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Chapter Eight:

“Oh, oh! Fuck your mother, Walter! Fuck Mummy’s horny pussy! Harder,
Mummy’s going to cum now! Fuck Mummy’s cunt as hard as you can!”

Patty was on her back, her legs up in the air, whimpering and moaning
as her son labored on top of her. Walter had been ready to go to school
when he’d decided he wanted another fuck in his mother’s pussy. She’d
protested at first, as she always did, but he’d had little trouble
persuading her to lie on her back and spread her legs.

His pants were bunched around his ankles. His schoolbooks were on the
floor, next to the bed. Walter fucked his mum fast and hard, not even
thinking about her pleasure, concentrating only on making the cock
juice spurt up from his balls as soon as he could.

“Fuck Mummy’s pussy, fuck Mummy!” Patty locked her arms around his
shoulders, fucking her ass off the bed in a frenzy of passion. “Harder!
Mummy’s so horny! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I’m cumming now! Fuck your
mother, I’m cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Walter grunted, coming down hard, ramming his prick deep inside his
mother. Then the milk-white cock sap flooded out of his balls, raining
into his mother’s cunt channel, flooding her buttery pussy with juice.
Walter kept fucking furiously, shuddering as the last droplets of spunk
burned from the head of his cock. Then he popped his enormous fuck
organ out of her hairy cunt slit and wiped it off insolently on her
inner leg.

“See you later today, Mum.”

He pulled up his pants, picked up his school books and left. Patty
remained on her back on the bed, fully clothed, her skirt hiked up to
her waist to give her son access to her cunt. Her pussy hole was all
wet and swollen from the torrid fucking he’d just given her, and she
could feel his sticky cock juice seeping out of it, matting in the
dense curls fringing her cunt.

She’d been reduced to nothing, Patty thought. Her need for constant
fucking was now so strong that her son could easily persuade her to lie
on her back and spread her legs any time his cock got hard. All she
could think of was the constant need in her wet, creamy cunt.

Patty put her hand on her steaming pussy, feeling all the cum juice
seeping out of the slit. The next thing she knew, she was fingerfucking
again, rubbing her fat little clit, thinking about how good it felt
when her cunt stretched around her son’s cock.

* * * * *

“Unh, unhg! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy! Unh, unh, need to cum!”

This time her son wasn’t with her in the house. It was one in the
afternoon and Patty was still finger fucking. She sprawled on her
living room sofa, staring blankly at a game show droning on the
television set in front of her. Her terry robe was open, exposing her
huge tits and her wet, hairy pussy. Patty wiggled her ass on the couch
as she moved her hand between her thighs, rubbing and stroking her
hard, aching clit.

“Fuck me, fuck me — “

The doorbell interrupted her. Patty considered not answering it at all.
It was probably just a door-to-door salesman, and whatever he’d want to
sell her wouldn’t be half as important as satisfying her wet cunt. At
last, reluctantly, she rose, tied the sash holding the robe together,
and went to see who it was.

The visitor was a boy just about Walter’s age. Patty squinted at him,
wondering why his face looked so familiar.

“Yes?” She held the door open, automatically drawing the robe tight
across her tits.

“Hi,” the boy said. He smiled. “My name’s Henry. You know my mum,
Margaret Kelly?”

Patty flushed, instantly feeling a cold sense of trepidation. What
reason could Margaret have for sending her son to visit her?

“Y-yes, I know her,” Patty stammered. “What do you want to see me

“Well, it’s not too good to explain it out here.” Henry smiled, seeming
very calm. “Do you mind if I come in and talk to you for a minute?

He walked past her, entering her home without permission. Patty
hesitated, then shut the door and followed him into the living room,
where she found that Henry had already made himself comfortable on the
couch. He wore only a T-shirt and cut-off, and Patty felt her cunt
getting wet again as she stared at the sumptuous bulge behind his
zipper. God, what kind of slut had she turned into? It had gotten to
the point that even glimpsing a bulging prick could make her horny.

“Man!” Henry sat up on the couch, sniffing. “This whole hose smells
like wet pussy!”

“What on earth!” Patty gasped. She gaped at him dismay, blushing
fiercely, automatically holding her robe tighter. “How…how dare you
say such a disgusting thing to me?! Get out of my home this instant!”

“Aw, that’s okay,” Henry grinned. “I didn’t mean anything by it. I
guess you were playing with yourself when I came over, huh?”

“You’re disgusting. Get out of my home.”

“Take it easy.”

