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Tiffany and Jake walked into a hotel in Dublin, Ireland. They headed up to their rooms and Jake opened the door for Tiffany.

“Let’s get something straight,” said Tiffany, “I know you fucked my mom but I also know we’re gonna be on this trip for a while so you better keep it in your pants cause I’m not climbing on it again.”

“Sounds good,” said Jake.

“Good,” she said, “now drop your shit in your room and leave me alone I’m gonna take a nap.”

Jake wandered the streets of Dublin for a while until he found a small bar on the outskirts of town with no one in it. He went in and took a seat at the bar.

“What can I get ya darlin?” asked the short stocky red head behind the bar.

“Guinness,” said Jake, “and what’s good to eat here?”

“American?” asked the girl, “don’t get many tourists down this side a town.”

“Whys that?” asked Jake.

“Cause it’s a shit hole,” said the girl, “I’ll have the cook fix you something nice.”

A little while later the girl came out with his drink and food,” thanks,” said Jake as he dug in.

“So ya here ta see the sights?” asked the girl.

“Yea,” said Jake, “kind of an unguided tour my friend and I are taking.”

“A girl?” asked the girl, “do ya love her?”

“No,” said Jake, “not like that anyway.”

“Good then it won’t hurt to flirt with ya a bit,” said the girl as she hopped up on the stool next to Jake.

“Well don’t get too attached,” said Jake, “I leave town in three days.”

“Who said anything about gettin’ attached,” said the girl, “names Darla.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Jake, “I’m Jake.”

Jake examined Darla, she’s barely 5’5″ and is wearing jeans that show off her thick muscular legs and a tight plaid shirt that’s struggling to restrain what Jake can only imagine to be very large breasts.

“So what brings you to Dublin?” asked Jake, “born and raised?”

“Nah,” said Darla, “worked a small farm with me Da til he married that wench so I came here looking for work.”

“You like bar tending,” asked Jake.

“I do when there are customers,” says Darla as she looks around the empty bar, “so Göztepe Escort never really.”

“I’m surprised,” said Jake, “if people could see the view in here you’d get more customers,” he said as he looked Darla up and down.

“You’ve got a dirty mind,” said Darla.

“And you’ve got a dirty mouth,” said Jake.

“Wouldn’t ya like to see it in action,” said Darla as she puts her hand on Jake’s thigh.

“God yes,” said Jake.

Darla led Jake upstairs to her apartment, it’s a small one room apartment with full-size bed in the corner.

“Sit yer pretty boy American ass on the bed,” said Darla as she locks the door.

“Now I don’t do this very often,” said Darla, “so feel free ta give me pointers if I suck.”

Jake nodded as Darla made her way towards him, “Now I heard American guys like tits,” said Darla as she unbuttoned her shirt, “so tell me how are they,” she asked as she pulled her shirt open letting her breasts fall out before climbing onto Jake’s lap.

Jake grabbed her breasts with both hands, they’re the biggest he’d ever seen up close and he could only guess they’re F-cup. He caressed her breasts as Darla planted a long kiss on him. Jake started to lick at Darla’s large red nipples until they became hard.

He pinched both of Darla’s nipples causing her to moan softly, “You’re so sensitive,” said Jake as he ran his fingers along Darla’s sides.

She climbed to the floor and got on her knees as she hurriedly unzipped and unbuttoned Jake’s jeans. Jake got to his feet and Darla slid his pants and boxers to the floor. Darla grasped Jake’s erection and licked along it as she slowly stroked it.

“Lick my balls,” said Jake.

Darla obliged and took his balls in her mouth and licking them softly for a while before wrapping her lips around Jake’s erection. She started to take Jake into her mouth as she stroked him.

“That feels good,” said Jake, “just use your tongue a little more.”

Darla obliged, “oh fuck yes,” said Jake, “just like that.”

She kept going as Jake moaned, “fuck Darla I’m gonna cum.”

