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Alex Mae

If you have read my previous work then you must be knowing that I am married. My husband is kind to me but things can go really cold and how!?

I had tried and tried hard but the instability was growing and I desperately felt the need for switching my mind off!

It was the platinum week (my readers in the UK will understand) with days off merging in to the weekend and with the situation in my household I decided that I was going away for the evening (I had no idea where) and then my husband announced his plan of playing football and then his childhood friends meeting at the local place. At this point I decided that I wanted a break, possibly a break from me!

I chose to go to Leeds as one of my ex-colleagues was studying there, I did not call or intimate her about my arrival as I thought it would be a great surprise! (I am not against surprises but personally for me, they have backfired quite a lot of times!)

Moving on! I booked a hotel room in Leeds and took my train and checked in. My room looked fairly different as to what I had seen in pictures whilst booking.

I freshened up and since I paint a lot, I decided to visit the art gallery! It was walkable from my hotel and I was amazed with those intricacies I was looking at. Suddenly, I heard someone walking past to the other side of the room and I turned around to briefly notice this presence. He was about 6’3 and fit and had a friendly and warm smile to my look. I turned back concentrating on the painting I was looking at before.

After I finished my tour for the ground floor, I went to this beautiful and bright cafe getting rosehip tea and a croissant for myself. I sat fairly at the corner reading something about natural painting where I heard a strong and active “hello there!” and as I looked up I saw the same friendly smile, he asked “care if I join?” I froze for a second but I thought why not? Maybe he is in to art too and a lone traveller like me! So I agreed and we sat together. I hadn’t noticed his greys on the side and his face this detailed the first time, little creases. He was in his early 40s. “I am Rob” he said, “and I am sorry if I startled you there before.” I said it was okay and all good.

Rob was sipping his coffee somehow looking at me deeply as I asked him more about bahis siteleri the painting he was looking at, he said it was just an excuse to be in the same room as me! To which I replied “and other 6 people?” he laughed it off and there was something deep about the way he looked at me saying “you were the first I stopped at” I don’t know why I found myself feeling a bit proud and confused at the same time.

We talked about our work, how we liked painting and sketching and how he was married and quite unhappy with all the control exercised in his life and was on a business trip. Time went by and I got up thanking him for the company and wishing him all the best, to which he asked my plans, I told him that I was going to the museum. He asked “is it okay if I join you? I don’t have plans and my two colleagues must be drinking now and I certainly don’t want to join them; besides I think I don’t want to miss you!” I know this was a lot for someone you have known for 2 hours but I just couldn’t ignore it.

We found our way to the museum and wandered around talking about things and sharing what our lives are like and how some things are difficult. We actually connected there.

Rob gave me his number and I gave him a missed call so he had mine, I took his number and my steps back to my hotel.

I took another shower and got ready for the evening, I called my ex-colleague and she told me that she was having her holidays in Cardiff!! (remember what I said about surprises? Yes!?)

I wished her a good night and thought of calling Rob to see what he was up to. I called Rob and he picked up in two rings, I reminded him about our meeting and asked him what he was up to. He said he was just finishing up a meeting and will be free in half an hour and asked if I wanted to have dinner to which I said yes! and we planned on meeting in a restaurant near the city center.

I walked in there first, sat and was sipping my lemonade when I saw Rob making his way, he was wearing a suit this time, taking off his court he joked “no I am not that stiff” and we chuckled.

Rob sat down ordering another lemonade, as he mentioned “I was thinking of calling you but I didn’t want to creep you, I missed your voice and this sensual accent you have.” I looked at him again saying nothing but canlı bahis siteleri just us both finishing our lemonade. The waiting staff asked if we were ready to order the food and we requested some more time to decide where he had our feet touch each other and we briefly looked at each other rushing on our way out! As we rushed out Rob gave me a deep peck on my lips and neck. I was all charged at this! I pulled him down for a kiss, this time it was hungry. I asked him if it was okay and if he wanted to have dinner, in his husky voice he said “fuck dinner, I want you!” and our kiss grew more intense with his hands wandering on my bottom. We somehow walked back to my hotel room where I asked him if he wanted to do this and he said he hadn’t felt this free before, somehow being with me liberated him.

We went to my room with us starting to kiss again with small pecks to deep smooches to our lips pressing against each other. He took his coat off whilst I unbuttoned him and he moved his hands to my neck holding it and planting kisses one after another, his kisses were no more gentle! as he started to unbutton my shirt, looking at my breasts “wow you are alluring” I could see he meant it. As his kisses landed on my neck going down I started to melt just when Rob sat me on top of the extended table and I undid his trousers. My hands trying to make all the groping movements and my fingers trying to reach to his warm manhood! He took my leggings off and looked at my thong saying “yes” I looked at him and he got my eyes asking for his tongue.. he kissed me fiercely this time parting hair off my face and I pulled him in as tight as I could, with his other hand landing on my clit, “Fuck you are so wet! Am I that special?” looking at me he kneeled down pulling me towards his mouth, I felt his nose being very close to my clit where he moved his head as he was trying to know me down there, my wait ended with a big deep kiss that he landed on my pussy and I could feel his warm tongue invading my tight walls!

I was definitely melting and moaning with my whispers opening my legs wider apart and pulling his head closer with each thrust he made with his tongue.. “Oh fuck..fuck yes” was all I could say with my moans, he nibbled on my clit to licking my tiny tight holes he looked at canlı bahis me where I pulled him up for another kiss. I got off the table and pushed him on the bed with his pants on, I got on top and I remember whispering “are you stiff enough now?” to this he took my hand and placed it on his cock.. Rob was big and quite bulky compared to my little hand. We started kissing more hungrily and I moved on to kissing his neck and earlobes as he swiftly kissed and nibbled on my nipples almost biting them off!

I kissed his chest and stomach and moved down to his massive cock.. Rob let a deep “ummmmmm” as I held it in my hand and I quickly went up to put a pillow under his head.. I kissed his cock, licked the very top in circular movements before taking my index finger to his butthole and starting to rub it gently.. I was working my tongue on Rob’s cock and my finger on his butthole.. he said “Oh goodness yes!! yes yes fuck yes..” with him cheering for me I placed my wet warm and sticky mouth on his balls and I felt his grip on my hair going strong as if we wanted me to lick his balls and suck on them one after another.. I wanted to surprise him and so I suddenly gripped his legs and tried to reposition my head so that my tongue could reach to his butthole. To Rob’s surprise he wasn’t expecting it at all, he let out a groan filled chuckle “Oh fucck baby… what the.. fuck!? who are you!!?” as I kept licking his butthole..he was in absolute pleasure with his cock pulsating in my hand as I rubbed it.. he kept moaning pushing himself to my mouth..

Then he turned me around and pushed his thickness inside of my pussy like he didn’t want to stop.. It did hurt but I didn’t care! who would!? Rob started fucking me deeper and harder doggy.. saying “your pussy feels awesome, its so perfect” we moaned and within a minute with a loud grunt Rob came on my belly.. He looked at me cluelessly only to realize that I didn’t have any orgasms to which I was okay and said I’ll make myself cum after.

I thought he would stay after the shower as I was ordering a room service, considering how we both were traveling alone and had somewhat of a lonely marriage. So probably sharing some dinner and talking a bit more.

I don’t know what it was, something awkward, something personal, was he uncomfortable? Why? I don’t know, he dressed up and left, nothing being said. I didn’t follow him because I felt he had his reasons but I wish I could know why?

Anyway I did not hear from Rob again.

PS always use a condom!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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