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For over the last two week I’ve been sick thanks in no small part to someone who hasn’t been taking things seriously. I felt as horrible physically as I have ever been in a long while, add more time after those two weeks to make sure I wasn’t still contagious and I was left feeling a real need to get a deep clean greater than a casual shower could provide. I needed a deep soak in a large warm body of water. I needed a private bath that I couldn’t get at my place, so I did a search to find one.

Believe it or not I found a place within the city that was perfect for what I was looking for. Private room where I could relax in a spa for as long as I wanted, with more amenities than I was looking for. I saw how this place was first come, first served, and not by appointment, so I set to show up for the closest time that I felt wouldn’t get a lot of traffic. I arrived to a not so appealing building store front in the east side of the city, but that changed when I walked in. It’s like I stepped through the looking glass into another place entirely, that looks and smells a lot nicer that it did out front. It was very zen, with soft music, the sound of moving water from small waterfalls, and the smell of tropical plants. The area look relative new as I took notice of the woman sitting behind a desk who’d noticed me as soon as I entered and stood around appreciating the pleasing aesthetic.

I made my appointment for an hour in one of their spas and found I had timed my arrival rather well as they were in their lull period for a few hours, so volume was low. I decided a hour in one of their baths would be enough get to the deep relaxing clean I felt like I needed as the lady called for one of her attendants to lead me back. For the second time I was not expecting what I saw, coming down the hallway to greet me was a pretty young woman in her late 20s, possibly 30 at the oldest. She wore comfortable white slacks and “track” top that hugged her slim body showing very modest, but appealing, curves. Her true appeal came from her warm and inviting face, with a smile and a look that could make you blush when it was flashed at you, with straight brunette hair that came down lower than her than her collar bone.

She saw me as she walked down the hall toward the lobby, seeing me in my nice jeans, tight long sleeve, leather riding jacket and long black hair and, I kid you not, she blushed. It was super adorable on her sweet face and, from that point on, I wanted nothing more than to find ways to keep making her do that. Her break in her professional character lasted only a few seconds and returned when she rounded the corner to talk with the lady who called her up. She introduced me to the attendant as a Mr., which didn’t seem to fit me and made me feel older than I was, and asked to take me back to one of the bath rooms. To which she turned back to me with a pleasing smile that I hoped was more than the professional act and said “Of course”.

I followed behind her and tried not to check her out from my vantage point as I tried to keep some semblance of decorum and gentlemanly manner, but I couldn’t help notice the appeal of her round bum under the smooth white material she wore. We went down what seemed like a maze of hallways fitted with numbered doors and I began to wonder why such a long walk? We turned down to a dead end hallway to the door at the end and she opened the door for me to enter, with another pleasing smile she said “after you, sir.” I smiled back and asked her to call me by my name as I entered, catching the beginning of another blush in her checks. I had to step into her personal space to get inside and was rewarded with a whiff of a light perfume and the smell of fragrant lotions, a smell that urged my instincts to get in close to indulge my sense of smell more, but alas, I could not.

I looked inside the room and it honestly look like a high priced hotel room that had been cut in half, except the sense of tranquility had taken over in place of the homey, restful, feel you get in hotels. The closet like bathroom was directly to my right with all the towels, robes, sinks, showers, and whatnot. Going down the little hallway, the open area had the bath in the middle of the room and in the corner was their entertainment system for satellite music and a flat screen on the wall. Throughout the room was the aesthetic ambiance that was much like it was out from, with plants and pretty pictures.

“You’re lucky,” the Attendant said behind me, and I hoped was checking out my bum in my firm jeans. A guy can hope. “this is one of our better rooms.”

I turned to smile and thank her, that earned me a second more of a lingering look and smile than I thought was standard. She then took me through the room and all that was available within in it, which was pretty self explanatory but I wasn’t going to complain. I enjoyed the company of the lovely lady and wasn’t going to be the idiot to shew her away. After the brief tour, she turned to ask if there ardahan escort was anything else I needed, which had me turning back to the open area in honest contemplation of the question as I began to take off my leather jacket.

“Noo.., it all looks great,” I began, but the smartass in me couldn’t help but come out. “Not unless there’s a pretty girl around to join me.”

