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I was late for my nail appointment again. I had to resolve why I always seemed to be running late. Chris said it wasn’t worth re-training myself. But I just felt something needed to change. Appointments, meetings, even paying bills; I didn’t try hard enough to do things on time. Distracted by no true responsibilities I wondered if I just wanted to be a pain in the ass and make people think I was busy. I shuffled through the crowd on the sidewalk but bump into another woman who was coming out of the Salon.

“I’m sorry Miss, please come out first,” I said and smiled. As she passed I quickly studied her nails and then her outfit. I could wear something so revealing but I always put those dresses and blouses back on the rack. I could easily see her breasts as I was less than twenty inches from her as she passed. That she had style was evident. I felt dowdy standing there while she clicked passed in her tall heels.

As I waited for my technician I reviewed the trash gossip rags but was bored reading of other’s lives moving passed. The MetroGal magazine had the usual racy cover and strongly worded heralds, ‘Best Sex Ever!’, but I opened it to the contents anyway. The Salon must have been overbooked. Sammie was still with a new customer. Someone else had gotten my time-slot. I looked at my phone after a while to note I’d been waiting nearly twenty minutes.

As a waited I daydreamed about my marriage. After ten years Chris was still very attentive and gorgeous. His physique had not changed. He played hard at all of the sports he did as well as working out twice a week. The family we’d discussed didn’t happen. It wasn’t that our selfishness was too strong but the changes in each of us may have been at the root of our slow and uneventful lapse. We still made love regularly; I mean two or three times a month seemed to keep us both happy.

The needs of his work, the rush of suburban DC and the health scare I’d had led to the unsettled family plans. Chris’s work averaged fifty-five hours a week. Moving closer to DC allowed him to cut the travel to about forty minutes a day. He was happier with access to the train. Driving in was destroying him due to the bottlenecks and roadwork delays. It was also helpful having a great gym in the building. The workouts helped him relax. But I was a mess. Having more time was good and I was still at my wedding weight due to my cardio regiment. The volunteering filled some of my weeks. Now with him away more I’d slipped back to bad habits. I could have gone on this trip with him. Now I was alone and thinking the core problem was in me. I felt I needed more discipline.

The next article was too much, ‘Good Girls can Enjoy Anal’ so I flipped by but the last page of the spread caught my attention, ‘I actually orgasm intensely’ the caption read. I looked about at the others waiting. There were at least two girls before me. I turned back to the beginning page.

Now using my phone browser I searched a follow-up reference and learned more than I’d care to about anal foreplay, the toys suggested for beginners and how to get Chris interested in my bottom. Maybe a spark would help us. Maybe it could help me.

The next site suggested that a ‘person’ initially play alone. The author noted that this is a sexual activity that is enjoyed by males and females, hetro and gay. She suggested that each person find his or her comfort level with a toy before initiating anal in bed with your lover. I was so focused reading from the small screen I didn’t see Sammie standing near.

“You seem to be intent Leslie. What’s got you so interested?”

Walking back with her I didn’t answer immediately since there were others within earshot, “Sorry I missed the appointed time. The MetroGal article on butt sex,” I snickered as her hand came to my arm and she guided me to the seat.

“New station for today,” she was smiling. “I read that article. The stuff the author writes about is somewhat off base. I’d suggest she hasn’t had a stick in her buns.”

I giggled, “And you have Sammie?”

She moved closer and offered, “My roommate loves anal.”

I frowned slightly, “But isn’t she a lesbian?”

“Yeah but she got me into anal play nearly six months ago. We enjoy each other occasionally and use her strap-on.”

Watching her working on my cuticles I just shut up as Sammie continued sharing her butt exploits. She talked of ‘Fifty Shades’ and other sources for her love of backdoor sex. Twenty minutes later as I waited for the polish to dry she told me, “I don’t want to suggest you’re old Leslie, but it’s a generational thing. Younger women don’t seem as hung-up on the idea that you only use your vagina for sex. Mouths, hands, butts whatever to keep the romance going.”

