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*** The following fictional story is based on a true social media interaction, and embellished with an erotic encounter.

Tom was scrolling through his iPhone, checking social media. A post came up, which was a repost of r/AskReddit.

“What is the sexiest thing someone has ever said to you?”

His favorite responses were:

‘My gf texted me as I drove to our date… I’ve already orgasmed once tonight just thinking about swallowing your cum later.’

‘I like your voice’ after I apologized for stuttering’. This was heartwarming.

‘A coworker told me she overheard a male coworker made a comment about me

as I walked into the building ‘That’s the kind of woman that makes me glad to be a man’

‘My bf told me ‘look me in my eyes’ as I gave him a blow job…when I looked

up…he came in my mouth’

Tom thought back to a particular experience during college, and commented,

“Your **** is bigger soft, than most guys when they’re hard.”

The next day, he had 63 notifications ‘liking’ the comment. He also had a DM that was from someone he didn’t know. He had to approve the message, which he did. Jewel_Opal wrote:

(Hey x)

(uhh could i ask you a question ahah?)


(is it actually that big?)


(I saw your comment…i’m just intrigued *shy emoji)

(ah, yes a girl actually said that)


(how many inches is it x0)

(I’m between 8 and 9 and thicc)

(a girl called it a chode)

(there ain’t no way holy shit)

(could i see..?)

(my Kik has picture, I’m ****)

(two pics actually)

(ohh, i don’t have that)

(could you send it here by any chance?)

(gimme a minute, still waking up)

(no worries 😉 x0)

(how old are you? x)

(its above average, i’ve seen bigger)

(black friend)

(8-9 is still huge tho)

(it’s thickness that makes a difference)

(cock.jpg posted)

(oh damnn that is big)

(thanks it’s a morning wood)

(I’m 25) I lied.

The series of of comments that followed were about sex, orgasms and experiences.

(1st time? x)

(high school end of 9th)

(gf? fwb?)

(fwb then she became gf)


(???) i knew where this was going

(can i see it.. x0)

(video call: do you accept)

(video call: accepted)

(hey) awkwardly

(hi) sultry

(camera pans down)

His pants were already down, his boxers covered most of it just showing the top. “Whoa” she said. That’s when he pulled the boxers down, and it sprung up at full mast.

“Aha Ha ha” she chuckled nervously “Can I have some?” she choked.

From there, Jewel and Tom had a short conversation. She was two cities away, lucky coincidence. She was attending a Junior College, He told her yalova escort he was at a four year university. But that was a lie. He had graduated a few years back and was already working. Thursday of that week, she said she would need a ride home. He offered, and she readily accepted. He took the day off, using it to work out earlier than usual and basically relax. He timed his workout about an hour before he was supposed to pick her up. His arms and legs were nice and swollen from the workout. And he had a good feeling that wouldn’t be the only thing that was swollen.

He pulled up to a curve in the parking lot at her JC. He was driving a yellow Jeep CJ5, an older model, but in his eyes far better than the current models. Prior to arriving, he had texted her what he would be driving. But he had no idea what she looked like. Although she had followed his account, had not followed her back (personal rule of his). Her avatar was, predictably, a Jewel. As he waited, he glanced up and saw any number of coeds walking out to the parking, but one in particular caught his eye. She was on the taller side, had long straight black hair that flowed like a waterfall. She was wearing a white crop top, and very short cutoff denim jean shorts. White Nike shoes completed the ‘fit’.

Damned if she didn’t jump into the Jeep’s passenger seat, with a wide and friendly smile.

“Hi, you must be Tom? I’m Jewel_Opal”. Her eyes twinkled.

“Hi Jewel underscore Opal, I was surprised you messaged me. That’s a first for me.”

“You don’t mind, do you,” with a teasing smile.

“No, of course not.” he smiled.

She started giving him directions, which turned out to be headed in the same direction he lived in. After a quick 15 minute drive, they pulled up in front of her house. It is one of those stucco suburban cookie cutter houses with a small front yard.

“Want to come in for a drink of water?” she asked.

He didn’t need a more obvious invitation. He gladly accepted. As she walked in, he admired her voluptuous posterior. The shorts, he was sure, were chosen for exactly that purpose. She handed him a tall glass of water and ice after setting down her backpack. He was about half way done drinking the water, when he said,

“You know, I’m pretty good at massages” with a suggestive smile.

“Well, maybe you can give me one,” she smiled suggestively.

She walked down the hallway to a guest restroom, and came back with a bottle of baby oil. She then led him to the backyard that had a pool, and covered patio. She laid down on one of the deck chairs/recliner, after having taken off her crop top and tossed on the small table close by. To say she was generously endowed would be an understatement. While her skin was nicely tanned, her breasts had perfect tan lines of a tiny bikini top. yalova escort bayan The white soft skin was punctuated by reddish pink nipples. He squeezed oil on her back, and started spreading all around. When he got near her shorts, she pushed up her hips, unbuttoned her jean shorts, and pushed them down revealing her bottom. She hadn’t been wearing panties.

