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Susan anally fucks Billy Bob with her strap-on dildo, Big Bruno, in an underground garage in Boston.

As soon as Susan’s strap-on dildo entered Billy Bob’s ass cheeks, he let out a scream that echoed through the entire underground garage.


In the way that Billy Bob must holler for his pigs in Pig’s Holler, he let out an ungodly scream when Susan’ strap-on dildo, Big Bruno, parted his ass cheeks wider and forced itself of his anal cavity deeper. If he was at a doctor’s office for a medical procedure, he would have needed an anesthetic. For such a big man, an involuntary reaction, he screamed like a little girl. For such a big man, with Susan standing behind him with the full length of Big Bruno inside of Billy Bob’s ass, helplessly controlled while anally connected, he was her bitch now instead of the other way around. Obviously accustomed to having his inappropriately, wicked way with women, when he thought he’d be getting the better of her, she got the better of him.

As far as she was concerned, it served him right in the way that he was inappropriately talking to her and touching her on the train. Full of confidence and full of himself then, he was full of plugged up shit now. A man she just happened to sit beside, he shouldn’t feel that he could take inappropriate, verbal liberties with her and physical, sexual liberties with her person. A man she just happened to meet, he should have had more respect for her, but obviously he didn’t. A man she just happened to me, he should have had more respect women in general, but obviously he doesn’t. Now, with her dildo buried deep in his ass, she’d be teaching this man a lesson.

Even after his bad behavior on the train to Boston, when he thought that he was going to have his wicked, sexual way with her, she turned the table on him instead. As if they were buying a pig to poke together, this was the deal that she struck with him. If he wanted to have his wicked, sexual way with her, he had to allow her to have her wicked, sexual way with him first. A deal is a deal, if he wanted to fuck her up her ass, he had to allow her to fuck him in his ass first.

* * * * *

Being that Billy Bob had spent some time in prison, taking it in his ass wasn’t a new thing. He’s been forced to submit to having anal sex with men before and he’s forced men to submit to having anal sex with him before too. Yet, what was new was instead of a man fucking him in his ass with his cock, it was a woman fucking him in his ass with a giant strap-on dildo.

To appease him after he molested her on the train by telling him that he could fuck her in her ass after she fucked him in his ass, that was the deal that Susan suggested and that was the deal that Billy Bob agreed to do. He could fuck her in her ass if she could fuck him in his ass first. As a man from the south who abided by his word, he kept his agreement to Susan by allowing her to fuck him up his ass with Big Bruno, her strap on fungo bat of a dildo. Only, obviously, with him already having a big, black, hard cock in his ass in prison, he didn’t think it would hurt to be anally fucked with Big Bruno as much as it did. Oh, God, was he wrong.

Now with Big Bruno buried in Billy Bob’s ass, at that point in time, Susan not only owned his ass, she owned him. Willing to do anything that she wanted, she was a woman in the control of a man in a man’s world. Instead of having another big pig of a man sticking his cock inside of her or forcing her to suck him, she was sticking her dildo in a man. Taking her stand, she was getting even with Billy Bob for his inappropriate, sexual comments and his unwelcomed sexual gropes, feels, and touches. Taking her stand, a woman alone in a man’s world, she was fucking all men in their asses.

How does he like being fucked up his ass in the way that so many men have fucked her over and again in every hole? With the roles reversed, how does he like being the bitch, her bitch? How does he like being used and abused in the way that so many men have used and abused her? How does not only being dominated but also being submissive to a woman?

With Susan humping and humping him, and with her fucking and fucking him up his ass harder and deeper, she was not only humping Billy Bob with Big Bruno, she was humping all the men who not only sexually fucked her and but also who fucked her over. Using Billy Bob as an example, he was the poster boy for all of the asshole men who have had little regard for her and who continue to have little regard for women. In the way that so many men disrespect her with their leering looks, nasty, dirty words, and/or inappropriate and unwelcomed touches, gropes, and feels, it was her turn now to get even. By assuming his role, she was teaching Billy Bob a lesson that he’d never soon forget.

No doubt, going deeper than he’s ever been fucked up the ass in prison before, Susan was giving him the ass fucking of his life. Humping him harder and fucking him faster, she plunged Big Bruno deeper in canlı bahis his ass. As she was humping him, feeling as if she needed his apology and feeling as if she needed him to verbally acknowledge that he was in her control, she was tempted to ask him if he was sorry. In the way that men have done to her, she wanted to pull his hair and slap his face while asking him if he was sorry. No doubt, he’d respond, “Sorry for what? I didn’t do nothin’.”

