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I told my wife, Deb, that I wanted to live out a fantasy weekend. I told her I wanted her to make love to a real close friend of ours. Before I could explain, she immediately started to argue that she had already done that once and it wasn’t happening again.

“No! No! You don’t understand.” I explained. “I want to pretend. Now here is the scenario I have in mind. We are going up north this week-end to open the….”

“Yes! We’re already doing that.” She interrupted me to argue, not sounding very pleased.

“Just here me out. I think you might like this.”

I gave her the scenario I wanted to play out. I told her that my mother was ailing and I had to go see her. I still wanted her to go up north to open up the trailer for the season. Because she might not know how to or want to get down under the trailer to open up the water valves, etc.; I wanted Gary (my cousins ex-husband) to go with her.

This of course was to be a fantasy, so I would be playing the part of Gary. I knew she liked Gary and probably had the hots for him, based on some of things she has said in the past. During the divorce process he spent a lot of time at the house. We haven’t talked to my cousin since she started this whole mess.

I also caught him giving her a good-bye hug in the kitchen last Christmas that lasted longer then would be expected. His hands were rubbing her bottom as he ground into her a little. She didn’t protest and there was an obvious bulge in his pants when he turned around. They both blushed a little when they saw me, but nothing was said.

Anyway, she protested against my scenario right away, asking where Gary would sleep, since there was only one bed. That’s when I smiled and said, “That’s up to you. This can be your fantasy too. Besides the dinette does fold down into a bed, so you could use that.”

Deb smiled back, saying, “Umm, but it’s still an awfully small trailer. In those confined quarters, no telling what might happen.” She seemed to be getting into a little bit.

After we got there, I (Gary, she was calling me Gary from the time we got into the car) completed setting everything up in an hour or so. When I finished, Deb asked me to take her to K-Mart, that she needed a few things to set up the kitchen for the season. At K-Mart she kept sending Gary off to get this and that. Every time he came back she sent him off again on another errand. It seemed like she was hiding something. Even at the check out line, she sent him off to get something else.

We relaxed the afternoon away and then she sent Gary off to shower and change in the campground bathroom, while she did the same in the trailer. When he came back, the trailer was locked and she wouldn’t let him in, claiming she wasn’t decent.

Finally, about forty-five minutes later, she Bostancı Escort open the trailer door and stepped out wearing a black skirt and an almost see through brown satin blouse, which was unbuttoned about half way down. This gave me… Gary a sensual view of a half cup bush-up bra that barely hid her nipples, but left the tops her areolas very visible. Her hair was pulled up in a French curl on the back of her head and her face was made up nicely, accented with bright red lipstick and light blue eyeliner. She really looked great. I hadn’t seen her this dolled up in a long, long time. I found out later she had bought the blouse and bra at K-Mart earlier.

Offering Gary her arm, she said, “Let’s go have some fun. If my husband can’t show me a good time, maybe our best friend can.”

We went out to dinner at a little quiet club, dark and romantic. She kept running her toes up and down Gary’s leg, but every time he put his hand on her knee, she would grab his hand, slowly drag it up her thigh until it almost reached that magic spot and then she’d pull it away. She’d then lean over, giving him an excellent view down her blouse, and whisper in his ear, “Ummm, that feels good, but my husband probably wouldn’t like that.”

After dinner we danced to a few of the slow songs. She pulled herself tight into Gary and anyone watching could not mistake the fact, that she was doing everything short of intercourse on the floor to turn Gary on. I… I mean Gary, walked around with a perpetual hard most of the remainder of the evening.

After some dancing, we departed and headed for the casino. We played the slots and Gary caught the guy on the other side of her looking down her blouse. They exchanged knowing grins and raised eyebrows. This happened several times and I was very proud and hard. Every time she ran out of quarters she would reach into my tray, grab a couple and allow her hand to run up the inside of my thigh and over the bulge in my pants.

I… I mean Gary, leaned over after a while and told her, “There have been a lot of men noticing you and looking down your blouse.” Deb just smiled.

Resting his hand on her knee, Gary continued, “It really makes me feel good to be out with such a beautiful woman. There are a lot of men in here right now, that would love to be in my shoes. They want you, the same way I want you.” While he was talking, his hand was slowly sliding up her thigh and under her dress.

Leaning over to give Gary another good look down her blouse, she allowed him to just barely rub his finger into her soaking wet panties; before she pulled his hand out and replied, “I don’t think my husband would appreciate that.”

Gary told her, “I wouldn’t be so sure. Besides, like you said earlier, your husband isn’t here to show you a good Kadıköy Escort time, maybe his best friend can.”