Darla pulled his dick out and stroked İstanbul Escort it until he came on her breasts. Jake took off his shirt as Darla got back to her feet and wiped her breasts off with a tissue.

“Take off your pants and climb into bed,” said Jake.

Darla took off her pants revealing a white thong and climbed onto the bed lying flat on her back. Jake climbed onto the bed and kissed at Darla’s neck and worked his way down to her breasts before continuing down over her stomach to her thong.

The small white thong was wet from Darla and reads, “Kiss me I’m Irish.”

Jake smiled and slid her thong off before tossing it to the floor. He leaned in and began to lick softly at Darla who bit her lip and clenched the sheets with one hand. Jake took one of his fingers and slid it into Darla who let out a moan as he continued to lick and finger her.

Darla started to moan softly and Jake grasped both of her legs with his hands and started to lick quickly “ooh fuck,” moaned Darla, “ya don’t go slowly do ya.”

Jake kept going as Darla’s moans got louder until she orgasmed. He laid next to Darla who was breathing heavily and started to kiss at her neck as he became erect again.

“Can I tell ya somethin?” asked Darla, “I’ve only been all the way with a few guys and yer a little bigger then I’m used ta, I’m a little nervous.”

“That’s fine,” said Jake, “we can start slow, what positions do you like?”

“I’ve only done missionary,” said Darla.

“Missionary is for Quakers,” said Jake.

Darla grabbed a condom out of her night stand and put it on Jake.

“Now slide your ass to the edge of the bed,” he said as he stood on the floor.

Darla obeyed and spread her legs for him. Jake slowly pressed his tip into Darla who bit her lip. He pressed his dick in about half way as Darla moaned, he pulled back out a bit and then slowly slid his whole dick into Darla who whimpered a bit. Jake began to slide himself in and out slowly as Darla moaned softly and grasped the sheets tightly with both hands.

“I’m gonna go a little faster,” said Jake as Darla nodded her Anadolu Yakası Escort head in agreement.

Jake sped up and bit and Darla squealed and moaned with each thrust until she came on his dick. He pulled out and Darla curled up on the bed.

“Oh god,” moaned Darla, “yer not done yet?”

Jake shook his head no, “Okay Darlin,” she said as she got to her feet slowly,” what next?”

Jake turned her to face the bed and bent her over. Darla leaned forward and grasped the bed with both hands and let out an abrupt squeal as Jake thrusted his entire dick back into her. Jake quickened the pace from before as Darla began to moan again as she clenched the bed.

Darla’s tits and curly red hair bounced as Jake worked her from behind, “I’m gonna cum again,” yelled Darla, “so don’t fucking slow down.”

Jake does the opposite and speeds up as Darla came with a loud long moan. Darla collapsed forward onto the bed and Jake climbed on and leaned his back against the wall.

“Yer a tough cookie,” said Darla as she sees his dick still erect.

“I don’t know how much more of ya poundin I can take,” she said.

“Try this,” said Jake, “climb on and do what you want.”

Darla raised an eyebrow but Jake nodded and spread her legs as she slid down slowly onto him. She leaned in and pressed a long kiss on Jake who grasped one of her breasts and softly squeezed it. Darla started to slide herself slowly up and down on Jake who closed his eyes and moaned softly.

He put his hands on Darla’s waist to steady her as she rode up and down more quickly causing her tits to bounce in his face.

“Keep going,” says Jake, “you’ve got me right there.”

Darla started to moan and grasped Jake’s shoulders for stability.

“Faster Darla,” said Jake. Darla complies as she tried to stifle a loud moan by biting her lip.

Jake let out a loud moan as he busted and Darla finally stopped and leaned her head against his chest.

The next morning Jake woke up as Darla was getting her clothes back on.

“I don’t know the normal morning after deal,” said Darla, “but here.”

She tossed Jake his phone and goes to the door, “Last night was amazing,” she said, “I only wish ya could stick around.”

“Sorry,” said Jake, “If you find yourself traveling Europe in the next month’s call me.”

“I will,” said Darla, “Now get out I gotta get to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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