“Are you sorry?” She so wanted to pull his hair hard to snap his head back. “Are you sorry for saying dirty and nasty things to me on the train?” She so wanted to slap his face. “Are you sorry for inappropriately touching, feeling, and groping me?” She so wanted to pull his hair again and again while slapping his face again and again. “Are you sorry?”

Only, he wasn’t sorry. Knowing that it would be his turn soon to fuck her in her ass, he was just enduring all of this pain, embarrassment, and punishment to give it all back to her later. While fucking her in her ass, she could just hear him say, “Payback is a bitch, bitch. How do you like me now?”

In the way that he, no doubt, would, even though she was tempted to, she didn’t ask him if he was sorry. She didn’t care if he was sorry or not. Even though she was tempted to pull his hair and slap his face, in the way that he, no doubt, would to her, she didn’t do pull his hair and/or slap his face. For all the women that he’s so sexually abused, slamming her hips against his naked ass, she just continued humping him and fucking his ass. Once she was done humping him and fucking his ass, she was done with him.

She made her point with Big Bruno. Maybe the next time he tried to force a woman to do something that she didn’t want to do with him, he’ll remember this ass fucking. Pounding his ass in the way he undoubtedly wished he could pound her mouth, her pussy, and/or her ass with his puny, Rebel cock, she was fucking his ass as if she was a leader of the pack dog and he was her bitch in heat. She was fucking his ass in the way that no doubt Billy Bob wished he could fuck her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. In the way he talked to her on the train and salivated over her big tits and shapely body, no doubt, he couldn’t wait to fuck her mouth, pussy, and ass.

By him agreeing for her to have her wicked sexual way with his ass, no doubt, he thought that he’d be having his wicked, sexual way with her ass too. Yet, with him do despicably nasty and ill-mannered with her so extraordinarily beautiful and shapely, obviously by allowing her to fuck him in the ass with Big Bruno, Billy Bob knew that this agreement was the only way that he could have his wicked, sexual way with Susan’s ass too. The only way he obviously thought she’d allow him to fuck her in her ass with his puny, little cock is to allow her to fuck him up his ass with Big Bruno.

Fucking and fucking him, she pushed him hard up against the wall. She humped him, she fucked him, and impaled him up against the wall while humping him harder and fucking him deeper. Then, as if she had killed him, giving up his fight to stop her from humping him any harder and going any deeper, as if she just anally fucked the life right out of him, she felt him submit. When she felt his whole body let go and go limp, he belonged to her now. She fucked the fight right out of him. Then, when she tried pulling Big Bruno from out of his anal cavity, stuck inside, she had to turn, twist, and jump back to remove her giant dildo from his meaty ass.

“Yeeeooow,” he cried out in pain as she forced that small bat from his ass.

Once free of Big Bruno, as if he was unconscious, Billy Bob crumpled to the ground in a heap of blubber. Looking much like a beached whale on a beach on Cape Cod, breathing heavily and sweating, he didn’t move. She had taken complete control over his fat body. With blood and feces staining the end of Big Bruno and streaking up the sides of it, no longer wanting to claim Big Bruno after where it’s been, she unbuckled her strap and tossed Big Bruno on the ground beside him. She looked at him lying there, the man who so inappropriately said nasty things to her and who took the liberty to inappropriately touch, grope, and feel parts of her womanly body after just meeting him on a train.

How dare he? What right did he have to say those filthy things to her? What right did he have to dare touch her? Look at him just lying there sweating and panting. After being fucked up the ass by a woman, he’s not such a player now. He’s a bitch. He’s her bitch.

* * * * *

Not wasting any time in leaving him there with his pants and underwear down around his ankles, she climbed in her car, closed her door, started the engine, put her top down, and drove away. With her having her wicked, sexual, anal way with him in the way that so very men have had their wicked, sexual way with her, she didn’t want to wait around for him to regain his energy. She certainly didn’t want to wait around for him to take out his revenge on bahis siteleri her sweet, round, firm ass.

“Dumb hillbilly ass,” she said as she was driving away.

