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Kalan let out a soft growl as Mia’s hand cupped his hardening dick and stroked him through the front of his boxers.

“Yea?” she asked, “You like hearing about me covered with another girl’s cum?”

Kalan practically pounced on her, knocking her onto her back and kissing her deeply. Mia half-laugh, half-moaned into his full lips as they pressed into her. She bit his bottom lip, then gently licked where she had bit with the tip of her tongue.

“You do like that, you love thinking about these lips being covered in her wet,” Mia whispered into Kalan’s ear before gently nibbling his lobe.

He growled, pushing her down into the pillows and kissing her deeply.

“Stay right there,” he whispered, pushing himself down towards her already wet pussy.

“No,” she replied.

Kalan looked up in surprise, Mia moved swiftly, rolling him onto his back. As his face was just beginning to register both shock and delight, she moved off him, and then straddled him again, this time with her black lace thong hovering above his face, while her stocking encased thighs framed his head.

Mia pushed his soft purple boxers off his slim hips. His dick was thick and already throbbing slightly and growing harder by the second. She grabbed her dick with one hand, her fingers not quite meeting around the base. With the other, she braced herself on one of his freckled thighs.

Kalan’s long fingers tightened around her thighs, tracing small circles closer and closer to per panties with anticipation. Mia took a long lick, tracing him from where his curly red hairs lay neatly cropped, to the tip already leaking pre-cum. He was sweet and salty as always and she felt herself get wetter.

Kalan evidently saw the evidence seeping through her panties. He reached one hand up and pulled the sopping panties to the side. Mia quivered as the cool air caressed her swelling clit. She bent her head and began sucking his head, already pushing past his rapidly tightening foreskin. Kalan arched his back, pressing his stomach into hers as she moaned around him.

He took a moment to soak in the always welcome sight of her. Her pink labia peeked out from between dark curly hairs. Kalan slowly extended his tongue, first licking her sweet stickiness, seeping from her labia, then her further extending clit. He started slow, making circles around the hard nub.

Mia moved further down Kalan’s now rock-hard cock. She felt the back of her throat open to take his thickness all the way in. She bottomed out, lips pressing against his balls. Her hand, no longer need to hold him up, cupped his balls. Her gentle ministrations with his balls were in stark contrast to her furious swallowing of his dick. Kalan would never get used to her mind-blowing dick sucking.

Kalan latched firmly onto her clit now, sucking hard while he swirled his tongue around the tip in his mouth. He felt Mia moan around his dick in response, the vibrations of her throat sending chills down his spine. He slid one hand around and down, parting her sopping labia easily. He rubbed his middle finger around her opening once, then twice before plunging a finger inside her with familiar easy. She moaned again, louder İstanbul Escort this time as his fingers found contact with her spongy g-spot and pressed.

Mia pulled herself off his dick with a gasp, unable to suck him while she came without choking. A long train of saliva stretched from her tongue, trailing obscenely down his dick and pooling in the gentle dip between his balls. Sex just kept getting better and better as they aged together, the first orgasm a delicious appetizer to a meal where she lost count of the courses.

“Kalan,” Mia panted, “I want you inside me.”

Not needing to be told twice, Kalan released her clit at once and pulled his finger out from inside her in one smooth motion. With surprising strength he half lifted a laughing Mia off him and onto the bed next to him.

Kalan scooped her teardrop breasts into his hands as he pressed his saliva covered dick between her ass cheeks. He squeezed both firmly as his fingers found her swollen nipples, rolling them gently between his fingertips. Mia breathed in with delight, pressing her ass more firmly against Kalan, the tip of his penis making contact with her labia as she reached her hand back to pull him tighter against her.

Releasing her top breast, Kalan reached down to his dick, pressing it between her labia. Mia lifted her leg, wrapping it back around Kalan’s as he slid in her. They moaned together as he slid into her. With a small movement of his hips, Kalan pressed his dick another inch directly into Mia’s g-spot. She nearly screamed as she came again, another wave of wetness further coating Kalan’s already soaked cock. His arm threaded under hers and grasped her other breast. They quickly found their rhythm, Mia’s groping hand and leg pulling him in deeply with every stroke.

Mia tilted her head back, exposing her long neck. Kalan licked from her collarbone to the soft skin behind her ear. His tongue flicked up, sucking her lobe into his mouth.

“More,” Mia moaned, “Deeper,”

Kalan pulled out of Mia in one swift movement, Mia groaned from the loss. She rolled onto her back as Kalan pushed himself onto his hands and knees. She pulled her legs up to her ears, flexible as ever. Kalan couldn’t resist giving her sopping pussy one long lick, tongue flattening across her.

Mia giggled, “Inside me please,” and reached up to pull him to her, dick first.

She slid him inside her. Kalan sighed with appreciation as he settled himself, arms framing her head. Mia kissed him deeply and felt his lips beginning to swell against hers as she bit his bottom lip and pulled.

Mia rolled her hips up into him with each stroke he pushed into her. He bent his head, catching one of her nipples in his mouth and sucking as much of her breast as he could into his mouth. Mia moaned arching her back into him. The motion sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of her breast and she opened her mouth with surprise as she came again.

Kalan filled her with slow strokes, the kind of luxurious fucking only imaginable with the familiarity of years and years together. Mia lifted her hands, fingers wrapping around his tussled red locks. She pulled his face to hers again kissing Anadolu Yakası Escort him deeply.

“Babe, I want to feel you cum inside me,” she whispered into his lips.