I had a lovely man in my life. He somehow accepted that I couldn’t or wouldn’t have children. Chris supported me after I’d left my job as a legal researcher for kırşehir escort a top legal firm. I’d come to realize that I needed to spend some time reordering my life. I was fortunate to have my health but most fortunate to have Chris. Having been saving most of my six-figure salary we had a comfortable investment account.

The first year after I’d left my position we had moved from the older suburban part of town to a comfortable Condo along the Potomac, a short walk to the Metro. The new neighbors were a mix of open-minded southerners, many who had already raised their families, and dinks who wanted more space than downtown offered. The women friends I had found were mostly transplants with spouses who worked in the Metro area. Chris rode the rail into downtown most days.

He was out of town for six days with a west coast based client needing his expertise. This had become the norm. Chris traveled at least once every month as his position became more essential to the company. When he was required to travel to interesting places I would sometime tag along. Paris and Berlin had been special last spring. The trip to Tokyo in the fall hadn’t been. The customs and the relationships men had with their spouses seem off to me and I was out of place simply due to being five-eight. Most men I’d been introduced to were shorter and all of the women looked at me and my heels as a bit strange.

Chris was a good lover and I nearly always had an orgasm with oral sex. I needed that loving from him but I’d never had one from penetration though. Now I was randy and he was away. The MetroGal article included an ad for a shop in the Northwest. I decided to further my investigation and grabbed a cab.

When I was in grad school I’d had a brief affair with my Research partner. Her experience was significantly beyond mine at twenty-two years old. The sexual experience was important for I realized I must have fulfillment. My lover was the first to lick my pussy. She was also the first lover to slide her tongue around my anus. After ten weeks I felt that Missy was too committed to a life without men. I met Chris a few months later and thankfully he knew how to make my body happy. He loved licking me to orgasm and that meant his tongue slid about my butt on occasion. I just wish we made more love. I wished we could find things to keep us close.

Walking into the lobby of our building with the black bag seemed wrong. Concealed inside were three small packages which the salesgirl had recommended. She had saved me from an assertive male employee.

“Jon I think this customer would appreciate my assistance.”

Shelly had recommended a kit with toys and a lube and a soft dildo, “You don’t have one of these?” as well as a vibrating wand.

“Start by getting acquainted with your new dick alone. Your mind may be your biggest barrier so relax, I mean really relax. Then relax some more. It doesn’t have to hurt that’s why playing by yourself can be helpful. You’re in charge you know.”

The doorman didn’t even look up as I walked passed. When I got upstairs I’d realized I needed some other things and took the BMW keys from the drawer. We only used the car once a week now but I wanted a new outfit. That woman this morning had reminded me that I was still good looking, slim and sexy. My skinny jeans and flats together with my simple ponytail weren’t going to cut it any longer.

Returning to the lobby the doorman now noticed me, or at least he heard my heels as I approached from the elevator. “Good afternoon Mrs. Lai. How are you today?”

He hadn’t noticed me the other two trips through lobby! Now with my long hair down and the jeans replaced with a skirt and heels Tony says hello. Damn, I thought, Men!

After the Kate Spade stop and then the Ann Taylor store I hit BCBG and came home with two new outfits and a new dress in white. Chris wouldn’t bat an eye about the two grand since the cards weren’t his to pay. I won’t pay these bills late.

The afternoon shift meant I didn’t have to see Tony again, but Sasha was at the lobby desk. She was the only female on the staff.

“Wow! Mr. Lai is in for a night! You look so good Ms. Leslie.”

I guess my appearance at this hour was atypical to her. “I just needed some things. My jeans were all in the wash Sasha. Thank you but Chris, ah Mr. Lai is out of town.”

She whistled lowly, “Then you take care that no one jumps your bones Ms. Leslie.”

When I got in the apartment and looked at myself I realized that when I’d re-dressed at the BCBG store I had forgotten my bra. I must have left it in the dressing room for it wasn’t in the bag either. The third dress I’d bought had built-in support and I absentmindedly forgot the simple white garment. Sasha was the only person, other than the salesgirl that would have seen my pert breasts rolling about as I walked. It was a good bra but not worth a return trip.

It was curious that my day had taken such kocaeli escort a different path. That I could have simply forgotten to put on my bra!

