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It had been awhile since Teri had been home. She had been away at college for almost 10 months and hadn’t been back for a visit. There had been times when she had time off at school, but something always seemed to keep her at school for one reason or another. And her parents had been to busy to drive the day and a half to visit her after she had left. Her father, Robert had been very busy at his job and even though her mom, Karen worked only part time to make spending money, she wasn’t able to make the trip while David was still in school. Teri thought of all this as she drove home. It was the end of the school year and she was out of school for almost 3 months. And David, her young brother would be out of school as well, so that meant mom might drop her job during the summer as she often did. Thinking of David made her remember she had forgotten his birthday that had been 8 days ago. She had forgotten at the time due to exams and just being to damn busy.

“Damn, I can’t believe I forgot the twerps birthday. Hope he isn’t too pissed. Wished I had remembered before I left, I would have called him. Ill make it up too him, take him out shopping or something. Hhmmm I should be more worried bout mom being pissed, she usually is more rabid about birthdays then the rest of us. Why didn’t she call me to remind me? Maybe she figured I was busy, end of the year and all. Well ill be there in a few hours now.” Teri thought. The drive from school was about 20 hours long. Teri had spent the night in a hotel and had tried to call this morning to tell her family she was on her way, but no one was home and she had left a message. Her plan was to surprise them, but she figured give them a little warning.

As she drove she thought more about the past year at school. She had unexpectedly grown another inch taller which was weird. She had thought she had stopped growing. Maybe something in the Midwest air, she mused. But weirdest of all was that her breasts had exploded out. They had been decent sized before college being a C cup, she had liked them that size. But they had grown right after getting to college into a large D cup, almost a DD cup. The first few weeks after the growth she had felt like a freak and didn’t go out much. Then she started to notice the guys giving her the serious eye wherever she went. She started to feel confident again, even play with the guys by wearing shirts and tops that showed LOTS of cleavage. She was becoming pretty popular recently. She had played the field some but hadn’t found a boyfriend as such. But she had to get a totally new wardrobe with the growth spurt in 2 directions. As it was she and her mom were about the same size, in fact Teri remembered wearing some of moms clothes before starting college. She often used to compare breast size with her mom growing up, starting after she first really started getting her boobs in. As she was thinking of this she felt a rush go through her, she always like looking at her moms breasts. She had even touched them a few times, just to compare of course. But now Teri thought, shell be taller and bigger then mom.

She was passing into her old neighborhood when she came out of her thoughts. Teri drove into the road to her parents house and down the road. She saw that her father’s car was gone, but it being only 2pm he wouldn’t be home for a few hours yet at least. As she pulled up she saw her mom open the door come out to great her. Teri turned off the car and rushed out to greet her mom by hugging her tight.

“Good to see you honey, god we missed you. I missed you. Has been lonely a lot more in the house with your father working so much” Karen said, as they broke the hug.

“I’m so glad to be home to mom, I like school but really missed home,” Teri said, and she threw herself into hugging her mom again. She felt silly but had to wipe her eyes after the hug.

“My God Teri, how you have grown. And not just up either” Karen said as she step back and looked at her daughter, especially her daughters breast. “Dressing for effect I see.” she said. Teri was wearing a sleeveless shirt that was cut to show off a lot of cleavage.

“Jeez mom just embarrass me why don’t ya,” Teri replied with a blushing smile.

“You had better cover up. You’ll scare David with those things,” Karen said laughingly.

“Naw, I want to see his expression, embarrass the twerp some” Teri said jokingly in good humor.

“TERI. Please stop calling your brother a twerp. That was fine before you went off to school and David was younger, but he’s become a young man and you need to stop trying to tease him. Remember, you are grown up to.” Karen says.

“Sorry mom. Ya your right, Ill try and watch the baiting while I’m home. Where is the… young man anyway?” Teri said.

“I think he’s up in his room, his favorite spot these days. Spends all his spare time there when he’s not out running or working out” Karen said.

“Running or working out? Since when?” Teri said.

“Your brother joined the track kartal escort team at the beginning of this past school year. He’s really gotten into shape, looks good on him. And like you he’s sprouted, grown a few more inches. Bout your height now.” Karen said.

