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Big Tits

Even in the wildest of my imaginations, I wouldn’t describe Sumathi as a gorgeous woman. She was short, with relatively short hair unusual for a south Indian woman and a body which had gone badly out of shape after just one child. She looked much elder than she actually was and the only saving grace in her was her vivacious smile which made her somewhat popular in the office. However, her efficiency as a cashier was beyond question as even the top management held her in very high esteem. It was only after she was promoted as a Senior Officer in the section that I started getting more opportunities to see her in a different perspective. She never seem to worry about revealing her body whenever she moved around picking up files or bending forward although nothing looked deliberate. It was during one such occasion when she happened to be in my room and as she was trying to pick up her dropped pen that I got a clear view of her cleavage. I somehow felt that she isn’t as bad as I have thought as her breasts seemed to be firm and sexy. From then onwards, I never missed any chance to watch her while she was around. It may sound somewhat funny but I started missing her whenever she was on leave or I was busy with something else without getting an opportunity to see her.

I once happened to attend the Parents Teachers Association meeting in my son’s school where I met Sumathi, her husband and her son. Unknowingly I felt somewhat jealous about her husband as he looked like a rogue of the first order. However, I was happy to know that her son was also studying in the same class where my son was. I grabbed the opportunity at once by inviting Sumathi and her husband to my house on a Sunday. The couples were visibly pleased at my invitation and I knew that relationship between me and Sumathi will never be the same again. Our meeting in the school brought us much closer in the office too, as Sumathi was much more forthcoming with me from then onwards. She started visiting my house once in a while which encouraged me that I am somewhere close to taking her into my fold. But I knew that I had to remain patient to achieve what I have planned as it is not going to be easy enticing a typical south Indian housewife into a relationship outside her marriage. I did not expect her to fall into my trap instantly as I knew that she was basically a very faithful housewife. Moreover, I have always been a miserable failure when it comes to luring women and needed to play with more caution this time around.

To begin with, I started spicing up our conversations with occasional clean jokes which she started enjoying. We always had a good fifteen minutes after lunch to talk about our children and our work and gradually we opened up to discuss the ‘so-called’ affairs within our premises. This was just the right beginning for bringing sexuality in our conversations and hence I always remained within permissible limits. Although I started wondering if all the time and energy that I have been spending for Sumathi is really worth it, my growing desire for her and my hunger for my first sexual relationship outside marriage was never depleting. It was only after my son’s annual examinations were declared that I realized that I have dragged things a bit too long. I was cursing myself for not expressing to Sumathi about what exactly I was looking for as it was unlikely that I could do anything quick enough to make use of the summer vacation.

Before I could introspect as to what went wrong in my planning, the examinations were already over and my wife had proceeded to visit her parents. She never fails to spend a month at least with her parents every year and she had planned her trip well in advance. I had just a month to accomplishing my mission and was only skeptic if I would be able to that anyway. I did not have the courage to curtail my intensions to lay Sumathi by acting hastily.

However, there was a marked improvement in our relationships in the last couple of months as we have started exchanging frequent glances and purposeless smiles. I ensured to touch sexuality whenever we had enough time to talk to each other which was only inducing the sexual urge I had on her. I wished I could take our conversations to a level where she would readily accept my invitation to my house someday so that I can fulfill my long desire.

Finally, there was some light at the end of the tunnel .I had to submit a Detailed Project Report to a leading Financial Institution the next week and the Management had asked me to be present on one Sunday to complete the report. I asked Sumathi if she would mind coming on a Sunday to assist me in preparing the report for which üsküdar escort she readily agreed. Although I wasn’t sure as to how I am going to make use of this opportunity, I was at least glad that I would get some time alone with Sumathi.

The first hour of that Sunday was somewhat uneventful as I was engrossed in my laptop while Sumathi used to read out some figures from various reports. I realized that she was watching me operate the laptop with amazing ease which excited me to say the least. It was around 11 AM that we were able to finalize the first copy and we wasted no time in taking the print outs for verifying the data. As we started comparing various figures in the reports, once in a while our fingers touched each other in the process. Soon our fingers started touching quite frequently and I could sense some opportunities here. I promptly called the office assistant and instructed him to rush to the Auditor’s residence to collect some papers. I knew that it is going to be me and Sumathi in the office for at least another hour.

Once he left, I became more adventurous and started touching Sumathi’s finger rather deliberately. She didn’t react presuming that she’s been touched accidentally and continued to concentrate on the reports. I soon lost all attention on the report and kept staring at Sumathi with lustful eyes. It was only after Sumathi realized that I was staring at her that I shook my heads to regain my senses.

“I thought you were sleeping,” Sumathi said with a smile.

“I wasn’t. You know that,” I spoke to her in a low voice while reciprocating her smile. The chamber was filled with silence for a moment as Sumathi looked down apparently blushing. I was sure that she had seen me staring at her and was encouraged by the fact that she did not protest where my eyes were trailing.

“So, you knew what I have been doing for sometime?” I asked her as I pulled my chair to get closer to her. She looked nervous as she pushed back a bit to maintain a decent distance between both of us.

