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Sonja kept her eyes shut tight as the Doctor inserted a finger into her vagina, checking her cervix, pushing down on her round belly, his finger deep insider her. He always followed the pelvic exam with an anal exam, inserting his lubed finger into her anus and giving a good feel around. These test were always uncomfortable and, as Sonja read in her pregnancy books, not needed monthly during pregnancy.

“You are progressing nicely,” Dr. Ruskin said, writing notes in Sonja’s chart. “Any concerns you wanted to discuss with me?”

“No,” Sonja said shyly. This was her third child, all delivered by Dr. Ruskin, she knew the routine and what to expect.

“Okay,” he said, closing her chart, “Lets discuss payment then. Are you able to pay what you owe for this visit?’ he asked. Knowing the answer but liking to watch the girls squirm through his questioning. And why shouldn’t they squirm? They got themselves into trouble, again and again. No insurance, no jobs. The fathers of these babies never seemed to be helping out. These girls needed to be taught a lesson.

“I have no money for you” Sonja said, careful not to catch the eye of the Doctor.

“Well, I need to be paid, I don’t work for free. Since you can’t pay me, you will have to work off your debt.” Dr. Ruskin said, giving Sonja a cocky grin.

“I know,” Sonja said, feeling that familiar knot in her stomach as she lay on his table, dressed in a tiny paper gown, her feet in the cold metal stirrups.

“Good, it just so happens that I’m conducting some research that pertains to your particular situation. You may remember from your previous visits that I’m writing a book on the sexual response of pregnant women. You can help me conduct some tests.” the Doctor said, as if Sonja had never heard this before.

Sonja and the girls in her neighborhood, all who used Dr. Ruskin because they couldn’t afford anyone else, would often make fun of him. Imitating the way he gave the same speech each visit. However, in his office, she didn’t make fun. His large frame and serious face scared her. The truth was, she only went to the Doctor to make sure she was able to get into a hospital when the time came for the baby to be born. In her neighborhood, if you didn’t have a Doctor, the hospital would take its sweet time getting you admitted. She knew girls who went through their whole labor in the waiting room of the E.R.

Sonja agreed to help with the Doctor’s ‘research’ trying to look him in the eye and give him a little smile. She found that when she was agreeable, he did less talking. And really, she would rather he would just be quiet and get it over with.

“Okay, glad you want to help,” he said, taking two black straps out of a draw under the table. “I’ll be tying this around your feet, just to make sure they stay in the stirrups where I want them.” he told her, in a stern voice, pulling the straps tight around her feet.

“I want to start with you breast, to see how they respond to stimulus while pregnant. Just relax,” he said to her as he stood behind her, opening the paper gown.

Sonja felt the cold air hit her nipples. They became hard and she felt a familiar tightening in her round belly.

The Doctor placed a hand on either breast, massaging her full firm breasts, working his way up to her hard nipples. He firmly pinched her nipples with his thumb and middle fingers, teasing the raised tip with his pointer finger. Sonja, feeling very vulnerable and aware of her nakedness, watched her nipples in his large hands.

He gave the right breast a good squeeze from base to tip in a milking motion and was pleased when a few drops of milk formed at the tip of her breast. Sonja could feel his hard cock rubbing against the top of her head.

“mmmm, that’s right, give me some milk.” he said as he leaned over and licked the drops from the peak of her breast. He then rolled his tongue around her nipple and took it into his mouth, sucking hard, drinking up the small drops of her sweet liquid.

He squeezed her breasts together, her nipples now next to each other, taking one and then the other into his mouth, over and over. His tongue circled her dark areolas in a figure eight.

As he stood back up he whispered to her, “Does this feel good? Do you like it when I suck on your nipples? Does it turn you on that you’re giving me your sweet milk?”

Sonja hated when she had to answer his questions. “Yes, yes it turns me on, I love to feel you suck on my tits,” she whispered as he kissed her neck. Honestly, it did feel good. She had to admit that he did know how to work a woman’s body.

“That’s what I want to hear, that’s a good girl,” Dr. Ruskin said, moving down the table, standing next to her. Sonja felt his right hand begin to caress the inside of her thigh while the other hand lingered on her breast. His right hand began to work erotik film izle it way down her soft thigh and she could feel his fingers moving just the ends of her curly pubic hairs.

