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More than two years before I’d met Natalia through a mutual friend, and after nearly six months of almost intolerable teasing I finally got her to go out with me. That wasn’t easy to go through either; it was our fourth date before she even kissed me, and that was on the cheek.

More than a few times over the course of the courtship that I considered giving it up. Each time though, I’d see a picture of her, smell another woman wearing her perfume, or even worse, hear her voice and that amazing accent somehow. Then I’d be hooked again. Addicted to this 5’3 Russian brunette that lived on coffee and video games.

She came to America when she was a teenager, carried over by her father with the military, and saw more of the country before she was 18 than most natural citizens see in their entire lives. Luckily for me, she decided to stick around the southeast when her father moved again. Life with the military gave her a body just under 130 pounds, wrapped and muscled to the point of deliciousness. It also gave her a very open mind about the world, but a sheltered view when it came to relationships.

Being a virgin at twenty in America seems odd to some of us. Natalia being as big a tease as she was and a 1-900 actress as well as beautiful and a virgin at twenty certainly seemed odd to me. I dealt though, I figured maybe it was what I needed after the string of one night stands and relationships based on sex that plagued my past. Besides, the teasing was fun, and after a few months it started to get interesting.

A typical Friday night for us usually meant meeting when I got off work, grabbing a bite to eat somewhere, then going to her apartment and wasting a few hours playing games before she started work at midnight, and I was sent home to keep me from interfering. About five months into considering ourselves a couple, we were busy beating the crap out of each other on Mortal Combat one night, and in a desperate attempt to keep Scorpion from tearing Johnny Cage’s head off again, Natalia reached over and laid her hand directly on my dick and squeezed.

It didn’t help that she had already been flashing me periodically just to mess with me, and I was already hard and waiting. I groaned, “Nat… God…” and nearly dropped the controller as I turned to look down at her grinning face. She quickly released me and tapped a few buttons, and I looked up just in time to see Scorpion get his arms ripped off and then get savagely beat with the bloody ends of them. “That is so uncool.” I accused, glaring at her.

She just grinned at me and said, “You know you love it,” before leaning up and pecking me on the cheek. As she tried to settle back down into her seat, I got closer and planted my lips against hers. I heard her controller hit the floor, and mine soon followed as she returned the kiss and slid her tongue into my mouth. I moaned and pulled her small frame up from the seat next to me so that she was straddling my lap. Being just over a foot taller than Natalia, I still had to lean down to kiss her. Not that I minded doing so as it forced her to lean forward and press her small firm breasts into my chest.

She tangled a hand into my hair as I started to drive her tongue back into her mouth with my own, and pulled my head back to get her lips and teeth on the base of my neck. I groaned louder and slid my hands down her back, gripping her ass roughly though the cargo pants she was wearing. Natalia moaned into the mouthful of my flesh she was biting, and I took it as encouragement to lift the bottom of her black tank top up and ease my hands down under her waistband to the bare flesh of her backside.

I squeezed roughly and she pushed back against me, gasping for breath as she released my neck. I pulled against her handful of my hair and leaned down to kiss her again as she pushed back and forth against my hand on her tight little ass. When I went to pull off her top though, she stopped me, grinning and blushing and said, “I need to go clock in,” and tried to climb off my lap.

I pulled her back against me and groaned as her crotch ground across my erection through our clothes. “Call in sick,” I told her and went to return the treatment of my neck on hers. She threw her head back and moaned, letting me have my way for a few seconds. I think I even felt her start to rub back and forth against my cock, but she yanked my head away from her before I gave her too much of a hickey.

Natalia smiled at me and kissed me quickly. “Go home, Jeremy,” she ordered, “and get some sleep.” then she crawled off me, straightening her hair and clothes as she went. “I’ll call you when I get off, okay?” she said over her shoulder as she poured herself a soup bowl full of coffee and I packed up my PS3.

I looked over at her a little confused. “At five in the morning?” she sipped her coffee and nodded. I shook my head and threw the case for my games over my shoulder. “Okay babe, I’ll wake up,” I told her and stood at the door waiting for her, “I promise I’ll wake up for you.” She grinned through the steam rising from her Side escort bowl of beverage and carefully made her why to me. I leaned down and kissed her one more time, sucking on her bottom lip as I pulled away, and opened the door to leave. “Good bye,” I told her and followed quickly with “I love you,” before she could shut the door behind me.

