My mom and Jared are having a blast. We went shopping yesterday and something screamed your name, I knew you’d like it so I need your address to send it to you,” I tell you, a smile evident in the sound of my voice. You hesitate out of surprise or apprehension I’m not sure. “I promise, no animals, bombs, or the like. You’ll like this, trust me,” the words rush out of my mouth, hoping you’ll tell me.

Unable to contain my grin as you give me the address, I write it down quickly saying, “Thanks, baby, I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve got to go, a friend is waiting for me. I’ll talk to you later,” I add, blowing you a kiss as I hang up.

Arriving at my destination, I get out of the rental car, stretching as I look around. Taking out my phone I snap a quick picture of the view in front of me and email it. Not putting the phone away yet, I make a call and lean against the car. You answer quickly, laughing, “Didn’t we just hang up?”

“Yes we did, but I forgot to ask you to do me a favor. Can you go check your email real quick,” I stay on the phone while you check your inbox. Nervously I wait during the silence, not sure how you are going to respond to the picture of your house I just sent you. Our phones disconnect and as I start to redial your number, your front door opens. When you step outside you stop, just looking at me. Trying to read the look on your face I smile at you shyly. Slowly you smile back as you start walking towards me.

Silently I wait by the car, watching you as you get closer. Your eyes are even more amazing in person. The smile on your face makes my heart skip a beat. I want to wrap my arms around your waist and lock our lips together, but I wait for you to say something, anything. Standing in front of me you grin and just say, “Hi, darlin.”

Stepping up to Anadolu Yakası Escort you I give you a hug and kiss your check. “Hi to you too,” I retort looking pleased. “I told you you’d like what I was sending.” I pull back a little and tilt my head back so I can look you in the eyes, “Is this an acceptable surprise? You told me once, when I got a map out, to come here.”

You don’t say anything, instead you pull me tightly against you. A light brushing kiss against my lips leaves me wishing for more. Again I feel your lips lightly against mine, longer this time, lingering, as I kiss you back. Pulling back you look at me again, almost as if you are reassuring yourself I’m real.

Releasing your waist I slide my hands up your chest and wrap my arms around your neck. Pulling you down I give you a slow sensual kiss, licking and nibbling at your bottom lip, until you open your mouth for my searching tongue. Tilting my head I kiss you deeply, exploring your mouth, tasting you as our tongues entwine. As the kiss goes on I forget we’re standing outside, all that matters is the amazing man I’m kissing for the first time.

My nails dig into your shoulders as your chest rubs against my nipples, the friction making me moan softly into your mouth. Feeling your hands cupping my ass pulling me more firmly into your rising erection brings me back to where we are. Slowly breaking the kiss I look around blushing a little, I was almost considering tackling you right there. That’s not really a show I want to give your neighbors.

“I guess that answers the question,” I whisper, still blushing as I look up at you. We stand there, our arms wrapped around each other for a few minutes, not saying anything, just looking at each other. “Are we going to stand out here all night?” I ask raising an inquiring eyebrow.

Grabbing my hand you all but drag me inside and swing the door shut. We are all over each other; kissing, hands roaming, exploring one another’s bodies, before the door has closed completely. Months of instant messages, emails, and talking on the phone has increased the need we have for each other.

When your tongue enters my mouth I suck gently, nipping with my teeth the way I know you like. Hearing you moan, I suck a little harder, my hands slide under your shirt and pull it up your back. You dip your head down so I can pull the shirt over and slide it down Pendik Escort your arms before I throw it to the side.

Our hands brush as we reach down to unbutton and unzip each others jeans. Sliding your zipper down, I kick my shoes off not wanting them to get in the way. Impatiently we shove one another’s pants down to our knees and then kick our own pants off the rest of the way. Feeling your hands on the hem of my shirt I lift my arms allowing you to drag it over my head. Tossing my shirt with the rest of our clothing, you stare at me standing there in nothing but green lace boyshorts and a matching bra. The lust in your eyes causes my pussy to clench in desire.

Smiling seductively at you I drop to my knees at your feet, my hands skim down your stomach, my nails digging in lightly. Curling my fingers into the waist of your boxers I draw them down your legs, nipping and licking the spot right above your hip. Dropping my hands to my sides I make you focus on what my mouth is doing. Moving across your stomach my teeth and tongue leaving a trail of light touches, as I work my way lower, I feel you shiver as you feel my breath on your cock. Trailing my tongue down the seam where your hips meet your thighs I hear you groan and smile to myself.

Sitting back on my heels I look up, smiling mischievously at you, letting you know how much I’m enjoying this. Leaning forward I lick and nip my way up your right leg. Reaching your thigh I stop; licking and sucking lightly before I bite you, gently at first, my tongue placing glancing strokes on the skin between my teeth. Hearing you groan I bite down harder, increasing the suction until I know I’ve marked you.

Maintaining eye contact I give a long lingering sweep of my tongue against your balls before dropping back down to my heels. Switching to your left leg I work my way back up biting you again. Releasing your thigh my tongue flicks out again lapping at your balls. Swirling my tongue around before I delicately suck one into my mouth, licking and massaging it with my tongue before moving to the other.

My nails glide up your calves, moving to the side of your thighs before settling on your ass. Cupping you, holding you still, my nails dig in to your ass as I run my tongue the length of your cock. Out of the corner of my eye I see your hands move before I feel one wrapping in my hair, holding it back so you Kurtköy Escort can see what I’m doing. The other goes to my neck rubbing lightly.

Lapping up the precum with my tongue as it flicks against the head of your erection, I moan when your cock jerks at the contact and slide your cock between my lips. I take you in just a little past the head my tongue rippling against the sensitive spot just below the head of your cock before I suck you in deeper, slowly drawing you into my mouth as my tongue keeps writhing around your head and shaft. Looking up as I hear you moan, I find you looking down at me, watching as my mouth sucks further down your shaft until I’ve taken as much of it as I can.

I bring my right hand around fondling your balls before grasping the base of your cock. I alternate, working my mouth up and down your shaft, randomly sucking hard and fast my hand massaging and pumping what doesn’t fit in my mouth. As I twirl my tongue around you, I slow down, releasing your cock to lick and sucking your balls, squeezing lightly on your shaft. Sometimes, I bite your hip as my hand strokes your shaft, making you groan when I take you in until I gag a little and bite just shy of hard enough that it hurts. The whole time my nails dig into your lower back, ass, and thighs as my I explore your body.

Looking up at you the whole time, watching your expressions and listening to your moans, learning what you like and don’t like. Feeling the hand in my hair pull a little as you start thrusting into my mouth I move my hand from your shaft to your balls. My fingers and nails stroking you firmly as I engulf your cock completely, sucking hard, rotating my head from side to side causing the suction to increase.

Your hand pulls my mouth up and down harder as you thrust faster. Body tensing, moans coming louder and more often, I press my tongue up against your shaft making the pressure more intense. Your balls tightening in my hand as you start to cum, you thrust deeper into my mouth pushing into my throat. Holding my head in place as your cock spasms in my mouth. The first load hits the back of my throat and I swallow, my throat contracting around the head of your cock. My tongue is still stroking and rubbing your shaft as you shoot a second load for me to swallow. As your body shakes I keep swallowing milking you until I’m sure I’ve gotten it all. Letting you slide from my mouth I lick you clean. I smile, your eyes are closed and your breathing fast, your body still twitching a little.

Encircling your hips with my arms I lay my head on your stomach watching you, waiting for you to be ready for more.

To Be Continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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