As he approached her pussy, he could feel the engorgement of it from the pregnancy. He loved a woman’s body while she was pregnant. Her breasts were so round, full and sensitive. Her pussy would swell with excitement when aroused, getting hot a wet, feeling so good wrapped around his cock.

He worked his way down into the folds of her lips, pushing a finger insider her wet pussy. He put a hand on her belly, knowing she was aroused by how firm it was. Knowing she was feeling that same firmness in her clit and nipples.

“I want to see you touch yourself, let me see you pinch your nipples,” he said, ” I love to watch you touch your tits.”

Sonja obediently brought her hands up to each of her perky, round tits. She cupped their fullness in her hands and worked her nipples between her thumb and finger. She felt herself getting more aroused as the Dr. worked a second finger into her, thrusting up into her spot.

He moved down, between her legs and kneeled on the little step stool that pulled out at the end of the table. His began teasing her clit with his tongue, giving it a few short laps and then a full lick, sucking it at the end and pecking the tip of it while in his mouth. He could tell she was getting close to cumming. He stood up, still working her with his fingers, and looked down at her as she twisted her hard nipples in her fingers. He noticed the way she bit her bottom lip when she was aroused and how her head pushed back into the table.

He pulled his wet fingers out of her started rubbing her tight ass. He didn’t like when the girls began to expect what would happen next. He liked to throw something new in every once in a while. He began to open her tight ass with his middle finger while he worked his thumb up her pussy. As he watched her expression turn from pleasure to surprise and then to discomfort.

Sonja was surprised when she felt the Dr.’s fingers begin to explore her tight ass. She had heard from another girl in the neighborhood that he would sometimes do this toward the end of the pregnancy.

“I’m going to explore how you respond to having your ass fucked,” he said, “see if your little ass likes to be fucked as much as your pussy. Maybe you’ll have your boyfriends start doing this so you don’t wind up here pregnant again.” He continued working his finger in her ass.

“First I’m going to have my nurse come in an clean you out, I don’t want to fuck a dirty ass,” he said.

“What?” Sonja said, shock in her voice. “I’m going to tell your nurse what goes on in here. I’m going to tell her, and she’ll let me leave. I’m going to tell the cops what goes on in this office. I know I’m not the only one you do this to.”

Dr. Rojas smiled, “Sonja, you agreed to helping me with my research. Now, I can’t make you stay and neither would Nancy, my nurse. But, I can tell you that if you leave, I will have to bill you for services rendered. I can go back to the beginning of this pregnancy and your two births before. You would owe me thousands of dollars. I don’t think that the police would take your word over mine, a respected doctor in the community. However, if you would like to go that route…”

“NO! I just, I …” Sonja trailed off, not really knowing what she wanted to say.

“I know, I can tell by your tight ass that you’ve never done this before…I’ll go slow.” He said as he removed the straps from her feet. He grabbed her chart and left the room.

Sonja dropped her head to the table and let out a loud sign. She wondered why she kept doing this to herself. Where was she headed? She thought about her future, her kid’s future. What did she have to offer them? She kept getting involved with these same looser guys who got her knocked up and then ditched her. Then she wound up here, with Dr. Cock trying to get up her ass…shit!

Nancy knocked on the door twice and walked in. She was an older pretty woman who looked kind.

“Okay, I’ll be administrating your enema today. I’ll just need you to stand up.” Nancy said as she laid out the enema supplies on a tray.

Sonja wondered if Nancy knew what was happening to her or if she just thought this was a routine procedure that Sonja for some reason needed.

Nancy came and took Sonja’s arm, helping her to stand.

“So, the first thing I’m going to do is have you turn around and bend over toward the table. You can rest your arms and head on the table. Then I’d like you spread your legs a little further than hips width apart. I’m going to insert the lubricated tip of this enema bag into your anus,” she said, showing the tip to Sonja. “Then, I will hold up the bag, allowing the full quart of warm water to flow film izle into your bowels. At first, it will feel nice but, toward the end, you will feel discomfort and fullness. You will have an extreme desire to evacuate however; we need you to hold on. I will then be inserting a plug into your anus, allowing the warm water time to soften your bowels and give us time to get you out to the bathroom.” Nancy said kindly, “Do you have any questions?”

