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The new car purred quietly down the highway while the evening sun was setting out the driver side window. The springtime temperatures were finally getting comfortable, giving real hope that summer may actually come and winter may finally be over. Ken was holding the wheel in one hand while his other rested high on Chloe’s thigh. Her hands laid on top of his, contentedly relaxed.

With three kids at home, the silence of the highway was beautiful in itself. The time alone together was hard to come by anymore. Ken glanced over to see his wife’s face. After ten years, she was no less beautiful. With her hair up in a bun and the peaceful stare forward, he was reminded of their first date. It seemed like just days ago they were getting to know each other in the car rides. Now most of the trips were overpowered by three boisterous voices behind them.

He couldn’t help but notice the soft glow of the setting sun gave her an angelic appearance. But what he couldn’t see was the incredible sensuality brewing just beneath the surface. Chloe had a hunger this night that he knew nothing about. Work, the kids, the laundry, the move, the stress. They’d taken a toll on their love life and she had desires that had gone unfulfilled for too long. Had he moved his hand just a little further up her leg, she was certain he’d feel her growing warmth and dampness. But that would have to wait. And it would.

Ken had desires of his own. It had been way too long since they’d had sex. It had been even longer since they’d had a chance to draw out the foreplay and turn the sexual encounter into an entire evening. He remained convinced his wife was the most beautiful woman on Earth and he couldn’t wait to undress her, to ravage her, to make her beg for pleasure and to finally fulfill her wildest dreams. He gently squeezed her leg and she smiled softly in the dimming glow of the sunset.

Her outfit had been chosen months ago for a special rendezvous but the busyness of life had kept it in the closet. The blouse was red, laced at the top and button down. Under normal circumstances, she’d have only the top button unbuttoned and a tank top underneath. But tonight she wanted to be noticed. A black push-up bra and an extra button unhooked showed off the cleavage she had. But she knew how much Ken adored her perfectly-shaped breasts. And she also knew he’d looked at them several times already. She had every intention of leaning over during the romantic meal and giving him even more to see.

The short black skirt matched her knee-high black boots so well. Her slender, toned legs were framed so perfectly by the outfit. Part of her wanted her husband to slip his hand under the skirt, push her thong aside and driver her to a first orgasm right there in the car. But she would compose herself… for now.

Ken had no idea about the thong. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but the thoughts in her head mixed with the string’s pressure on her clit and she was already starting to burn up. The intensity was increased because she had just that morning shaved her entire mound. Hopefully the act would be enough to persuade her husband to eat her all night long. It always felt amazing, and since he’d started shaving for the warmer months, Chloe had ached to have his smooth mouth sucking her clit all the way to ecstasy. She blushed a little at the thought, then let out half a chuckle. She was getting so horny in her old age. Maybe the thirties aren’t so bad after all.

The plan was set enough that they could plan ahead but loose enough that they could let things develop naturally. Dinner was scheduled at a fancy downtown restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. After checking in for the evening at the local JW Mariott, they had reservations for a relaxed dinner. Ken was wearing a dark blue dress shirt and a suit coat, but no tie. Appropriate for the environment and the evening.

Ken looked over at his wife, his attention caught by the slight chuckle. “What are you laughing about?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know. I was just thinking about what I want to do to you tonight. We haven’t even had dinner and you can’t keep your hands off me!” She looked down at his hand and squeezed it against her thigh. “But there’s so much more coming,” she said in her most seductive voice. Unbuttoning one more button, her bra was now clearly visible. She spread the blouse out even more and slowly leaned over until her face was by Ken’s ear. Knowing he was looking squarely down her shirt, she reached over and pressed her hand against his already-hard cock. She softly whispered in his ear, “I know you want these. I know you want to touch them; I know you want to suck them.” She nibbled his earlobe briefly. “You can have them, but you’re going to have to be my bad boy tonight.”

With that, she removed her hand, sat back into her seat, and re-buttoned the lower button. Man was he hard already! She was certain this evening was going to be enjoyable.

Ken chuckled. He wasn’t quite sure where this new boldness etiler escort had come from, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain. If she wanted a bad boy, he could deliver. And boy would he.