Kalan increased his speed, bending his forehead into hers. Mia thrust her hips harder into his, breasts bouncing with each connection. Mia ran her fingers through his hair again, holding him firmly in place. As he hit her g-spot dead on, Mia felt herself squirt as she came again.

Kalan continued to thrust as he felt Mia cum all around him. Mia pulled him into her and bit his shoulder as she came again. Kalan joined her, filling her with cum. Soaked in sweat, they rolled away from each other, laughing slightly.

“Still got it?” Kalan asked.

Mia laughed, “Still got it,”


Mia felt herself beginning to relax into sleep in Kalan’s arms when he said softly, “Mia, what happened?”

She turned to him in surprise.

“I mean, I thank God every day you’re with me, but what happened with you and Nicole? That all sounds… perfect.”

Mia smiled sadly to herself. “It was, then. It just… ended badly.”


Nicole was not at Mia’s 24th birthday.

Mia landed an entry-level position with the managing staff of the Liverpool W.F.C. shortly after the night on the grounds. Nicole had celebrated with her, surprising her with an enormous cake, squealing with delight as Mia picked her up and twirled her around their apartment.

Mia’s work schedule kept her away from Nicole more than she would have liked. It was her dream job! She explained to Nicole over a rushed breakfast, she had to start here, but it wouldn’t always be this way, with time the hours would be fewer, more flexible. Nicole understood. But her understanding morphed from smiles and reassurances, to hurt silence, to an expected disappointment when Mia wasn’t home when she should be.

Towards the end of the long hot summer, Mia got the small promotion she’d been hoping for. With it came the promise of predictable hours, days off. She headed home early, picking up Nicole’s favorite chocolate cake from the shop down the street. She was still sweating slightly as the sun set behind her when she let herself into the apartment.

“Baby!” Mia called as she swung the door shut behind her, “I have amazing news! You aren’t going to believe…” Her voice trailed off as she saw the man standing in her kitchen in his boxers turn around.

Mia looked into the eyes of Xander Holland, that little twat from school. “Oy!” he exclaimed, “Mia, I…” he froze in the ferocity of her stare.

“Nicole,” she called without breaking eye contact, “Nicole!”

The bathroom door sprang open, a hurried Nicole pulling up her panties, breasts swinging free under the thin cotton shirt she wore around the house.

“Nicole, what the fuck is he doing here?” Mia said, breaking the gaze to look at Nicole.

Nicole’s expression turned from stunned surprise to guilt to defiance in a manner of seconds. “Xander,” she said, “get out. I have to talk to Mia,”

Zander said something in his horrid, pretentious, drawl before both Mia and Nicole turned to him, glaring. He turned on his heel and Üsküdar Escort strode into the bedroom to grab his things. Mia felt her heart break in two, Xander Holland, in her bedroom.

Mia dropped the cake in its box roughly on the table, pulling out an old wood backed chair and sitting heavily. She put her head in her hands as a dressed Zander emerged from the bedroom. She heard him stop to say something to Nicole who snapped at him. He left the apartment, the door closing behind him with a finality that sat heavy in Mia’s heart.

In the still silence that followed, Mia knew it was over. The beautiful dream of a wedding, paid for with her hard-earned management money, a bigger house, little feet running through the halls, it was all gone.

Mia felt Nicole’s hand on her shoulder and stood up quickly, shrugging her off. She looked into Nicole’s beautiful face and saw a strange mixture of emotions there she couldn’t quite read.

“You could have just dumped me,” Mia said quietly, before turning and striding into the bedroom.

The sheets and comforter were rumpled. Acid rose in Mia’s throat at the thought of Nicole with Xander there. She swallowed hard and threw the closet open, pulling her old suitcase roughly down from the high shelf. She began emptying drawers into the suitcase until it was bursting before sitting on it and zipping it roughly shit.

She turned to the doorway and saw Nicole standing there, arms crossed across her chest.

“I don’t have an excuse,” Nicole said from the doorway. “I was lonely, I didn’t know how to tell you this wasn’t working anymore.”

Mia pulled down a second suitcase, and Nicole moved further into the room as Mia began throwing her makeup, jewelry, books, charging cords into the suitcase without an order.

Mia pressed her eyes tightly shut, and sat heavily on the bed, willing herself not to cry. In a strangled voice she croaked, “I knew you weren’t happy. I should have… I don’t know.”

She felt rather than saw Nicole sit on the bed next to her. “But Xander… in our bed… Nicole,” she opened her eyes, “Nicole, how could you?”

As if they were sharing a mind, Mia and Nicole moved together at the same moment, lips finding each other as they had a hundred times before, but this time harsher, more frantic, searching for the feeling that used to be there. Finding nothing.

Mia pulled away, lips swelling already. Without looking at Nicole she zipped her second suitcase shut. Feeling the tears swell behind her eyes, she dragged the two suitcases behind her towards the door.

“I’ll come back for the rest when you’re at work tomorrow,” Mia croaked around the lump in her throat.

Looking back one last time, Mia saw Nicole standing in the door to their… Nicole’s bedroom – her face a mask Mia couldn’t read. Mia couldn’t breathe and turned, slamming the door behind her.

Kalan laid in silence next to her for a moment before turning to her, “Oh my darling, that is awful,”

To her surprise, Mia felt tears welling up behind her eyes as he pulled her into a tight embrace; half due to heartbreak for her younger self, half due to the enormous empathy pouring from Kalan’s embrace.

Pulling back slightly, Mia wiped her tears quickly with the tips of her fingers and laughed softly, “I don’t know why I’m crying, being silly,”

Kalan pulled her close again, and she rested her head on his chest, and they fell asleep tangled together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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