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A swordfight (cock vs cock) between two guys. Steel, a black guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard. Against him is myself, Spivey, a white guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard.

The ‘match’ is in three rounds. Five minutes of ‘soft vs soft’, a one minute warm up for the second round of ‘hard vs hard’, and a final one minute intermission before the ten minute finale, ending in either a knock out or decision.


My opponent for the next round of Cock-Fight Contest was Steel. As we stepped into the ring and stripped off our white cloth boxers to unveil our flaccid dicks, I was hit with a mix of emotions. With both our cocks still soft I was surprised to see that his dick was an equal opponent for mine, matching me in both length and girth.

Paired against a dick nearly identical to my own, I knew that this cock-fight could be anyone’s game, but felt that I was more than capable of securing the victory, relying on my iron rigidity and substantial stamina to trump his erection.

As the bell rang to start the first match, I confidently walked up to Steel as though sizing him up, but instead go on the offensive, immediately slapping his dick with my own flaccid member.

He tries to take the hit in stride but it’s clear that the crotch shot had a significant effect on us both. His bravado will get him nowhere however and despite the stinging in my dick I once more smack my cock into his. He’s ready for me this time and manages to shrug off the hit before likewise following suit, trading blows as we both begin to vie for a round one knock-out.

Our back and forth bludgeoning quickly ramps up to a full frontal assault, both of us going all out to destroy each other’s dick. However, as we trade blows, it’s evident that either of us winning while soft is an unrealistic result, yet we continue to match one another strike for strike to try and tip the tables in our favor. However it’s to no avail and as the bell rings the first round concludes without event.

Though both I and Steel look tired physically, the constant phallic pugilism has left our cocks with promising pre-erections. Briefly retreating to my corner while the card-girl makes her rounds, I watch her now topless form flaunt its way around the ring. Though the bikini she wore before left little to the imagination, seeing those two beauties bared is more than sufficient to get my cock rock-hard and ready for the next round sans any stimulation.

Looking Bostancı Escort over to Steel, I’m once again treated to a surprise. Not only is he actively jerking his cock while watching the prancing card-girl, but his erection again looked to mirror mine. Still, my confidence in my erection remains firm, and I boldly walk forward to resume our ebony vs. ivory clash.

I decide to start the round off with a bit of cock-to-cock jousting just to test Steel’s mettle. However he’s not having any of it and immediately charges me head on, his cock-head glancing against my glans. Taking advantage of his near-miss, I swing my cock to the side, making him momentarily retreat, and giving me another opening to capitalize on stabbing my shaft forward. He rallies quickly, and thrusts back putting up significantly more resistance this time round. As our cocks collide I now know without doubt that we’re evenly matched, but as our battle grows more and more heated, I feel as though with every degree, my dick is growing more and more rigid.

Unlike the limp sword-fighting of the previous round, this round really was a game of jousting, both of us doing our best to spear the other’s cock head-on with our own. There were a good deal of glancing blows, but on the occasional direct impact, our cocks lining up precisely to butt heads, I felt a rod of red-hot pain run through my shaft. Steel looked like he was suffering similar agony, yet neither of us backed down, continuing to press into each other until our sweat slicked members slipped sideways.

There was no retreat, no regrouping, just a non-stop spearing match, a war between my unbending white cock and his unyielding black dick. We wanted nothing more than to crush the others erection with our own, and on every impact it felt as though we grew harder than the clash before, repeating our ramming right up until the end of the round.

As the card-girl climbed back onto the mat, I saw her look us both over. Looking to me first then letting her eyes trail down to my erection, I saw a flicker of disappointment on her face. As she turned enthusiastically toward Steel I glanced down and saw the difference. My dick was beet-red from arousal and irritation. Steel’s darker dick on the other hand, showed no such signs and as he leaned back confidently in his corner, he gave a grinning grimace. He undoubtedly was in the same state I was but my lighter complexion made my erection look a lot worse for the wear than his.