That woman I collided with at the Salon door wouldn’t have thought a moment about my appearance. Somehow her manner and confidence had ruled my mindset today. New toys for an adventure, sexy heels and a tightly fitted dress; but I still had work to do. First I went on-line and study the site I’d found earlier regarding the toy use and cleaning. It sounded a little messy.

Stepping from the shower an hour later I felt fresh and smooth. Wrapped in my robe I was surprised I was nearly two pounds lighter today but I walked to the soft lounge chair with my Mac to review what I’d read earlier. Relaxation of the body’s muscles was the goal.

‘Take it slow and use plenty of lube’

I went to the linen closet and found a protective pad and another towel. Lying atop the bed I used my index finger to moisten my tight puckered hole. After a few minutes my thin finger slipped in passed the knuckle. I was surprised that this caused no pain. The website said the muscles may need up to twenty minutes relax.

‘Use a second finger to slowly open your anus’

I focused a bit more but the tight opening allowed my second finger to enter. There was a sense of joy first because I had assumed this would hurt and second because now with my fingers inside my bottom I noticed the tingle and I laid back to enjoy the feeling.

My fingers had pushed passed the inner muscle after a few minutes. I considered what to do next and reached for the wand. The toy was about six inches long and tapered with a bulbous end. My bottom would need more lube before I was going to try to enter the tight passage with the thicker toy. Again being aware of the time I slipped my fingers out of my butt and moved the toy to the puckered opening.

As I initiated the penetration I could feel the soft plastic toy better than my fingers since I could focus on the toy’s progress. Now it was at the narrower neck and I was surprise when my bottom pulled the toy inside without any additional force. I wanted to understand how this had occurred and withdrew the wand and began the penetration a second time. Again it reached a point and my bottom’s muscles sucked it deeper. The sensation was incredible.

I carefully moved to the edge of the bed and then slipped my feet into my mules. Walking gingerly to the dressing room mirror I turned about and saw that only the short end, or about an inch was evident. The toy wasn’t causing any pain and I decided to see how my body handled moving around while this long sexy toy stayed within me.

I slipped the robe back on and went to get a glass of wine. As I waddling across the carpet I began to feel the unique tinge from the stimulation of the wand. When I’d place the small control on the bedside stand I must have inadvertently turned on the vibrator. The instructions indicated that the toy had a variety of settings from least to aggressive stimulation. Now the soft but certain pulsing within my bottom showed me something new about my backdoor.

I returned to the bedroom and picked up the control and the vibrator stopped. The switch was meant to require being tapped slightly. I pushed it and the toy began again but at a little bit more intense level. I placed it down carefully and stepped toward the Kitchen. The action within my body could be described as subtle but ‘there’. As I poured the Chardonnay into the crystal stemware I had to focus as the vibrator reminded me that it was still within me.

“My god,” I said quietly. This was a new type of pleasure. I was definitely excited. As I stepped around the apartment I wondered how the toy would affect me as a sat quietly watching the afternoon News? Would the slightly curved toy allow me to sit without discomfort?

Carefully I sat on the edge of the sofa so that the toy didn’t shift. Then I slid onto my hip and rotated to a sitting position of the sofa, the toy still buzzing softly. Then it happened; the vibration level increased without me having touched the control!

I must have set it to one of its progressive patterns. As the newscaster spoke of the latest conditions overseas I had to focus to avoid be pulled into the sexual action of the new lover. I could have retrieved the control and stopped the toy but I was trying to become aware of not only its potential but also how I was moved and excited by playing with my butt. This toy in my pussy would have caused so much juice it would have slipped out. In my bottom it felt great so I decided to let it continue.

When the news came back after a commercial break their was a female reporter. She reminded me of the woman I bumped into this morning. As I considered the memory the toy changed the pulse pattern again and the intensity increased as well. The TV showed this great looking babe and my mind became overwhelmed with longing. I wanted konya escort to have the reporter between my knees licking me as her hands played with the toy stimulated my ass.

I reached to move the robe aside and my finger touched my pussy to find I was quite wet and aroused. As I lightly touched my moist outer labia the toy stepped up intensity again and I fell back allowing myself to enjoy this as I closed my eyes. I grasped the end of the wand and carefully moved the toy as I imagine the newscaster loving my body and the onset of the peak began. Surprised that with only a bit of clitoral stimulation I was coming I rapidly played the toy within my ass.

