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Friday afternoon came with Heather rushing around to get dressed after her shower. Tracy would be there shortly and she wanted to be ready. She looked through her panties and picked the nicest ones and then opened her bra drawer and saw nothing that even came close to matching them. She could see why Tracy was so happy to have sets, instead mix and match underwear like she had. When she had the chance, she was going with Tracy to her store and start buying sets.

She pulled her panties on and looked at the growth of hair sticking out the sides and grasped a few strands, pulling on them as she looked in the mirror at herself. She pulled the front of them down and ran her fingers through it and looked forlornly at herself. She had let herself go and didn’t take as much care in how she looked now. She parted the dense hair and looked at the small tattoo of a Yin Yang symbol underneath.

“What’s that you’re looking at?”

Heather jumped and yelped at hearing the voice and turned to see Tracy standing against the doorway to her room.

“How long have you been standing there, Tracy?”

“Long enough to see you hate that mess between your legs.”

“I do. I look awful, don’t I?”

“Sweetie, nothing is awful. I could leave most of your hair and make you look lovely down there. I can do whatever you like. So what do you have hiding in there?”

Heather was blushing and Tracy came up and knelt in front of her.

“Show me. What do you have hiding in this jungle?”

Heather looked at her, considering the idea of showing her. Tracy didn’t wait any longer and reached out and began parting the hair where she had seen Heather doing it before.

“Okay, okay, I’ll show you. It’s just a small tattoo I got a long time ago.”

“A tattoo? Sweet, let me see.”

“Well, if you’re going to shave me, you can see it then. Probably can’t see it that well anyway right now.”

“You’re right. I’ll get to see it soon enough. Come on, get that fine ass in gear and get dressed, or I’ll get undressed and have some fun with you instead.”

Heather laughed and the thoughts of pubic hair were gone again. Tracy grabbed Heather’s hips and pulled her forward and blew a long raspberry between her navel and pubic hair. The vibrations got Heather giggling and writhing, as she tried pushing Tracy away from her.

“Stop, stop, I’m getting dressed.”

“Damn, I was hoping you’d rather have some fun.”

“Don’t tempt me. I’m still thinking about what we did last weekend. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, honestly.”

“Really? I would have thought the bottles would have made a new best friend out of you?”

Heather laughed at the mention of using the bottles as sex toys and blushed her admittance of liking it.

“Okay, well maybe they were a close second.”

“I thought you were a lot more like me than just looks. I bet if you opened up and just started enjoying sex for what it’s worth, you’d be a lot happier and balanced.”

“You know, that’s why I got that tattoo in the first place. I felt I was discovering myself and finding the balance in my life back then. I guess getting married to that jerk sort of threw that balance out of whack. I’ve never felt balanced inside since.”

Tracy understood what Heather was talking about, a subject all too familiar to her and her friends. Finding the inner balance of oneself was a difficult thing to do. So many sides of being a woman had to come together to make it all work and any one of them could throw a wrench into it all. Tracy had a good idea that of all the sides of Heather, her sexual side was the most in need of balance.

“We’ll get you straightened out, don’t you worry. In no time you’ll be feeling better than you’ve ever felt before, promise.”

“I bet you will, you know that? I like your go to, get it done attitude. I know I’ve made far too many excuses not to do things and I need to stop doing that.”

“Yes you do. Look at the fun you’ve had so far breaking those rules you lived by? The next time you feel like making an excuse not to do something, ask yourself why and go from there. I did. I asked myself a million why questions, why I didn’t do this, or didn’t do that. Every time it all came down to what someone else thought or believed was right, not me. I stopped worrying about what other people thought and found out there was a lot of life I wasn’t enjoying because of all them. Do you really think the world cares if you and I fooled around and had some fun together? No. Do you think they care that you enjoyed fucking a wine bottle and got off? No. It’s all who it matters to and usually, it’s no one but you that it does.”

Heather heard the words spoken and realized more and more the folly of her ways. Tracy was speaking her own thoughts and feelings out loud and hearing them made them sound more believable than her own mind telling her they were. Heather slipped her arms into the bra straps and settled her breasts in the cups. Tracy turned her around and did up the hooks, then turned her silivri escort back again. She slipped a hand under the cups and fluffed her breasts to look fuller and more pronounced. She looked at Heather and saw a happy smile on her face and knew she enjoyed her doing that.