Being that she was never going to abide by her agreement for him to fuck her up her ass, she was gone, gone, and gone in sixty seconds. The last thing he heard of her was the loud exhaust rumble of her Mustang GT echoing throughout the underground garage. There was no way that she was going to wait around to make sure that he was okay. Best someone like him be left to his own devices and his own misery. Best someone like him go home and return to his fucked up life on his pig farm with his pigs and to the whores he fucked on a Saturday night.

“Bye Billy Bob. Bye! Thank you for allowing me to fuck you in your ass. You may keep Big Bruno as a souvenir,” she said with a wave of her pretty hand while laughing and looking at him in her rear view mirror still lying there motionless.

“Fucking bitch,” he said while still in the fetal position with a hand pressed to his ass. “I’ll get you,” he yelled after her. “I’ll fix you. You just wait and see. You’ll be sorry that you every fucked with Billy Bob,” he said taking ownership of Big Bruno and using the giant dildo to help himself up from the cement floor of the garage. As if willing her to crash in a pole, he stared at back end of her car driving away while giving her the evil eye.

“Bye Billy Bob! Bye,” screamed out Susan as she left the garage and left him.

“We’ll see how you like it when I fuck you up your ass with this,” he said holding up Big Bruno as if it was a torch that he had just been given to carry for all men who have been physically and emotionally abused by a mere woman. “Ow! Ow! Ow,” he cried out while standing to pull up his underwear and pants.

* * * * *

That next day, Billy Bob lay in wait for Susan to park her car in her reserved parking space. With her no doubt figuring that she thought he took the next train home, he delayed his return home to get even with her. Wanting to really give it to her and to make sure that she got more than what she dished out to him, he called his two friends Larry and his brother Larry to help him. Weird that he’d have two friends both named Larry, it was even weirder that two brothers would share the same first name, but they were step-brothers joined together from two different marriages.

Billy Bob, Larry, and Larry hid behind poles while waiting for Susan. It wasn’t long before they heard the familiar, unmistakable, loud rumble of a Mustang GT. As if the car’s exhausted heralded her arrival when driving a chariot down from Heaven, all who heard the sound of a Mustang making its way through a closed, underground garage turned to stare. Uniquely different sounding from any other car, there’s nothing like the sound of the exhaust of a Mustang GT. It wasn’t long before they watched her pull her satin, black convertible in her parking space, put up her top, open her door, and step out of her car.

“Show time! Get even time,” said Billy Bob to out loud.

As soon as she parked her car and got out, oblivious to the three men hiding in wait for her, she walked around the back of the Mustang to open her trunk to retrieve her pocketbook. Being that she was driving around downtown Boston in a convertible, she didn’t want some man reaching in her car and grabbing her pocketbook from the front seat and taking off with it while she’s stuck in traffic. Street smart, after having been fucked over by so many men before, a man would have to go a long way to fuck her over again.

Yet, seemingly, unbeknownst to the danger awaiting her in the shadows of the deserted underground garage, instead of being the victor as she was yesterday, today she was the victim. Today, instead of her fucking Billy Bob in his ass, he’d be fucking her in her ass. Two can play this game and today it was his turn to win. Today was the day that he’d finally satisfy the agreement that e made with her by fucking her in her ass after she fucked him in his ass.

Quickly, as if he was a boxer or a prima ballerina so light on his feet, he stealthily approached her. Once behind her and once close enough to her to reach out his hand to grab her, before she could even turn around, Billy Bob threw his fat hand over her mouth. As if to punctuate that he owned her, he reached down with his other hand to feel her panty clad ass through her short skirt while Larry and Larry watched the free show. As if already fucking her in her ass, he pressed her body against the back of her car with his fat body. Then, he slowly raised the back of her short skirt with purpose, with anger, and with vengeance.

Once her skirt was lifted up beyond her waist and once her white, bikini panties were completely exposed to Larry and Larry, he stuck his meaty hand between her legs. While fingering her pussy through her panty, he grabbed a whole handful of her panty clad pussy before sticking his hand down the back of her underwear. bahis şirketleri As if looking for something, he felt a whole handful of her firm, round ass before pulling down her panties. Hunched over her car trunk, unable to move and not even bothering to struggle, she stood there bare assed naked for the sexual delight of Larry and Larry.

