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Speedway Gas Station Part II

Stephan made it clear that he was the top, and I was the bottom. And he very much treated me as such.

I gave him a key to my apartment and he gave me one to his. Many nights I would wake up at 1AM to the feel of a cock being rubbed across my lips. I would instinctively open my mouth and suck his cock to completion. Sometimes he would then crawl into be and we’d sleep cuddled up together. Other times he would just zip up and say, “Thanks, I needed that.” And walk out the door.

The one night I do remember with him that really stood out in my memory, was he took me to Club Columbus which is a gay bathhouse. I felt really weird being there as the only man I had ever been naked with was Stephan. There were all types of men walking around. Everyone was naked except for the towel they had. Some were wrapped around their waist and others just had it slung over their shoulders. It kind of looked like the ones with the bigger cocks were the ones with it slung over the shoulder and the smaller cock guys had the towel wrapped around the waist.

He showed me around, there was a steam sauna, a dry sauna, a hot tub and outside was a nice swimming pool. He took me into what was called the dark room. When you first walk in it seems really dark, but once you’re in there you can see pretty good. There was a guy laying on the platform that was getting a blow job by a guy on the lower platform. And the guy on the lower platform was getting fucked by a guy standing behind him. There was also a sling. One guy was in it with his legs bahis şirketleri straight up wrapped around the chains holding the sling. There were about 4 guys watching while one guy fucked the hell out of him, then the next guy would step up and start fucking him.

Stephan pulled me close and gave me a kiss and told me that in a little while that was going to be me in the sling. When I tried to tell him I didn’t think I wanted to do that, he grabbed my balls and squeezed and said, “I’m your top. You will suck, get fucked, and do anything I tell you to with whoever I tell you too.” I knew at that point it was going to happen. He took me exploring some more. There are lots of rooms that pretty much have a bed and a TV. Some guys had their doors open to indicate they wanted some company. We walked past one door and the guy in there was slow stroking a pretty big and thick cock. Stephan stopped and pulled me into the room and said, “Start sucking his cock” I immediately knelt down on the bed and started sucking on it. He was way bigger than Stephan’s cock and I was doing my best to get my lips all the way down to his balls, but between the girth and the length it was more than I could accomplish. He must have liked the way I was sucking him because he was moaning pretty good. I took my mouth off of his cock and started sucking on his balls and he really let me know he liked that. After a couple of minutes doing that, I went back to his cock and was rewarded with many streams of cum shooting out of that beautiful cock.

Then we went to the room that Stephan bahis firmaları rented and he had me get on the bed on all 4 fours, with my ass aimed towards the door. He grabbed some lube and really lubed up my ass. He then put a blindfold on me and told me to stay like that.

He then walked out of the room and next thing I know, someone walked in and started rubbing my ass. Then he gave it one hell of a smack. Then I felt his cockhead pressed up against my asshole. He then just shoved it in so fast I felt his balls slap up against mine. I let out a yelp when he entered me because I wasn’t used to a cock this big in my ass. He grabbed my hips and started really pounding away on my ass. It hurt pretty bad for about 3 minutes then I still hurt but not as bad. Then it started feeling great. I was pushing back to meet his thrusts. While this was going on, I felt someone else enter the room and he put his cock up against the side of my face, and I turned my head and opened my mouth and took that cock in. Here I am getting fucked and sucking a cock and I have absolutely NO idea as to who I am doing this with. But I do know that my cock was harder than it’s ever been.

The guy fucking me pumped his load into my ass, once again gave my ass quite a hard slap and walked out. The guy that I was blowing now moved around and was fucking me. With all the cum in my ass, it was pretty well lubricated. This guy didn’t last to long since I had been blowing him for a while and he pumped his load into me.

As I’m there on my hands and knees I can feel cum oozing out of kaçak bahis siteleri my ass and running down my leg. Then I heard 2 guys walking by my room and they stopped when they got to the door. The one guy said, “Looks like we got ourselves a white boy here, looks like he needs some good black cock”. Just like the first guy, he rammed it all the way in. I thought the one guy that fucked me had a pretty big cock but this guy’s was much thicker than his. I thought he was going to tear my ass apart with that thing. The other black guy was up near my face and he was basically doing commentary. ‘You should see the look on this white boy’s face. He ain’t used to BBC. He looks like he’s in pain.” Then the guy fucking me said, ‘Well, if he’s in pain from me fucking him, he’ll be screaming when you fuck him.”

About that time Stephan came in and told them he is my top and that I needed a break. I was so grateful to him for saving me. I’m not sure how I could have fucked the other guy.

He took me down to the open showers and had me get cleaned up. It took quite a while for the cum to stop oozing out of my ass. But it finally did and I dried off. We went back to the room and got dressed. I asked him about the sling, but he said I had the same result from being fucked in the room.

When we got back to his place, he broke my heart. He told me that he loves to take straight guys and make them into his fuck toys. Then when he gets bored of them he takes them to the club and let’s anyone fuck them that wants too. At that point, he told me that he was cutting me loose since has found another straight boy that he has started playing with.

I was pretty devastated and it took me quite a while to get over it. But I did go back to Club Columbus and looked for those guys with the big cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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