I instantly regretted saying it because even if it was a comment was in jest, people who don’t know you, don’t get the humor, and in these kinds of settings a bad guy could leave a nasty feeling of ill intent on someone. I turned to apologize to the Attendant, who had been nothing but courteous to me, for my big mouth, only to catch another cute blush and her eyes looking off to the side. Her fingers fidgeted with the side of her track shirt and she stepped back, her eyes coming back to mine to linger there as she stumbled with speech and running into things as she left.

“I… uh… I saw you… had not enough towels. I mean you didn’t have enough… I mean I’ll go get you some more,” the Attendant finally got out as she closed the door behind her. I smiled. I can’t remember when I last made a pretty girl stumble like that. It was usually me that did that, and the ladies I’d known had thought it was adorable. They were right.

I got undressed and hung my wears on the hooks on the wall. This place was not only appealing but sanitary, water being filtered in minutes, area wiped and kept clean, which is what allowed their patrons to go in nude and not feel uncomfortable by it. I sat in the bubbling bath, turned on the music to a white noise of rain falling, and relaxed. I don’t know how long exactly, but it couldn’t have been more than ten minutes, when I heard a “knock, knock” at the door. I called out to here someone say they had towels for me and if it was okay to come in to put them away. In my relaxing I’d forgotten about the Attendants promise and didn’t really care what they did at the moment, so I said go ahead, returning to my blissful moment in the warm water. The door closed with a “click”, and minutes later I heard the sound of flesh slapping on linoleum floor. I opened one eye to see the same Attendant standing in front of me as she modeled the fuzzy robe that had been waiting for me inside the bath room. She had it closed with the draw string twisted, but not tied, around her waist and a “V” shaped window gave view to the front of her chest’s smooth skin .

The Attendant looked down at me with a noticeable shyness to her as she blushed at me. “I think I found someone to join you.” The string was pulled loose and the robe softly came off the Attendants shoulders to fall gently at the floor at her feet. She continued to blush with a nervous smile as she bit her lip showing her naked body to me. Both my eyes were open as I looked at the stunning Attendant in front of me, her trim legs leading up to a soft midsection, to perky “B” sized breast, and a neck line begging to be kissed. After giving enough time to look her over, she cautiously entered the water with me, emphasizing on each step. She was nervous…but she made it a point to appear appealing.

Once she was in the water she lowered her body in and came close to me. “I hope you don’t mind me joining you?” she asked.

“As long as your okay with this,” I countered. “What I said was a stupid attempt at humor, not to insinuate at anything, really.”

“I’m glad you did, I think you’re really cute,” said the Attendant. “If you hadn’t, I would’ve only hoped to try this.”

“You’re a really cute lady, yourself,” I said back, “especially when you blush”

When she blushed this time her shoulders came up to cradle her neck and the bottom of her face, making her more adorable and prompting me to come in closer. She loosened a little and we slowly came in for a kiss as my fingers brushed up her forearms under the water. What was a small pressing of lips opened the flood gates for her to lunge onto me with a full, deep tongue, French kiss. Her hands were at the the sides of my neck and jaw as she came in between my spread legs, looking like she was waiting for an excuse to let loose with what she was feeling.

Passion was let out to play and I for one embraced it. I brought my hands around to her back to bring her in, pressing her smooth stomach and perky tits against my skin, which she countered with her arms around my neck. My hands explored her body as her mouth explored mine, feeling up her firm ass that I tried not to notice earlier, to running fingers along firm back muscles. My hardness, which had been growing since she showed herself to me, was pressing itself up in between us wanting to get noticed.

The Attendant spoke eagerly after she broke our lips apart and slowly slid down my chest, rubbing her breast against my skin, in a tease as she never lost eye contact. “Can I see it?” she begged. I smiled and began to get up gently onto adıyaman escort the edge of the bath, slowly revealing my fully erect hardness. The Attendant beamed in pleasure.