Then, Henry shocked bursa escort her again, calmly unzipping his cut-offs and
pulling them off. Now he was naked from the waist down except for his
tennis shoes. His prick was enormous and stiffening rapidly, swelling
with blood and jism in little jerks. Henry took his cock in hand and
stared intently at her body.

“See, my mum told me how horny you are, Mrs. Wayne,” he said. “She said
you’d be a good person to see if I wanted to get my cock sucked. I
really like a good blow job, Mrs. Wayne. I decided to take the day off
from school to come over here, to see if you could give me one. How
about it?”

“What-what-what do you think you’re doing?”

“Just asking to get my cock sucked. That’s all.”

And then Henry wrapped his fingers around his enormous fuck organ,
stroking it hard and fast. Patty stared in disbelief and growing
passion as the meaty prick swelled stiffer and stiffer. Soon it was as
hard as an iron bar, every bit as enormous as her own son’s cock.

“I know you went down on my mum, Mrs. Wayne,” Henry said calmly. “I
know it’s because of how much you like to suck on things. So, why don’t
you just suck my cock, too? It’s really a big one, isn’t it? Why don’t
you put it in your mouth, Mrs. Wayne, and see hot it tastes?”

Patty’s mind was reeling. She’d never met a grown man who was so
aggressive, let alone a lad who was young enough to be her own son.
Helplessly she stared at Henry’s big boner, watching it pulse as he
jacked it with his fist. Her pussy tingled as she thought of how
intensely satisfying it would be to suck a big, hard cock this
afternoon, to satisfy her constant craving for stiff prick with a nice,
spicy bellyfull of spunk.

“Come on, Mrs. Wayne. You know you want to.”

Patty dropped to her knees. She couldn’t believe she was doing it,
couldn’t believe her craving for hard cock had grown so strong that she
would suck off any arrogant stranger who asked for it. Henry smiled
knowingly, stepping closer. Now his big cock was right in front of her
face. Patty wrapped her fingers around the root, staring at the tip.
Cum juice was leaking out of it. She sighed as she jacked the huge cock
slow and hard, making the piss hole open up, oozing more jizz.

“That feels good, Mrs. Wayne.”

Patty popped the cock knob into her mouth and started licking and
sucking. It was good, tasty prick to suck, with cum sap nearly as rich
and delicious as her own son’s. Patty made gurgling, slobbering sounds
as she nursed contentedly on the giant cock, shutting her eyes,
blocking out her shame as she concentrated on the taste and feel of the
prick between her lips.

Now it was getting even stiffer, pulsing on the roof of her mouth.
Patty thrust her tongue onto the piss slit as the jizz oozed out more
plentifully. She tightened her right hand around the base of his cock,
and then she started beating his meat, fast and hard, whipping her
right hand up and down from the root to her stretched, ovalled,
hungrily sucking lips.

Henry stared down at her, sighing as he enjoyed the torrid cock
sucking. He held her head with bot hands, curling his fingers in her
thick blonde hair, rocking his hips lightly to fuck his prick in and
out of her mouth. Patty felt like a complete whore now, happy to do
absolutely anything for Henry as long as he’d let her suck his cock.
She thought of him with his mother, imagined Henry’s face as Margaret
told him what a horny pussy licker and cocksucker Patty was.

Had Henry learned that Patty fucked her son too?

“Harder,” Henry panted.

Now the hung arrogant lad’s face was contorted with pleasure as his
orgasm grew nearer, as the heavy load of cock juice congested in his

“Oh, shit, you suck hard!” He pulled her hair, rocking his hips, making
the cream-starved mum gag on his thick prick. “Jack it fast, Mrs.
Wayne! Unggh, what a good cock sucker! I’m gonna cum any fucking

Patty sucked his cock as hard as she could, her whole face reddening
with the torrid intensity of the blow job. Rapidly she alternated
between puffing her cheeks up and sucking them in again, keeping as
much pressure on the lad’s hard-on as she could. The huge prick grew
stiffer still, spitting droplets of pre-cum onto her swirling, lapping
tongue. Patty panted through her nose, whipping her right hand
tirelessly up and down his cock, thinking of absolutely nothing now but
the impending explosion of cum.

“Swallow it, Mrs. Wayne! Suck my cock, suck the juice out! Ungggh!

The hot, milky white jizz spewed forth, squirting across her swirling
tongue, coating her tonsil as the froth white stuff lashed down her
throat. It wasn’t as delicious as her son’s cum, but Patty was so
starved for the taste of cream that Henry’s gushing seed satisfied her
completely. Hungrily she clung to the juice-squirting boner, tirelessly
jacking bursa escort bayan and sucking it, determined to nurse out every drop of his cum.
Her frantic cock sucking efforts were rewarded. Henry’s cock kept
spewing out juice for over a half-minute, and Patty’s belly felt warm
and full with all the cream she’d just sucked out of his balls.