“Do you really need the plug?” Sonja asked, feeling nervous and embarrassed to have this women stick that thing up her ass. “Can’t I just hold it?”

“No, no, no,” Nancy said chuckling, “you have no idea how great the urge to evacuate is. Now, lets get started, please bend over.”

Sonja bent over and placed her folded arms onto the table, resting the left side of her head on her hands and looking out the window. Her big belly and full breasts hung down, her ass fully exposed with her legs spread. She could feel Nancy’s fingers spread further the cheeks of her ass.

“Okay, I’m going to insert the tube tip now.” Nancy said as Sonja felt the cold tip of the enema bag push into her tight ass. She felt a brief burning, painful sensation as it penetrated her ass, and then subside as the bulbous tip got past her clenching muscles. “And here comes the warm water.” Nancy said as she released the clip on the enema bag’s tube.

Sonja felt a pleasing rush of water; this wasn’t so bad she thought. But, then as the bag released more and more of the liquid inside her, she began to feel discomfort. With her belly so full already, she really felt the fullness in her bowels. “AAHHHHHHOOOO,” she let out a moan as the bag emptied inside her.

“How are we doing?” Nancy asked. Sonja just moaned, letting Nancy know her discomfort.

“I know, this is uncomfortable, we are almost done. Just stay down for me until I have the plug in place.” Nancy said.

Sonja had forgotten about the plug, “SHIT,” she said, letting out a heavy sigh.

Nancy slowly pulled the enema tube out of Sonja’s ass, letting out a few drops of water which Sonja felt drip down her legs. Nancy then squeezed the cold blue lube onto the plug.

“Okay, this will be a bit cold, but were almost done.” Nancy said. Sonja felt Nancy spread her cheeks for a second time. Sonja thought to herself that Nancy couldn’t have known what was really going on. She probably just thought that Sonja was suffering from some sort of hellish pregnancy constipation.

Sonja felt the cold plug tip work past her cheeks and then pass into her tight full ass. Nancy twisted the plug from side to side, working it into her ass until it was in place. Sonja felt so full, she thought that the plug would pop out as soon as Nancy released her fingers, but it stayed in place, to Sonja’s disappointment.

“Please straighten up slowly for me,” Nancy said, “We will walk you over to the bathroom.”

Nancy helped Sonja get a paper gown on and held the back shut, pulled tight against Sonja’s firm round belly, as Nancy guided her out the door and down the hall. As Sonja walked, leaning back with her ass clenched around the plug, she passed the open door of the Dr’s office. She saw him talking to a smiling, happy couple who looked to be in their 30’s, the wife was pregnant. Sonja was tempted to bend over, flip up her gown and show them what the doctor had done to her, though at this point, she would be just as embarrassed as he would be.

Dr. Ruskin felt his cock grow in his pants as he watched his young patient waddle down the hall, her ass full with the enema and the plug. He thought about what he had planned for her and was glad that he was sitting with his last patient of the day and would have plenty of time for Sonja.

Nancy brought Sonja into the restroom, turning on the light and closing the door behind them. Sonja thought she would have some privacy but, as this point, she was so anxious to relieve herself that she didn’t really care if Nancy stayed. Sonja went to sit on the toilet but Nancy had other plans for her, grabbing her from under the arm she kept her from sitting.

“I know you are uncomfortable but, the Doctor likes to make sure that the enema has really been able to get deep inside you and clean you out.” Nancy said helping Sonja get into position, “I just need you to get down on all fours. This gives the enema the best chance of getting down in to your bowels.”

Sonja did as she was told, knowing she had no choice. “My stomach is cramping,” she said looking back at Nancy, trying to plead with her, “Please, let me up, let me go. Please?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t but, I can try to make you more comfortable.” Nancy helped Sonja take her arms out of the paper gown, tossing it onto the floor. Now, with Sonja naked, bent over on the floor, Nancy sat on the floor next to her. She put her hands on seks filmi izle Sonja’s round belly that was hanging below Sonja who was still on her hands and knees. She gently rocked Sonja’s belly in a circular motion. Sonja was surprised at the relief this gave her, gently massaging her inside. Sonja was enjoying the relief from the pressure of the enema. She now felt a warm pleasing fullness inside, even though she felt weird on her hands and knees, naked on a bathroom floor.

