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Having since been dumped by my boyfriend I took it upon myself to add Snapchat to my phone and added everyone in my contact list.

I know I have some of Ollie(ex boyfriend) and his friends in my list so I thought to spice things up.

I would start of by sending normal pictures and then come night time I would take some naughty ones with kinky underwear and occasional ones were my boobs were visible but not naked like with see through bras..

The days turned too weeks and I noticed I had more friends requests so I added them all without looking who was who.

I kept up the daily and night time pictures receiving snap messages with everyone and receiving dick pics in return with some.

Some big and some small cocks, either way I had these saved on my phone for later purposes.

Then I receive one message saying, Christmas is round the corner can this secret Santa buy you more kinky underwear.

I replied with a topless picture saying these boobs need covered.

He then sends one back with his hands round his throbbing cock saying mmm I need more of these pictures.

This czech amateurs porno continued for a few days then out of nowhere I receive a facial picture. I stare frankly at this picture that I’ve been sending naughty pictures too.

It’s my brother… Andy

I don’t know why but instead of being mad I was really turned on knowingly what we have been sending to each other..

I dress up that evening and wear something revealing underneath and head over to his house that night as a surprise.

He answered in just his boxers and instantly had a bulge in them, he doesn’t ask why I’m round I think he knows.

He invited me forgetting to close the door behind him, as soon as I’m in and turn round and take my dress off to show him what’s hiding underneath.

I show off my slim tender figure with my 34c boobs staring at him and my shaved smooth pussy.

He wastes no time in taking his boxers off to reveal his hard 6″ cock that has sprung to life.

We waste no time in talking and I walk over to him kiss him passionately like husband and czech bitch porno wife and feel his hard cock pressed against my awaiting pussy.

He lifts me up, takes me over to his bedroom and throws me down on his bed then faceplants his face right on my pussy, kisses and fucks me with his mouth and tongue. He got me to an orgasm better than what I’ve had in the past and that’s just with his tongue.

Omg what’s he going to be like fucking me I think.

After bringing me to my 2nd orgasm in just a few minutes he gets up and goes to get a condom.

I tell him to leave it I want to feel his 6″ bare.

He jumps back into bed, puts me on my knees and throws me forward leaving my ass in the air. He gets behind me and starts tongue fucking my pussy and add from behind.

He stops and stands up behind me, rubbing his cock up and down my wet awaiting pussy and up to my ass then back down again, proceeding to do this a few times, then suddenly without any warning he pushes his cock inside me, all the way until the bottom of his cock is all the way in.

I czech casting porno let out a slight moan telling his cock that my pussy is full. He slowly slides out again and slams his cock back in.

He finally picks up the pace telling me how much he’s wanted to do this for so long.

I say back to him I’ve wanted the same, and now we are both doing what we’ve both wanted.

It’s wrong but it feels so good. Never have I ever had better than this fuck.

He stops fucking me from behind and gets under me, telling me that I’m in full control of his cock

I slide down on it bouncing up and town my 34c boobs bouncing with me, Andy puts his hands on both boobs and pinching my nipples.

I feel my self ready to come and I scream out I’m about to come, Andy moans back that he wants to come and I should climb off so he can come on my boobs.

I ignore his pleas, I want ollie’s sperm swimming inside me, not long after, I feel his cock twitch inside, knowing he’s about to come in me.

I keep bouncing on his cock waiting for my pussy walls to be hammered with his sperm.

And finally it happens we both come together feeling his sperm swim about my soaking now sticky pussy.

We both kiss passionately with tongues fighting inside each other’s mouths..

Finally the coldness from the front door being left open hits us..

As we look up at the door there stands Andy’s best mate Ben…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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