Natalia smiled at first, then frowned slightly and shut the door, saying, “Good night, Jeremy.” I heard the deadbolt latch as I banged my forehead against the door frame just softly enough so that she wouldn’t hear it. That was probably the tenth time I told her I loved her, only to get a strange mix of glee and depression for a response. I understand that she had strong feelings about sex, that was tolerable. Not knowing if she cared for me the same way I cared for her made me more insane than any urge in my pants. It would be another night for porn and my right hand. Looking back now I see that it was one of hundreds.

It got better though. Almost six months later, and many many reoccurrences of that night, instead of trying to crawl away from me, she whispered into my ear “I have tonight off.” then traced her tongue around the edge of it, making me shudder and gasp. When I tried to remove her top again though, she did push away from me, bouncing away giggling at my shocked expression.

I smirked at her and said, “Nat, you can’t play much harder to get.” Then I bolted up from the couch and chased her halfway down the hall to her bedroom before catching her by the arm. I spun her around to me, lifting her up and pushing her against the wall as I connected her mouth to mine to taste her tongue again. Natalia moaned and wrapped her legs around me. I took the extra leverage as incentive and pulled her tank top down enough to give me access to her braless breasts. As I started to caress this new flesh and gently pinch her nipples, she started putting a lot more pressure around my waist with her legs. At first I thought she was trying to hold herself up, but a few seconds later I knew she was squeezing me to make me let her go.

Our kiss broke when I decided I couldn’t breath. Natalia shoved me off her and into the wall behind me, making the room shake when we both hit the floor. We looked at each other and smiled, trying to catch our breath. This violence wasn’t uncommon for either of us. I liked getting roughed up by her, and she loved to fight. The worst we ever gave one another was a few bruises and once I left with a black eye. The fights usually ended with one of us pinning the other down, and her teasing me until I warned her that I might cum in my pants. Honestly, I let her get me down most of the time just so she’d grind herself on my shaft until even she started to enjoy it.

That night was more of a chase though. Natalia sprang up and ducked into the guest room, and I was fast after her. I ran through the doorway and apparently lost her. Then she came from behind the door and knocked me over on the spare bed. She leapt on top of me and pinned my wrists down with her hands. “That was TOO easy,” she smiled, panting, as she started rubbing her crotch on my jeans.

I groaned and pushed up at her, making her laugh. “You have got to stop teasing me, girl!” I barked at her and craned my neck up to kiss her. She sucked on my lips and squeezed my wrists harder, bearing down on her hips more, making herself moan.

When the kiss broke she was grinning ear to ear. “Who says I’m teasing this time?” she whispered. I gave her the single raised eye brow look and pushed my hips up at her still-clothed pussy again. Natalia bit her lip and closed her eyes. When the pressure eased between us, she was blushing. She leaned down to kiss me quickly, then sprang up and was gone from the room in a blink.

I sighed and raked my hands over my face. “I thought you weren’t teasing me this time!” I shouted and waited for a response. When I got none, I got up and stalked out into the hallway. The lights were on in both directions, but I figured she had to be back in the living room as there was much more space to wrestle there.

She was hiding just around the corner at the end of the hallway, and jumped to tackle me when I got close enough. I grabbed her arms as she sprang out and quickly pinned her to the floor. She struggled and pushed against me until I got my legs between hers and pressed a knee against her crotch. “Hey!” she giggled and tried to twist away. “No fair,” she moaned. “I’m supposed to be teasing you.”

I laughed and leaned down to kiss her, sucking on her tongue gently before pulling away, this time with my lip caught between her teeth. It snapped back into place when I said, “Natalia, you know full and damn well, I am never teasing.” Then I pressed against her pussy a little harder making her moan and shudder. “I’m just seeing how far you’ll let me go.”

She smiled up at me and I bent to kiss her again, but instead of pulling away, I moved to the right side of her face and kissed her cheek. Then I inched my way down, planting light kisses on Side escort bayan her jaw, stopping shortly to suck on her neck and collarbone causing Natalia to groan and turn her head away from mine. I pulled her hands together above her head and held both wrists down with my left hand, freeing my right to pull her tank top up and free her pert breasts. I drug my lips and tongue down and across her chest to her nipples, already hard even before I started sucking on them as my free hand worked to get the buttons on her pants undone.