“Yes, I do,” She replied without lifting her face. “But that was wrong!”

I kept mum for a while before stretching my left hand to reach out and rest on her shoulders. I could immediately feel a gentle tremor in her body feeling my touch. I knew that I have now taken the extreme step of touching my subordinate in my own office and if this backfires, all my fantasies would come to an abrupt end. Sumathi was sitting still with closed eyes and luckily was not trying to protest.

“Yes,” I admitted to her. “I know that it is improper on my part to be staring at a married woman like you,” I spoke carefully choosing my words. “I also know that it is not expected from a man who occupies this seat. But, I am helpless. It has been quite sometime since I have started looking at you.”

Sumathi opened her eyes, looked at my arms firmly placed on her shoulders and glanced at me as if to signal that she should be left alone. I withdrew my arms from her shoulders as I could see a few rays of anger in her eyes. She quietly stood up and walked towards the door without uttering a single word. ‘Why didn’t I apologize?’ I was cursing myself as she left the room closing the door behind. I was feeling terribly embarrassed and ashamed to have revealed my weakness to a subordinate who was much down the ladder in the company and I knew that if things start turning against me, I could be loosing my job as well.

As I kept admonishing myself for my stupidity, the intercom started ringing. It was Sumathi on the other side who crisply mouthed just a few words. “I am in the board room!”

My heart was pumping fast in anxiety as I dragged myself towards the board room. ‘What next?’ I was wondering as I entered in to see Sumathi standing near the oval shaped table. I guessed that I would be getting a dose of advice if not abuse from her as she has preferred to call me to this room which remained in the most secluded part of our office.

“Sir, let me make it very clear that what you did in your chamber was most improper,” Sumathi spoke in a stern voice. “We need to sort this out right now”

“I am sorry,” I told her in a fragile voice. “I was naïve.”

“Certainly you were,” Sumathi said with a smile. “You are not a good chooser!”

“I agree,” I affirmed. “I preferred to choose you for playing my pranks”

Sumathi suddenly burst out in laughter.

“No. You chose the wrong place,” She said and winked at me. It took me a while to realize what she actually meant as she came a few steps forward, took off the clip which was pinning her saree top with şerfali escort her blouse and started undoing her saree. A chill went into my brain as I finally realized that the prey is ready for the feast.

“I know you have been looking forward to this for quite sometime now,” Sumathi spoke to me as she rolled her stripped saree nicely before throwing it in a heap on the floor. As my eyes widened to see her standing in her blouse and petticoat, my cock slowly started hardening.

“But, your office is not the place for what you thought,” She spoke in a voice just loud enough to reach my ears.

“Sumathi, would you come close by?” I asked while I could feel my cock swelling underneath.

Sumathi moved forward with an unbelievable elegance as her tits swayed menacingly. I could not wait till she arrived as I moved hurriedly to let my arms go around her, feeling her blouse pressing hard against my chest. Her body shook for a moment as my palms felt the soft skin on her back.

“Sir, your wait is over,” Sumathi whispered into my ears. I tightened my embrace as her tits crushed against me while my bulge beneath was pressing right in between her thighs. My lips started trailing over her shoulders, her neck, her chin and finally to her lips. What started off like a gentle kiss became intense pretty soon as my mouth took her lips inside desperately. Sumathi’s arms were now hugging me stronger as our lips explored each other. It took us a while to relieve ourselves from the frenzy kissing. Her right hands moved down to hold my crotch gently and started rubbing it in an upward downward motion.

“Your little brother needs some attention,” Sumathi said mockingly. I nodded in acceptance at once. My right hand reached to her elevation under the waist to rub it a few times as I replied,” The playground is getting ready.” We both laughed for a while.

“You have a firm and broad chest,” Sumathi said as she started unbuttoning my shirt. ” You will look better with you get rid of that little tummy.”

“Your chest isn’t bad either,” I replied while my hands held her tits. Sumathi rose on her feet as my palm felt her perky nipples protruding through her bra and blouse.

“It used to be better,” Sumathi sighed. “My man has been making a mess of them for 10 years now.”

“Yeah, I know,” I admitted. “Even my wife makes a similar complaint.”

“That’s obvious. You guys get mad seeing our boobs,” Sumathi giggled.

“Because every man’s fantasies start with boobs,” I hissed into her ears while my hands started undoing her blouse. “My dick gets furious seeing just the cleavage and you know that it is furious now as well.”

Sumathi released her arms from me to let me undo her blouse while she kept looking into my eyes with glowing lust. The moment I flipped the last hook, she got rid of the blouse within a flash exposing her fleshy globes settled underneath a transparent bra. Her hard nipples looked as though they were about to pierce through the bra like knife edges. Sumathi was smirking to see me getting aroused seeing her wonder tits and nipples.

“I am sure you like them,” Sumathi said mischievously tilting her head sideways.

“I certainly do,” I said letting my thumb in between her globes to unclasp her bra strap. She now stood exposing her bare boobs close to my face and my mouth started watering. The bra soon found its place on the top of her saree heap.

