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It was a hot and humid night.

“Come outside with me,” Linda said mischievously, taking Mark by the hand and pulling him toward her.

“I want to go for a swim.”

Mark followed her, knowing she wanted more than a swim. And he was too horny to deny her or the thought of fucking this beautiful sexy blonde doll.

Standing on the deck of the pool, Linda pulled her shirt over her head wearing no bra. She kicked off her pumps, then undid her skirt and let it drop revealing a white thong. She turned around to show Mark her firm butt as she bent way down pulling off her panties. She gave Mark a great view of her pussy from behind. Mark stood on the pool deck, watching her intently, smiling and laughing. Linda loved wearing thongs and knew how great it made her ass look. Mark admired how comfortable she was with herself and her sexuality. They’d met through unusual circumstances in an on-line chat, and this was only their second time together. He had been looking forward to this date since they agreed to meet after their last sex session in his hotel room a week earlier. After a casual dinner, she invited him back to her house.

Linda stood at the edge of the pool, her clothes in a pile at her feet and she completely naked.

“Are you going to join me, or do I have to do this by myself?” she asked, her words and tone challenging him.

God, she was incredible! Linda was petite with small breasts and gorgeous nipples that he couldn’t wait to suck on. Enjoying the view of her deliciously naked body, he smiled at the suggestion. Much as the thought of watching her masturbate in the pool turned him on, he really wanted a piece of the action.

Mark walked over to where she was standing and reached for her. She moved back.

“Not until you take EVERYTHING off,” she teased.

Mark loved Linda’s playful uninhibited nature. Her eyes twinkled as she watched him remove his shoes, shirt and shorts. She admired his incredibly muscular body as he got naked. He was all curly brown hair and sinewy muscle.

“All off!” Linda demanded pointing at Marks tight briefs that strained against his rather large bulge.

Looking down, Mark warned Linda.

“Are you sure your ready for this?” Linda demanded

“Take it all off now!”

With that Mark turned around with his back towards her and pulled his briefs the ground and stepped out of them. Linda admired Marks broad muscular shoulders and tight ass from behind and immediately walked up and begin running her hands gebze escort over his firm gluts. Mark enjoyed her hands on him. Linda reached around to the front of Mark’s body and felt his huge penis. Her hands could not believe what they were feeling. She spun Mark around to witness his cock. Her eyes opened wide with admiration of his beautiful big dick, and she was practically drooling at the thought feeling him inside her.

Stepping toward her, Mark took her in his arms. As he kissed her, her hands made their way through his hair and stroked the back of his neck. His hands moved slowly, kneading broad strokes across her back and buttocks. He moaned in protest as she broke the kiss, and stepping back, eased into the water. He followed, sighing as the cool water consumed his body. He kissed her again, and she kissed back with intense passion. Linda moved her body against his. She felt his hard on against her navel.

Mark kissed her lips, her cheeks, her throat, and made his way down to her firm breasts. One at a time he took each nipple in his mouth, sucking it and rolling it with his tongue. She could feel her desire building; her moans encouraged him, his pace becoming more aggressive in response. His trail of kisses led back to her mouth while he played with her breasts and hard nipples.

She explored his body with wet hands. Her touch lingered where the water line met his waist. She teased him, gently running her fingers across his skin, which felt hot in spite of the cool water. Then she dropped her hand beneath the surface. She held his 10-inch erection in one hand, stroking it delicately. She loved the way he felt, so hard, so smooth, and so big. She stroked him faster and more firmly.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered in her ear, leading her toward the ladder.

Linda’s pussy was steaming and soaked with pleasure. Carefully sitting down, he grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her up. His big erection strained against her tight pussy. He held the base of his large member and guided himself inside her. She thought the pool water might wash away her own wetness, but her passion was stronger than the cleansing effect of the water. He entered her all the way filling her with his thick, long cock.

The water betrayed their excitement as they began to move together. At first, gentle ripples emanated from where their bodies met. Then, small waves lapped against the side of the pool, making a smacking göztepe escort noise as they hit the wall. They were caught up in the buoyancy of the water, the size of the waves growing in direct proportion to the heightening passion of their lovemaking. It was an incredible sensation, the feeling of having him inside her and holding her, while the water almost seemed to carry them away.

