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Sam pulls up in her sleek black convertible, her arrival only noticed because of the “cheep cheep” of her central locking. You here the clicking of heels on the front stairs as you scramble to finalize your makeup again, she will never know this is the 4th time this afternoon you have scrubbed your face bare and reapplied it due to the false sense that something wasn’t right about it although this was brought on only by the nervousness building inside of you. You glance at the clock, 3:15 pm, plenty of time to ask her this favor before Marcus gets home. It’s a surprise for Marcus, but something you have craved since meeting Sam. Your stomach drops as Sam knocks on the door but you try to fight it as you call out as best you can muster “just a sec” barely audible due to the butterflies in your stomach. One last check of the mirror and clearing the clutter of brushes and powders from your dresser into the open beauty case beside it with the sweep of an arm, a sparse thought to if any weren’t closed properly before rushing to the door to greet your perspective play mate.

Your breath catches, as it always does when you gaze upon Sam, today she just looks even more angelic, her flowing dark brunette hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, parted to the side in a messy down hairdo dancing over her tattooed shoulders, angel wings that cover her entire back, you’ve never seen them fully but she told you what it was when you were discussing ink over lunch on one of your lunch dates, she also disclosed she has 4 other tattoos, you’re not sure of their location, but boy do you like to imagine. Sam has flawless smiling complexion with her make up always on point and that is only the beginning. You notice she looks extraordinarily happy today, not that she is usually unhappy, just, more happy, as she leans in to give you a hug. What is it you have been dying to ask me she giggles as she steps through the front door as if it’s her house.

Another trait you find irresistible in her, her ability to simply own her existence, the way she walks the way she talks, the world is at her feet, she is one hundred percent in control. Always. “Oh never mind that”, you try to hide your anxiety and recover from the daze you were in looking at her, she doesn’t seem to notice and plonks down comfortably on the couch in the lounge. You catch yourself admiring her outfit again, this tiny white number, as all of her outfits do, amplifies her beauty. Just the perfect amount of cleavage, enough to show the magnitude of her breasts but not appear slutty. The accents of red on it, matching her lipstick and her stiletto style heels, her heels making her legs look as though they go on for miles, everything about her in your eyes is perfect. You’re really not sure now who your wanting this for. Oh crap, are you still staring you think before darting your eyes off her and blurting out “wine, I need wine, would you like a glass of wine?” Yep, real smooth, you think to yourself.

Whilst amused and gently taking the mickey out of you, Sam accepts your offer of wine even though she questions why you want wine at this time of day, and why you seem a little on edge, she doesn’t press you too hard for information as she can sense something is up, but as your friendship with her has taught her, your usually an open book with her and you will spill the beans with her eventually so she’s content to let it go for now. Sipping wine you try to make small talk with her, trying not to get lost in her hazel eyes as you have many times before, not in real life, but in your dreams, dammit your staring again, you realise and attempt to catch up with the conversation.

Sam’s talking about her latest fling, when your mind begins to wonder off again, mainly because you’ve just noticed the edge of another tattoo on beylikdüzü escort her upper thigh. You realise now you think about her possibly unhealthy amounts, especially for a married woman about to tick over her 10th wedding anniversary. You think back to this morning, where you realised there was a way to fill the void you’ve been craving for so long. You were standing in the shower thinking about your last lunch date with Sam, her talking about her night before with this handsome older guy she met in a bar downtown. While she told you of the details on him, your mind was lost thinking of her, how her body moved in ecstasy with touches and tastes, before you knew it, your hands were engaged with your nether regions and you were on the brink of climax, then bang on the door, Marcus, “Hunni, I’m off to work, love you!” And quick as he was gone out the door, so was the moment. It was at that moment of sheer frustration, you knew you had to do something about these urges that won’t destroy your relationship with the man of your dreams. It just might mean you have to share, even though you don’t really want to share either of them.

