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Its been 2 months and that night has left a very deep impact on Aadya’s mind. She has not seen her father in the eye after that day.

She has forgotten all pleasures and she can hardly concentrate on her studies. It was like something was eating her from within. She couldn’t talk to anyone about it and the guilt was consuming her more and more with every passing minute.

Since that day she hasn’t gone to the terrace. She even met Akshay at the market one day.

‘You don’t come to the terrace anymore?’ he asked.

She turned around and left without replying.

She would sometimes bury her face in her pillow and cry for hours. She had lost all the charm she always had on her face.

It dint take too much time for Kavya to learn that something was wrong with her friend.

One day after school Kavya came to Aadya and asked her what was wrong in her life. And why she has lost the neverending smile on her face. Aadya chose not to reply and kept walking towards the school exit gates.

Kavya knew there was something serious going on in her friend’s mind.

One day Kavya bunked tuitions and went to Aadya’s house to talk to her mother. But Aadya’s mother was of no help to her. She was there for a couple of hours.

‘Aunty can I use your terrace to make a phone call? My phone isn’t receiving proper signals here.’ she asked Aadya’s mother and went upstairs to make her phone call.

While talking on the phone she noticed that a guy was hanging his freshly washed clothes on the synthetic rope. He smiled at her and Kavya smiled back.

‘Hey! Are you Aadya’s friend? Is she alright? She seems lost these days. I wonder what is wrong with her.’ said Akshay.

‘Yes I am Aadya’s friend and I came to talk to her mother about it but she seems as clueless as both of us.’

Kavya and Akshay chatted for a while and they both hit it off as if they were childhood friends. Kavya noticed Akshay staring at her cleavage a couple of times. She was wearing a deep V neck top that showed a part of her cleavage enough to make a guy lose his mind.

Kavya was a tall girl. She was 5’9 and also the captain of school basketball team. She had a flat tummy but big boobs. She was 36c and the flat stomach made them look like 40c.

She had a fair complexion, but not fair like Aadya. She had long legs and round butts. Guys used to go crazy watching her play basketball. Her boobs would bounce whenever she would make a run. She had dimples on both her cheeks and she had pink puffy lips.

She noticed Akshay staring at her boobs and decided to play a prank on him. She deliberately bent down to tie her laces and gave him a full view of her big rack. antalya escort As she was doing this she immediately looked up and caught him red handed ogling at her boobs.

‘Do you like what you see?’ she asked playfully.

‘umm no…umm yaa.. umm I am sorry.. umm mean…’ Akshay couldn’t think of an answer and ran into his room.

Kavya laughed loudly and was pleased to see the poor boy embarrassed.

While going back to her place she asked Aadya’s mom if she could stay at their place on weekend. Aadya’s mom dint have any objection and welcomed her with all her heart.

It was Saturday evening when Kavya left for Aadya’s place. Aadya dint know about it and she wanted to give her a surprise visit. But on meeting Aadya she realized that Aadya showed no excitement. After dinner Kavya went straight to Aadya’s room as Aadya was helping her mother with the kitchen.

Aadya returned to her room after 10 mins and as she opened the door she found Kavya in just her black shorts standing in front of her with her bra in her hand.

Aadya-‘Oops!! I am sorry I dint know you were changing. I should have knocked.’

Kavya-‘Dont be stupid, it’s your room I should have locked it. I am glad it was you and not your parents.’

Aadya- ‘They always knock before coming in since it is a girl’s room after all.’

Kavya-‘Can you please excuse me for a moment and stop staring at my boobs.’

They both laughed and Aadya excused her and went to the washroom to brush her teeth. Kavya was glad that Aadya laughed.

Now it was night and they both were in their night dresses tucked into their respective quilts. Aadya was finding it hard to not discuss everything with Kavya and finally she gave in.

She told everything to Kavya and ended her story with tears all over her face. Even kavya had a few tears in her eyes. She tried to console Aadya by saying that maybe nobody was there and her father might have dropped the pen during day time. And everything was just inside aadya’s head. There was a 50/50 percent chance of this happening.

‘Dont deprive yourself of pleasures Aadya. You deserve all the happiness in the world. This can affect you in the future and disturb your married life. You need to take this out of your mind. You need to feel every pleasure.’

Aadya cried ‘I can’t I just can’t. Maybe it was just a one time thing. Maybe I will never feel it again. All the memories will keep flashing in front of my eyes. How can I be so stupid.’

Kavya came closer to her and hugged her tightly. She kept hugging her for good 5 mins and they both cried. She tried to kiss Aadya on her cheek but Aadya turned her face and they accidently kissed kemer escort each other on the lips. They both felt some kind of electricity pass through their body. And were quiet for good 10 mins.