When I finally felt the soft cotton covering her crotch on my fingers I left her nipples to air dry and raked my tongue down her body, stopping to kiss her navel and make her giggle before I reached her underwear’s waistband and gently tugged on it with my teeth. Natalia gasped when I pulled too hard and made a small thread snap. “Don’t you dare rip my panties!” she scolded and tried to wriggle away.

I laughed and held her in place. I really didn’t want to rip them, they were my favorite pair. With three tiny hot pink bows going down a black string thong, how could they not be? “I can get them off easier if I use both hands,” I offered, “but you havta promise not to run away again.” When she didn’t answer quickly I grabbed onto her panties with my teeth again and with the help of my right hand started to pull them of again.

When another thread popped, this time in her pants I think, she twisted her hips and yelled “Fine! Okay! I promise!” I laughed and released her hands, and before she had a chance to break her promise I grabbed onto the sides of her pants and pulled them off with her panties. She squealed and attempted to cover her bald mound. I tried to pull her hands away and she smacked me just hard enough to make my cheek sting. “I promised I would not run,” Natalia giggled “Not that I wouldn’t fight!”

I just grinned as maliciously as I could muster before snatching both of her hands away from her cunt and forcing myself between her legs before she could slam them shut. (Now, I know what you are all thinking, that I was forcing myself on this poor virgin girl, but believe me; Natalia could’ve removed me from her apartment much easier than I could’ve raped her.) I smiled up at her one more time before lowering my mouth to her body.

I kissed and nibbled along the inside of thighs, switching sides each time I neared her shaved slit, and making her push her hips at my head. “Why are you being so mean?” she mewled at me. I stopped my teasing to smirk at her before sticking my tongue out and dragging it up through her lips and stopping to flick it across her clit.

“Sweet,” I commented. “I’m glad I finally got to taste it.” Then it became an oral assault on her pussy. I pushed my mouth against her gash, sucking on her vertical smile while I repeatedly pushed my tongue past her lips and as deep as I could. Natalia moaned and I heard her head fall back on the floor as her nectar flowed into my mouth.

Her hands went from pulling against mine to grasping them as if her life depended on it when I moved from her juiced up hole to her now-throbbing clit. “Oh, Jeremy,” she groaned out, “Don’t stop, please.” I sucked her nubbin between my lips and danced my tongue across it’s tip as I pushed my chin against her pussy.

Less than minutes later, Natalia was moaning loudly, digging her nails into my hands and bucking her hips at my mouth, grinding my face against her cunt as I kept my lips and tongue busy on her clit. She cried out, announcing what I guessed was the first orgasm ever given to her by another person and I felt her hole flood juices. I quickly moved my mouth down, trying my best to lap up the new nectar that flowed from her.

When she quieted down I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as she sat up with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her cute face. “That was incredible,” She panted and wiped her hair from her sweat dampened face. She pushed me away when I went in for a kiss, then struggled to her feet on shaky legs and beckoned me to follow.

I frowned because she wouldn’t kiss me, even though I could understand her not wanting to taste her own pussy on my lips. I followed though, closely, watching the triquetra tattoo on her back, and already missing my shirt and belt by the time we reached her bed. Then she pulled my head down to hers to kiss me, sucking her juices from my tongue before shoving me back on the bed. Natalia was quickly on top of me, kissing me passionately and moaning into my mouth as she ground her crotch on my stomach. She slid down slowly, almost an exact mimic of my movements earlier.

She bit my neck quickly, and sucked on my chest as I had done hers. She skipped the belly button teasing (thank god) as she made her way down to my unbuttoned and unzipped jeans before yanking them off. She gently stroked my erection through my boxers, smiling and laughing a little each time it twitched under her fingers. “You don’t have too,” I said and cursed myself, “if you’re not comfortable.”

