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I consider myself a pretty normal guy. I am an 18 year old senior in high school and am into the usual stuff, girls, sports, partying, you name it. I’m fairly average in height at 5’10” with dark hair and hazel eyes, and the girls tend to like me. As a three sport athlete, I have a lean muscular build and weigh in at about 170. Throughout my adolescence I’ve tended to sleepwalk. It is not the most frequent of occurrences and it tends to happen when I am overly tired. While it doesn’t really bother me, it can make for some embarrassing stories at family gatherings.

I am the second child of two and live at home with my two parents. My sister is a junior in college and generally only comes home for holidays. My dad is a salaried firefighter in the city and my mom a receptionist for a small finance firm at a local business complex. I have always found my mom to be attractive. At 40 years old, she’s a striking brunette with a fair complexion, tall for a woman at 5’7″ with full B-cup breasts and a perfectly round ass, without question her best asset. She is not too thin and has amazing curves and is the type that looks way too young for her age. She could easily pass for 30. My friends at school always tease me about my mother’s looks, and I’ll either ignore them or tell them to buzz off, but it’s tough to argue with them.

On a recent regular Tuesday morning I needed a towel so I could take a shower but found that there were none left in the hall closet where they were usually kept. I was forced to go find one in the closet in my parent’s bedroom. As I approached, I heard the shower running in the bathroom adjacent to my parent’s bedroom, so I knew that my mom was showering considering that my dad was working one of his usual 24 hour shifts. I entered the bedroom and noticed that the bathroom door was slightly ajar. I was instantly aroused at the thought of spying on my mom, but at the same time felt guilty at the thought. I decided the opportunity was too good to pass up and that taking a quick peak would be harmless. I quietly approached the door and peered through the opening. With my heart racing and my cock already stiff as a board, I couldn’t believe what I was doing. The steam from the shower fogged up the clear glass window pains to the point where I could only make out the blurred silhouette of my mother’s naked body with her smooth round ass and bulbous tits, but I had seen enough. I quickly left the room to jerk off, having the most powerful ejaculation I’d ever had. Although I had always found her attractive, until that point I have never really considered my mother a sexual object. Between my raging teenage hormones, the forbidden fruit context, and my mom’s unbelievable sexiness that quickly changed.

Over the next couple of days I couldn’t get the thought of spying on my mother out of my head. Three days later I got my second chance. With my dad working another 24, I woke up ten minutes earlier than usual in hopes of catching a glimpse. As I quietly walked toward my parent’s bedroom door I heard the shower turn on. With my heart racing, I waited to hear the shower door close to know that my mom had gotten in. Whatever I did, I knew that I could not get caught. When I heard the cue, I carefully pushed open the slightly partitioned bedroom door. I was ecstatic to find that again, the bathroom door was ajar allowing just enough room to peek in. I wasted no time. As I looked in I became mesmerized. Through the un-fogged glass doors I saw my mom soaping her naturally perky breasts, nipples hard. I was forced to pull my throbbing cock out of my boxers to stroke it right there. My eyes gravitated to her amazing ass and toned legs. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by my mom. I watched her soap down her voluptuous ass, and then bend amatör porno over to soap down her legs with her ass erect in the air. It didn’t take long before I ejaculated as quickly and as powerfully as I did the first time.

I continued this ritual of spying on my mother and jerking off at every opportunity I could get, and without fail I found that the bathroom door was left cracked open. I began to wonder, is my mother leaving the door open for me intentionally? Could it be possible that she wants me to watch? Could she know that I’ve been spying on her? I began to fantasize about my mom having a look at me naked, and I wondered if there was a way I could make that become a reality. Measuring 8 and ½ inches and thick in girth I knew that I was well endowed, and far more so than my father. It was only a few months ago that we had just finished up a men’s league ice-hockey game and were showering in the locker room that my dad jokingly commented how my good fortune must have come from the genes on my mom’s side of the family. Anyway, I would have given anything to see my mom’s reaction to what I had to offer. I quickly devised a plan that I hoped would accomplish this task and maybe answer some of the questions that were running through my mind.