“That’s enough,” Henry said abruptly. “Take off that robe, Mrs. Wayne.
Now I get to fuck you.”

Patty say back on her heels, gasping, her cheeks bright with a mixture
of humiliation and lust. Henry was stripping of the rest of his
clothes, never taking his eyes off her body. Patty hesitated, her
fingers on the sash holding her robe together. Then she pulled it open,
exposing her spectacular, big-titted nakedness, hoping that her
gorgeous body would make Henry horny enough to give her the savage
fucking she needed.

“Get on your back.”

Patty did it. She stretched out on the floor, completely naked now, her
big tits jiggling spongily as she wiggled her ass buns into a good
humping position on the rug. Henry stared at her as she raised her long
legs high in the air, completely opening her drippy pussy hole for the
first thrust of his cock.

“Fuck me,” she panted. “Hurry, Henry. Fuck my wet cunt.”

Henry dropped to his knees, his giant, spit-slickened cock lance
pulsing over her belly. Patty looked up eagerly as he mounted her,
aiming his spongy cock tip at the pouting, curly-haired lips of her
cunt. The horny blonde watched and felt the cock going into her,
stretching her tight pussy open, making her glistening cuntal walls
spasm and suck as they forcibly accommodated the belly-probing length
of his cock.

“Oh, fuck me! Ungggh! Feels so good, Henry! Unh, you’ve got such a big
one! Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my horny cunt!”

Henry sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous, stiff-nippled
tits under his chest, and sinking his cock farther into her cunt. Then
he started fucking. Up and down his lean young ass heaved, stroking her
pussy, spearing his hard, aching prick in and out of the creamy
tightness of her cunt. Patty quickly started humping to meet his
strokes, excitedly bouncing her ass off the floor, fucking her wet,
glove-tight pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

“Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my cunt hole!” She wrapped her thighs
together high across his back, holding him close, shuddering as his
giant cock sank farther into her pussy. Patty knew there was more of
it, more that he hadn’t yet sunk into her. Patty desperately needed to
feel every inch of it, every inch of his giant cock-lance ramming into
her belly, stuffing her cunt to bursting with the thickness of his

Then Henry started fucking hard and very deep. Patty grunted as the
stiff prick rammed all the way into her belly, reaching the depths of
her womb. Now Margaret’s naked son was fucking like a wild man, panting
on her shoulder, drilling her tight pussy as fast as he possibly could.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck my tight pussy!” Patty chanted. Her cunt was
throbbing uncontrollably, gripping and sucking the skewering shaft of
his cockmeat. Again and again the big fuck organ rammed into her,
stretching her furry cuntslit every time he stuffed his cockmeat in to
the hilt.

Henry slid his hands down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Then he
started fucking her as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked on top
of her bare, sweat-glistening body, ramming his cock into her belly,
almost punishing her with the steely stiffness of his big cock.

“Unngggh! Oh, Henry!”

Now Patty felt the cum welling up deep inside her, making her gooey
pussy suck even harder around his cock. She grimaced, her face
contorting with raw fuck passion, twisting her head dazedly from side
to side on the floor. Then she started humping in a frenzy of fuck
need, abandoning all control as she feverishly pistoned her stuffed,
sucking pussy onto the pounding shaft of his prick.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy!” she gasped. “Ungggh! I’m cumming,
Henry! Fuck my cunt, it’s cumming, cuuummiiinngg!”

Her pussy spasmed violently in orgasm, the juice nearly gushing out of
the ravished cunt-slit, the fur-fringed lips throbbing with almost
painful intensity around the racing cockshaft of Henry’s cock. Henry
kept fucking her cunt as hard as he could, guiding her through the
force of her orgasm. But still he didn’t lose his second load into her
pussy, and suddenly Patty realized where she wanted to feel his big
cock ramming next.

“Take it out,” she panted. “I-I want you to fuck my asshole. Right now,
Henry. Hurry!”

Henry paused for a moment, grinning, as if to show his appreciation for
how quickly her true colors had come out. Then he pulled his huge,
throbbing prick out of her pussy hole, the giant shaft of fuck meat
twitching obscenely up and down with escort bursa its need to shoot its load of cum.
Patty stared at the boy’s big cock, resisting the urge to pop it back
into her mouth for more sucking. Instead she rolled onto her belly,
reaching behind her back to spread her ass cheeks wide, shamelessly
displaying her pink, puckered asshole for the stabbing impalement of
his cock.