“Your joking. Shorty has grown up.” Teri replied with a grin.

“Yes Teri, he’s not short anymore. In fact we’ll get him to get your bags, put those new muscles to work.” Karen says with a smile. Teri had to laugh at that too.

They walked into the kitchen door and Karen shouted to David to come down. “So are you gonna stay the entire summer here hon?” Karen asked Teri.

“Ya mom, was planning to stay least until I have to go back to get ready for next year. Was thinking go to the beach house a few times, but ya staying here the rest of the time.” Teri replied. “Is dad still at work? Last I heard he was working late a lot.”

“Yes, your dad is at work, has been staying very late recently. Something about some new accounts where he works. He says they are really behind their work.” Karen says.

“You still working part time or have you quit like last year?” Teri asked.

“We really haven’t been keeping in touch enough. But yes I dropped the part time so the family can be together for the summer. I’m glad you kept your plans to stay here this summer. Least you’ll be here, even if your father isn’t here much.” Karen looked sad as she said this last bit.

“Is it that bad mom? Dad away that much.” Teri asked.

“God yes Teri. He’s working some days 16 hours and even been a few times he’s had to spend the night on a cot at the office. A lot of the other workers are doing similar stuff so he cant get out of it. But I can say I don’t like it and he knows it. Been stressing us both out.” Karen said.

“Sorry mom, I didn’t know.” Teri said as she gave her mom another big hug.

“Hey who died” David says coming down the stairs from his room off from the kitchen.

“Well hello squirt, nice to see you too” Teri said walking over to David to give him a hug.

“Kodak moment” David says rolling his eyes as he hugs Teri back. As Teri pulls back David notices Teri’s cleavage and says “Whoa there sis, you get a boob job?”

“NO WAY twerp, these are all mine. Believe me I know, hard to not know having the damn heavy things always pulling me down.” Teri replied with a proud smile.

“Hehe ok sis.” David said trying to blow it off, but his eyes kept wondering back to her chest.

“David when you get a chance can you get her bags out of the car before it gets late?” Karen asked David looking at him nicely.

“Sure mom, no biggie. Let me get my shoes on.” David said walking back to the stairs.

Teri watched him as David left; he had grown taller and definite muscle. Teri thought it was a definite improvement over the pale nerdy looking type he had been when she had left. Mom caught the look, “I told you he looked different, working out and all.” Karen said.

“He looks like a different person almost. Face is the same but the rest looks totally different. Talk about puberty.” Teri replied.

“Ya he runs every morning, even now with school out. I help him work out with weights a few times when his friends cant be there to spot him. Hate to say it but after I watch him work out, I wish your dad was home to help me work out.” Karen says with a smirk.

It Takes Teri a few seconds to catch what her mom said but, “MOM!! Jeez he your son.” Teri says with a smile.

“I’m only saying it makes me hot to watch him get sweaty. Well, with your dad gone all the time……well I haven’t been….you know.” Karen says sighing.

“That bad huh mom?” Teri asks.

“Worse. I’ve tried to ……start stuff when your dad gets home, but he’s always so damn tired. We argue more then we have sex now. Arrgghh shouldn’t even discuss this with you, not thinking straight. Lets drop it, talk bout other stuff.” Karen says.

“Sure thing mom” Teri said, a bit worried about her mom and dad. She had never seen her mom this upset bout anything before. David took this moment to trot down the stairs.

“The doors and trunk unlocked?” David asks.

“Ya they should be bro,……and thanks.” Teri says, feeling a bit weird. She never thanked David much in past, but in some ways this wasn’t the same David she remembered. Maybe he is growing up, Teri thought. David proceeded to get the bags.

“Well Im very glad to have you home Teri, even with David here it has been lonely around the house. Be more so with me not working. Maybe I’ll try and get your father to take a full weekend off to do something during a weekend soon.” Karen said, looking a bit more relaxed.