She grinned up Escort side at me and took a firm grasp on the base of my dick. “It’s your turn,” she chided, “besides, no-one said I am uncomfortable.” She turned her eyes back to my underwear, and gently pulled them down, smiling and I think maybe even blushing as she saw my cock up close and hard for the first time. Natalia pulled my boxers the rest of the way off quickly before reaching out and grabbing my dick around the middle of the shaft. She bent it up to where it was pointing squarely at her face and I gasped quietly.

She giggled and glanced at my face, then bent and planted a soft, wet kiss just below the crown on the side of my shaft. I breathed sharply again, and Natalia watched my face as she bent and wrapped her lips around the side of my dick and sucked like she was trying to give it a hickey. I felt her teeth and realized that’s exactly what she was trying to do. “Woah baby!” I gasped and pulled her away by her chin. “I like it rough Nat,” I told her, “but a lil less teeth downstairs, ok?”

Natalia did blush then. “Sorry” she said quietly and pushed me back down on the bed. She bent again and gave me more soft wet kisses up and down the shaft, every so often, snaking her tongue over the head and pulling a moan from me. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed the head, sucking down the shaft until it was knocking against her gag reflex.

I heard her start to choke and pulled her face away. “Don’t hurt yourself.” I told her.

She blushed more, or maybe her face was flushed from choking, and said, “I just want to make it good.”

I barely contained my laughter and sat up to kiss her. “Baby, there’s no way it couldn’t be good,” I told her and she looked at me questioningly. “I promise.” At that Natalia resumed her oral work. She choked herself with the head of my dick a few more times, but before long she found the right rhythm and method.

It was all I could do to not grab the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on my dick. Her hand joined her mouth, squeezing and pulling my shaft following her lips up and down. It wasn’t long before I felt my own release start to boil out. “Natalia…” I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to hold it back.

She pulled her mouth away when I groaned her name, and started violently jerking on my drool covered dick. “Cum for me, baby.” she whispered first, then tightened her grip and pumped her fist faster before telling me, “Cum on me Jeremy.”

My eyes snapped open and I looked down at her grinning up at me. That second seemed like a week as I thought about how long I’d waited for her to be ready for that night. Natalia pulled my cock a few more times, then with one final “Oh, GOD!” I shot her in the nose with the first blast of sperm. She jumped in surprise and gasped just long enough for the second jet to splash inside her mouth.

She spat and coughed and backed away, but didn’t stop jacking me off. She had leaned back enough that the remaining streams of jizz hit her in the tits and landed on her stomach. When it was over, we were both dripping.

Natalia was staring at me, mouth slightly agape, hand still holding my twitching dick. I couldn’t tell if she was horrified or happy, and all I could could say was, “Nat, I… Uh…”

Then she released me and stood shakily. “I’m getting in the shower,” she told me and turned away. “Don’t leave.” she said over her shoulder as she walked to the bathroom, “Please, don’t leave.”

I sat on the bed until I heard the water start running, then ran to the kitchen to try to clean myself off with a wet dish cloth. Then tried to clean the stains forming in Natalia’s sheets and get the cum out of the carpet. I didn’t leave her, but I did get dressed. I still didn’t know what she was thinking, or even if it was good or bad. Honestly, I was scared.

By the time she got out of the bathroom, I was dozing off watching old cartoons on Boomerang. “Hey, wake up.” I heard and snapped my head up to see Natalia standing there in a thin white bathrobe that barley covered her ass. “You’re not allowed to sleep yet, Mister.” she smiled at me

A smile? Good sign. I yawned and smiled back. “And why is that? Didn’t I earn it yet?” I joked and weakly attempted to sit up on her bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed next to me, careful to avoid the now dry stains. “I’ve never done that before.” she blurted out with something between happy embarrassment and complete mortification on her face.

I nearly laughed, but knew better than that. “I know Nat.” I told her, putting my hand on her shoulder. She looked at me expectantly. “It was good?” I attempted and she sighed and put her hand over her face. At first I thought she was crying. “Nat, babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“

Then I saw she was laughing. “You dolt!” she giggled out, “I know it was good, it was fucking incredible!” She got up further on the bed and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth and pulling mine back out with it. Natalia threw one leg over me as she continued to suck on my lips. When the kiss finally broke, I was sitting nearly upright, pressing into her small frame, and our foreheads rested against each other, eyes staring into each other’s, breath caught on each other’s. “And I want more.” she whispered to me finally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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