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This is a story about and older man in the plane wreck rescued by stranded Tahitian lady twenty five years old. She is a tropical paradise island dweller far from other people who has been alone since she was young.


For some reason I was on the beach. My eyes were barely able to see; the sun was so bright I had to squint to see anything. I was drifting in and out of consciousness; waking up for a few minutes then back out again. I was not sure what was a dream and what was real. My legs would not move as I tried and could feel the sand in my toes so my shoes were gone. I heard seagulls flying around and as I looked up, out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a person approaching. I blinked my eyes to focus and thought I saw long hair waving in the wind as they ran toward me. I must be dreaming I thought as she ran up to me and was looking down at me. It looked like a small child at first glance. Maybe I’m dead and this I heaven. Was I really dead or? If this is heaven I don’t want to wake up; she appeared to be topless and her breast size was not that of a small child, as I squinted to see who it was.

She looked at me for a minute then knelt down and touched my neck. I felt her fingers tips moving gently feeling for my pulse. I was trying to open my eyes wider to see who it was. I could barely see her tanned breast and it was very round and firm and it did not giggle or sway at all as she moved her arms. I noticed she had no tan lines on her breasts. They were perfectly shaped with pert areolas and large nipples. This was no child.

“E’la?v” (Alive”) I heard a voice say in a language I did not understand.

I must have passed out for a long time, but thought I had a dream that I was being taken through the forest on some kind of bamboo sled toward the inner island, and the ride was very bumpy.

Sometime Later on…

I woke up startled, I felt something brushing against my skin. My eyes were closed and when I tried to open them I could not. They were frozen shut and felt like they were burning. I must be out of the sun since it was much cooler and I could no longer hear the waves and feel the wind. I tried to lift my arm but it would not move and I seemed to be paralyzed. I tried again and slowly reached my trembling hand toward my eyes and could feel they were swollen. I felt the brushing against my skin again.

I reached up toward where it was touching my arm with my other hand and I felt something like hair. It instantly pulled back from my grasp. I tried to speak but nothing was coming out. Next I felt a something cool on my lips. I sucked in the liquid that was dripping into my mouth. My throat was parched and felt like there was a knot in it as I tried to swallow. I tried to speak again and felt something pressing on my lips and I could smell a sweet fragrance as something moved close to my nose.

“Kwa??t” (“Quiet”) I heard a voice say.

“What the hell happened to me?” I thought. “Where am I?” I managed to grunt out.

“Kwa??t, Kwa??t” (“Quiet, Quiet”) I heard a voice say again and I felt something pressing to my lips again. This time I could recognize a gentle young female voice. I was dumb founded.

“What happened?” I managed to say.

“Ple?n k?æ?” (“Plane crash”) She said softly.

I could not understand what she was saying.

Next I felt a coolness on my eyes which was soothing. I tried to reach up toward it but my arm was pulled back down. It felt like a small hand was holding my wrist now. The palm skin was so unbelievably soft and warm.

“St?l” (Still!) She said quietly.

I put my arm down and then something brushed against the back yenibosna escort of my hand and I felt something on my leg.

My legs were held fast.

“St?l” (Still) She said louder this time.

I felt the brushing again and managed to reach toward it. As I felt it, it was hair.

I smelled the sweet fragrance again and then liquid dripping into my partially open mouth.

“Sw?l??” (“Swallow”) She said quietly.

I choked as I tried to swallow and I felt her roll me onto my side.

“Slo?li” (“Slowly”) She said quietly as she padded my back gently.

I could feel her hair on my face and it was so soft and smelled amazing. It must have been very long since it was everywhere. The smell of it was unbelievable and as I inhaled again I began choking.

“I?zi” (“Easy”) She said grabbing my wrists, pulling my arms by my wrists and pushed them down to my sides.

“St?p mu?v” (“Stop moving”) She said with a slight gruff.

Then I felt a slight breeze as she moved away from me and her long hair brushed against my forearm.

“R?st” (“Rest”) she said from a distance.

I must have fallen asleep again.

After some passage of time…

I woke up again as I felt the brushing of her hair on my arms.

