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Disclaimer: this is fiction, and everyone is over the age of 18. et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum.


Chapter two

Over the first two days of our Spring Break, Mark and I had not left the house. Our parents — my dad, his mom — were on their honeymoon in Hawaii, and since the first time we had sex, the night of their wedding, we had barely gotten dressed or been out of each other’s sight.

Late on that Sunday afternoon, Mark and I were spooning in the hammock, his cock still planted inside me, our chests still heaving with the most recent orgasm. Sex in a hammock is not quite as difficult as you would imagine, especially when the guy is as strong as Mark is. He had no trouble doing all the work, while I lay back-to-chest with him, one of his hands reaching around playing with my nipples, the other down stroking my clit while his cock hammered my g-spot.

Now his hands were gently exploring my stomach and breasts, making me shiver even though the sun and his hands were warm on my skin.

“You’re going to have the neighbors calling the police, Taylor.” He murmured into my ear. I could feel him smiling.

“Uh?” I grunted, still floating back down to earth.

“All that moaning and screaming, they’re going to think someone is killing you.”

“You are,” I said.

“Hmm, poor baby. Maybe I should stop.”

“That’s not nice.” I replied, turning my head to frown back at him. He responded by kissing me, deep and hard, and I got so wrapped up in it that I didn’t notice his hand sliding back down to my swollen clit until he touched it. I gasped as we broke the kiss, but he didn’t stop. He just kept stroking, gently, until I felt his cock growing hard again inside me. Mark’s mouth closed over mine again, kissing me urgently while his hips began thrusting of their own accord.

“Taylor,” His voice was husky, sexy, driving me crazy, “tell me a secret.”

I knew what he meant, this had been a game we’d been playing all weekend, usually in this same kind of situation. I thought about it for a moment, wondering which of my fantasies would cause him to make that animalistic groan and shoot even more of his load into my already-dripping pussy.

“I think I’d like to know what it’s like to be with another girl.”

It worked. Instantly, that noise came from the back of his throat and he pumped me full of sperm. His fingers worked furiously on my clit, and while he was still pressing the head of his prick into my cervix, I came harder than I would’ve thought possible after such a short break. This time I let him slide out of me as I turned over to face him. Our bodies were glistening with sweat from the workout and his eyes were closed against the exhaustion. I knew it would be a little while, at least, before either of us was ready to go again.

“Holy fuck, Taylor.” He said a few minutes later.


“You know what.”

“Well, what about it? You told me to tell you a secret, so I did.”

“Yeah, but… well, I mean, were you serious?” He asked, apparently in shock. I gave him my most seductive smile in answer, and he groaned, pulling me tighter against him. “Oh, my God,” he said, “that is so fucking hot.”

Did I tell you Mark was my first kiss?

It happened in seventh grade, but I didn’t know it was his tongue I first felt in my mouth until junior year, when my friend Mandy finally spilled the beans to me. I guess she thought I was better off not knowing because of the backwards relationship Mark and I had.

Jack and Emma Harding were the only twins in our middle school, and they were extremely popular because their birthday was the one and only event of the year where any of us were allowed to attend co-ed sleepover parties. Everyone who was anyone was there in the Harding’s rec room every June, while their parents graciously allowed us to have our fun in privacy.

We played a game called Seven Minutes in Heaven, where a girl would be blindfolded and sent into the closet, followed a moment later by some lucky guy who would be able to do whatever he wanted to her. My turn in the closet came up, but, as was the custom, I had no idea who would be coming in after me. It didn’t matter to me, really, because first of all, there were only the most popular boys in school invited, and second, they were all still so shy that nothing of consequence ever happened. Mostly it was sloppy wet kissing taking place, and occasionally an over-the-shirt feel.

The kiss itself was amazing, but for a while I contributed that to it being the All Mighty First… that is, until I kissed Mark the second time the night our parents got married. Nobody I’d kissed before had ever compared; I think it’s mostly just about chemistry.

Monday afternoon was the first time Mark and I were apart that Spring Break. He left at noon, saying he had a couple of things to do and would be back by four. I spent the afternoon laying out and drinking a pitcher of Bloody Marys by the pool, dressed in the tiniest bikini I had, making sure I would be brown and canlı bahis shiny with oil when he got back. And maybe just a little bit drunk.

