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My ex-husband had loved this part of me and called it The Berserker. Whenever I reach a certain level of lust, my brain fuzzes and I’d ravish him until he was screaming my name. I was way past this level and the smell of sex in the air fanned the flames. I sat up and pulled the young woman’s nubile body over mine, loving the shiver that passed through us as our pussies met and bent to capture her mouth.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Her mouth was soft and her tongue tasted of me, tangy and sweet and I sucked on her bottom lip, making her shiver. I rolled her onto her back, still tongue-kissing her and ground my hips against hers. She responded with a gasp and a loud hum, her hips tilting up to meet mine and her hands grabbing my ass. I slid off of her and reached for the lamp.

“Don’t turn the light on.”

“I want to see you.” She paused for a moment, then gave a small nod. I clicked the lamp onto its lowest setting and turned back to her, pausing to gaze at her. She was absolutely beautiful. She was a bit on the slender side but her C cup breasts took the attention away from her ribs. My eyes traveled down to the juncture of her long legs and my heart pounded as I gazed at her trimmed pussy with its slight sprinkling of blonde hair. “God, you’re beautiful, Jess.”

My words seemed to bring tears to her eyes and I made a mental note to say it to her every day if I had the chance. I so wanted to dive between her legs but I thought she deserved something better than a quickie, something to let her know that my intentions, that this wasn’t a one-night stand. I lay back beside her, losing myself into her deep blue eyes while my left hand gently illegal bahis traversed the length of her body. A deep shudder moved through her and she closed her eyes in pleasure, gasping lightly as my hand swept heavily across her sensitive nipples.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. I bent and took one rosy bud into my mouth, sucking hard enough to bring a sexy growl from her throat and her hands cupped my head, pulling me closer. I started to really suck on her nipple then, nibbling, licking and chewing until she was bucking beneath me, her body quivering uncontrollably. My evil streak took hold of me and I pried her hands off of my head, pulling away.

“Alexa, please.”

I wanted to make her work for it. I wanted her to burn for my touch but I was so hungry for the taste of her that I couldn’t prolong my agony, much less hers. With lust buzzing in my veins, I ran my hands along he planes of her thighs, pressing against the insides of her knees and holding my breath as they opened before me, white gates leading to my idea of heaven. Her pussy lips spread open, light pink segueing into dark magenta parted by a silky river of honey. I licked my lips and crawled over.

I moaned and closed my eyes as my tongue slid deep inside her honey pot, immediately meeting her pearly river. She mirrored my moan, spreading her legs wider and rubbing her crotch harder against my straining tongue. I wrapped my arms around her ass and torso, grinding my face into her and letting her ride me as she needed. It took a few seconds before her moans became screams and her entire body was quaking as she came, her fingers weaved into my hair. The sounds of her weak gasps illegal bahis siteleri filled the air and I redoubled my efforts, bringing her to another orgasm that left her a quivering mass. I moved back up her gorgeous body and gave her a long, deep kiss, loving the way that she clung to me as I cupped her still pulsing sex.

I reached over and flicked off the light, then moved down into the bed, pulling Jess against me. She snuggled against me, still whimpering in the throes of ecstasy and I reached down, smoothing her hair back from her face and I was surprised to see tears glistening on her cheek.

“Jess? Baby?” I tilted her head up, searching her eyes in the moonlit darkness. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” She whispered, hastily wiping her face.

“It’s not nothing, Jess.” I slid down so that our noses were touching and I pressed a soft kiss to her trembling lips. “Please tell me what’s wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong.” She ran a finger along my bottom lip, watching the movement and I pursed my lips to kiss her fingertip. “I just feel so good.”

“Good.” I kissed her forehead and wrapped my arms around her. “Now go to sleep, baby. Morning’s going to come too soon.”

I heard her exhalation of relief and wondered what that was all about but I drifted off to sleep before I could figure it out. In the morning, I awoke alone, wondering if I’d dreamed the whole encounter but my sticky thighs told me differently. I popped into the shower and made my way to the kitchen, setting the kettle on for tea and found a note attached to my box of earl grey.

Good morning, Alexa, Sorry that I couldn’t stay but … well, to be honest, I feel kinda canlı bahis siteleri funny after last night. I want to apologize for being so forward and I hope that we can still be friends. Thanks for everything, Jess.

I didn’t think. I left my apartment, went down the stairs and angrily knocked on her door. It took her about five minutes to answer the door and I held the note out to her. “What the fuck is this?”

She rubbed her eyes sleepily, looking confused. “It’s the note that I left you.”

“But what is this that you wrote? You feel kinda funny? You want to be friends now?”

“Alexa … “

“What did last night mean?” Her eyes met mine and my heart dropped as I watched them fill with tears. I stepped forward and pulled her into my arms. “I don’t want to be friends, Jess.” I murmured, lightly kissing her ear. “I want to be your friend and lover.”

I felt her sag against me, her breath hot on my neck as she sobbed in my embrace. “I’m so sorry.”

I shushed her gently. “Look at me, Jess.” I gazed into her beautiful crystal blue eyes, willing my feelings into her. “I’m not into one night stands and I would never have made love to you if I wasn’t interested in having a relationship with you. Are you interested in me?”


“Good.” I grinned, releasing her. “That’s good to know. Now I have to get going or I’ll be late. Will you be home tonight?” She shook her head. “Would you have dinner with me tonight?” Again, she shook her head, smiling shyly. “Good. I’ll call you on the way home from work.”

I turned and headed back to the stairs but she caught me before I reached the door, pulling my mouth down to hers and giving me the sweetest, softest kiss, one that had my nipples hard in mere seconds. “See you tonight.”

I climbed the stairs on shaky legs, my heart pounding and a dreamy smile on my face as I thought about seeing her later tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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