“g?e?p” (“Grape”) She said softly. She managed to lift me up and propped pillows under my head.

Next she gently pressed an object to my lips and felt a round shape as she shoved it into my mouth. I was trying to figure out what it was. I must have had a perplexed look on my face.

“g?e?p” (“Grape”) She said softly again, then I figured out it was a grape and it was the sweetest grape I ever tasted.

I chewed it very slowly since my jaw ached from not being used.

W??? (“Water”) She said and I felt a cool cloth on my lips as she squeezed water into my mouth. I managed to suck a little in my mouth. I could also smell that amazing fragrance again as she squeezed more water into my mouth.

Still unable to see I could sense her presence by the fragrance. As she got closer to me I could smell the amazing fragrance and when she was not there it was gone, I assumed it was her I was smelling. “I must be in heaven and I am smelling an angel.” I thought.

As she came toward me again I could feel her hair on my skin as it brushed against my face and hands. I slowly reached up toward it and managed to grab some of it and pull it toward my nose. “What in the world was that proactive smell?” I thought. It was sweet and pleasant and intoxicating as I inhaled it deeply. This time she did not pull it away but just giggled. I felt her hand touch the back of mine as I inhaled her scented hair. She giggled again as I inhaled deeply. I let go of her hair and she grabbed my hand in hers. She was examining my hand with her tiny fingers, caressing it sensually. I could hear her breath become ragged as she gently caressed my hand.

Then she did something amazing, she lifted my hand toward her breast. It was completely covered with her hair, as it made a hair bra over her perfectly shaped round breast. I could feel her nipple was rock hard as I palmed her breast. Her nipple was sticking out of her hair but her breast was covered with it. She had an incredible amount of long silky smooth hair. She pressed my hand hard onto her breast and forced herself to my hand and let out a long low moan. She reached her other hand to my other hand and guided it to her waist. As I felt her waist it was very narrow. It was so firm and I could feel her back muscles and the cleft in her back made by her spine as I slowly inched my fingers zeytinburnu escort around her to her back. This young woman was very athletic to say the least. She did not have an ounce of fat anywhere as I gently massaged her tight silky smooth skin. As I slid my hand down her waist I felt her butt jutting out. I slowly eased my hand down her butt and back up her narrow waist.

Her hair was so long I could feel it covering her butt. I was moving my hand back down on her hair covered butt and it just kept going. I gasped as I breathed out “OH my god is her butt that fine”. I whispered, “Oh my god.” She just snickered again as I gently squeezed her goddess butt. She was completely naked as I felt her butt, no cloth at all. I could feel the dimple her glut made in her side butt. I wish I could see what I was feeling. What I was feeling was the most incredible female body I could ever dream of.

She slowly moved her hips so my hand was now near her front vortex. She moved and gyrated her hips toward my fingers, I felt moisture as my hand neared her inner thigh. I could hear her breath becoming more ragged as she gyrated herself toward my fingers. As my hand got closer to her super soft inner thigh it was very wet and sticky. She had the stickiest female juice I ever felt, either that or my sense of touch was heightened since I could not see. She slowly reached to my waist feeling under the wraps. I could feel her smooth tiny fingers work their way inside the wrapping. Her finger nails were trimmed back since I could just feel skin as her fingers inched closer. Then I heard her gasp as she brushed her finger tips on my dick flesh. She inhaled sharply as she made contact with my ever growing erection. She was trying to feel the length with her hand she was muttering something incomprehensible and gasping under her breath as she moved her hand. Then she grabbed gently with her other hand and had both hands massaging my hardening cock as she gasped again this time very loudly. I heard her say something that seemed like a surprised tone as she had one hand at the base and the other cupping the head.

She removed her hands from my dick and moved out of my grasp. My euphoria was yanked away in an instant. I was moving my arms and hands around trying to find her. Was I just dreaming I thought as I tried in vain to find her? I let out a groan in disgust as I laid my arms down to my sides. I wish I could see as I just lay there.

There was an empty feeling as I just lay there. I was shaking my head back and forth slowly wondering if it was real or a dream or did I do something to upset her.