“Oh, I love it, ” she said lovingly soft, as she brushed the side of my shaft with the bottom of her face, returning her eyes to mine. Her cheeks turned red as she nuzzled my hardness against her face and licked her lips in anticipation. When she was done teasing me, or gained enough courage, she held out her tongue and went from the base to the tip of my penis, ending with her tongue not leaving the mushroom shape head of my cock but opening wide and swallowing it whole. Already wet, the Attendant did waste time, bopping up and down, sucking and licking frantically. Her eagerness was turning into a hungry desire, making me think I had found a closeted nympho. Someone so shy or timid to fully embrace the want for sex, that when it did finally come, it was in a tsunami of passion and pleasure. She had just needed the “OK” to let loose, and my smartass comment had been enough to let it out.

She sucked, brought up a hand to stroke and sucked, had her second hand start stroking, and with both on my shaft, came down to lick and flick and suck on my balls. From the head, to my sack, there were all manner of pleasing sounds from popping, slurping, and juicily flapping, but none of it compared to the feeling of it all.

I moaned my pleasure and she giggled at it. “You like?” she asked, to which I shook my head in approval. “You have a lot here that I can work with.”

After another minute, she stopped and went to the other side of the bath where her robe laid, pulling something out, she came back to show the condom she wanted to put on. The Attendant put the glove in the “O” shape of her mouth and went down on my dick while putting the condom on in a very creative way. She went down slow as she brought the condom down with her, and didn’t stop until it was all the way on. She coughed, gagged, and tried to get all the way down to the base of my throbbing member currently in her mouth, but couldn’t do it. When she came up, it was with a gasp of air and two or three lines of spit trailing from her mouth, as her eyes were a little watery and those cute cheeks were flustered.

“Impressive,” I said. “Didn’t know of anyone who could do that in one motion.”

“It takes practice,” she said and blushed again, I suspected due to her remembering practicing in private. “Still can’t deep throat, but you’re big.”

“That has been said to me, before,” I mused. She stroked my covered cock as she stood out of the water and walked to the other side. She bent over to show the droplets of water coming off her shapely ass, down her firm legs, exposing her wet pussy to my eyes.

While resting on her elbows on the floor, she looked back, nervously, to look at me. “I want you to… fuck me… with your big cock.”

I came in behind the Attendant to insert my rock into her wetness and got a inhale of air and a whimper when I did. She didn’t ask for me to wait to get used to it or go it slow, she simply looked back up at me sincerely with half open eyes, absent of any nervousness or bashfulness, and said “Fuck me.”

I pumped in and out of her in steadily, smacking her ass with my flesh and rustling the water as I fucked her pussy from behind. The Attendant moaned out every time I went in her and it lead me to start pounding gradually harder in longer intervals.

“Yes.. Yes.. YES… Pound… My… Pussy… Harder… Ram… It… In… My.. Cunt!” she said with pleasure in her voice that softly delivered the words, vocalized at each beat of my cock into her pussy.

It got to the point that the pounds into her rippled up through her, and she moaned hungrily as I did, clawing at the floor and the robe in the other hand. I brought her up by her jaw to get close and see for myself, that her eyes had indeed gone up into her head as she gasped. “You like being pounded hard, don’t you?” I spoke softly as I continued ramming her.

“YYYyyyEEssssss…” she’d drawn out the word in pleasure. “Mmmooorrreee…” I was hesitant, harder might hurt her, and I didn’t know if I could keep the pace anyways.

“Pppllllleeeeaaaaassssee…” moaned the Attendant softly. So I went harder. Hammering into her my hardness that might as well have been a drill at this point. I upped the speed, too, and it caused her to throw her arms behind her and grab around me while I played with her perky tits. “More… More… Fuck me! Pound my hot tight cunt!” She then brought me down to kiss me as she moaning at the beats. She came out of the tongue swirling to announce she was going to come. She brought my hand down to put over her mouth, the other I put to her waist and took this opportunity to go full speed and let loose.

I saw why she wanted the hand over mouth, because the moans she let out would have alerted anyone in the building had I not. Her karabük escort breathing quickened against my hand and the thrust of my hips were accompanied by the thrusting of hers. Harder and harder she went, until she tensed up and screamed into my hand. Her jolting body danced in front of me and shimmied on my hard cock as it felt the pressure of her climax. She fell back into me in exhaustion from her seemingly large orgasm. I removed my hand, confident that the screaming had stopped, so as to keep her slim body held up and pressed against mine.