In a few minutes David had finished loading Teri’s bags into her old room down from David’s and all three of them were in the kitchen talking. Teri was talking bout how school was going and what activities she was trying out at college. David fished a apple from the fridge and was nibbling maltepe escort bayan on it, listening mostly to Teri and only occasionally throwing in a comment. Teri started to notice as she talked to her mom that David was watching her intently, but when she glanced his way he would look off to Karen or his apple or such. Teri figured out that David was staring at her breasts. They are almost falling out, Teri thought. Teri then had a very wicked thought. As she talked to her mom and looked her way, she innocently leaned forward onto her arms on the counter. Her breasts were cupped into her closed arms and her entire cleavage was on display for David. She immediately noticed David watching her breasts even more. She shouldn’t get pleasure teasing her brother like this but she was having to much fun.

David at first didn’t even think about that he was watching Teri’s cleavage till she glanced at him once and he instinctively turned to mom. After that he felt drawn to stare at Teri’s breasts. He had never seen a girl with breasts that big in real life, only in movies. He quickly started to get a hard on no matter how much he tried not to. Then Teri leaned forward and he got a even better view of Teri’s breasts. David’s hard-on was almost fully hard now and was getting very painful trapped in his pants as it was. David had to get to his room to release himself from his pants, but no way he could get past both of them without a good chance of one or both seeing his “condition.” David figured he had to chance it, It was REALLY getting painful in his pants.

“Excuse me, gotta go to the bathroom.” David said hurried and had his back turned away from the women as much as he could as he head to the stairs to go to the bathroom upstairs. Karen kept talking to Teri as he past, not seeming to notice the huge bulge in David’s pants. But Teri couldn’t help but notice, partly because David had to walk directly in front of her past the counter, but mostly cause she was intently interested in how excited she had gotten him. She couldn’t help but notice that David had a sizable bulge in his pants which surprised her. Guess he really has GROWN since I left, Teri thought, amused she had gotten him in that condition so easy. But she couldn’t help but feel a twinge in her tight pants as well.

“Earth to Teri. Hello?” Karen waved her hands in front of Teri’s face trying to get her attention. “You hear anything I said just now Teri?”

“Huh?…….Sorry mom…….UUmm…Must be tired from my trip…..daydreaming I guess.” Teri said in a hurry, blushing a bit from her thoughts and her condition now occurring between her legs. “I must be getting as bad as mom if thinking bout my twerp bro is getting me hot. Been too long since I had a boyfriend I guess,” Teri thought.

“Think I should get to my room to rest and unpack.” Teri said

“No problem honey, you go rest. Again im so happy to have you back home for awhile.” Karen said, again giving her daughter a big hug.

As Teri head upstairs she heard David leave the bathroom and saw his bedroom door close just as she got upstairs. She had to smile to herself thinking she had gotten him so excited, thinking he had gotten off that fast in the bathroom to be leaving so soon. Teri headed to her room, thinking it had been a long time since she had been here. Teri started to unpack, stopping time to time to remember the past as she came across items she had left in her room. After she finished unpacking she got her portable CD player out and laid down to rest while listening to some of the cds she had left here when she left for college. As she started to play her music her player kept shutting off.

“Damn, out of juice in the batteries,” Teri knew she didn’t have any more batteries and thought to ask David to see if he had any she could use. Teri walked down the upstairs hall past the bathroom to David’s door. Her parents normally knocked on David’s door but she never had as his big sister.

“Hey twerp, got any…….” Teri started to ask David after opening his door and leaning inside his room. She stopped in mid question after she looked inside.

David headed to his room to be alone. His hard-on wasn’t going to go down on its own. He would have to jack off, which had become common these days. He was now jacking off at least 3 times a day in the past year or so, more on some days. He often got a hard-on while doing everyday things, he often got embarrassed even if no one noticed his condition. Lately his favorite way to masturbate was to do so while listening to a audio tape he had made off one of his dads porno movies he had hidden in the top self of his closet. He would often jack off while listening, fantasizing while he did with his eyes closed. His orgasms were very strong that way while fantasizing. So this was how Teri found David.

