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Hello! My name is John and i´m 17 years old and this is the story of how I fucked my mother.

It was monday evening, I had just finnished my homework and decided to go to bed. Altough when I got to the bathroom I could here the shower, mom was taking a shower, altough the door to the bathroom were open so I peeked in.

-Mom? I said.
-Yes dear?
-Is it ok if I brush my teeth while you are in the shower?
-Of course it is dear.

So I started brushing my teeths, but then mom asked:

-John? Can you help me wash my back when you are done brushing your teeth?

I almost swallowed the toothbrush because of the chocking question, but it would be great to see mom naked on the other hand.

-Sure mom, I just got finnished.
-Thanks dear.

So I went over to the shower and removed the curtains, and there in front of me stood my mom completely naked! Her huge breasts staring right at me and her shaved cunt were clearly visible between her legs. And then she said something I will never forget…

-Perhaps you should take your clothes off so you can come in here to, then you will be able to wash my back much better.

My mind was racing with thoughts at this point.

-Ok mom, I said and took of my clothes, I could see sakarya escort that mom peeked at my cock a couple of times. Then i went into the shower. It wasn´t much space in there, I was just some centimeters away from my moms naked body. Then she turned around and bent slightly forward showing her big beutiful ass and I also got a short glimpse of her brown asshole.

Then I took the shower gel, put some in my hand and started washing moms back. She moaned from my touch and I started massaging her a little, she moaned even more and bent foward even more, clearly showing her slightly open asshole and her pussylips.

I could feel how my cock started to come to life and I did my best to think of something else but soon I was standing with a full erection behind my mother that was bent over completely naked in front of me. Then the absolute worse thing happened… I accidently slipped a little and my cock sort of spanked my my mothers ass.I paniced thinking she would freak out but instead she said:

-Well hello there big boy, did mama make you a little horny? Then shen reached back, grabbed my cock and started masturbating me. I gasped in pleasure.

-Wow…you have really nice cock john, mom said and then turned around and started sucking like crazy on my cock, sakarya escort bayan she sucked so hard that I thought my cock would fall of.
Soon I could feel an orgasm buidling and I started exploding in my mom´s mouth, I shot globe after globe into her mouth. After I was finnished cumming my mom still was sucking my cock and a minute later I was rockhard again.

Fuck me John, she told me and backed up against the wall. I lifted her legs up and she clasped them around me. Then she took my cock and directed it into her wet pussy, It was so tight that it almost hurt my cock but her pussyjuices and the water from the shower made it go all the way inside.
I started pounding in and out like crazy and mom moaned loudly and screamed in pleasure.

-Oh god! Yes fuck your mama hard! Oh yes It feels so good! HARDER! OH YEEES!!

Mom started squirting in a fountain of pussyjuices and became even wetter. Then she knelt and started sucking my cock while fondling her own breasts.

-I want you to put it in my ass, she said, I want to have analsex with you.

She then turned around and once again bent forward showing of her huge beutiful ass and tight asshole. She fingered her ass a little then she took some KY from the shelf in the shower and put alot of escort sakarya it on my cock and then she put the bottle at the opening of her asshole and filled her ass with it.
Then she took my cock and put it at her assentrance, I slowly pushed forward and could see how her tiny asshole opened up and her assmuscles swallowed the head of my cock. I pushed some more and slowly my cock dissapeared inside my moms asshole. Mom moaned and gasped in pleasure.

-Oh yes put your cock in mama´s tiny little asshole! Yes don´t you like having analsex with mama? Oh god yes start pounding my little asshole!

I started pulling out a little and when I was almost completely out I slammed all the way in again, then out and back in. I could feel how her assmuscles clasped around my cock as she started cumming and she became even tighter. Her asshole was so tight and soft and warm and wet, I watched as my cock dissapeared into my mothers asshole time after time. She came again and once again her assmuscles clasped around my rockhard cock and she became even more tight. Then I felt that familiar feeling…

-Mom Im about to cum, I said.
-Oh yes you can cum inside my ass. Yes, come deep inside your mama´s anal!!!

It was more than I could take and started to shoot out my biggest cumshot ever deep inside my moms asshole.
Then she turned around and started sucking my cock, and in a minute I was rockhard again.

-Son… fuck my ass some more! Mom said…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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