Then I felt her hair again on the back of my forearms. Next she put her hands on each side of my waist as she climbed on top of me in the cowgirl position. I slowly reached up to her outside thighs. She moved up slowly toward me and I could feel her amazing butt as she shimmied forward. I could smell her fragrance so I knew she was really there. I felt her hair on my face now as she leaned over on top of me then I could feel her breasts on my chest. They were heavier than I thought they’d be and then they felt very warm as they were pressed up against me. I could hear her softly moaning as she put her finger to my lips to make sure I did not speak. I felt her hand grasp my dick as she leaned forward more and adjusted herself to facilitate entry into her, or so I thought…

“f??st”(first) She whispered.

I wish I could understand what she was saying.

She took hold of my hand and held it below her breast.

“Amura” she said. Then repeated “Amura, Amura, acıbadem escort Amura” as she pressed her hand on the back of mine each time she spoke her name.

Then she let go of my hand and tapped her index finger onto my chest.

“ne?m,” (Name) she said. “jo?? ne?m, jo?? ne?m, jo?? ne?m.” (your name) she repeated several times as she tapped on my chest.

I was not sure what was going on as I lay there feeling her amazing curvy thighs and butt.

She just continued to repeat what she was doing, her name then tapping on me.

I had a revelation and then knew what was going on. She was trying to communicate with me and she wanted to know my name.

“Duncan,” I managed to say as I coughed.

“Duuk” she said as she tapped.

“Duhh nnn caaa nnnn” I said very slowly exaggerating each syllable.

“Duuuhk- Un” she said as she tapped on me.

She grabbed my hand and held it to her breast this time.

“Amura” she said.

Then as she tapped on my chest “Duuuhk- Un,” she said.

“Yes.” I said with a smile as I nodded.

“Amirah” I said.

“Ammmooo rahhh” she said taking a lead from me.

She leaned forward even more and I felt her boobs pressing hard on my chest. She was inches from my face as I felt her warm breath and I could hear her wetting her lips. Next she put her fingers to my lips. I started kissing her fingers as she explored my lips gently with them.

Then she kissed my lips as she moaned slightly out of breath. Her lips were so soft; I have never felt anything like them.

She took her time as she slowly kissed me. Her full, pouty, wet, warm, amazing lips were that of an angel I thought. I could hear her making sounds as she did this, her yearning and sensuous sounds needed no interpretation.

I moved my hands up to her sides and as my thumbs moved to the front of her I felt her stomach for the first time. It was so tight and muscular, no fat anywhere; she had a six pack stomach. She moved and gyrated and let me freely explore her amazingly tight body. Her boobs were unbelievably soft and squishy though, a stark contrast to the rest of her hard body. She was more perfect than any woman I could have ever dreamed of.

As she felt my hands moving around her gasps became more pronounced. It was as though I was doing everything right as I caressed her unbelievable goddess body gently with my palms and fingertips.

I could feel her moving and arching her back as she moaned in ecstasy. As I caressed her upper sternum and my hands felt her boobs, she forced her upper torso into my wandering hands. She could not get enough of my caresses and I wondered if anyone had ever truly made love to her. Next she slowly started gyrating her pelvis forcing her pussy on the back of my hardening dick. She was slowly getting more and more worked up as she did this. Wanton lust was overtaking both of us as we moved together.

I was now holding her sides above her hips as she was play fucking me since my dick was under wraps.

I could feel she was getting more rigid since she must have been getting closer to orgasm. Her breath was slow and exaggerated as though she could not catch her breath and I thought she was struggling to orgasm.

I made a slight sound of encouragement as I forced her harder to me. The next thing I know she screamed out and I felt a rush of fluid soak my wraps. She froze stiff and held my hands to her in an attempt to keep her upright as her orgasm tore through her, like nothing I ever felt any woman experience.

As she was sitting on top of me for a few seconds; I felt her jerk hard as the aftershocks of a violent orgasm cascaded through her entire body and then she started shaking violently and making chattering sounds while breathing erratically. I held her tight while she did this for what seemed like a long time. Then she slumped down onto my chest and was slowly kissing anything she could as she was whispering incomprehensible words.

End of Chapter 1.

To be continued…

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