“My God…….” Teri said softly after sighting what David was doing. But it wasn’t what he was doing that stunned her, but the size of his cock that he was holding. escort pendik Teri had once seen her dad when she was lots younger, he and her mom had been fooling around and she had walked in their room to ask her mom a question and she had seen her dad naked. As he turned she instinctively glanced down to his groin and saw her dads 8 inches of hardness. Up to entering David’s room that was the biggest cock she had ever seen. But as she glanced at David on his bed, listening to his music while he jacked off, she knew he had at least 2 or 3 inches more then dad and a bit thicker. Teri knew she should close the door and leave, but her legs wouldn’t move. David still stroked that huge shaft as she watched, she noticed he had his eyes closed. She was getting very horny watching him jack his cock. She felt like she was almost about to pass out her heart was pumping so fast and her breathing was like she had just run 10 miles. The thrill of watching and knowing she might get caught any second but still not being able to turn away was making her pussy clinch as if she had a cock inside her.

David listened to his porno recording, it was coming to a part he remembered seeing on his dads tape of a black haired woman with big tits, tit fucking a guys cock. He started thinking of his sisters boobs wrapped around his cock right now. This thought really set him off and he knew he was getting close to a huge cum. He started to use 2 hands on his cock, working it even faster. Softly under his breath he started talking like he would to his sister as if she was there.

“Umm god….ooohh yya ….fuck my cock with your tits. Fuck that feels good. Oh my god….bout to cum…….oohh Teri fuck me with your tits….fuck me….arrgghhh.” David moaned as he came, shooting huge wads into the air to land on his fists and chest.

As Teri watched she could see that David was getting closer to cumming. She hadn’t moved since she had opened the door, not even to tough herself. But even so she was also close to cumming watching David jack his big cock. As she watched he started talking, she knew he was starting to cum. When he said “Teri fuck me” her pussy and whole body shuddered in orgasm. She had to close her eyes as she came but she quickly opened them back in time to see David shoot his cum into the air. Her pussy shuddered again in quick succession spasms. She came down fast enough to realize David would open his eyes any second. She closed the door while her pussy still clinched in after orgasm.

She had to hug the wall for awhile to come down from her intense orgasm before she could move more. She quickly moved back to her room when she heard David get up from his bed. As she closed her door she was fairly sure he had been unaware she had watched him cum. She noticed her pussy was still super hot and wet, and shouted at her to finger herself. Teri ripped her jeans and panties off, not even bothering to remove her shirt or bra. She quickly started to rub her clit with one hand and inserted 2 then 3 fingers into her pussy. She had her eyes closed as she replayed David stroking his cock in her memory. Since she had a orgasm at David’s door, her orgasm now too longer too build up. Oh My god this is gonna be a big one , Teri thought. As she got closer she thought about David wanting to fuck her with that huge tool. At this thought she pushed over the edge into orgasm. Her pussy spasmed so hard her fingers inside were hurt. Her orgasm and fantasy were so intense she found her self talking softly for David to ram his cock into herself.

As Teri came down from her orgasm, she felt totally drained and relaxed. She also felt embarrassed she had watched David jack off and even more embarrassed that she had thought what it would feel like with him inside her pussy. But she couldn’t help but wonder what a cock that big would feel like. And with that thought Teri drifted off to sleep, propped up on her pillows and her hands still at her pussy.

“Teri. Teri?” Teri heard a knock on her door. Sounded like her mom was at her door. Teri got up and put on her panties and opened the door.

“Didn’t mean to wake you honey but supper is ready, wondering if you want to eat” Karen said.

“Jeezz didn’t mean to sleep that long. Must have been more wore out then I thought.” Teri said. Then she remembers what had worn her out and what she had seen. “Ok mom Ill be down in a bit. Got to get dressed and cleaned up.”

“Ok Teri, we’ll wait till you get down to set supper.” Karen said as she walked to the stairs.

Teri closed the door and started to remember David jacking off again as she undressed. She couldn’t help but touch her pussy again at the thought and unconsciously started to rub her clit some. She caught her thoughts and stopped her hands. “Come on Teri supper time, your stomach is growling. That can wait till later you sex fiend.” She thought with a grin.

Fully dressed Teri headed down stairs to find her mom setting the table and David helping with odds and ends. Another change, David never used to help in the kitchen, Teri thought. She also couldn’t help a glance at his crouch as he passed her.

“Finally up sleepy head.” David said when he saw her.

“Come on Teri, just us tonight. Your father wont be home till later”. Karen said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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