“Like when I touch them, don’t you?”

“I do. You have such wonderful hands and fingers. I loved the way you touched me that night.”

“Well, you’ll feel my hands and fingers again soon enough. I’ll let you finish and see you outside. I’m going to make a couple of calls and get that out of the way.”

“Okay, see you shortly.”

Tracy gave her a short hug and a kiss on the lips and went outside dialing her phone. Heather pulled her jeans on and looked for a top, while Tracy talked to Julia on the other end.

“Oh yes, she’s a player. I think with a little prompting, she’ll be a great addition to the group… Does she what? Like other women? Oh yes. I told you already about last weekend’s little fun we had… Tonight? Maybe. I think after a sauna and hot tub with the girls, she’ll be more inclined to want to try some fun… You? I don’t know. She really likes me, but I’m all soft and girlie, not all hard and muscly like you. Oh fuck off, I do not think you look like a guy, not with the killer pussy you have between your legs… What? Of course I still like it. Stop being so jealous already, damn. Just think, you’ll have another woman just like me to have fun with… Yes, I’m pretty sure she would enjoy your strap on… What? How the hell would I know? I never even touched her ass. Look, let’s just see how things go tonight and if she’s into anal, she’s into anal. If she isn’t, she isn’t, simple as that. Okay, yeah, I’ll try to make sure it goes that way myself. We’ll be there around six to get set up and then we’ll be dressing up there… I’ll what? Oh fuck off you miserable slut, I will not cry if I break a nail setting up. Go clip your nipples or something. Okay, love you too… see you soon, Julia. Yes I want to cum all down your hand, bye, have to go.”

Heather came out happy and bubbly, all set to enjoy her first night out in ages and meet some new friends who might also be her new employer. She wanted to make a good impression with them, so she was hyped up to be in her best spirits.

“Calls all done?”

“Yup, all set, Sweetie. I called Julia and told her we’d be there for six to set up, so we have lots of time to get ourselves tidied up and look our best.”

“I would love a day at a spa. Just a day to get pampered and have all those things done I don’t have time for.”

“Done. I’ll call a friend who has a day spa in town. April is such a sweet woman too. Her and Nancy have run the place for years and have a great staff of people working for them. I’ll take you in and introduce you to them. Let them do your hands and feet, get a facial and a massage and get your hair and make up done and you’ll come out feeling like a million bucks.”

They got in Tracy’s car and headed off to her place, enjoying the topic of conversation.

“I love the sounds of that. How much would a treatment like that cost?”

“For all of it, two hundred and fifty dollars, three if you want an hour for everything or it’s a half hour otherwise.”

“I’d be more than happy with a half hour of everything you said. Do they by chance do bikini lines? If I’m going to start the slash cutting of the rainforest down there, I wouldn’t mind someone taking on that task. I’m still worried about you nicking a lip or something and bleeding all over the place.”

“Heather, I’m hurt. I’ve never cut myself once and I will certainly use more care than I do on myself.”

“I know you would, I’m sorry, it’s just those crazy thoughts we get thinking of all the things that could go wrong.”

“Yep and it’s those crazy thoughts that stop us from having fun and doing things. I looked at all the things I used to worry about and wondered why I did. I found all those worries were for nothing. When I finally got the guts to go and do something I used to worry about trying, I was so surprised it was nothing like I thought and most times, I felt like such an ass for feeling that way in the first place.”

Heather heard the honesty of Tracy’s words and how she had felt the same about things. She worried so much about what others thought of her and how they saw her. Many times she had thought of things and declined any more thoughts, feeling worried for one reason or another that it was wrong for her to do.

“I’ve been feeling like that myself lately, too.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. After last weekend, I’ve come to know a few things about myself I didn’t think was me before. Never in a million years could anyone ever tell me I would enjoy making out with another woman or fuck a wine bottle. I would have laughed in their face and told them they were on another planet if they thought that.”

“I would have said the same a few years ago myself. I met the people we’ll be meeting şirinevler escort tonight and it was their enjoyment of life that got me thinking differently.”

“They’re not so hung up stuff I take it.”

“No, that they aren’t. No, they’re pretty open-minded people about things. No one even comes close to being judgmental about anything.”