Sam has given you no indication what so ever that she is into girls, always talking about men with rock hard torsos and crew cuts never about times she spent with another woman, possibly for the best because your almost certain you would have orgasmed in your seat if she had gone into too much detail with a story like that. You thought maybe if you offer your man up, a sacrifice so to speak, you maybe, just may be able to fill your desire of being intimate with the goddess. Marcus is a good looking man, maybe not in her opinion the greatest, but maybe enough to convince her to join you both for a night of fun in your bedroom.

“I WANT YOU TO SLEEP WITH US” you blurt out, Sam was in the midst of describing her last lovers’ obscure but effective oral technique, leaving barely anything to the imagination, you would have been frothing at the lips with this if you weren’t so nervous about asking her, when you had your outburst. The shock and surprise obvious on her face and you start to back pedal and convince her at the same time, a bumbling mess of scrambled words flowing from your mouth in no rational order when Sam tells you to stop, a blank expression on her face. You’ve blown it, you know it, you start to apologize again only to be shushed again, and you sit there silently, though your mind is racing a million miles per second trying to decide if you have instantly killed a great friendship or just made it completely awkward to the point where in time it would fade to nothing. The silence deafening.

You want me to sleep with you and Marcus? She queries.

Yes. No. Sort of, yes.

Why? Sam asks you.

Oh shit, do you lie to her? The same lie you’re telling yourself, that it would be a gift for Marcus for your anniversary? Sure he’d enjoy it, he’s admitted to wanting to have a threesome before, but this is your fantasy, you can’t convince even yourself it’s for anyone but yourself, how could you convince her, you try anyway.

“Marcus has wanted a to see me with a woman for as long as I can remember,” you start, “and you are the woman I”, you cut yourself off fearing your little slip may have let the cat out of the bag. You start to correct yourself but Sam interrupts.

“I’m the woman you want to be with most?”

Shit, busted.

“Of all the people in this world, you could have anyone, your beautiful, you’re perfect, why me?”

“Oh no it’s not that, it’s just that, you, I, you’re the kind of woman I think Marcus.”

“No” Sam Cuts you off bluntly, “you said I am the person YOU would most like to sleep with.”

Her intelligence, while another beyoğlu escort appealing attribute, has caught you red handed, “yes” you fess up.

“are you sure that’s what you really want”

“more than anything ” you reply.

“If you’re absolutely sure then I am ok with it, but let me ask you this” Sam proposes as she slides a little closer to you.

“If we did this, would you be ok with your man kissing me naked on your bed, it wouldn’t make you a little uncomfortable?”

“I, I, I, I don’t think so,” you stutter.

Leaning in a little closer, a pristine view of her bust pressing from the edges of her low cut top, erect pierced nipples visible through the thin white dress, Sam asks softer “are you sure you’d be ok with me running my hands all over your man’s body?”

“Yeah,” a slight squeak to your voice as you answer, unsure of where this line of questioning is going.

Closer still, Sam moves towards you, you can feel her soft breath on your exposed neck, certain she can feel your rapid breathing on her own you brace for her next inquisition.

“And you’re sure you’d be ok with Marcus fucking me from every angle?”

Awestruck by the brutality of the question you’re barely able to compose yourself enough to answer but you manage to nod your head up and down.

“Then I guess there is only 1 more thing I need to know,” Sam spoke as softly as a breeze of a summer night, “how would you handle him having his way with me when we both know it’s you who wants to be with me?”

You attempt to answer her in the exact second her lips are pressed firmly against yours, kissing you passionately, softly but hard, slow yet fast, exactly how you’ve longed for her to kiss you for what seems like eternity. You want to pull away, you know you should but you can’t, so you pull her towards you. Right hand entangled in Sam’s hair, left above her waist pulling her into you as your tongues waltz in a flurry of passion, darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Her hands mirroring yours, she pushes towards you, supporting you as she lays you down along the couch, lips never separating.

Both your hands are now holding her face to yours, not wanting to let this moment go, fearing this moment would eventually end as her hands explore your body over your floral sundress. A slight sigh escapes your lips as her professional fingers work your sensitive breasts. Your heart begins to race as her hand glides smoothly down your stomach, stopping just below your navel. Sam stops kissing you and attempts to ask you another question but you couldn’t care less about questions right now, all you wanted was this woman all to yourself, so you pull her close again and reengage kissing her while your other hand runs down her back to grab hold of her perfect ass. This also helped you to locate the exact coordinates of the zipper holding her dress in place so when the time comes you can dispose of it efficiently and effectively but there is no rush, you are enjoying her taste, her touch, her feel too much to rush anything, though you can feel yourself getting wetter by the second.

