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Chuck muttered an oath as the water from the hose hit his bare foot. It was hot, not just warmed by the sun, but hot, only cooling down to lukewarm as the water ran. The heat was a tangible thing, sweltering and heavy.

This was the third year he had spent in the quiet South Florida house that he bought from the money his mother had left him. It was perfect for him it sat about eight feet up from the sand, the white sand with its little peaks and valleys and small spots covered in sea-oats and shifting dunes that led three feet down to the sparkling Gulf. Chuck couldn’t see that from where he was standing, but he could hear the water lapping against that beautiful sand and he knew that he could walk out the back gate of his yard and be in the water in seconds. He was only wearing a pair of shorts, the early evening was still hot and hazy and he was watering the lush greenery around him.

A hot sheen of sweat coated every inch of his 6 foot frame. He was lean and muscular, his dark golden skin covered in a light dusting of dark curls. He smiled as he heard the click, click, click of typing next door. For the last three weeks he had awakened to that sound and gone to sleep to it. The little cabana had been empty since Chuck had moved in, and the story at the local tiki bar was that a writer had bought it. A reclusive writer, who never left the cabana, had her groceries and wine delivered and never once, to his knowledge, had a visitor.

He turned the hose off and wandered over toward the far side of his yard close to the fence abutting the property next door. He guessed he was catching the “who is she” bug that kept the locals all agog because soon he was behind the big oak hauling himself up onto a limb and gazing over at the pool where she sat typing. She was facing the pool, her back to him, sitting in a small wrought iron chair at a glass and iron table. She was wearing a bikini, blue he thought, and her long curly brown hair was hanging down her ramrod straight back. She looked adorable! As his eyes traveled down he almost fell off the branch, she was wearing heels, very high heels, and her feet were planted firmly on the ground on each side of the chair. Her legs were beautiful, spread wide apart, and he would have given anything to be pressing his face up between them. She tapped furiously at the keyboard, rocking her bottom now and then on the seat of the chair flexing and bouncing her long brown legs.

She stopped typing and stretched her arms up high above her head moaning delicately. Chuck watched avidly as she reached behind and pulled her long hair off her neck, rolling her head from side to side. She needs a massage, Chuck thought and sighed as she dropped her hair and leaned back in the chair. She reached out and pulled an ice cube from the glass in front of her and began rubbing it on her neck and shoulders, then on her chest, where he couldn’t see. He watched her back as her hands ran across her throat and chest and down her stomach and felt like a pervert as his dick got hard and he unzipped his shorts.

He stroked himself as her hand dipped lower and she leaned back further, spread her legs open wide, and began masturbating. He watched her head roll around and heard her moaning softly. Her hands were working frantically between her legs and then she stiffened and was still. She stretched again and then went back to typing and Chuck finished stroking his hard cock to its silent explosion looking at her back and hearing that continual ‘click, click, click.’

The next night at Li’ Tiki, his favorite bar on the beach the big question was, “Chuck, sancaktepe escort have you seen her?”

“No, I haven’t seen her, but she sure is busy, I hear her typing at all hours of the day and night.”

He ordered another vodka and lemon water and leaned back against the bar looking out at the beach, he was trying to forget that he had spied on her and masturbated, what a creep, he thought. It was near closing and he smiled and nodded at the bartender as he started to walk off home with his drink.

Tony laughed and yelled, “that’s three this week, Chuck, you better be bringing them back sometime!”

Chuck just raised his glass and kept walking, looking up at the stars, enjoying the light breeze and thinking about her skin puckering up under the cool air. He chuckled at his fantasy and shook his head, taking another long swallow from his glass. Behind his house he walked down to the shore and stood there letting the warm foamy water wash up over his feet, finishing his drink and then tuning, he walked slowly up to his back gate with his empty glass in hand.