“Nice. That’s a good way to be. I know I’ve been guilty of doing that. Jumping to conclusions about things and judging them on what I thought was right or wrong.”

“We all do it, Sweetie, hard not to. It takes some time and getting involved in something different than you used to do and pretty soon you start seeing that change in yourself.”

“Yeah, changes. I sure do need a lot of those, don’t I?”

“We all do, Baby, we all do. I think you’re already on the way to making some positive changes in your life. Big move, new job, new friends, new lifestyle, that’s a pretty big leap into making changes, I’d say.”

“Yeah, I guess when you look at it that way, I have been making some pretty big changes at that.”

“Yes you have. One change I’m really glad you made, was changing your mind about women.”

“Why’s that?”

“You, my sweet woman, have a lovely gifted tongue for licking clits and pussies, you know that?”

Heather actually took the remark with happiness now, finding it something to be proud of as an accomplishment.

“I was that good was I?”

“You want another taste of pink, Baby, put me at the top of your call list, okay?”

“Oh stop, it wasn’t that good. I barely even knew what I was doing?”

“Oooh, a natural talent, I like that.”

“Come off it, Tracy, you’re too much.”

The pair laughed about it and Tracy reached over and held her hand, as they pulled onto Tracy’s street and then into the driveway. Tracy pressed the garage door opener and they drove in and stopped, Tracy closing the door behind them. They went in and Tracy took her for a quick tour of her house and showed off some of her favorite areas. They finally made it to the master bedroom and Tracy had to do a grand gesture and open both of the French doors at the same time. They walked in and she closed them behind them.

“My Pleasure Palace what do you think? Not hard to enjoy your time in here, huh?”

“Oh Tracy, it’s gorgeous. It must have cost a fortune. I love it.”

“Me too. I figure if this is where all the fun action is supposed to happen, might as well make it as fun as we can right?”

“Good way to look at it. I love it though, the colors are beautiful and rich, I like that. Not really fond of pastels myself. It’s so luxurious looking, all the fabrics and pillows. Like you could lie anywhere and be comfortable.”

“Exactly the point of it all. Fun happens all over this room. We just throw towels everywhere and do it.


“Oh yeah, last night, that chaise saw some hard fucking with me over the back and Jim was just going at me. Fuck did my ass sting after that.”

“He was doing it that hard?”

“Well, the spanking added to it at the start, but that’s something else.”

“He spanked you? Like over his knee spanked you?”

“No, over the back of the chaise, then he fucked me.”

“You like spanking?”

Tracy could see an interest to know if there was something sensual in it that she might find interesting.

“If it’s done right. Christ, the last thing I want is my ass whacked with a belt or strap, or something. Just a nice sting is what I like. Makes my ass nice and warm and tingly. Jim gets so close to my pussy too and I start getting wet right then and there.”

“I can’t even imagine spanking being nice to feel.”

“I know, hard to get past mom and dad doing it to punish you. Believe me, this kind of spanking is much different. Not saying it can’t hurt as much as them doing it, just feels a whole lot better getting there. I think that’s the best way to describe it.”

“So it still hurts?”

“Of course, but a nice hurt. Tell me those bottles didn’t put a hurt on you? And if I know you, that Chablis took you for a nice ride, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was fun, I admit it, so?”

“So tell me it didn’t cause you any pain at all getting it inside?”


“Exactly, well. Pain and pleasure are the same thing you know. There’s only the difference of a fine line between them and it’s different for everybody. I can take more pain than you let’s say and I find it a turn on, where it might be too rough for you and not so much fun.”

“Okay, I can see that. I understand that line thing between the two. I just can’t see me enjoying my ass getting spanked and getting off on it.”

“Yeah, I guess not. Same as women and bottles.”



The two laughed about it all and then Tracy spun Heather around and grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up and off before she knew what was going on. Tracy’s hands were undoing her bra and then she şişli escort squatted and reached around and pulled the drawstring on her sweatpants and pulled them down past her knees and then her panties. She left them bunched at her ankles and stood up again.

“Tracy, you could at least tell me to undress and I would have.”

“Nah, I like doing that. Come on, let’s get you fixed up.”

“Oh, shave time, right.”

“Yeah, we’ll do that too.”