I heard Mark’s car pull into the driveway at five minutes until four, so I closed my eyes and pretended to be dozing. When he came around the corner into the back, his footsteps stopped and I could tell he was just taking in the sight, which was exactly what I wanted him to do. We had already had sex twelve or fifteen times since the first time — teenage boys, wow — but I knew that sometimes it was actually better if he *couldn’t* see everything. My little white bikini was truly tiny, but it covered the goods, and I knew from the deep breath he took before he walked over that it was having the desired effect. I knew before I opened my eyes that his shorts would be tented in the front.

I was not disappointed.

“Welcome back, soldier.” I said, shading my eyes and looking up at him as he stood over me.

“I think it’s you trying to kill me, now, Taylor.” His eyes scanned down my body, then back up to my face again.

“You think so, huh?”

“Uh, yeah.” He had to adjust his shorts. I just smiled. “What are you drinking?”

“Bloody Mary. I’m almost out, though, so I guess I have to go in and make some more.” I said, taking care to stand up slowly, bend over facing away from him to pick up my drink and towel.

I started to walk back into the house, but was struck with inspiration as I passed by the outdoor shower. It was extremely cliché, I know, but most guys only get to fantasize about things like this, and I wanted Mark hooked for good, so I dropped my things on the table and stepped under the shower. The water from the shower – unlike the pool which was heated – was still pretty cold even though we’d had an unseasonably warm March. The water hit my skin and made my nipples hard instantly, and also, just as I’d planned, made my tiny white bathing suit turn into a tiny transparent bathing suit.

Mark’s mouth literally fell open while he watched, but the show only lasted a few seconds before I stepped out and wrapped my beach towel snugly around me. I cocked my head at him as if I didn’t know exactly what I’d just done, then smiled and went into the house.

While I was standing at the kitchen counter, mixing another pitcher, Mark walked up behind me and snaked his arms around my waist. I could feel his erection pressing into my ass.

“Taylor?” He mumbled into my ear, raising goosebumps all over my body.


“I need to know something.”

“What’s that?” I asked, ignoring the roaming hands and the poking cock, just pouring the Tobasco sauce.

“Do you really, you know, want to be with another girl?” It seemed like he was almost afraid to keep asking. I turned around in his arms and hopped up to sit on the counter, wrapping my legs around his waist.

“Yes.” I said. He exhaled.

“And… if we could work that out… would you let me… um, watch?”

“Yes.” I said again, matter-of-fact. He leaned into me, grinding his cock against me through his shorts and my wet bathing suit. “But, I have rules.” I said.


“First, you don’t fuck her unless I say otherwise.”

“Okay,” He agreed.

“Second, you don’t kiss her on the mouth, period.”


“Third, I get to make her come first.” Mark kissed me then with such hunger that it actually took me by surprise. I knew this conversation would get him going even more, but I also wasn’t really sure if he would be okay with my first two rules. I knew I had to have them, though, because I was an only child and I do not like to share. As far as I was concerned, Mark was finally mine, and I didn’t want my fantasy of being in a threesome with him and another girl to turn into my own personal nightmare where jealousy would get in the way. I pulled back from him and looked seriously into his face.

“Are you okay with that?” I asked. “Mainly rules one and two.”

“Yes.” He answered, his breathing heavy.

“I’m not good at sharing, Mark. I just want to be completely honest.”

“I know,” he said.

“Okay then.” I kissed him again, slowly, the heat where our bodies met making me ache to have him inside me again, but I wanted to be patient this time — something we had not been able to do up to that point — and make it that much better.

“How are we going to work this out?” I asked him, finally.

“I guess that depends on what kind of girl you want.”

“Well, let me see.” I said, still absently pulling his groin into mine with my legs. “I guess about my size, not too much bigger but definitely not skeletal. Bones aren’t sexy… on girls.” I grinned.


“Maybe a blonde. I look at a brunette every day in the mirror.”

“Mmm.” He was nibbling on my neck, then, making me shiver.

“About our age, I guess. Up for experimentation. Fully aware that she’s the one that has to leave when it’s over.”

“I know who to call.” He said.

“Really?” I asked, surprised he bahis siteleri could come up with a name so quickly.