He smiled as he heard the faint ‘click, click, click’ coming from the yard next to his. He let himself in his gate and walked quietly back behind the big oak and pulled himself onto the limb. He leaned back against the tree and watched her as she worked. She had candles and lamps on the table in front of her and a glass of wine at hand. She was dressed in what appeared to be some black, flimsy, lacy thing and, yes, there they were, those high, high heels. Her hair was piled up on top of her head, a few curls falling down her neck, sweaty and sticking to her skin. She gulped wine, typed and every now and then she would stop and rub her hands between her legs. Chuck was once again rubbing his thickening cock, gently, quietly pulling and squeezing himself into a long, hard, throbbing state of arousal.

Suddenly she turned, looking towards him in the darkness, “who’s there?”

Chuck went still, sitting there with his cock in his hand, he didn’t know if he should answer her.

“I can see you.” She stood and up and faced him, walking toward him. “I knew you were there last night, too,” she purred at him, “come on over.”

Chuck quickly tucked himself back into his pants and hopped out of the tree on her side of the fence. She wasn’t what he expected, she wasn’t tall at all, but she had those long, long legs. Her breasts were visible beneath the lacy top, they were pert and cute, not very big but a good mouthful and then some with very hard little nipples. He swallowed and she laughed at him.

“I’m Honey, what’s your name neighbor?”

He felt the heat of embarrassment in his face and stammered, “Chuck. I’m really sorry. I feel like such a dog.”

She laughed again, a sweet laugh. He had thought she was younger but now he could see that she wasn’t as young as he thought, though he wouldn’t go so far as to guess her age.

“Come on, lets have a drink.” She turned and started walking away and he followed behind her, enjoying her pretty little ass swaying under the lacy nightie.

“I hear you’re a writer.”

“Yes I suppose so, do you read much?” He didn’t answer and she laughed, “yes well, I’m sure what I write isn’t something you would be familiar with anyway.”

He sat at the table where she did her writing and she walked into the house, coming back out with another wine glass and the bottle. She poured him one and refreshed hers, sitting down and primly crossing her legs.

“Here,” she said and pushed her ümraniye escort laptop toward him, “go ahead.”

She sat back sipping her wine and looked up at him with sparkling honey brown eyes, she licked her lips. Chuck glanced down at the screen, tearing his eyes away from her mouth and read;

“Mindy lowered her head again to lick the last of his pearly come from the head of his dick and then sucked him one last time into the hot depth of her throat. Mindy moaned and rocked against Jim, she knew he was about to come, she could feel the vein along the shaft of his cock throbbing. He stroked again into her dripping pussy and then pulled back and groaned. She turned away from Todd’s softening dick and opened her mouth as Jim squirted his hot, thick come onto her tongue. She quickly pulled him into her mouth and sucked and swallowed as he pulsed and rocked into her face”.

Chuck looked up at Honey, his breathing a little shorter than it was before, he squirmed uncomfortably in the seat as his cock pushed against his zipper.

“You can really write” he said, his voice husky.

Honey stood and walked toward him, “I really need a break and now, I really want a big hard cock in my mouth.”

She pushed him back in the seat and dropped to her knees in front of him. Chuck reached down and opened his pants letting his raging hard cock pop out toward her.

“Oh yes..oh yes,” she gasped and reached out to run her fingers up from the base of his dick to the head and back down, scooting closer and bending to lick him in the same pattern her fingers took. She stroked and licked him, running her tongue around the ledge of his bulging head and then up and over, pushing her tongue into the warm slit atop his thick cock.

He moaned and grabbed her head wanting to push himself deep into her mouth. She resisted his direction and pulled back, pushing his hands away she lowered herself again to tease and tickle him with her fingers and tongue. Chuck was thrashing with frustration and pleasure, groaning again as she licked the drops of precum with the tip of her tongue. He almost yelled out as she opened wide and took him, finally, into her hot wet mouth. She closed her lips around him and he felt her tongue wrap around his shaft as she moved up and down his aching cock. She took him deep into her throat, his head throbbing every time he felt it tighten around him and then release as she pulled him almost completely out of her mouth only to swiftly drop back down and take him again. He felt and heard her moaning around his cock as he started pushing himself up into her in the last throes before he shot his burning seed into her greedy mouth. Honey drank every drop of his salty gift and licked him clean.