He rubbed the oil all the way down both legs, his strong hands were very good at massaging sore muscles. He had not lied when he said he was good at massages. After several minutes on non-sexual moaning on her part, she suddenly flipped. She was completely nude at this point. She looked up at him, and said “So, you going to put that ‘chode’ in me or not?”

“Yes ma’am!” he enthusiastically said.

She opened her legs slightly, as his hands continued exploring her body. This time they went down and massaged her inner thighs. The palm of his hand nudged her mound, then his fingers slid into her crease. The oil on his fingers opened her lady lips, as he coaxed them open. Her hand found his crotch and started squeezing his stiffening rod.

“Oh wow, it’s already as big as my boyfriends,” she said as it continued thickening.

“He’s average then, your bf? You haven’t had a big one yet, I take it?” he smiled.

“Mmm, no, never a big one. The guys I’ve been with are pretty regular.” her smile was decidedly wicked now.

“Well, let’s see how you handle it.” He got up and took his shirt off. She reached for his jeans and started undoing them. She pulled his boxers down with his pants, and his now firmly rigid tool popped out.

“Oh shit!” she smiled, taking it in her hand immediately.

She gave it a few squeezes, then ran her lips across the tip, before shoving her lips around it. Her eyes closed as she savored his thickness and length. With moans, she started rolling her lips over his rod. She was clearly enjoying it, as she smiled from time to time as she lollipopped his cock. He reached down and started massaging her large breasts. Being in her early twenties, they were nice and firm and upright.

“Ok, I need you in me!” she gasped. She was really turned on, her nipples hard.

She laid down on the recliner, instead of getting a suntan, she was about to get a pounding. Her knees opened up, lifting them so her crease was readily available. He straddled on top her, placing his uncut tip on her slit, and pushed. She grit her teeth as it started working its way in.

“Stop! Oh, it’s big” her hands stopping him from going further. “Let me get on top!”

They switched places, him laying down on his back, and then she climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. She reached down to guide him in. The tip, placed at her lips, she started to slowly sink down onto him. At first, she took just a few inches, escort yalova got used to it, then some more.

“OH GAWD,” she moaned “It’s so thick!” she gasped.

It wasn’t too long before she had it all. Leaning forward, she laid her large bosom on his chest. Panting, she started to push down on his wood. As she adjusted to his size, she started rocking back and forth. Her juices were well and flowing. She was biting her lip in a smile, with eyes closed thrusting up and down. Taking advantage of being below, he started groping her supple and full breasts. He flicked her nipples, and then would take a handful of her and squeeze.

“Oh man! I never knew I needed to be so filled!” she said with a smile and eyes closed.

She continued fucking him, her body moving t0 her own increasing tempo. He watched her enjoying himself, using him as a good lay. He didn’t mind being used, he was enjoying introducing her to big cock magic. As she started speeding up, he waited for her to cum first. He knew that because of his foreskin, he needed more stimulation before he came, then he could give her his energy. She was getting close, and they both knew it.

“That’s it,” he said “get some! Get some BLD!”

She threw her hair back, her long black hair fanning out and whipping to her back.

“Oh Fuck!” she cried out, her hips trembling. Her body was seized by a shudder that seemed to go on and on. She was panting and her smile was from ear to ear. She opened her eyes, and leaned down kissing him. Trying to devour him.

“Ho shit! That’s amazing!” she panted into his mouth. He knew she was talking about her orgasm, but he also knew his mighty oak gave it to her.

“Ready for some more?” he grinned at her.

Before she could respond, he started thrusting up into her. She had ridden him, now he was going to ride her. He grabbed her hips, his strong hands gripping her like a vice. He started lifting her waist and ramming it down on his spear.

“Oh oohh ooohhh!” she moaned as her body was being used.

He continued to fuck her from below, but he wanted to come. He leaned up, and picked her up like a doll. Her legs wrapped around him as he continued to pump her body onto his meat.

“Where’s your bedroom?” as he walked her into her house. She pointed to the hallway, “First door on the right.”

He carried her in, never stopping using her like a sleeve. He lowered her down onto her bed, and raised her legs up so her ankles were by his shoulder. His movements started to hammer down on her. He pounded her tiny pocket, his nether region clapping against her body. Then he erupted inside her. Heat radiated off both their bodies, and the smell of sex filled the room. Her wet pussy must have squirted because he suddenly realized how wet his waist was.

He laid down on her, using his elbows so he wouldn’t crush her. They kissed, lips locked on each other. Her arms wrapped around his head. He could tell she was smiling as he kissed her.

“So, does this make me your boyfriend now?” he smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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