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I grew up in the all American style, or at least I thought so until my high school graduation. That very night my father moved out. Thinking back it had to be the plan all along.

It’s spring break of my second year of college, the distance has made it near impossible for me to get home unless it’s a long break like now.

I’ve kept in touch with my folks via email although dad’s could just be resend over and over again. “Getting any? Dad”

Whereas mom’s is always new and thoughtful. This made the deciding on who’s place I’d stay at an easy one.

I didn’t know how much I missed mom until the cab pulled up dropping me off in front of the house. There’s mom on the porch waiting for me. Unable to wait she ran to greet me before I could even get my feet square on the ground. A big hug and kiss leaving her trademark red lipstick on my cheek.

We spent the first night getting caught up and even after all the crap dad put her through she still tells me I should make time to visit the old fuck.

Mom wanted to take some time off work while I was in town but with the house and bills she simply just couldn’t swing it. This made me feel bad for all those checks sent that were blown on pizza and beer.

The next few days I’d venture out after mom left for work and return before she returned home. That is all but the other night, taking in a baseball game with an old friend so who knew it would go eighteen innings?

So by the time I got back it was about the time mom would go to bed so I took care coming in not to wake her if she did. I went up the stairs following a sound, getting closer I could tell it was the sound of running water.

I guess with me out and about it was easy for mom to fall into old habits because as I draw closer I found her bathroom door wide open. Through the steamed glass I could see my moms silhouette, mom was from yesteryear when women had hips and breasts. Unlike most of the girls at school where it’s long hair and cocks are the only things separating the two.

It was like watching the old sex reels I found stashed in the attic one day, so old they must of been my grandpa’s. They still did the trick for a twelve year old boy, many days I’d hold them to the light shining through the vent while my other hand stroked feverishly.

Just as then without even noticing my hand was gripped around my cock as I watched on. I shot my load just in time as my mom shuts off the water.

I raced to my room and a moment later my mom called out asking if I was home.

Yes mom I say, I’m in my room. A moment later mom came in to give me a kiss goodnight. She was wrapping in her bathrobe which could barely contain her bosom.

I told her I was also going to sleep but nothing could be further from the truth. I couldn’t get the sight of her body out of my mind and it wasn’t until a second jerk session before I could drift off.

Mom was up and out before I got up the next day and that was a good thing as it gave me a chance to wash my sticky bedding from the night before. Taking out the load from the dryer that was left behind, it was mom’s delicates. Bras, panties and other silky things. Just touching them brought the vision of my mom fresh to mind once again. Along with the now uncomfortable feel of my shorts as my cock swells trying to break out.

Being Friday I stayed at home making sure I’d be here for moms return. And about the time you would think my mom comes in the door yelling “I’m home”

I happened to be in the kitchen getting a snack when mom walked in. First things first as she gives me a kiss and then to the cabinet to pull out some red wine.

Wow mom, you never drank at home before.

There’s a lot of things I didn’t do before that I do now sweetie she said.

My mom stretched her sore back sending her large breasts in the air, I could see the outline of her bra with her blouse pinned tight against it, I stood behind the island to hide my affection AKA large boner.

I moved behind mom placing my hands on either side of her neck, massaging her tense mussels as she moaned.

Oh that feels great she said, I’m never letting go again.

I grabbed moms glass of wine and told her to follow, in the living room I asked her to sit on the ottoman. Now seated I hand her the glass and kneel before her. Taking her foot behind the back of the ankle I peel off her heels.

My hands start to massage her sore dogs after a long week. Once again mom starts to moan as if we were having sex. I place her foot down and slightly to the right as I take the other, this allows me I clear view of her beaver. Black lace panties are seen just past the top of her stockings. Looking up mom has her eyes closed as she passes her hand over the top of her chest.

I stop only to hear her plead for more. Hang on mom, I’m just getting you a refill. I return to find mom just as I left here, legs parted and the top snap of her blouse undone. She drinks the wine without stopping, handing me the empty.

After setting down the glass I move behind her, once again I start massaging her shoulders. Bigger and bigger the circles go, snapping two more of her buttons on her blouse. Her breasts are all but out when I run my hands under, cupping them in my hands has my mom asking what am I doing?

I asked her if it felt good? Yes being her answer I told her to just relax and enjoy it.

Now more brazen I slip my hands between flesh and fabric, her nipples are large and hard as rocks. She chants “oh my” as I continue to explore her.

Reaching behind I unzip her skirt and pull her blouse out from being tucked in, snapping the last of the buttons I toss her blouse to the ground. Again my hand reach behind, undoing her bra letting her breasts fall to her natural state. This too falls away leaving her top half nude and in full view.

I return to the floor before her, running my hands up her stockings. Finding the top I roll the left side down her leg the reaching up to the other I gently pass my finger over the front of her panties. Her pussy is wet, soaking the front of her panties as I outline her engorged clit making the smallest bulge in the fabric. Then I roll the other stocking from her.

Looking up I find mom massaging her own breasts lost in the moment. I slip my hand in again pulling the small patch of fabric aside. Then I run the tip of my finger over her pink inner lips, she moans to the touch saying how good it feels.

She sobers in a flash saying this is wrong, you can’t make me cum!

I take her hand in mine replacing it upon her breast, massaging through her until she takes over once again.

She’s so wet I send two fingers in, she gasps for air as they reach bottom. And in a two count she’s cumming all over my hand. I refuse to stop until she cums again, this time I rub her G-spot with my index finger as my middle slips in her round ass.

She came intensely then did her best to hide herself from me using her hands. I tell her not to as I love her and would do anything for her. She slowly drops her hands allowing me to drink her in. Then she places her foot on the bulge of my pants, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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