Despite Kadıköy Escort her differing of opinion, not wanting to show any bias, she marched mid-ring, and then making sure our eyes were affixed to her phenomenal figure, bent over to slide off her bikini bottoms. Wiggling her plump ass towards him as she leaned forward towards me, her full breasts entice a powerful flex from my dick, regaining her attention and admiration. Smiling, she cupped her breasts and gave them a little jiggle, coaxing an even stronger spasm. Each jerk made my cock feel like it was on fire, but it was an encouraging feeling, like it was rearing for action.

As the third and final round commences, I resume the cock war right from where we left off, brutally thrusting and swinging our erections toward one another. Toe-to-toe, we continuously clash cocks, trying to knock the cum from one another in this interracial phallic fencing match. Interspersed between our side to side slashes is the occasional stab as we try to nail one another’s balls with our cock-heads, but our erections are too upright to land a solid hit.

Realizing that the brutal back and forth battering between us isn’t going to resolve anything I change tactics, opting for a cock-to-cock grind in an attempt to cause a friction burn. It’s a maneuver that’s literally a double-edged sword as I’m just as likely to burn myself out.

This third round was really heating up as Steel and I drove our cocks into one another’s. Both of us were breathing heavily; from exhaustion, arousal, or a combination of both, I couldn’t tell, but either way, we were at our limit. The only question now was who would cave first.

Unceasingly, our rigid erections pumped against one another, pre-cum freely flowing from both our heads, but the sticky liquid did little to ease our chaffing members. However, I maintained my measured thrusts, striving to retain my erection. For what it was worth, Steel was giving just as good as he got, my cock was in absolute agony as he kept pace with my thrusts.

Giving faint groans and gasps through gritted teeth, we kept up the mutual grinding for a few minutes more before finally Steel faltered. His hips gave an involuntary jerk as he lost the rhythm, but quickly caught back on.

It didn’t last thought, few thrusts later and he had stalled again. After a few seconds of just standing there and taking my erection grinding into his he got back in the swing of things… only to come to Göztepe Escort a halt immediately afterwards. He went through another two false starts before ceasing is thrusts altogether, his hips automatically bucking as I sent his over-sensitized dick into overload.

Finally, Steel’s cock erupted, firing off a million dollar money-shot, having stored up his spunk since the match first started. I backed off triumphantly as he let out another creamy white load. Now completely on automatic, his cock continued cumming, letting off a series of sticky cum-strands sans any stimulation.

Pleased with myself, I smiled victoriously and turned toward the enamored card-girl, looking forward to claiming my prize, however her eyes weren’t on me, but rather, my opponent. Realizing that the final bell hadn’t yet rung, I turned back to Steel only to be met with yet another surprise.

Though his cock had ceased cumming, it hadn’t calmed down in the slightest, looking just as hard as when we’d started the match. In fact, not only had his cock remained resolutely erect, but as it pulsed and throbbed energetically, it was also obvious that he’d pulled away from our size stalemate. Clearly at the peak of rigidity, his erection was once more at full size whereas mine had waned slightly over the course of our battle.

Not even bothering to wipe the cum from his cock, Steel flexed his erection once more, indicating that he was ready and rearing to resume. My heart sank as I saw the confident smile on his face, but I rose to the challenge meeting his member head on, restarting our shaft to shaft grind.

Despite being fresh from firing off, Steel’s cock had more than enough strength left in it to totally dominate mine, pinning my erection against me before proceeding to rub my cock raw. I kept pace for a few moments before finally falling behind. Now it was my turn to suffer the stop-and-go retaliation.

Despite my determination it didn’t take long for Steel’s cock to wear away my erection, whittling it down to little more than a withered nub. Backing off, he freed my cock from under his unyielding grind letting it drop limply between my legs. I hopelessly tried to flex my cock, but there was no response, it was down for the count.

Clearly the winner, Steel proceeded to parade around the ring, his erection jutting out stiffly, quickly gaining the attention of the card-girl. She slips under the top rope to meet him mid-ring whilst I begin my defeated retreat to my corner. I’m not even halfway there when I hear moans of ecstasy erupt behind me. With the card-girl already quite wet from watching out bout, she’s bypassed the foreplay and gone straight to the main course, mounting the still standing Steel for a mid-air screw.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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