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He teased and teased me until I was cumming again…that familiar tightening around his fingers and still he sucked on me while his fingers continued their in and out motion. My pussy lips were now swollen as well as wet. I still had my eyes closed as he spoke softly…

“Here baby,” he said as he reached for my hand and guided it to his pants. He was so very hard…and all I wanted …was to suck on him now….give him the very same pleasure he had just given me.

I rubbed him through his pants…feeling him grow harder. As he moaned, I began to unzip his pants, while at the same time turning and pushing him against the wall so he could watch. My nipples were still so sensitive …and he reached out to caress them while I pushed his pants all the way off his hips….instantly releasing his erect cock.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned as I looked at how enormous he was. I looked into his eyes and back to his cock.

“Suck it baby…” his voice was hypnotizing but I needed no encouragement as my hand wrapped around him….stroking and caressing him. I moved closer and bent over to rub my breasts and nipples over his cock….and was rewarded by his moans of pleasure once again. I teased him just as he had done…taking my breasts and slowly rubbing it back and forth, back and forth…moving my nipple around the head of his cock. He grew even harder!

I felt his hand reaching under my skirt while I continued to play with his hard cock… bending over to taste him now….gave him better access to my pussy. He watched as I sucked on him…taking him slowly in my mouth…as his cock disappeared further inside. He moved …wanting me to take more of him….but I wouldn’t …not yet. I wanted to drive him as crazy as he had done to me. His finger teased my ass down to my pussy…causing me to bayburt escort wiggle against his finger…and was soon joined by another finger. He felt….so…..good.

“AAahhhhhhhh” I moaned as my hand began stroking and pumping his cock while my mouth continued to take more of his huge cock….deeper and deeper his cock disappeared. He watched in the reflection as he fingered my pussy… hand slipping to caress his balls….and ass….and the other hand pumping his hard cock. I moaned around his cock making vibrations while my tongue teased around and around…then I started an in and out pattern alternating with sucking him in… while at the same time I was pulling him out of my hot wet mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” he moaned ….”Yesssssss ohhhh baby that’s good….yesssssss do that more…ahhhhhhhhhhh…”

His hips began to buck against my face as he swelled. I was now devouring his cock as deeply as possible…feeling him so far in my throat…I heard him as if through a haze as my lust filled brain guided my body the he wanted.

“Yesssss oh baby, down on your knees…yes that’s it …now suck me….I’m …ahhh baby I’mmm so close…yesss, I’mmm …”

He didn’t say another word as I pulled away from him…he stood there with his hard cock jerking…needing release…..but I wanted him to wait….I had to feel him inside my hot pussy….

He looked quite stunned as he realized what I was doing…why I pulled back…what I needed. I know I had to look a sight to him…standing before him panting…. my breasts heaving from the fires that were raging in me. Tears even covered my eyes for I had never needed anyone as I did him at this moment. I could not even speak….I opened my mouth, but no words would come out.

“You want bartın escort my hard cock inside you….don’t you?” His voice was so deep…with need… with desire…..with lust. “Then turn around…give my you glorious pussy baby.”

I turned and held onto the rail as I bent over while he lifted my skirt. He rubbed my pussy slowly with his fingers and moaned as he felt how hot I was…how wet. He looked at me in the reflection while he continued to work his fingers over my pussy…. I moaned more and pushed against him….oh how I wanted him to fuck me.

“Pleaseeeeeee….” Was that ‘my’ voice begging him again? As he moved behind me….I moaned and closed my eyes…he felt so incredibly huge as he pushed his hard cock in me slowly….very very slowly as he held my hips and still watched my face. I opened my eyes and looked into his….as he began to move in…and….out….in…and….out.

“Mmmmmm you feel so good baby…” he murmured as his hands came around to hold my breasts….thumbs teasing both my nipples…while he continued to fill me only to pull away and hold himself back…just barely allowing the tip of his cock inside my swollen pussy.

He was driving me wild…and he knew it….I could see it in his eyes. Without warning he plunged his hard cock in me completely…and again….was still allowing me to feel his entire length…ahhhhh yes he felt so good.

He pulled me up against him…while his hard cock was buried in me. He whispered…

“Slide your legs further apart baby…” and I did. My high heels allowing ample height. Then he didn’t move as he continued to talk to me softly…coaxingly….

“You look absolutely stunning….breasts bare…nipples hard…wanting to be teased… .legs open…wide….mmmmmm….as ığdır escort my hard cock is buried deep in your pussy.”

He lifted my skirt in front while he teased my clit…”Watch baby…watch how your body reacts….”

The walls reflected all he said….and made me not only ‘feel’ how alive he made me… but also allowed me to ‘see’ my reactions fully…see what he saw….how much of a turn on it was for him to watch me react to his sensuous touching. He continued talking while he teased me…

“See how hard your nipples are…how they ache to be touched?…Feel my hard cock in your pussy,” he reached further…spreading my pussy lips open more and yes…seeing his cock inside me …made me moan….and he reached to kiss my shoulder ….then suddenly pushed me against the wall while he began to fuck me harder…harder…and faster.

My hands rested on the walls as his hips plunged against my ass….his moans now matching my own…our sounds of “yesssss mmmmmmm ahhhhhhh’s” bounced off the walls…. as we both reached that pinnacle of release at the same moment….I could feel his cock spurting deep within me as I cumm hard….so hard that had he not been holding me…I would surely have collapsed.

He continued to hold me close for a few minutes as our breathing began to return to normal. He kissed my shoulder again and when I looked up…I saw that he was as flushed as I.

“Ahhhh my dear….absolutely awesome.”

Then we felt the elevator jerk…which immediately brought us back to the realization of where we were as we scrambled to dress. He was dressed before me and he reached to help finish buttoning my blouse…giving me a quick passionate kiss. As he smiled into my eyes….he spoke…

“Guess we’ve missed the meeting….but it was well worth it.”

The elevator began to move again. As the doors opened, he slipped a small business card in my hand.

“Call me later….we need to continue this….somewhere a little more private.” He winked at me as I watched him walk quickly down the hall, and I headed in the opposite direction.

(c)lady bj

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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