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The phone rang, as it sometimes did, at 8:30 on a Monday morning. “Hi Nicki, this is Liz at the agency. Are you available today? One of our clients has been let down and they really need someone with keyboard skills to start at 9:30 this morning. In about an hour.”

“Um…” My mind was racing. An hour. Shower, dress, coffee. “Where are they based?”

“That’s the thing.” Said Liz. “They’re just around the corner from you.”

She gave me the address. I knew the place. “Sure – No problem. I can be there in an hour. Who do I ask for?”

“Larry.” Liz replied. “Larry Higgs.”

I jumped in the shower. I love a hot shower in the morning. I don’t understand how anyone could want a cold shower. But when the water is so hot it makes you tingle, when you come out blushing and the mirror has steamed up, I love it. I wrapped myself in a towel and dried my hair, then I picked out something to wear. Over the past year, I had realized that getting asked back to a job happened much more regularly when I was careful what I wore. “Hmmm. I said to myself, “What would Larry like?”

I decided on a short, tight skirt, and a sleeveless silk blouse; stockings and high heels. Lipstick blood red, and dark eye shadow (just a tickle of gold blush on my cheeks – but then that’s just me).

By ten past nine I was walking towards the office, but had not managed breakfast. I popped into the local coffee shop, to grab a cup which I could drink on the way – it was half way between my flat and the office.

I was standing in line behind this well – dressed man – maybe late forties or early fifties. Sports jacket and chinos, well – kept grey hair. I couldn’t help myself, but did notice that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. When he got to the front of the queue the barista asked him who the drink was for. “Larry.” He replied.

“Huh.” I thought. “Coincidence.”

Well, the queue kept on growing and the baristas were working as fast as they could, but, as it happened, Larry and my drinks came up at about the same time. He was adding sugar to his, and I was just trying to get the lid on mine. Maybe it was because I was in a hurry, maybe it was because I was distracted by his distinguished looks, but the disaster happened. When I tried to push the lid on my cup it slipped over and spilled – splashing my blouse. Before I even thought, I growled, “Fuck.” Then tried mopping myself up. The barista came to help and Larry did too. A couple of spots had hit his shirt, but that was as nothing to the state of my blouse. “Damn, damn, Damn.” I said. “I am so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Said Larry.

I gave him a big smile for that.

“This kind of thing happens when I am in too much of a hurry.”

“I know what you mean.” He said, this time with a smile – he was looking me up and down.

I smiled back and bit my lower – lip – men seem to love that. Makes me seem all innocent.

“You see,” I continued, “I am supposed to be starting a new job. I’m hardly going to impress my boss if I turn up looking like this.”

“I am sure she’ll be very understanding.”

“Err. He, actually.”

“Well, he’ll certainly be understanding then.”

I leaned forward a little and whispered, “I am actually wondering if it’s you. bahis siteleri You see, his name is Larry Higgs.”

His smile turned into a grin. “This is your lucky day. You just spilled coffee on your new boss’s shirt. You’re the girl that Liz sent from the agency?”

I nodded, and smiled, “Yup. Sorry. Do I still have a job?”

Larry seemed to take the question seriously and thought about it for a moment, then said, “I should think so.”

I visibly relaxed at that response. “Thank God. I really need the work.”

“Well,” said Larry, “I don’t think you should chance another cup. We should get going. Follow me.”

He took me around the corner to the offices where he worked, and took me up to the third floor. It was an open plan office and looked like it was in the process of being refurbished, with new furniture piled up and wrapped in plastic – that sort of thing but there were no workmen around. In fact no one was around at all.

“I’ll show you where the bathroom is… I am sorry. Liz didn’t tell me your name.”

“Nicki. Nicki Taylor.”

“Nicki. Right. Well, Nicki, I’ll show you where the bathroom is. Looks to me like we both need to clean ourselves up.”

I smiled and nodded, and Larry took me to the bathrooms. The sign on the door showed the symbols for both men and women. Looked like they were communal. So, we both went in and there was a row of sinks along one wall with a row of cubicles along the other wall.

Larry went to a sink and filled it with water, then started dabbing at the coffee stains on his shirt. Two sinks away, I started doing the same thing, but I couldn’t really make any headway – there was just too much coffee.

Larry glanced over at the point I was really giving up. I sighed. “There’s just too much coffee on my blouse. it needs to soak.”

Larry shrugged and smiled, “Don’t mind me.” He said.

Underneath my blouse I had on a lacy black bra. It really showed off my breasts – I supposed he had already seen my cleavage. What difference did it make? And anyway, if I wanted any chance of more work from Larry, I really should try to make a better impression.

“What the hell.” I whispered, under my breath. I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off, then started trying to wash it in the sink. It was hard to tell how well it was working, because the material went darker in the water. But the water seemed to cloud a little as the coffee mixed with it, so I don’t think I did it any harm. After a couple of minutes, I tried to gently wring it out. Then I hung it up on a coat hook for it to dry. Larry had been watching me – both directly and via the mirror as he slowly and carefully washed his own shirt.

“Well, it’s going to take ages to dry.”

He shrugged, “I suppose so.”

“And I haven’t got anything else to wear.”

“Mmmm… Not sure I can help you there.”

As he spoke his eyes flitted to my breasts and I thought to myself, that I wasn’t sure he’d help if he could.

“Is there anyone else in the office today?”

“No.” He replied, “Just you and me.”

He went over to the hot air dryer and stood in front of it. After a couple of minutes his shirt was reasonably dry and it seemed he had avoided any permanent stains. While he was drying his canlı bahis siteleri shirt, I really couldn’t do anything but stand there in my bra. He was a man of few words.