She sat back on her heels and smiled up at him. “Thank you, I really needed that. I need to get back to work now, but I would love for you to come back tomorrow night if you can, about this time.”

Chuck wasn’t even sure this was happening, he nodded and gulped and stood up zipping himself in. “Thank you, Honey, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He didn’t think she heard him, as he walked away to the ‘click, click, click’ of her furious typing.

The next night Chuck paced in his house for two hours before he finally went out back and up the tree. He dropped down into Honey’s yard and walked up behind her. She sat there in her usual state, barely dressed, high heels, legs spread wide, rocking and typing. He stood behind her and reached down over her shoulders cupping her breasts in his large hands, kneading and tuzla escort massaging, pulling her nipples taut and releasing them, squeezing and lifting her breasts as she typed. He read as he played with her beautiful breasts;

“Mindy reached back with both hands and spread her ass open wide grunting in anticipation of what was to come. Jim pumped into her mouth and groaned “yeah Todd, fuck her ass.” Todd pushed the head of his dick against Mindy’s tight dark pink opening and roughly shoved into her all the way to the hilt. Mindy rocked and bounced against him taking his cock deep into her ass as Jim thrust into her throat. Mindy shuddered through one orgasm and then another while they fucked her ass and mouth. She came again as they both pulled out of her and shot their sticky come all over her.”

As Chuck read he pinched her nipples and bounced her breasts and then pulled her up and kicked the chair away. Honey pushed the laptop over and bent down over the table. Chuck ripped the flimsy red silk panties off her and reached down between her legs, her pussy was hot and open and dripping wet and he pushed two fingers into her stroking in and out of her silky hot purse. He stroked her pussy with one hand and began rubbing the cheeks of her ass with the other, then slipped a finger into her ass and stroked her ass and pussy and she moaned and spread herself as far as she could, reaching behind she pulled her ass cheeks apart and Chuck pushed another finger into her, stroking and stroking, her creamy pussy juice glistening on her ass and thighs and his hands.

He pulled his hands away from her and quickly stepped out of his shorts. His cock was rock hard and ready. He slid himself easily into her hot pussy, which wrapped around him covering him in silky hot moisture. He stroked in and out once, twice, pulled out of her and rubbed his wet head against her pouting ass then slowly pushed every inch back into her, then he slowly pulled out and back in again. She rocked back up against him thrashing her head back and forth moaning and begging him for more. Her ass was so tight and so hot, he was lost in the sensation and just stood there slowly stroking in and out until he felt his balls tighten up and pull close and knew he was about to come.

Honey suddenly pushed her ass onto his groin burying his cock deep into her and started grinding and groaning a husky, “yes, yes, ohhhh fuck yes, I’m coming. Come in my ass! Give it to me! Please!”

Chuck thrust his cock deep, jerking and thrusting while she came and then he was groaning and moaning as her tight ass pulled and throbbed on his dick and he shot loads of thick come into her.

It turns out Honey was only renting the cabana for the summer, but every night for two months Chuck lived out whatever she wrote. It was the hottest summer of his life. Now, eight months later, he still kept Honey in his head. Chuck laughed at himself as he felt his cock shift and stretch in his shorts. Just thinking about the things they did made him crazy. He was sitting on the deserted beach under the stars thinking of Honey and he leaned back and unzipped his shorts. Pulling his hard cock out he began to stroke himself as he remembered the feel of her mouth wrapped around him. As his hot come poured over his hand his heart jumped into his throat as he heard a familiar voice.

“What a waste neighbor.” He looked up at Honey and smiled.

“Writing a sequel,” he asked as he tried to clean himself up and face her with some dignity. He finally stood facing her and she threw her arms around his neck.

“I brought you a copy,” she said as they walked back up to his place. “I thought maybe we could go over it one more time, and that maybe you would like my autograph or something.”

Chuck was given a lot more than her autograph in the next three days and when she left this time, there was a plan for her return. He was eagerly looking forward to summer now and his luscious dose of Honey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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