They pulled into the hotel parking lot, bringing an abrupt end to the sensual tension in the air. Becoming momentarily tactical (and thankful to get his attention off of his second head), Ken announced the plans. “We’ll check in, drop stuff off in the room, and then walk to dinner. The restaurant is right over there,” nodding just a block down the street, “and our reservation is in twenty five minutes.”

After checking in and getting room keys, they dropped their small suitcase off in their room. Chloe stopped in the bathroom to touch up her hair and makeup and compose herself with a couple deep breaths. When she came out of the bathroom, Ken was slouched against the countertop, watching her with desire. He still looked so amazing in a suit! Chloe walked slowly toward him, exaggerating the sway of her hips and lengthening her stride. Upon reaching her husband, she pushed her throbbing mound into his still-hard cock and leaned into him. Their lips met and they exchanged an incredibly passionate kiss. “You don’t get me yet, ya big stud. I think you owe me dinner first.” With that, she grabbed her purse, stood up, and headed toward the door. Ken pulled it open around her and they headed off to dinner.

The walk over was mostly uneventful. It was nice to hold each other’s hands. The little things that got overlooked had a new magic to them again. They made small talk about work, about things going on downtown, about upcoming plans. The chance for both of them to cool off was welcome; neither wanted to create a scene right in the middle of the restaurant.

Dinner was filled with the most conversation they had experienced in months. Neither had any idea how much catching up there was to do. As planned, Chloe had taken several opportunities to lean over – reaching for the salt, reaching for a little more wine, and the napkin that didn’t fall by accident. She knew every time exactly where her husband’s eyes were, too. The power she had over him was electrifying at times, and tonight was one of those times.

They both ordered a light dessert while finishing the bottle of wine. The conversation was encouraging enough it almost made them want to stay and chat. But there were growing desires that was slowly pushing them to find a conclusion. Chloe leaned back in her chair with the last few sips of wine in her glass. Ken was waiting for the bill to be wrapped up. Chloe had thoughts of teasing her husband under the long table cloth but the boots, sexy as they were, weren’t really conducive to such things.

After the waiter dropped the receipt off and said good night, Ken leaned over the table to speak more softly. “So, you want a bad boy tonight, huh? I’m not sure you know what you’re asking for.”

Taking the last three sips of wine at once, Chloe placed her wine glass on the table and slowly leaned in to put her face only a couple inches from his. Whispering back, “You think so, eh? Tonight, you’re married to a very bad girl. I’m going to do things I shouldn’t, and what are you going to do? Stop me? I don’t think so. I think you’re going to follow me every step of the way. I think you’re going to be just as bad. So, tonight, my love, you’re going to be my bad boy.”

And with that, she stood up slowly, picked up her purse, and headed for the restrooms. When she emerged, Ken was waiting for her near the exit. The mischievous grin on her face told him she was up to something. He didn’t need to wait for long. Pressing her body against the side of his, she leaned in again to his ear, whispering, “This was starting to get uncomfortable. Make yourself useful and hold onto it for me, please?” With that, she pulled her bra from her purse and shoved it down into the front of his pants, teasing the tip of his penis with her finger tips. She buttoned the top button of his suit coat. “Now, take me back to the hotel room if you want anything more.”

Ken was a bit surprised by this first rash move. In the dim light of the restaurant, he could actually make out her nipples through the sheer fabric. Once outside, though, the night was dark enough one wouldn’t be any the wiser. On the walk back, Chloe hooked her arm in his and snuggled into him. The air was getting a little chilly, and her hardened nipples against the lace wasn’t quite as comfortable as she expected. It was, however, an incredible turn on.

The warmth of the hotel was a welcome change. Ken had, however, seen to it that the room was warmer still. Between the wine, the extra heat, and the passion building between them, cold wasn’t going to be an issue.

After locking the door and turning on the lights, Ken pulled Chloe into his embrace. Bending down, they again locked lips, but this time things began to accelerate. Ken’s hands slid slowly from halkalı escort his wife’s back to her shapely butt, and he pulled her tightly into him, feeling her warmth against his cock. Their tongues began swirling around each other, then Ken took Chloe’s lower lip in his teeth.