Soon Sonja realized that Nancy’s fingers were reaching out and grazing her nipples, which were also hanging down pointed at the floor. Sonja knew that normally, this would totally freak her out but something inside her was enjoying Nancy’s touch. Sonja closed her eyes, moving her whole body along with Nancy’s movement of her belly and giving little moans at Nancy’s touch of her breast.

Nancy was glad that Sonja was responsive to her touch, she got so turned on by these young women, so exposed and frightened, going along with everything the Doctor said because of his false threats to charge them money. Why should he be the only one to have some fun? Its not like he could do anything to her, all she had to do was make one phone call and let the authorities know what she had seen in this office over the years and he would be in deep trouble.

Nancy moved behind Sonja getting a good look at her pink pussy and her poor little ass stuffed with the enema and the plug. “I know you are anxious for me to pull this out,” Nancy whispered into Sonja’s ear, laying over her, pushing her down so her head was on the floor and her ass remained up and exposed, “but, you are going to have to help me out before I can help you out.”

Nancy stood up and kicked off her white heels. She slowly unbuttoned her white shirt exposing her pretty lace bra. Sonja got the felling Nancy was putting on a show for her as she unzipped her short white skirt and slid it off along with her white pantyhose and panties. Now in just her bra, Nancy sat on the toilet with her legs spread. She reached down and grabbed the back of Sonja’s head, locking her hair in her fingers. Sonja, now kneeling before Nancy, knew where this was headed. Sonja wanted to get up and run, but the pressure in her ass kept her put. She knew that going through Nancy was the only way to relieve herself and she couldn’t very well run out into the office naked with a butt plug in her ass!

Sonja didn’t resist as Nancy’s hand guided her head down to meet her waiting pussy.

“Lick it.” Nancy said, pushing Sonja’s face deep into her crotch. Sonja obeyed, closing her eyes tight and slowly sticking out her tongue, not knowing what to expect. As she inched her face forward, her tongue made contact with Nancy’s wet, waiting pussy.

“Lick it,” Nancy said again, more demanding this time.

Sonja let her tongue stick out, barely penetrating Nancy’s hole and then quickly thrust upward, pushing into her clit as she worked her tongue. Sonja kept her eyes shut tight, trying to remember what felt good when her own pussy was being licked.

Nancy reached down, grabbing Sonja’s firm breast. Pinching her nipples between her fingers. She was so turned on, watching Sonja’s head move up and down between her legs. Sonja’s soft, long and curly hair was tickling her thighs as she licked her pussy. Nancy reached her own finger down to her wet pussy and thrust her finger deep inside her while Sonja continued to lick her.

Nancy grabbed the back of Sonja’s head, pushing her hard into her pussy. “Lick it, don’t stop,” Nancy moaned as she felt her toes begin to curl. She thrust her pussy in time with Sonja’s licks following the waves of her orgasm. She leaned her head back, trying to keep quiet but still, moaning with pleasure, pushing Sonja deeper into her pussy while she tightened her legs around her body.

Afterward they were still for a moment, Sonja resting her head on Nancy’s inner thigh. Sonja looked up at Nancy with her eyes pleading for relief. Nancy quickly remembered the enema and the plug.

“Okay, I guess you have earned your relief,” Nancy said, standing up, fixing her panties and scrub bottoms.

Sonja pulled herself up and sat on the toilet, not caring that Nancy was obviously not going to give her the privacy she longed for. She pulled the plug and felt such relief with the immediate rush of liquid pouring out of her ass, still quite open from the girth of the plug. Sonja bent over, hugging her swollen belly, crying from both embarrassment and relief.

Nancy gathered the plug and helped Sonja up. Together, in silence they changed Sonja into a fresh paper gown. Nancy took a cool cloth and wiped Sonja’s cheeks then held the cool cloth to her swollen eyes.

Sonja kept her eyes to the floor for the walk back to the exam room. She didn’t hear any voices in the office and assumed that the other couple had left.

Nancy helped Sonja back onto the table. She placed a hand on Sonja’s arm, “The Doctor will be in soon. Just relax, it will be easier, believe me.” Nancy said, giving Sonja’s arm a squeeze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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