“Ahhh damn!”

I considered what had occurred without Chris’ mouth on my button. I needed to find a way to get him into my butt. He wasn’t to travel east until Friday; four days alone.

Well I could have been alone but instead decided to continue the butt adventure. I wanted to share this, but with a woman. If I could have I would call that tall woman in the heels and sexy dress from the Salon. Having a female lover just seemed appropriate at that moment. I considered calling Sammie. Not for a sex partner but to asked about that woman.

I think it was her scent that I remembered best. It was a little musky and floral too; it was similar to the fragrance I used occasionally called Narciso. These thoughts hadn’t been so present in years. The quietness of my marriage somehow allowed me to feel I needed something or someone else for an interlude. Honestly, I wanted to lick some pussy especially since this afternoon’s blast. I thought about the idea of cheating; hadn’t I already crossed a boundary with the toys?

It was just a thought but calling Sammie would be full of issues. I needed to find a less connected female. Now I was dressing to head out to a lesbian gathering I’d found on-line with an event tonight. Tuesday’s were quiet and the restaurant in downtown opened for the group of female professionals. I wasn’t sure how to dress but figured that it was more of an after business hours crowd so the black bodycon pencil dress with a deep cleavage would work. I was after all trying to meet someone. The consideration had pushed me to research the world of women lovers on-line and The Sofa offered an ideal engine for just that. Twenty minutes later I knew what I wanted.

In the taxi I spoke with Chris for few minutes but he was still working due to the time difference. At least he knew I was out for the evening.

“Leslie, I’m glad you’re getting an evening out. We’ll talk in the morning okay?”

As he said this I shifted on the seat as the driver eyed me in the rearview mirror. I had to adjust my dress hem as the welt of my stocking was exposed.

“I miss you Chris. I now wished I’d had come to Palo Alto with you. Maybe I’ve been resistive to things. I need to change that about myself, and I need to stop being late!”

“I still love you Leslie,”

I interrupted him, “I know. I love you too.” The cab had arrived.

At the door of the restaurant two women were handling the new arrivals.

“Nice to meet you Leslie. Your first night means you don’t pay the cover, just for the dinner. I don’t think you’ll be buying any drinks tonight. I love the dress. The new girls tend to be very well received with this crowd. We’re at about half force but it’s early. Within thirty minutes most of the late girls will be here.”

Her name was Lee and she was an Architect but I hadn’t met any architect with legs like hers. Lee was taller than me by three inches at nearly six feet. Such long lovely legs. I wondered if she would the one.

“Is that Narciso you’re wearing?” she smiled warmly. “We’re glad you could join us tonight Leslie.” Her eyes were intensely studying my chest and I saw the subtle kiss formed on her lips.

I didn’t make it to the bar to ask for a chardonnay. A beauty in a dark blue pant suit seems to have been waiting, “This is for you. I’m Denny, Denise I can’t stand. I don’t recall seeing you?”

I finished the half sip, “Umm, Perfect, I’m Leslie and yes this is a little bit new to me. Thank you for the wine, well this is french?”

Denny moved a half step closer, “I like Burgundy. This is a cote de Beaune oh-five.” She talked for three minutes and I knew I didn’t want to sleep with her. She was lovely but too bossy.

Fifteen minutes later and holding my second glass I met Marie. She was nearly my height with subtle gray in her mainly blonde head. She was dressed in a fitted suit that was clearly Italian; a charcoal pinstripe with a jacket and the hem just above the knee. Her blouse was discrete but I could see the faint outline of her areoles through her lacy bra. I wondered how she could feel comfortable in a business setting dressed like that.

An hour later we were out the door and into a cab, “I knew I wanted you Leslie when you were studying my brassiere. I’d changed my blouse before I arrived at the restaurant. It’s a surefire trick if I want to find a lover at those events.”

A moment later she was kissing me and her hands were up my dress as she whispered, “I know this seems a bit fast paced Leslie and I can see your wedding tan.”

She kissed me and our tongues mixed our saliva, “I want to fuck you. I have to fuck you.”

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