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The next week’s activities were minimal, as C had her monthly visitor. Some people are into sex during that, but neither of us were. She ended up heading out of town for a few days to visit her mom in Ohio. We kept in touch each day and I was actually a good boy for an entire week.

We ramped things back up the following Monday with a trip to the beach. This time I had her wear a lime green G string thong. Nothing out of the ordinary happened other than running into a friend of mine who couldn’t keep his eyes off the nearly naked wench at my side. C knew it and at one point she played with one of her nipples just to torment him a bit.

That evening I visited her at her apartment. She answered the door in the stockings and heels as I had requested, but this time with the addition of a garterbelt. Something about it added just the right touch of sluttiness. In no time at all my clothes were off, my cock was in her mouth and then we were on the carpet in 69 position, each intent on getting the other off. We both came like that, her on the bottom arching her back and me atop her, spewing my load deep down her throat.

After a rest and a glass of wine, we were at it again, this time a doggy style fuck, which didn’t last all that long, as I seem to be unusually sensitive to that position. I can only last a couple minutes worth of drilling a woman from behind like that before I lose it. She told me she liked it immensely and hoped we could do it again soon. Around midnight I said goodnight and left her lying naked on the floor.

Tuesday was rainy and overcast, but still warm and muggy. There was no threat of lightning and that evening I invited her to come to my place around eight. She asked me what to wear and I told her to be barefoot and wear her raincoat. When she arrived gaziantep escort bayan at my door I was already naked. Her raincoat came off immediately and we headed to the back deck which overlooks a golf course. Ordinarily there would be people on the course even at that hour, but with a day of steady drizzle no one was around and we fucked like little rabbits on the deck, trying out several positions. After she had climaxed via my oral ministrations and again with her standing bent over against the rail with me ramming it home from behind, I stood while she finished me off orally.

This time when I came I pulled out of her mouth at the last instant and much to her surprise blasted a big load of milky white semen all over her face. It ran down her cheekbones, off her chin and onto her chest. The drizzle largely rinsed it off, but I showed her my outdoor shower tucked into a corner of the deck and she gave herself a more proper rinse. I headed in to pour us each a glass of wine and when I returned to the deck I found her on all fours, chest pressed against the boards and ass stuck up in the air with her sex prominently displayed. I was hard again in no time, went over to her and straddled her in a crouch position, then guided my cock into her. I pumped deep and hard but again it took next to no time before I blew my wad. I continued to thrust away after and she squealed with delight as it went on until I could stand the hypersensitivity no more.

For a variety of reasons, the next day didn’t work for either of us. I set the next play date for Thursday evening and told her to meet me at a bar on the west side. It was one of those dark wood paneled places and it connected to a hotel. I’d selected a mocha colored silk camisole with black lace at the neckline for her that evening, accompanied by opaque brown pantyhose and finished with her highest black stilettoes.

She garnered a lot of attention at the bar and from time to time I would caress her ass. It was unbelievably sensuous. After we were served our second drinks I said “C’mon, I have a room reserved”. We trotted out of the bar, past the pool and after swiping my guest card, in through one of the back entrances to the hotel. The halls were much more brightly lit than the bar or patio had been and she suddenly looked very underdressed.

Using the card again we entered the room and I began fondling her and peeling the clothing off, but not before I’d produced the blindfold that we had used the first time she was permitted to suck my cock. She asked “What’s this about?” but I simply said “Shhhhh…”

Once she was naked, I lay her on her back on the bed and proceeded to work my magic with my tongue on her labia and clitoris. She got wetter and wetter before I turned her over and onto all fours. On my back I slipped my head between her lags and continued lapping away at her pussy. Her moans got stronger and stronger, but each time I sensed that she was ready to come I backed off, keeping her right on the edge. When I slipped out from that position she was trembling in anticipation of my cock, dying to be taken over the edge.

I let her stay like that for several minutes. In the meantime, Rick tiptoed out of the bathroom where he had been hiding. He and I were swing acquaintances, both about the same age, height, weight, and endowment. Gently and smoothly he climbed onto the bed, positioned himself between her legs and slipped his rigid member between her pussylips and started slowly and smoothly to fuck her doggy style.

Rick had no problem lasting. He went on and on and she came several times as he relentlessly thrusted away. After fifteen or twenty minutes I positioned myself at the edge of the bed where she was clinging with her head over the it as he soldiered on. Her mouth was agape in ecstasy and it was an easy matter to place the head of my cock right inside it before she had any idea what was happening. Mindlessly closing her mouth around it she started to suck, then froze.

Every part of her body went rigid in shock. Suddenly she found a cock not only in her pussy, but another in her mouth as well. Rick stopped still, his cock still inside her. I reached down and stroked her and simply said “Shhhh – I’m here and it’s OK”.

Gradually she relaxed and Rick resumed his inexorable rhythm again. She moaned ever so slightly and closed her mouth around my cock again giving over to the sensations rushing through her body. Rick’s thrusts were becoming more and more urgent and C’s moans more so as well. She spasmed as another orgasm crested and Rick delivered one final thrust. As they both peaked, I shot my load in her mouth and groaned in delight.

We all three twitched and shivered for several minutes in that manner until both Rick and I had emptied all our jizz, he into the condom I’d insisted he wear and me down her throat.

After a minute or two, Rick pulled out, tidied up a bit in the bathroom and disappeared out the door. C collapsed onto the bed and I sat next to her, stroking her hair and body, then removed the blindfold. She blinked several times, even in the dim light of the hotel room.

“Wow,” she said “That was a shock.”

“Did you like having two cocks at once?”

“It took me a couple minutes to get into it, but yes, I did like it. I love feeling your cock in my mouth and having another inside me at the same time was definitely intense. Who was it?”

I just smiled and said “Lets get dressed and go home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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