She weekly ran the skin of her arm, lead by her fingers, against one of my arms as she leaned her head into my neck and lower jaw. “That was the hardest I’ve cum in a long while.” She looked up toward my eyes and asked if I had, too. I didn’t want to lie so I said I hadn’t, noting that the rougher stuff didn’t always do It for me. “Oh, sweetie,” she said, her shyness gone for the moment, and brush my jaw line on one side and reached up to sweetly kiss the other side.

After a moment, she smiled and pulled me out of the spa, and out of her warmness with an erotic “Oh”, to lead me to the walk in shower in the bath room. She turned on the water and let it run down her petite body for a moment and then turned to me. “Maybe this will help, and intimate shower fuck,” she smiled as she brought me in for a kiss and a stroking of my still hard cock. We made out as she played with my hardness to returned it to full size and I played with her breasts with one hand and reached around to show her what my fingers could do to her tender pussy. It didn’t take long for either of us to get fully aroused with each other again, once done, she lead me back to a sitting block in the back of the shower and plopped me down on it. She smiled like a thief as she came on my lap with her arms over my shoulder and, with neither one of us guiding my erect penis, effortlessly came down to consume it inside her pussy. She grasped, gripping me firmly with her arms wrapped around my neck to bring me in close as she took me all in, with the sensitivity of her pussy after climax made clear.

She let out a long breath through pursed lips. “Oooooohhhhhhhh…,” she exclaimed, taking in a deep breath that expanded her chest to make her breast look the more inviting to nipple on. She rested at the base and breathed out and audible “Aaaaaaauuuuuuhhhhh…” to end with a shiver up her spine felt by me.

“Oh, I’m so sensitive right now I’m shaking,” she said lowly and carefully, as if talking would overload her mind with pleasure. So, I began to consciously expand inside her, which got a sharp “Eep” out of her and got her to come in to kiss me full on the lips. I continued my attack by moving up and down as much as I could and caused her to tense up more, as she pulled away from my kiss with my lower lip in between the space of her teeth. The Attendant, wanting more, cautiously went up and down on my hard cock, her eyes squinted closed so as to fully embrace the sense of touch brought to her body.

It got more and more frequent as the spacing grew more and more, that I couldn’t help but start to talk dirty to her. “Yes, I love the way you feel in me,” she moaned. “Your going to make me cum again.”

“You want to cum?”

“Yes! Yes I want to cum on your big cock.”

“Don’t cum until I do.”

“Oh yes, please cum inside me. I want to feel it throbbing inside of me.”

We continue with our bodies pressed up against each other, rubbing up and down, as the water of the shower ran over us. We kiss passionately as the Attendant and I moved our hips faster and faster. Our orgasms bubbling to the surface like the air in the spa.

“I’m cumming. I’m going to cum in you,” I said in a low tone.

“Yes. Cum in my pussy. Kiss me while you make me cum!”

We locked lips in a deep tongued kiss as we went deeper inside each other with the lower parts of out bodies. The pace hurried, the breathing rushed, the moaning behind our locked mouths grew louder. I told her through my rising moans that my eruption was coming and she thrust down faster on my cock, until the thrusting stopped and we buried deep inside one another as much as we could. Her moans were even louder in my mouth as she grabbed tightly on to me almost as tight as her pussy grabbed onto my cock. Which was pumping load after load into the condom I was wearing, but she was feeling every bit of it through her sensitive pussy and her shaking, trembling, slim frame. Our climax waved over each other again and again until it subsided and we were two worn people lovingly close to one another giving soft, sensual, kisses.

When we’d gotten enough strength under our feet again, we’d began to notice things like time. It had only been a little over a half hour into my bath, and while that still left time for me, she had to get back from her break. She dried off and put her form hugging clothes on, her hair damp, but could be explainable, she said. As she went to the door to see if the coast was clear, it was, she turned back to me, darted in close, and gave me a kiss of a lover, taking one last embracing taste. She pulled out of it slowly and went to the door, backing out to give one last darting look to my eyes and a blush across her checks. The adorably shy mask was back on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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