“There’s this girl I sort of know, Alexis, whose mom is friends with mine, in fact they are always trying to get us to hang out when she’s in town from Chicago. She’s a freshman at De Paul but we are the same age. She’s your size, blonde, and seems like she would be… fun. And she’s…”

“She’s what?”

“Going back to Chicago in a week.” He grinned.

“You really think she would do it?”

“Well, I don’t plan on calling her up and saying ‘Hey, come have sex with me and my girlfriend’ but we could invite her over, have some drinks, see how things go. You never know.”

“Do it.” I said, nudging him back and hopping off the counter. As I did, my towel slipped off and down to the floor.

“Damn,” He said, reaching over and rubbing his hand lightly across my still-stiff nipples. “I’ll call her now.”

An hour and a half later, Mark had gotten in touch with Alexis and invited her over, made a couple of pitchers of very strong margaritas, and lit the tiki torches around the pool for atmosphere. We had also taken a very steamy shower during which I had resolutely refused to let him fuck me all the while mercilessly teasing him and keeping his cock hard. I’d gotten out of the shower and redressed in my little white bikini, but put a denim mini skirt on over it. Mark somehow managed to contain his erection in a pair of board shorts, and we retired to the pool deck to wait for our guest.

At seven o’clock, a car pulled into the driveway and I winked at Mark, hoping for myself as well as him that this fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

Alexis came around the side of the house and I knew immediately that this was the girl I had been picturing in my mind for my first girl-on-girl experience. She was hot, there’s just no other way of putting it. Blonde hair to her shoulders, sexy brown eyes. Our bodies could be almost twins, 5’6″, lean, tanned. Her tits were a little smaller, though, maybe a B-cup whereas mine were Cs. She was wearing denim Daisy Duke shorts, so short they didn’t leave much to the imagination, and a tank top that played peek-a-boo at her flat stomach. I could see she was wearing a bikini underneath.

I was getting wet just thinking about sex with this girl. Mark had done well.

“Alexis, hey, this is my girl Taylor,” He said, and for a moment I was distracted from Her Hotness, because Mark had just referred to me as HIS girl again. He was at once laying the boundaries for what was to come, and also reassuring me that I was the only one for him.

I shook Alexis’ hand and offered her a drink, then poured it for her. She looked relaxed, not at all as nervous as I would have been if I were suddenly alone with a guy I barely knew and a girl I didn’t know at all. Maybe college would have that affect on me, as well. Maybe she sensed what was in store and was ready for it, who knows.

The small talk lasted through the first two margaritas, and the conversation was easy. The three of us meshed well together, which was a good sign. There were no awkward pauses or times when anyone felt left out while the other two chatted. I think Alexis noticed Mark’s hand caressing my thigh, once again moving up and up ever so slowly until he was brushing against the fabric of my skirt. I imagined her shifting in her seat was a sign that she was getting turned on, because I certainly was, and the tequila certainly was helping quite a bit. We were all relaxed by the time Mark poured our third glasses. While his back was turned, I leaned purposely over towards Alexis and whispered to her.

“Doesn’t he have the hottest ass you’ve ever seen?” I asked, lightly running my fingers from her shoulder to her elbow. Chill bumps came up where I’d touched her, and her eyes had the slightly glassy look of someone at a good level of drunk.

“Yeah,” She said, but she wasn’t looking at Mark, which is exactly how I’d planned it.

“Why don’t we take a dip in the hot tub?” I suggested, standing and unbuttoning my skirt before anyone answered. It landed in a puddle on the ground, and I walked my sexiest walk over to the in-ground Jacuzzi hot tub. I climbed right in, then turned and sat down on the opposite side so I could see the two of them following me. Alexis dropped her flip-flops, shorts, and tank top in a trail behind her, finally showing us her bikini and her body for a brief moment before she climbed in and sat to my right. Mark sat down on my left, and under the cover of the bubbles and steam, I reached over into his lap, giving his cock a gentle squeeze.

We sat in silence for a few moments, enjoying the heat of the hot tub and the atmosphere, when Alexis broke the silence.

“So, how about Truth or Dare?” She asked, and that’s when I was sure things were moving in the right direction.

“Okay,” I said.

“Go for it,” Mark said.