A week later at 1 in the morning the plan went into effect. Brimming with excitement and anticipation and wearing just boxer shorts, my cock was at full attention desperately trying to protrude out of the slit in my underwear. I’d been told that when I sleep walk my eyes are slightly open and I exhibit a blank expression, while mumbling mostly incoherent phrases. Heart beating a mile a minute, I closed my eyelids halfway and I began down the upstairs hallway from my bedroom towards my mother’s room, mumbling and carelessly banging into the walls. I heard a rustle from the bedroom, and for a split second I considered abandoning the whole thing. But, before I could retreat, the bedroom door slowly creaked open and I could see my mom’s head poke out. “Honey, is that you?” she let out in a low, hesitant voice. I remained in character, mumbling something indiscernible. “Honey?” she said, sounding concerned. I nudged myself into the wall about five feet from the doorway. After what seemed like an eternity, the light flashed on, and I could clearly see my mom’s squinted eyes peering through the cracked door in my direction. I could tell from her change in expression that what she had probably assumed all along was in fact the case: her son was sleepwalking again.

Accepting the notion that I was fast asleep, she emerged from the bedroom. Through my parted eyelids, I was amazed at the sight. She was wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt cut-off at her midsection, perfectly hugging her amazing bra-less breasts and so thin that I could make out the outline of her darkened nipples underneath, and a pair of white cotton boy-shorts that looked two sizes too small; a stark contrast to the baggy flannel pajamas she normally wore around the house on weekends. A quick rush of blood caused my cock to involuntarily twitch, parting the slit in my boxer shorts to reveal the large head of my circumcised penis almost on cue. The movement caught the attention of my mother, and I heard a slight gasp as I watched her eyes divert to the oversized head of my cock. With my heart beating so hard I could hear it with my own ears, I was delighted to see her apparent amazement; I knew she’d be impressed. I took a stumbling step towards her and I felt the cool night air along my shaft as my entire dick emerged from the slit, my cock now fully on display. With my mom’s eyes affixed to my member, she slowly approached me and softly touched my shoulder. She began to guide me back to my bedroom and I lazily anal porno followed her lead. After a short walk, she coaxed me back into my bed. I sprawled out on my back and now completely closed my eyes, with my cock standing straight up like a flagpole. I listened to hear her footsteps leaving the room but a few moments passed without a sound. Was she admiring me? Suddenly, without notice, I felt a warm gentle touch moving from the base towards the tip of my cock. Instinctively I squirmed with pleasure and I felt her hand pull away. I heard a quick patter of footsteps and opened my eyes to just catch a glimpse of my mom’s half exposed ass as she fled the room. I waited to hear her bedroom door close before I shut my eyes and touched myself softly from base to tip over and over until I came.

I had trouble sleeping that night with the thoughts of the night’s transgressions continually replaying in my head. The plan had worked even better than I ever could have imagined. I knew she’d be impressed with my cock but to go as far as touching me! The next morning I was more excited than usual to go see my mother’s beautiful naked body. As I cautiously approached the bathroom door opening I heard something. A soft moan echoed from beyond the door. I quickly peered in at the sight of my mother with one hand fondling her breast and the other wedged in between her legs; the shower water beating down on her face and body. I watched her hand methodically work in between her legs and I wondered if she was imagining that it was me touching her. As she continued to play with herself her moans became quicker and louder. Unbelievably aroused I masturbated in tandem. From her moans I could tell she was about to cum and I could no longer delay my orgasm. I shot my load into my cupped hands, amazed at the amount of cum my balls were able to produce after draining them only a few hours earlier. Afterwards, I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea that my mom was masturbating over me.

