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Big Tits

In Philadelphia for company and client meetings. Enjoying sexy times with a hot coworker from the Philly office. We had a great night and morning. Now its time to work and then hopefully more play.

I awoke to the alarm ringing and reached to turn it off. Laying back in bed I thought about what had happened in the past 12 hours. Since arriving yesterday I had been to a Phillies game, arrived to my hotel to find my coworker Susan dressed in a sexy outfit in my bed with vibrator in her pussy, had a great fuck, had my cock held by her as I took a piss and had gotten a morning blowjob where she had swallowed all my cum.

My cock started to harden just thinking about it. Susan had left about an hour ago to get some work done at the office. The blue knit dress she was wearing clung to her body in all the right places. Underneath she was wearing a black lace bra, black garter and stockings. A black gstring pulled over the garter barely covered her bald pussy. Thinking about it made me even harder. I started to slowly stroke my cock. Coming to my senses, I stopped. Needed to get ready for work.

I moved to the bathroom to get ready. It still smelled like her. After showering and cleaning up I went to the closet to get my suit. Susan also had clothes hanging in there. Moving to her suitcase, I opened it and noted a sexy red outfit, heels and other clothes. She came prepared to stay for my whole trip. I could not wait to see what experience the next couple of days would bring.

I had meetings at the Philly office with the accounting partners and was to instruct a class in the afternoon. Susan was going to follow me with the tax section of the class.

The morning was a whirlwind of meetings and I had little time to think about Susan. However, we had lunch scheduled to meet and coordinate our presentations for the afternoon.

Around noon I was escorted to Susan’s office. She was seated at her desk and our lunch was on a small round conference Bostancı Escort table next to her desk. Senior Directors like us had private offices with locking doors.

“Close the door and lock it,” she said with a wicked little grin.

I closed the door pushing the lock button as I did. I sat at the table and she turned to face me. Her dress was pulled up showing the tops of her stockings. From where I sat I could see a hint of her black gstring covering her pussy. She smiled her wicked grin again and moved to the table with me. As she moved over, her dress dropped back down but I noticed she had kicked her heels off.

She leaned forward and kissed me. A long passionate tongue filled kiss. My cock was starting to stir. She broke off the kiss and turned to the lunches we had waiting for us.

“How has your morning been?” she asked.

“Not near as nice as it started, that’s for sure. Wish we could have just stayed at the hotel this morning.

She grinned, “me too.”

We settled into eating lunch and discussing the presentation for the afternoon but the electricity and desire hovered on the air.

We had about 20 minutes before the presentation was to begin. She had cleared the table and we were sitting at the table together.

The table was small and we were sitting close to each other. Placing a hand on my legs she said “I wish I could fuck you right here.”

“Me too. Too bad we could not have gone to the hotel for lunch.”

“You ever fuck anybody in your office?” Susan asked.

“Yes, but it was after hours with less chances for interruptions.”

Her stockinged foot moved to my crotch “So now would be a bad idea?”

“Extremely”, I grimaced.

We could hear people in the hallway and just looked at each other.

“We need to go”, I said.

“I know, but I don’t want to.”

We gathered our things and headed to the training room. The afternoon was pretty uneventful. I was glad i was sitting Erenköy Escort behind a table that had a front to it. As i watched Susan do her presentation I kept imaging what she had on underneath, what could happen this evening and my pesky cock kept getting hard.

There was a dinner scheduled at 7 that evening that Susan and I and 10 others were attending. I went by her office where she was speaking to a couple of her staff members. Told her i would see her at the restaurant. She smiled, “I will see you later.”

I got back to the hotel about 5:30, peeled off my suit, made a drink from the minibar and laid on the bed. it was approaching 6:00 and i was working on my second drink. I was on the bed thinking about Susan and what we might do tonight. The thought of her hot pussy wrapped around my cock started making me hard. I was stroking my cock through my underwear when i heard the door lock click. Susan stepped into the room and looked at me stroking my growing cock.

“Starting without me?” she asked.

“Thinking of you”, I responded.

She smiled and pulled her dress up over her head revealing the sexy outfit underneath, minus the gstring.

“Lose something?” I asked.

“It was so wet from thinking about fucking you that I took it off earlier today.”

Kicking off her heels she walked across the room to me. She stopped at the edge of the bed, reaches behind her back and removes her bra releasing her wonderful tits. Reaching for my cock, she removes my hand, “let me do that for you.” Grabbing my underwear she pulls them off of me and throws them across the room.

Squeezing my cock she says, “I have been waiting all day for this.” She is slowly stroking my hardening cock.

I reach out to massage her pussy and she is absolutely dripping wet. She said “I have been so horny, it has just been dripping all day.”

I slipped a finger inside her searching for her clit. Her knees buckled slightly and she gasped Göztepe Escort as my fingers slid over it.

She climbed onto the bed. “I need your cock now” she said as she impaled herself on my cock. The air rushed from her lungs as my cock plunged its full length into her. She shuddered and sat still for a moment as a small orgasm shot through her.

Leaning forward she began to ride my cock sliding almost out of her on each long stroke. I reached up to squeeze, suck and massage her tits and nipples as she rode me harder and harder. Her breathing was becoming more labored. Suddenly she went stiff and her body began to shake as a large orgasm swept over her and she collapsed on top of me trying to catch her breath.

I continued to slowly fuck her totally soaked pussy.

“Let me get behind you”, I said. She rolled off of me onto her stomach and pulled her legs up to stick her ass in the air with her head on the pillows.

I moved behind her and slid my cock back into her hot dripping pussy. Grabbing her by the hips i began fucking her. Susan was still recovering from her orgasm but slowly began to respond to my cock pounding her pussy.

Moving one hand to her pussy, I smeared her juices all over my hand and rubbed some over her asshole. She tensed up as I slowly pushed my thumb into her asshole.

“Oh God”, she gasped into the pillow as I worked my thumb in and out of her ass and i continued to fuck her; It did not take long for that familiar feeling of cum building up in my cock. I started to fuck her faster wanting to fill her pussy with my cum again. Just as the first pulse of cum shot into her I jammed my thumb as far as I could into her ass. She moaned as I finished pumping her full of cum and pressed into her asshole.

After a minute my softening cock fell from her pussy pulling a trail of cum from it and i pulled my thumb from her ass. She rolled on her side and I fell next to her facing her. I was still trying to catch my breath.

She kissed me softly and said “Thanks, I needed that.”

“More than my pleasure”, I responded.

“No one has ever done that to my ass, it felt really intense.”

“We can try some more if you like”.

“We’ll see”, she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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