Sam lifts your dress above your waist, and pulls you into a seated position, kissing you messily as she lifts your dress up revealing your entire bottom half. “No panties I see” she smiles and winks before kissing your neck and tugging your dress off over your head. Little does she know, you’re quite often commando around her for if ever this opportunity was to arise? Though you never thought it would, you can always dream. Today for you though, dreams come true. You reach for her zipper and slide it down her back as she kisses down your chest, her torso now between your thighs pressing firmly against your mound. The movements she makes bizimkent escort stimulating you more than you would have imagined possible. You thrust your pelvis into her abdomen yearning more as her mouth envelopes your rosebud nips. You tug down on her dress and run your hands over her angel wings, they look so much better fully revealed to her than any mental image you had managed to concoct. Immediately you look for even a glimpse at the rest, before this ends you plan to taste every single one.

As Sam kisses her way down your body toward your eager pussy you catch sight of what to be scripture in fancy writing down her right side, you want to read it word for word as if its braille for your tongue, you don’t care what it says, you just want to devour every inch of her body, you’ve been with women before and you’ve wanted women before, but never like this, never have you felt a want so overwhelming. Your lost in thoughts of biting and kissing parts of Sam’s body you aren’t sure if anyone else has before when your body is sent into an over load of sensations. Sam hasn’t even touched your vulva yet but her gentle tongue running along between your thigh and labia causes you to squirm and moan as though you were about to climax instantaneously. Your hands dive for her hair, as though you’ve found the lost city of Atlantis or the fountain of youth, you’ve found what it is you need and there is no way your letting it go until you’ve got your fill.

Not that there was anything to say different Sam read your body language and goes about her way, hand cupping your perfectly round arse, thumb dancing around your entrances, she slides her tongue through, around, into the heart of your femininity. With each stroke, the intensity increasing, your temperature rising, hips thrusting, another wave of sensation, earth shattering shudders erupt throughout your body as she slides 2 fingers inside you. It’s a snug fit made easier as they were lubricated from the heavily flowing juices flooding your honey pot. Her attack more direct now with only one goal in mind, Sam’s tongue remains flickering at your clit while her fingers rhythmically enter you and retreat, firmly, purposefully, perfectly activating your g-spot, increasing in tempo following the signals your body is sending her. Like a fan on full speed Sam is diving into you harder and faster than you could imagine is humanly possible, you’re at the edge of the most intense orgasm you have felt in years, now uncontrollably pulling her hair forcing her face between your legs, thighs squeezing together hard enough to break open walnuts, riding her Australian kiss like a boat in harbor rolling with the waves from a storm. Just as you’re about to break she slides her thumb straight inside your ass …

Your entire world has gone white.

You know nothing but the pleasure coursing through your body.

There is nothing else.

You’ve reached nirvana.

The whole time you’re convulsing through this kaleidoscope of a crescendo, this relentless battering of wave after wave after wave of climax aftershocks, heavier than the last time you remember the main event being, Sam does stop, not until the last shudder has escaped your fortress, the last flinch of your Kegel muscles have subsided, only then does she withdraw and lay, head upon your stomach.

You cannot move, you aren’t sure how you’re still alive, or even if you are alive, you can barely breathe. Sam lays with you only for a moment, although it seems like an eternity, but soon gets up to re-dress, gives you a quick kiss on the lips and winks as she turns to leave, stopping at the door she looks over her shoulder and says to you, “see you on the 31st, it’s my turn next,”

You lay there, unable to even respond. Not sure if you’re even conscious, not sure if you will ever feel anything as powerful as that again. The only way it could get any better than being with the woman of her dreams…

Was having the man of her dreams at the same time…

You look at the clock as you start to come too, 4:55, just enough time to recompose yourself before he gets home.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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