Two days later after a long day, I was back in bed still thinking about all that had occurred. I knew then that not only was my mother impressed by me, but I concluded that she may have even been turned on by me. I considered pulling the sleepwalking trick again, but was afraid that my plan might be discovered considering my sleepwalking antics were rather infrequent. I tried to think of a new plan but most ideas were either too risky or too dumb. I looked over at my clock and it displayed 1:36 AM. I must have dozed off. I heard a rustling coming from the hall. I waited and again I heard what sounded like someone walking around. I knew that only my mother was home so I quietly got out of bed and walked to the door. Dressed in only my boxer shorts, slowly I opened the door and peered out, the hallway was empty. As I exited my room I noticed a light shining from my mother’s bedroom door. The door was open and now I could clearly tell that her bedroom was the source of the disruption. I approached the door and peered into the well lit room but did not see anyone. “Mom?” I hesitantly muttered. No response. Then, I heard a sound from the bedroom closet and noticed the door to the closet was open. Nervously I approached. As I looked inside I was relieved at the sight. Within the walk-in closet, back towards me, stood my mother fully dressed in a white button-down blouse, long form-fitting black skirt and red 6-inch heels. “Mom, what are you doing? You nearly scared me half to death. Do you know it’s 2 in the morning?” Oddly, I received no response. Slowly she turned around and my eyes immediately gravitated to the top of her blouse. The top three buttons were undone exposing her red lace bra and amazing cleavage. As I was about to apologize for intruding I noticed that ana breakers porno her eyes were closed. “Mom?” I asked softly. Again, no response. Could she be sleepwalking? I’ve never know her to be a sleepwalker. Could this really be happening?

On the carpet I noticed a set of flannel pajamas. Is it possible she was able to change out of her pajamas into work clothes while asleep? I’d heard that people can do rather intricate things when sleepwalking like taking a walk outside or pouring a glass of milk, so it didn’t seem implausible? Adhering to the old word of caution that you should not wake a sleepwalker, and something that I could attest to from my own personal experiences, I quickly rationalized that my best course of action was to help my mother back to bed. As I began guiding her in that direction, to my surprise, she pulled away from me and slowly began swaying her hips from side to side. Her hands began moving up the sides of her skirt and then her blouse, following the curves of her body. It was a slow, sensual dance and I could do nothing but stare, but all the while keeping a close watch on her closed eyelids. She turned so that her back was facing me and she began unbuttoning her top, continuing her seduction as her body swayed. With little hesitation, I removed my pleading cock from my shorts and began fondling myself. As her blouse dropped to the floor, I watched her hand as it reached for the zipper that ran down the back seem of her skirt. As the zipper began receding, a red lace thong came into view, matching her bra. Standing upright with her legs and high-heels tightly held together, her torso slowly bent straight down toward the floor displaying an impressive amount of flexibility. With her head near her knees, she lowered the zipper below the curve of her ass, allowing the silky skirt to easily fall to the floor leaving her amazing round ass upright and staring at me. Standing before me in a matching red lace bra, thong and heels was the hottest woman alive.

I quietly re-positioned myself from the posterior to get the frontal view, continually stroking my cock as I moved. Without warning, she made a quick move forward towards me, arms outstretched. Without anywhere to go, I held my ground and held my breath. Even with her heels giving her the extra height, my rock-hard cock standing erect at a forty-five degree angle was aimed to jab her below the navel. Instinctively I bent slightly and guided my cock between her legs to avoid a potential disaster. With my cock snug between her thighs her warm body pushed up against me. I felt her soft tits against my bare chest. Unexpectedly, she lowered her arms and lightly grabbed my ass with both hands. Willingly I followed suit and let me hands softly caress her bare ass, allowing my fingertips to run along the crease where her voluptuous ass met her thighs. With my cock at full tilt, and my heart racing, she pulled away, moving toward the bed. I marveled at her thin waist, toned legs and ass accentuated by her sexy heels. As she approached the bed, she began sensuously crawling onto the mattress with her ass perched in the air and back arched. I furiously jerked my cock, amazed that I had been able to hold my load this long. As her body relaxed and she appeared to settle into her slumber, I quickly moved to the bedside, positioning my throbbing cock over my mother’s perfect ass. I couldn’t hold it any longer. My cock spewed uncontrollably, soaking my mother’s backside, creating a pool of jiz in the crevice of her back. She remained asleep but I’m not sure I even cared at that moment. As my orgasm subsided, I removed my shorts and gently dabbed the hot cum off my mom’s ass and back, being extremely careful not to wake her.

The next day my mom had no recollection of the occurrence, and things went about as usual. As time went by I was forced to wonder if she really was sleepwalking that night, or if she was using my own devious tricks to satisfy her own sexual desires. The biggest question, however, was whether I’d have another night like that one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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