“What do you mean, too?”

Tracy led Heather shuffling her feet over to the chaise and pushed her over the back, the curved padding cushioning her hips. Tracy pushed against her back and held her down, as Heather struggled to get up.

“Tracy, what the fuck are you doing?”

“You’ll see.”

Before Heather could say anything, Tracy gave her a spank on her rounded cheek. Heather yelped and tried to put her hands back to cover herself, but Tracy spanked the other cheek and got the same reaction.

“Tracy! Stop that.”

“Shh, don’t fight it, enjoy it.”

She spanked her on both cheeks and made Heather jump and bounce on the arm. Her cheeks became redder, the outline of Tracy’s hand showing on them. Tracy kept spanking lightly, the stinging only hurting for a second or two and then the tingling warmth took over. Heather struggled and got her hands to cover her ass, but Tracy started going down her thighs and made Heather jump even more. Heather’s tears were from the frustration of losing control and Tracy knew they were.

“It’s alright, just let it happen and don’t fight it. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Heather tried hard to say no, but she kept taking stock of the warm tingle Tracy said she felt and it was stimulating. Slowly she began to unclench her cheeks and let the small, stinging slaps do their work on her. Her tears died down and sobs slowly transformed into moans. Tracy pushed Heather’s feet apart and she complied, even though she knew where she was going to be hit. Tracy eased slightly as she began slapping the soft inner thighs and reddening all her thighs. Heather quivered and shook, but was now concentrating on the feeling, instead of thinking about pain and punishment.

Tracy watched Heather accept the stinging stimulation as she spanked her, the soft whimpers and moans letting Tracy know that Heather was becoming aroused. She reached around the front of Heather’s hips and slid her hand over Heather’s mound and searched for her clit. Heather knew what Tracy was going for and pulled at her pubic hair to part it to allow the stimulation of her clit.

Tracy rubbed the swollen knob of flesh and Heather pushed her ass out in response. Tracy was hoping for that and smacked her ass harder now, as the stimulation of spanking increased. Heather’s tears returned, but she still accepted the punishing blows as stimulation, as she began heading into her first pain induced orgasm. Tracy brought the stinging inflictions closer and closer to the flesh around her pussy and saw the increase of arousal from Heather.

“Oh God, Tracy, I’m going to cum.”

“That’s it, Baby. Enjoy it, let it go and feel how good that is.”

“Yes, yes, spank me. Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Tracy felt the clenching and tightening of muscles as Heather raced into the orgasm headlong and slumped over the chaise, her orgasm consuming her, as Tracy kept spanking the delicious sting into her. The shaking and quivers told Tracy that Heather was having a strong reaction to it and knew she had changed her mind once again. Tracy stopped and rubbed her hand over the hairy mound, feeling the heat of passion emanating from her.

“Now you know you enjoy spanking. I knew you did. Your pussy is telling me how happy it is.”

Heather caught her breath again and turned to look at Tracy. Her face was a reflection of submissive acceptance, her orgasm owed to the woman before her. She hugged her and cried again, feeling the release of so much inside her.

“See, not so bad at all, was it?”

Tracy hugged her back and caressed her scarlet ass softly, soothing the heated pleasure she created. Heather held on to Tracy and let her be in control, her decision to do anything no longer something she wanted to do. Tracy felt the subservience from her and took her hand, leading her to her bathroom. She sat her down on the toilet and gave her a long, soft kiss, before she opened her cupboard and took out her shaving bag.

“Now, how should we make your pussy look pretty? Want it completely shaved smooth, no hair at all, or would you like me to leave some and maybe make a nice design in it?”

Heather wiped a few more tears away and looked at Tracy standing before her, then down at the mass of tangled hair between her legs.

“I’d like to see my tat again, so most of it has to go. It’s right here, so from the edge to here at least has to go.”

Heather pointed out where her tattoo was and Tracy saw there was little hair left once she exposed it.

“I’d say shave it all off then, but I’ll try and keep a little hair, I think that looks nice.”

“I’d like a little hair too. Not much, but something to say I’m a woman and not a girl.”

“Oh, there’s no mistaking you for a girl, Baby. You’re all woman to me. You don’t need hair to prove that.”

“No, I guess I don’t, really. If you can leave some great, if not, who cares?”

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