The questions started pretty tame. Mark asked Alexis what she liked about going to school in Chicago (big bahis şirketleri city, always something going on), Alexis asked me where I wanted to go to college (I hadn’t decided yet, but was considering going pre-med at Vanderbilt), I asked Mark whether he thought he wanted to play football professionally after college (not really). But after half of our third margaritas were gone, I finally got brave.

“Alexis, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” she answered.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” I asked, and she raised her eyebrows.


“Follow up,” Mark said. “Have you ever considered it?”

“I guess,” She said, laughing, “But I’ve never been in a position to say yes or no.”

“I thought that’s what college was all about. Experimenting.” Mark said. Alexis took a sip of her drink while she thought about that.

“Maybe so, but I live in a dorm with a roommate who doesn’t believe in razors or deodorant.” She laughed again, slightly huskier this time. “That doesn’t exactly promote thoughts of lesbian activity.”

“I guess not,” I said, feeling myself getting wetter between my legs, and not from the water, either.

“Truth or Dare, Taylor?” Alexis asked me.

“Truth,” because when you get out of middle school, ‘truth’ can be so much more interesting than ‘dare.’

“Have you ever been with a girl?”


“Follow up,” but it was Alexis this time, not Mark. “Have you ever considered it?”

“Yes, I have.” I said, but rather than elaborating, I stood up, knowing my nipples were visible through the again-transparent top of my bikini. “Drink refills?” I asked, holding out my hands for their cups. They handed them over and I stepped up out of the water and walked over to refill our drinks again. When I returned, all three of us took a long sip before setting them back down.

“By the way, Alexis,” I said, leaning closer to her. “I love that bathing suit.” I reached over and rubbed the fabric of the strap between my fingers, making ‘accidental’ contact with the top of her breast. She shivered visibly.

“Thanks,” she breathed. I was, at that point, dying to touch her, to see what her skin would feel like under my hands, under my mouth. I think I actually licked my lips.

“You know, my dad hates for people to wear bathing suits in the hot tub. It gets soap in the water.” I said, still a little too close to Alexis.

“We should probably take them off, then.” She said, “I mean, what difference does it make? Everyone here has seen tits before.” Oh, God, oh God. My head was buzzing from lust and tequila.

“True,” I said. All the while, Mark sat quietly, letting this unfold. I knew he was rubbing himself under the water, though, how could he not be? My clit was throbbing and swollen, and nobody had even touched it yet. Alexis reached behind herself and fumbled for a moment.

“Oh… I’m a little drunk,” She said, “I can’t… get this…”

“I’ll do it,” I volunteered. After a moment’s hesitation, I reached around her for the hook on her top, the motion causing our faces and tits to come dangerously close to one another. She held eye contact with me while I unlatched her strap, then I kept my hands against her skin while I peeled the fabric away from her, around her ribcage and to the front, then up just barely touching the side of her small breasts before finally pulling it over her head and laying it on the ground.

“Now you,” She said, her voice extremely quiet and sexy.

“It’s knotted in the back.” I said. “Would you mind?” She nodded, so I turned around to face Mark. The look on his face said it all, and I was surprised he hadn’t come into his suit already. Hell, I was surprised *I* hadn’t come already. Alexis’ hands worked on the knot of my bikini top for a moment before she sighed.

“Come here, back up a second. I can’t reach it well enough.” Without waiting for me to move, she just took hold of my hips and pulled me back to where I was sitting between her thighs. I let my mind swim a little at the thought of being in contact with her pussy while she untied the double knot of the string around my neck. The wet fabric clung to my tits, so Alexis sat up straight, pressing hers into my back, and reached around to pull it down. Her hands passed directly over nipples as she did so, stopping a moment too long for it to have been an accident. Mark’s eyes got huge and I knew he was having to fight not to shoot his load already.

I couldn’t help but let a small moan pass my lips when Alexis let her hands slide below my tits, pushing my bathing suit down around my waist.

“You’ll have to stand up so I can get the bottoms off.” She said, no longer able to even remotely disguise the desire in her voice. I was long past pretending, and simply stood up with my back to her while she pulled both the top and bottom down over my ass. Alexis surprised me then by pressing her lips into the center of my lower back, right above where the suit had been a second before. Her hands felt so good on my skin as she pulled the suit all the way off and I stepped out of it. My pussy was actually dripping wet with my own juices in spite of the chlorinated water.

Alexis turned me around by my hips so I was standing, completely naked, facing her.

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