“What next?” She questioned mockingly. I was holding my breath as she started swaying to jiggle her tits, while her moderate sized aereola and perky nipples were inviting me. My lips settled down on her nipples to brush them in all directions while my tongue forced out of my mouth to lick her pink base holding the ever hardening nipples.

“Mmmm…that’s a gentle way to start with,” Sumathi closed her eyes again. Her hands went down to her petticoat robe to untie the knot with a single gentle pull apart. As I kept sucking her nipples, she started walking backwards holding me without disturbing my expedition on her tits.

As we finally reached the conference table, she relieved her tits from my mouth, gently pushed me back and smiled before climbing on to the table and lay there spreading her legs wide. I couldn’t believe my luck as I hurriedly took off shirt and trouser letting my throbbing cock free from the captivity of my underwear. As my cock shook for a while before standing erect pointing towards the table, Sumathi sighed in amazement seeing my magnificent manhood all geared up to explore her. I leaped forward to let my eager mouth rest on her hairy pussy and stayed there for a while to smell her wonderful womanhood. Her hands clutched my head from above as my mouth pressed against her bushy clit while her gentle moan echoed inside the room like a huge groan.

My lips have now found an interesting diversion from her tits as my tongue intruded into her wet pussy as if to excavate a sexual treasure from deep inside. Her clitoris remained inside my spread mouth while my tongue kept going licking and tasting the oozing fluid. Sumathi swung back and forth while her body was curving above her waist in tune with her constantly increasing moans.

I knew we were running out of time as the office assistant could be back any moment. I hesitantly halted my licking although it would have been splendid to see her explode the first orgasm. As she looked down surprised, I rubbed the tip of my cock against her soggy clit before breaking into her cavity. I swiftly spun around her and leaped forward to let my mouth revive the taste of her juicy boobs and hard nipples. My fingers soon followed suite to press the globes for the umpteenth time and encircled her hard nipples. Sumathi looked like a big ‘X” spreading her legs so wide so as to let my hungry dick inside her moist hole. My hands held her waist with ruthless strength as I positioned myself moving my hips sufficient enough to let my huge dick aiming at her pussy.

“You finally got it,” Sumathi screamed as my dick pressed against her clit with incredible strength. I was no less excited to see her submerged in lust, realizing that my patience is going to finally pay off.

“My pussy is dripping,” Sumathi kept screaming. She was absolutely right as I could see her pussy lips opening to welcome my member to get in. As I led the big head of my hard dick into her, she shook at the tremor of my shaft entering into her waiting hole. The tip of my dick felt the warmth inside her pussy and as I slowly withdrew my dick, I felt how tight her pussy was.

“What are you waiting for?” Sumathi murmured gently. I began thrusting the dick fiercely to let it dive the whole depth of her pussy, so much so that my balls were now pressing against her ass. She moaned a big ‘No’ as I withdrew my cock again only to push it even harder like a power drill. The ‘No’ turned itself to a big ‘Yes” as my dick’s entire length penetrated inside her cavity.

After repeating the withdrawal and insertion for a while, soon I was gathering momentum in letting my cock move in and out in amazing pace. Sumathi was moaning intermittently as my pumping got faster and faster with my dick ravaging her pussy. Sumathi was holding her tits and her fingers were nibbling her hard nipples as she moaned as if she was chanting while I kept going at her pussy. Her legs were feverishly wrapping around my waist as my pumping faster prompting her to get closer to her orgasm. Her moans seemed to be knowing no bounds as she kept chattering which kept arousing me all the while. I could guess from her expressions that she hasn’t enjoyed sex for quite a while now as she relished each and every bit of whatever I was doing. The whole room was filled with her sexy moans as my dick was jolting in and out of her pussy with every thrust hitting like thunder. Once in a while, I leaned forward to take her lips for a brief chewing and every time her hands held my head with all her strength.

My dick soon felt like red hot iron road as I sensed as if lava was erupting inside my manhood. I wished but couldn’t scale down the speed with which I was fucking Sumathi as I knew I had very little time left. My six month old fantasy was about to be fulfilled and didn’t want to let this chance go away. I really wanted to let a full load of my semen inside her pussy which would be the ultimate reward for all the waiting I did.

Sumathi’s moans got rhythmic with more frequent ‘Yes’ and occasional ‘Ohh” as she approached very close to her orgasm. I could realize my cum about to unload while Sumathi quivered. As loads of my thick cum splashed into her pussy, my dick soon felt submerged in fluid as she exploded into her orgasm. Our bodies soon became still after the hectic activities as Sumathi’s legs pulled my waist hard at her one last time before hanging loose. I lay over her in exhaustion for a few seconds and soon it sunk into me that finally I have tasted the first success in luring a woman. We lay there on the table for a few more minutes before regaining our senses to realize where we are. We swiftly cleaned up ourselves, got into our clothes and rushed towards the main block to our respective seats. Although I felt guilty for having used my office to satisfy my lust, I was glad that we did it without anybody noticing us. I popped through the glass to see Sumathi arranging her table. I called her on the intercom and told her with a smile,” Let us finish of the report quickly. Or else we may be called next Sunday as well.” Sumathi looked at me through the glass and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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