Feining shock, Chloe quickly pulled back. Taking a suddenly stern voice, she scolded him, “You think you’re just going to have your way with me? It’s not going to be that easy. Tonight you’re going to be begging me. And if you’re good, maybe I’ll oblige. But I think you’re going to be bad tonight. Very… very… bad.”

With that, Chloe took a small bag from the suitcase and headed into the bathroom. When she came out this time, she was dressed just as before, but her hair was down and she had several things in her hand. She tossed a pair of handcuffs at her husband. “Put them on,” she barked.

Ken certainly hadn’t seen this coming, but it was a welcome change to normality. Grinning at his wife’s sudden boldness, he put the first cuff around his wrist. “Um, not to spoil the mood, but you do have a key, right?”

“Of course I have the key. You’re stalling. Now put them on, around that headboard.” She nodded toward the head of the king size bed in the middle of the room. Ken took his coat off, then sat at the head of the bed. Putting his hands above his head, he secured his wrists in the cuffs, attached to the bed. “Good. Now lie down.”

He complied again, stretching himself out with his arms above his head.

“Good.” Chloe unbuttoned the next two buttons of her blouse seductively. “You’re going to want me tonight. You’re going to beg to touch me… to lick me… to eat me. But right now, you just get to watch me.”

With that, Chloe pulled out a towel. She walked slowly over to the bed, bent over her husband, and tied the towel around his head as a gag. “No talking.”

She turned away from him and walked over to the TV. She’d prepared some romantic massage music on a USB key, which she began playing softly in the background. She turned, slowly again, back toward her waiting husband. She had his full attention, and she knew it. She pulled out, then, two candles and lit them, placing them on either side of the TV screen. She turned off the room lights and walked back into the glow of the candles.

As she spoke this time, she slowly began unbuttoning the rest of her blouse’s buttons. “I told you earlier I was going to be bad.” A button. “I want to see you burn with desire.” Another button. “I want to know you still ache for this body.” The last button. Ken could see her uncovered breasts just peeking out in the center of her chest. Not having a clue what she had in mind only added to his excitement. He wondered, though, how bad she was really planning to be.

She walked back over to the bed, the blouse moving in the breeze gave him ever so brief glimpses of her breasts. Her nipples were clearly hard but it wasn’t the least bit cold in the room. Bending over him again, she reached for his belt and slowly unbuckled it. She pulled it through its loops and dropped it to the floor. Turning her attention back to him, she again whispered softly, “Now… I want to know I turn you on. I want to see your desire. It turns out your tongue is a little tied up. Oops! But I have other means, my love.”

She slowly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. Reaching inside his boxers, she slowly pulled his cock out and laid it atop his pants. She could feel he’d had precum for some time; his boxers were soaking wet, and so was his cock.

“Let me show you how this works. When you get turned on, this,” squeezing his growing penis, “gets hard. It stands at attention. I can see that even from across the room. Let me show you.”

With that, she bent down and took his whole cock into her mouth, sucking the precum off. When she got to just the head, she bit down enough to cause some pain. As she pulled away, he had certainly hardened enough to stand straight up.

Standing back up, Chloe looked down, content. “See? It works like a charm.” With that, she turned away and headed toward the glow of the candles. With her back still to Ken, she pulled the blouse seductively away from her body, over her shoulders, and let it glide softly to the floor behind her. The next song, fitting for a strip tease, had already begun playing.

The warmth of the room was perfect. For a moment, she caressed her hands across her stomach, then up her sides. She let her fingertips wander out lightly across the tops of her arms and then back along the undersides. Her hips had begun swaying slightly to the music as she repeated the caressing one more time.

When her palms reached her stomach, she tilted her head back. She felt her hair tickle her back as she did so, but even that was erotic right now. Her hands slowly glided up the front of her body, across her breasts, to her neck, then she ran her fingers slowly up through her hair innovia escort until her arms were fully extended and her hair fell back in place.