Mark rubbed Linda’s clit while he fucked her at a steady pace. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes half-closed in ecstasy. Linda looked up at Marks face and enjoyed his passionate expression. Then she looked down at his athletic muscular physique and her breath was taken away. Looking down further she admired his large cock pumping in and out of her like a jackhammer. Mark stamina amazed Linda as he continued his marathon pace of fucking her hot pussy for the next 10 minutes.

Linda’s moans turned to ecstasy as the visual of Marks firm body and huge penis was too over whelming. Her orgasm enveloped her and she screamed her release. Linda began to buck as Mark continued inserting his long prick up to his balls deep inside her wet vagina. Linda came in waves and caused ripples across the water of the pool. Mark smiled at Linda’s reaction to getting fucked. She moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Linda’s inflamed vagina was now hyper sensitive and she pushed Mark back. His penis flopped out of her cunt with a big sucking noise. Linda’s body quivered from her subsiding orgasm.

Linda took a deep breath as she fell into Marks arms. They kissed deeply. Their tongues darted into each others waiting mouths. While stroking Marks dick, and looking into Marks blue eyes, Linda asked him to stand by edge of the shallow end of the pool. Mark complied as Linda followed and knelt down in front of him. Mark got comfortable as Linda made her way down his muscular chest. Linda kissed and licked Marks tight abs as she made her way further down south. Taking Marks huge prick in her hand, Linda was determined to test her blow job skills on the largest cock she had ever had the pleasure of meeting. She opened her mouth and sucked in his manhood. Mark’s dick was as stiff as a cucumber and just as big. Linda stroked his cock as she licked Mark’s purple headed monster. She tried to suck as far down his shaft as she could achieve. Mark groaned with pleasure. Linda now used both hands to pump his huge love pole as she continued to suck on it. Mark looked down at the lovely haramidere escort site of Linda worshiping his big cock with her mouth. What a complete turn on he thought. Linda tried her best to swallow Marks dick but could only fit his huge head of his cock into her mouth.

Linda was determined to taste Marks semen. She pumped his dick faster with her hands as she continued to take in his cock into her mouth. Linda alternated sucking and licking and put on a great visual show for her lover. Mark enjoyed Linda’s enthusiasm and ability. Linda was a great cock sucker he thought to himself. Looking up, Linda asked Mark to come in her mouth. Mark smiled and was a willing to oblige.

“I have to taste you Mark” Linda whispered.

“Squirt your cum in my mouth and down my throat and on my face.” She pleaded.

Mark loved her begging for his cum shot.

Now, more determined, Mark concentrated on giving Linda what she wanted. His body tensed as he felt the feeling of release building in his balls.

“Rub and squeeze my balls, baby” Mark requested and Linda continued her enthusiastic blow job.

Linda began in earnest.

“Oh yeah baby… that feels great… don’t stop honey.” Mark groaned.

Linda kept up her relentless sucking and pumping using both her hands on Marks enormous rod. Suddenly Mark’s body tensed up as his penis began to pulsate. Linda knew this was it. She pumped him slower as Marks eruption began. “Ohhh!! Uhmmm! Wow! Oh God, Baby!” Mark cried out.

Spurts of cum shot instantly to the back of Linda’s throat. She pumped his stiff erection taking it out her mouth so that Mark could view the show. Cum spurted from the head of his stiff prick all over Linda’s face. It landed on her cheek, her nose and around her mouth. She continued pumping his thick shaft with her hand. More cum shots landed on her forehead and in her hair. It was a truly beautiful site. Linda swallowed his dick once more as more shots entered her mouth. She milked his huge dick until her mouth was full of creamy cum. Linda kept the semen in her mouth and swirled it around Marks hard on with her tongue. She popped his cock out for him to see it glisten in the moonlight soaked in his own cum. Mark looked down and enjoyed Linda’s show. Linda swallowed his cock once more and licked it clean. She swirled his cum once more in her mouth before swallowing it down her throat like fine wine. Linda proceeded to pump the remaining cum from Marks cock and licked him cleaned.

As the heat of their passion slowly subsided, they got out, wrapped themselves in a blanket and lay down together on a lounge chair. They watched the star-studded sky above them, content to lie naked together with Linda holding on to her favorite cock of all time. Linda knew she had found the love and lover of her life. Marks massive cock was hers to keep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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