“It’s all hot and horny, Henry,” Patty whimpered, as her itchy little
hole throbbed obscenely in and out. “Hurry, honey, please fuck my
asshole for me! Do it hard, my asshole needs your cock!”

“Shit, Mrs. Wayne! My mum sure was right about you!”

Then Henry mounted her again, this time aiming his huge, swollen cock
tip at her distended shit ring. Patty grunted and bit her lips as she
felt the enormous cock lance stabbing into her, cleaving into her
bowels. The thickness of his cock stretched her asshole to bursting,
even though he only had the first two inches in.

Patty knew it was going to hurt, but she didn’t care. Bravely she
spread her pink-flushed ass cheeks wider apart, desperately horny to
have her tender asshole gorged with hard, fucking dick.

“Deeper, Henry,” she pleaded. “Oh, please, please, ram it up my
asshole, honey! My asshole needs your big fucking cock!”

Henry started humping on top of her, groaning as he felt her rubbery
shitting muscles sucking and flexing around his cock Her shit tunnel
hadn’t been lubed, but the naked blonde was so horny, and her asshole
was throbbing so hard, that Henry was sure he could bury his prick up
her bowels without hurting her. He panted on her neck as he commenced
his fucking rhythm, making Patty cry out as he rammed his cock up her
asshole deeper with every thrust.

“Unggggh! Oh, Henry! Unggggh! It’s so big and stiff, Henry! Unnggggh!
Fuck my little asshole, honey! Oh, shit, pack me with it! Pack me

By now the hung youth had over half of his hard-on rammed up her shit
channel, and Patty knew she didn’t have to hold her ass cheeks open
anymore. Eagerly she thrust bot hands under her belly, groping through
her juice-matted pussy curls until her fingers touched her clit.
Shamelessly, she started fingerfucking, pleasuring her pussy as her
asshole sucked and spasmed around young Henry’s cock.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!” she pleaded, almost
screaming out the words. “My asshole’s so horny, Henry! Oh, fuck, oh,
yes, my asshole needs your cock!”

Then Henry came down very hard, suddenly ramming every inch of his
immense prick into the tender, gripping warmth of her shit channel.
Patty bucked violently, almost unable to bear the pleasure coursing
through her bowels. Henry lay motionless on top of her, letting her
itchy anus suck and spasm around his cock meat.

“Fuck it, Henry, fuck it good!”

Henry pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the tip of his enormous
cock distended her rubbery shit opening. He grunted, then nailed his
big prick all the way in again. Patty shuddered with need,
fingerfucking wildly, thrusting her stretched asshole onto his cock.
Then Henry settled into a hard, bowel- impaling rhythm, relentlessly
stabbing his blood-swollen cock in and out of her ass.

“Ahhh, yesss,” Patty hissed.

She humped rapidly to meet his strokes, her asshole sucking and
throbbing, convulsively spasming around the rooting length of his
prick. The pleasure in her stretched, burning asshole was spreading
through her whole body, making her stiff nipples tingle, making her
pussy ooze hot fuck juice onto her pumping, digging fingers. Patty felt
another cum welling up in her crotch, making her horny asshole suck his
cock that much harder. There was nothing she could do to control the
intensity of her passion. There was nothing she loved more than sucking
the juice out of a big, stiff prick, or feeling one ramming deep inside
her pussy and ass.

“I’m cumming, Henry!” she panted. “Unngggh! Oh, shit, so horny, so
fucking horny! Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! I’m
coming now! Unggh, ungggh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Henry fucked her tender little asshole as hard as he could, thinking
only of his own pleasure now, massing the steely stiffness of his cock
as he hammered it into his bowels. Patty came again and again, thinking
of her son, wishing it was her own son’s cock rooting in the depths of
her bowel tract. Then Henry’s cock grew even stiffer up her ravished
shit chute, and Patty knew she was about to feel another milky load of
cock cream spewing into her bowels.

Henry’s prick started cumming. The sticky white stuff sprayed out of
his cock head, geysering into her asshole, basting the rubbery walls of
the shit channel with a soothing tide of cum. Patty gasped as she lay
submissively beneath him, flexing her shit hole, making her asshole
suck all the jizz out of his prick. She knew she didn’t have any
control anymore. She was just too horny. If Henry wanted to, he could
fuck or suck her any time his cock got stiff. So could his mother.

So could her own son.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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