“So,” I said when the hot air dryer turned off. “What shall I do?”

“Well, I don’t really want to pay you to stay in here waiting for your blouse to dry.” He said.

“But if you want to, you can come and get on with the typing wearing what you are.”

Thinking about the money I could make, and thinking about how nice Larry seemed to be, I thought that that was probably the best thing. Just swallow my pride and get to work. How bad could it be?

There were two desks in a smaller office off the main open – plan space. Larry took me there. His was the desk covered in paperwork, mine was the one with the computer and keyboard.

Larry leaned over me and turned on the computer. When the screen came on, I got a bit of a shock. There was this full screen picture of a woman leaning over a desk, getting… well… getting fucked from behind. I think we were both surprised and embarrassed. I certainly started blushing. Larry closed the picture as quick as he could.

“Goodness.” I said, “I didn’t see that coming.”

Larry snorted as if to a private joke, and then apologized.

“What?” I asked.

“Did I say something funny?”

“No, I just thought of a really crude retort.”


He cleared his throat, “You said, ‘I didn’t see that coming,’ and I was going to say, ‘no, he doesn’t cum for another three pictures.'”

He smiled, but I just blushed a deep crimson. I was kind of expecting he’d blame someone else for leaving that picture on the computer, but here he was making crude jokes about them. I was kind of angry at myself for appearing so prudish. For being so easily shocked. So I suppose I tried to over compensate.

“Well,” I said, “If he’s fucking a nice cunt like that, I suppose he’s bound to cum sooner or later.”

Oh. My. God. It was out before I even realized how crude it sounded. I blushed even redder, and Larry just grinned.

His fingers went back to the keyboard as he said, “Let me show you.”

Before I could say a word, he was flicking through pictures in the set until I saw one with the same girl, kneeling in front of the man, with her face covered in… well… you know. Cum. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off the picture. Then I realized Larry was standing behind me as I sat a the desk. Then he was leaning against me, and I could feel a bulge in his trousers. I still couldn’t take my eyes off the picture of the woman, mascara running, with cum dripping down her face. Then I felt Larry undo the clip on my bra. Instinctively, my hands came up to hold it on. Larry turned the swivel chair around, so I was facing him. He looked down, smiling at me; grinning… leering.

“You’re going to do as you’re told, aren’t you Nicki?”

I gulped and nodded. I don’t know why… here I was virtually naked in front of this stranger, but when he tells me I’ll obey him, I couldn’t do anything but agree.

“Take out my cock.” He said. Yes, just like that. And I did! I really did. Just like that, I unzipped him and fished his cock – his glorious, semi – erect, eight and a half inch canlı bahis cock out of his trousers.

“Kiss it.” He growled.

How could I not? It was magnificent. Long, and throbbing, and thick. The helmet glistening. I kissed the tip, then kissed it again. Each time I kissed it I opened my mouth a little more until my mouth engulfed his cock. One hand held the based of his shaft, the other cupped his balls. My lips started to slip down his member, feeling it pulsate in my mouth. He held my head in his hands, and started to gently rock back and forth, like he was fucking my mouth. By this time, my bra had fallen off, and my breasts were swinging; but that hardly mattered – I had a mouthful of cock. Larry’s rocking became more of a thrusting, and I was gagging on his cock – it really was huge, and it even felt like it was getting bigger.

Anyway, after a while he pulled out of me, and told me to stand up, which I did. Then he turned me around and bent me over the desk. He pulled up my skirt and – literally – ripped off my knickers. They fell like a useless rag to the floor. There was no finesse now, just animal energy. He pulled apart my arse cheeks and spat on my crack. Then he stuck a finger into my arse a little at a time, but it wasn’t long before I felt his knuckles against my cheek.

He leaned over me, his hands on my hips and whispered, “I am going to fuck your tight little arse.”

“Oh God.” was all I could manage. This was the first time. I had never done this before. My heart was pounding, my head spinning.

I felt the tip of his cock in my arse crack. I felt the pressure increase as he tried to enter me. “Just relax,” I told myself. “Just relax.”

But he felt enormous. Like he’d split me in two. The pressure increased, there was a moment of pain, and then I felt the head of his huge cock enter me. I gasped. He pulled back out just a little, then pushed in further, and I gasped again. Inch by inch he rammed his massive member into my tight, virgin arsehole. I really didn’t think I could take it. I tried taking deep breaths, tried to relax and slowly, slowly let him get more and more cock into me. After a few minutes I could feel his balls slapping against me as he pounded into me. I had never felt anything like this. It was fucking amazing. And he was relentless. He never stopped. He kept pounding and pounding then he started slapping my arse and that would make me tense up – and he’d feel even bigger inside me. Oh God, I didn’t know how much more I could take. But he went on and on.

His hands grabbing and raking at my pendulous tits, pinching and twisting my nipples as he pounded my ass. Then his fingers found my clit and I started squealing and screaming as he fucked me. Good Lord, I didn’t know which way was up and which way down. I can’t count how many times he made me cum.

Eventually, and without warning, he pulled himself right out of me, and forced me back down onto my knees. With a few strokes of his cock I suddenly felt streams of his hot cum splatter across my face. I was covered in it. It dripped off my face and onto my tits. I licked it up as best I could, then he held his cock to my face and said, “Look what a mess you’ve made. Lick it up.” And I did. I carefully licked him clean; getting every last drop of cum from his cock.

And that was it really. Not my last adventure with Larry, but that’s how I ended up losing my arse – virginity and learning that, with the right man, I love being told what to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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