‘I am sorry, it was an accident. I was kissing you on your cheeks and then you…’

‘Its alright, I know it was an accidental but I always wanted my first kiss to be with a guy not a girl.’

They both again laughed and the moment became lighter. The discussion went very sexual after that laughter. Kavya told Aadya how she walked into her brother and his wife having sex in the living room. They thought there was no one home and forgot Kavya was sleeping in her room and hadn’t gone to school. The loud sex woke her up and she came out to find her brother and his wife completely naked and having doggie style on the couch. They both looked really hot and she looked at the action for good 5-10 mins as they did not notice she was there. She couldn’t get that image out of her head.

‘I also dint want my first erect dick to be my brother’s. But it was worth it. I feel guilty but I masturbated the whole week thinking about my brother’ confessed Kavya.

‘Isn’t that incest?’ asked Aadya.

‘Haha, I am just fantasizing not actually having sex with my brother.’

Again they both laughed again.

Kavya felt good that Aadya was smiling and laughing now. Then she told her the Akshay incident.

‘Oh my God!! You are crazy. I feel bad for that poor guy. But I can’t blame him after our today’s incident. I could hardly keep my eyes away from them’ joked Aadya.

‘hehehe really.. this reminds me of something,’ said Kavya with a side grin on her face.

‘Last time I touched you and you touched me back to make things even. Its pay back time baby. Show them babies to me.’

‘Oh!! No no no.. are you crazy. It was an accident I dint see them deliberately.’

‘l don’t care just pull this stupid top off.’

Kavya removed Aadya’s top and Aadya dint revolt much. Aadya wasn’t wearing any bra and her boobs were out there in the open now. Kavya was looking straight into them and that made Aadya embarrassed but horny at the same time.

Then without a word said Aadya took off Kavya’s top and she cooperated in doing that. They were both topless now and looking at each other’s boobs. Aadya had milky white boobs with big pink nipples. Kavya’s boobs were bigger with a shade darker and she had long brown erect nipples.

‘I can do anything for you Aadya. You are my best friend and I cannot see you suffer for any stupid thing. You deserve all the pleasure without any guilt. And before I do anything just know it’s all out of pure konyaaltı escort friendship and I am straight.’ whispered Kavya.

Kavya bent forward and kissed all over Aadya’s boobs. And slowly reached the nipples and started sucking them. She could hear Aadya making soft moans. She made Aadya lie down and climbed on her. And started sucking her boobs again. She could feel Aadya’s body wiggle with pleasure.

After a good boob suck she made Aadya turn around and lie on her stomach. She took off Aadya’s panties in one go. Now she started licking her neck and came down slowly licking each inch of her back till she reached her butt. When she reached the butts she felt a bit hesitant and started kissing the butt cheeks.

But from no where Aadya’s hand came and guided her head to her asshole. She had no other option but to lick that tight white asshole of her friend. She took out her tongue and started licking the asshole hardly, sometime even tried to enter the tongue into it.

By now Aadya had lost all control over her body and she was moaning loudly. Aadya pushed Kavya away and turned around on her back. She held Kavya’s hair and pushed her face into her pussy.

Kavya knew that it was not what she had in her mind. She planned to suck the boobs and give her some licks around her neck and back but this was going too far.

She knew there was no turning back and she had to do this now for Aadya. Aadya’s pussy was the prettiest she had seen, even better than the pornstars and that encouraged her to go for the pussy eating.

She started licking the wet pussy and sucking the clitoris. She never thought she would be eating pussies. She had been fantasizing about sucking her brother’s cock. And there she was eating her best friend’s beautiful pussy. As she sucked it more Aadya started making to and fro movement with her lower body.

Kavya knew that Aadya was about to come.. She took her finger and rubbed it on Aadya’s pussy to make it lubricated. And inserted that lubricated finger down Aadya’s asshole. And that moment arrived and Aadya was lying on the bed exhausted and panting loudly. Her moans were loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Kavya’s face was drenched with Aadya’s wetness. And she was just sitting there looking at her naked beautiful friend she just mouth fucked. Aadya gathered some energy to get up she came close to Kavya and kissed her on the lips.

Surprisingly they both opened their lips and their tongues started playing with each other. Aadya could taste her wetness inside Kavya’s mouth. They had a long intense kiss. They both got up and went to the washroom together to wash different parts of their bodies.

‘Now you gotta do something for me.’ said Kavya washing her face.

‘Anything for you babe after tonight.’ whispered Aadya.

‘I want that Akshay guy in this room and I want his dick in my mouth. I can’t take this anymore now. Visuals of my brother’s cock are making me crazy.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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