She repeated the cycle one more time, but this time she started with her hands on her thighs. As she came up her thighs, her fingertips brushed the edges of her mound. She pressed them in against her clit and shuddered at the intensity. But she kept going. Across her stomach, across her breasts, rolling her nipples this time between her thumbs and forefingers. Up to her neck, her cheeks, her ears, and out to the ends of her hair. Teasingly, she looked back at Ken lying helplessly on the bed. “I know you wish this was your hands.” She grabbed her breasts again. “Show me how badly you want this body!” She looked down at his cock, hard as a rock and standing straight up. Unable to speak, Ken let out a small moan. He wasn’t sure how far she was going to take this and he absolutely wanted to be running this show.

She turned away from him once again. This time she reached down and slowly unzipped her skirt. She pulled it slowly to the floor and stepped out from it. Ken could plainly see the back of the thong. That thong, and the incredibly sexy black boots, were the only things covering his wife’s incredible body.

Chloe pushed her butt high into the air, giving him a great view of it and the thong. She very slowly began standing back up. Her hands wrapped around her ankles and as she stood up, they slid slowly up her boots, then her thighs. When her fingertips hit her clit this time, though, a loud moan escaped her lips. “Ooohhh…” Her right hand continued up her stomach, then to her breast, which she clutched firmly. Her left hand, though, remained at her clit. She slid two fingers slowly forward and into her soaked slit. “Oh, Ken. I wish you could see how wet my pussy is. I wish you could taste me right now!”

With that, she pulled her fingers away and, to Ken’s amazement, pushed them slowly into her mouth. She sucked her own wetness from her fingers and let an audible pop escape as they popped out of her mouth.

“You want to taste this, don’t you? You want my pussy, and you know it.”

Ken was dying now. He let out another groan, this time much louder and more defined. “What’s that, my love? I’m sorry, but I can’t understand you.”

With that, she grabbed the sides of her thong and shimmied it down her legs as well. But instead of dropping it to the floor, she hooked it on her finger and turned around. Walking slowly toward her husband, she got to see exactly how much she’d turned him on. Not only was his cock standing painfully erect, there was precum running down its side.

“That’s what I wanted to see. I see desire. I see passion. I see hunger.” She paused for effect between each sentence, and with each pause took a step closer. When she got to him, she bent over and licked the precum off the side of his shaft, then sucked the rest off of the tip. “Mmm.. You taste pretty good yourself.”

But then she went back to the unexpected. She took the thong and wrapped it around the base of his penis, pulling it tight and then tying it again. “There, that should help.”

As the music played in the background, Chloe slowly began unbuttoning Ken’s dress shirt. She then pulled it to either side and much more aggressively shoved his t-shirt up. She began kissing his stomach, his chest, his neck, his face, and ears, and occasionally his lips. Her breasts and stomach were constantly rubbing against his erect cock, driving him absolutely nuts.

Her aggression continued to mount. Her kisses turned to biting. His earlobes, his nipples, his lips. She devoured him for several minutes before standing once again at the bedside.

“You’ve been good long enough, my love. Now it’s time to be my bad boy.” She removed the towel from his mouth and moved it up as a blindfold. She then went to the foot of the bed where she climbed up, straddling him until her knees were up next to his armpits. “I know you want to taste me.” She again reached two fingers down and pushed them deep into her pussy. She pulled them out, dripping, and brought them to Ken’s lips. She wiped them slowly across his lips and pulled them away. “Try it.”

Ken licked his lips, leaving his mouth slightly open. “Do you like it? Tell me you want more.”

“Yes, please. I want to taste more.”

Ken heard her fingers again inside his wife’s most intimate parts. This time, she pushed them deep into his mouth and he sucked them dry. “More; I want to taste more!”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Eat me. Eat my pussy, my love.” With that, she sat up on her knees and pushed her mound into Ken’s mouth. He licked her entire slit and began sucking on her labia. He licked her again, sucking her juices out before wrapping his lips firmly around her clit.

Chloe had begun breathing hard. Her hands automatically moved back to her breasts where she firmly squeezed them and pinched her nipples. The combination of all the sensations was unbelievable. But it wasn’t time. Not quite yet.

Reluctantly, she pulled away from her husband. He was panting. “Please, let me finish you. Let me have more.”

“Not yet. Not this way. I want that rock hard cock deep inside me. I want to feel you explode. I want your juices dripping from me. Then you’re going to watch me finish myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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