Deb stood up leaned over again, reached down squeezing Gary’s covered appendage and whispered, “We’ll see when I come back. Save my chair.” Still squeezing, she found his mouth and gave him an opened mouth kiss with her tongue, turned and left.

The man that was sitting on her left, watched her leave, turned back and said, “Man is she hot. Your wife?”

“No. Just a close friend.”

“I guess! Lucky man.”

I was very proud of her and very happy, but not nearly as happy as when she returned. I happened to notice her as she turned to walk down our isle. She walked slowly swaying back and forth. Eyes turned away from their machines and watched her make her way along. It wasn’t until she was about four games or so away that I noticed Deb had taken off her bra. Her breasts rose and fell so seductively as she walked.

She returned to her seat without looking at me and started playing again as if nothing had changed. The guy on her other side looked at her for a long time. Deb turned, leaning a little in his direction and looked at him. I guess she smiled, because when she turned back to her game again, the man just looked up at me and lipped a big “Wow.”

We played a little longer, her hand reaching over every so often to grab a quarter and other parts, until there were no more quarters for either of us to reach.

On the way back to the trailer I… Gary laid a hand on her knee and slowly slid it up Deb’s thigh. This time she didn’t stop him. Gary found only a very wet, naked and completely shaved love nest. She leaned back into her seat, closed her eyes and just let him play.

Once back at the trailer she spun into his arms and kissed him hard with an open mouth and a whole lot of tongue. Her hand was pressing and rubbing into his bulging pants, while one of Gary’s was on her breasts.

When she finally broke the kiss, she pushed him away and said, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to make up the bed from the dinette.” She opened up a cupboard and pulled out blankets for him and a long flannel nightgown for herself. Gary began to protest, but before he could say anything she kissed him again, squeezed him one last time and whispered, “As much as I would love to fuck you, I just can’t do this to my husband.” She turned, walked to the bed in the back of the trailer, pulled the curtain shut and turned on the lamp.

I said… and I mean I, “But I am you husband.”

“Not this week end you’re not. He’s gone visiting his sick mother.”

“Well, maybe we can forget about that.”

“No, That wouldn’t be fair to him. You see, he has this fantasy and I want him to really enjoy it and see how it would be if it wasn’t just a fantasy.” Göztepe Escort She said, pulling off her blouse.

She was silhouetted against the curtain. Turned sideways, every curve was nicely visible. Once undressed, she lifted her breasts and played with them. Then her hands ran down her body and obviously played in other places. She bent over and made other obvious seductive poses to tease me. Then the light went out.

“This isn’t funny.” I said, having gotten undressed myself and slipping into bed.

“Well, you need to be careful what you ask for. You may just get it. Good night Gary. I hope you sleep well.”

I laid there thinking about what to do, while I could hear her moaning as she apparently continued to play with herself. I could play the game and stay where I was. Pretend to be Gary and go in and seduce/pretend to rape her (no I don’t like that scenario). Do as she was doing and self-satisfy myself. Or I could just go in, be myself and say enough is enough.

I didn’t have to decide. About ten minutes had passed, when the curtain opened. Deb lit a candle. She stood before me in a pink teddy I had never seen before. She said, Gary, you’re right. My husband sent me up here with you. He is not here to take care of the needs of the trailer, but you are. So I guess you’ll have take care of all his duties.”

With that she walked over, pulled down the covers, unsnapped the buttons at the bottom of the teddy, crawled onto the bed and straddled my… I mean Gary’s still hard appendage. Deb sat right down on it and began to ride. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. We made love twice that night. I woke up the next morning to the feeling of lips sucking on Gary’s tool and we made love again before going out breakfast and heading home.

She wore her outfit from the night before with the pushup bra. She didn’t bother to comb her hair or fix the smeared makeup on her face. She looked, just like what we had done the night before. All the people in the restaurant stared at us, but the men especially at her. All during breakfast her hand was on Gary’s crotch and my hand was busy on her love nest as we sat together on the same side of the booth.

On the ride home she kept Gary hard by undoing his pants and playing with him. Every so often she would lean over and take him into her mouth for a little while, but never fully taking care of his needs.

Three hours later, we finally arrived home. When we got in the door, she turned on Gary and kissed him hard again, then said, “Let’s get it on one more time before Bill gets home.”

After our showers, Deb came out of the bathroom in her flannel nightgown and her ratty old robe. Walking over to me, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Hi, honey. I didn’t hear you come in. How’s your Mom?”

We made love again that night after the Cosby Reunion Show went off, which made it a total of 5 times in about 24 hours. A feat I haven’t accomplished in over twenty years. Of course it was four times for Gary and only once for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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