* * * * *

“Wait,” she said. “A deal is a deal and I don’t mind you fucking me in my ass but with your two friends already seeing so much of me, too much of me, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting your two friends.”

With her skirt still raised up to her waste, while flashing them her blonde, trimmed pussy, and with Billy Bob grabbing a big handful of her long, lush, naturally blonde hair, he spun her around to introduce his two friends.

“This is Larry and this is his brother Larry,” said Billy Bob.

She looked from Larry and Larry to look at Billy Bob before looking back at Larry and Larry.

“There must be quite the story that you both have the same first name,” she said with a laugh. “I’m pleased to meet you Larry and Larry. Please forgive my exposed appearance but I don’t have much choice in the matter,” she said with a little nervous laugh.

“You’re very beautiful,” said Larry


“You have a beautiful ass and pussy,” said Larry


“Thank you, I think,” said Susan. “Listen Billy Bob, being that we made our little agreement, I’m okay with you fucking me in my ass, really I am, but I’m not into having a gangbang. I know once you have me pinned against the back of my car, not only will you be using Big Bruno on me but you’ll all will be having your wicked sexual way with me by sticking your cocks in my ass, in my pussy, and in my mouth,” said Susan.

“You got that right,” said Billy Bob taking Big Bruno from Larry

while pounding the big, wooden club in the palm of his hand. “Once Big Bruno has had his turn, we’re all going to have our turns fucking you while you suck us.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right Susan,” said Billy Bob.

“So that I’m not fucked into oblivion, what if I call my two roommates and the three of us can party together. That way, you can give my ass the full attention that you should and the ass fucking that I truly deserve,” said Susan. “I’d rather do you one-on-one than to be forced to do three-on-one.”

“Two roommates?” Larry

looked to Larry

. “Are they purdy?”

“Purdy? They’re more than purdy Larry. They’re pretty. They’re beautiful. Much prettier than me, they are the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen,” said Susan.

“What’s their names?” Larry

gave Susan a missing tooth smile.

“Sally and Wendy,” said Susan. “Shall I call them?”

“Yeah, go ahead and call them but no monkey business. I don’t want you calling the police. Matter of fact, hand me your phone, give me their number, and I’ll dial it,” said Billy Bob.

“Okay,” said Susan reaching in her pocketbook and pulling out a Lady Smith, model 642, .38 caliber handgun. “Say hello to my little friends. “This is Susan Smith and Wendy Wesson, Lady Smith of Smith and Wesson.”

“Wait, now hold on there, Susan. We were only joking. We weren’t about to do you no harm,” said Billy Bob. “Matter of fact, I was just about to pull up your panties and pull down your skirt.”

“Is that right?” Waving her gun at each man, Susan looked from Billy Bob to Larry and to Larry. “Is that why you lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties, and brought Big Bruno to the party because you were joking?”

“Yeah, well, we did have a deal and I kept my end of the bargain. I allowed you to fuck me up my ass with Big Bruno. It was only fair that I should fuck you in your ass Big Bruno and with my cock too,” said Billy Bob. “Larry and Larry were just icing on your pudding and happy to come to our little party.

“I see,” said Susan taking no prisoners. “Take off your pants. Take off your pants now I said,” said Susan pointing her gun at all three men.


“Take off your pants,” she said taking the gun off of safety and putting her finger on the trigger. “Take them off now!”

“Okay, okay,” said Billy Bob.

“And your underwear too,” she said. “You too,” she said pointing her gun at Larry and Larry. “Pretend that this is a new version of Deliverance or Pulp Fiction where the woman is in control of your asses. Now strip naked, you hillbillies.”

In case they had thoughts of bum rushing her, she took a couple of steps back to give her the time to get off three, well aimed shots.

Billy Bob, Larry, and Larry removed their pants and their underwear.

“Okay, so now that we’re naked,” said Billy Bob, “now what?”

“Bend over and spread them,” said Susan.

“You,” she said pointing to Larry

. “Get behind him and fuck him in his ass.”

Immediately obeying her as if he had fucked Billy Bob in his ass before, Larry

moved behind Billy Bob and inserted his cock in his ass.

“Oh, my God, Susan. I’ll get even with you if it’s the last thing that I do,” said Billy Bob.

“Now you,” she said pointing to Larry

. “Get in front of him and stick your cock in his mouth. I’m tired of listening to him threatening me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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