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Part 1: Turning

Celebrian had sunk to her knees in the clutches of her orc captors, but they would not let her hide her face as they tortured and slaughtered her retinue. Their sharp, dark claws dug viciously into the alabaster flesh of her arms; their hands fisted in her silver tresses kept her watching the violent scene before her. They spoke to her in the common tongue, though it was foul in their vile mouths.

“Best keep your eyes open, elf-bitch, or Ishnazugk is like to sew them open for ye,” the orc holding her by the hair yanked it back harshly and ran his tongue against her ear. “He wants ye to watch everything that happens to yer guards. Everything. He says yer a great Lady amongst the filthy elves, and that ye needs ter learn yer place.” He gave another vicious jerk to her hair, and Celebrian longed to cry out, but she pressed her lips together and did not make a sound. Though she felt the tears gather and pool in her eyes, she did not let one spill and betray her to her captors.

Orcs hate the elves with a fiery jealousy that gnaws and eats at them from within at all times. The elves are their lost kindred, pure and light, where they have been twisted into blackness by the machinations of the Dark Lord across the long ages of Arda. Tortured and bred in the most vile pits of darkness and despair, they are now wholly his, and wholly evil in their nature.

One by one, the elves of Celebrian’s guard were beaten until nearly unconscious and then brutally raped by their captors. Celebrian was forced to watch the vile, sweating, grunting orcs thrust their gigantic, spurting organs into the bowels and mouths of her kin. The erect penis of an orc is an instrument of destruction, eighteen inches in length and six in girth, roughly ridged and hard as a tree trunk when engorged. Thrust into the bowels of an elf, it churned and ruined, wrecking the bowel and bruising organs deep within. The violent, merciless pounding of a virgin asshole leaving the violated elf in gasping agony, his life’s blood, shit and the copious slime of orc jism flowing from his stretched and ruined anus while he was grasped by the hair and forced to lick clean the soiled phallus of his destructor.

His bruised lips were forced apart, spread wide and painfully by orc meat being pumped forcefully into the back of his throat, heedless of breath or life. The elf’s throat distended painfully as an orc’s hips slammed painfully into his face, the massive cock forced past the epiglottis and down into the esophagus while balls the size of apples slapped against his chin. Hair held tightly, grasped in taloned, black-nailed claws, and tears streaming down the elf’s face while the orc thrust until he shuddered again, flooding the mouth and throat of the Elf with more of its vile seed. Some shot so deep in the throat of their elf, it trickled directly into the stomach without the wretched creature even needing to swallow.

Any elf that retched or failed to swallow the voluminous slime of the orc raping his mouth and throat was beaten further before being forced to clean the spilled seed with their mouth and tongue. It was spoon fed to those too far gone to lick it up on their own. Celebrian’s captors tied her to a tree, her head held back by ropes so that she still could not look away from the tortures being inflicted on her companions. They joined the others, finding an elf that was less far-gone than some.

They forced him to his knees and then all-fours. One grasped his hips and began the relentless invasion of his ass, spreading his buttocks and pressing the fist-sized head of his engorged cock to the tight ring of his anal sphincter. The elf grunted and gasped, struggling and crying out when the first orc’s cock popped past that tight ring, tearing it in the process.

Celebrian watched in horror as the huge organ disappeared into the bowels of the elf. She could see the resistance as the orc neared nearly a full ten inches of penetration, and she listened to the sound of his agony as the orc withdrew almost entirely before plunging in again until the resistance was met. The second orc held his head brutally by the hair, pressing the elf’s face into his large sac and holding it there, forcing his nose and mouth into the stinking folds.

The first orc dug clawed nails into the elf, dragging him back as he thrust his massive organ as deep as it would go. He set up a brutal rhythm, pounding in and out the first eight to ten inches, opening his anus fully to the ridged cock of the orc; blood and slime coating the huge cock. Then as Celebrian watched, she saw the orc press deep, all at once sinking even further into the elf, evidently passing some internal barrier. Relentlessly he pushed, and Celebrian watched the reluctant body of the elf shudder and his seed spill from his erect penis as the orc pressed his hips flush against the buttocks of the elf. The full eighteen inches of orc cock was buried balls deep in his bowels.

The elf gasped in his reluctant orgasm, parting his lips in an agonized cry as the orc began to thrust deep and viciously, merciless in his frenzied pumping. Celebrian could see his stomach bow out with each thrust, the head of the orc’s cock visible as it pushed against his abdomen from within. The second orc took the opportunity to thrust his cock down the throat of the gasping, groaning elf. Celebrian watched his eyes flutter closed in surrender to his urla escort brutal captors as they thrust in unison from either end of his ruined body.

Something changed in Celebrian at that moment, she no longer felt the bile rising in her throat at the violent rape of her guards. Instead she felt a burning in her loins, a desire to be used as the elf-guard before her was being used for the pleasure of the orcs. Celebrian was corrupted in that moment, twisted as her kin before her by the Dark Lord Sauron.

He had preyed upon the young elves in the early ages of the world, snatching them at unawares and twisting them to his own creatures through torture and forced breeding. Something inside Celebrian was vulnerable to this long, violent, hidden history of her people. Her eyes shone now with bloodlust and desire awoke in her loins. Elrond, her husband was a gentle and distant lover, cool in his blood like most all of the high elves. Mating only for the purpose of begetting offspring, a handful of times in their long lives.

Now a fire was awakened in her blood by the sight of her elf guard, Galdorian, his name, she remembers. His body betraying his pleasure while being brutalized by the hot-blooded, virile strength of their captors.

Suddenly, Celebrian herself wanted to be bred by these beautiful creatures, their black talons raking her body as she writhed beneath them, one after another as they filled her womb with their fertile seed. She nearly came from the image in her mind. She licked her lips, slowing her breathing, she was not a common whore, she was a leader of her people, the daughter of a Queen. These creatures would use and kill her, but if she used her mind she might survive.

The orc at Galdorian’s mouth shuddered in orgasm, grabbing him by the ears and spilling himself deep within Galdorian’s throat. Galdorian coughed and retched, but swallowed every drop of orc spunk that was pumped down his throat. He came again as the orc buried balls deep in his tight ass grunted and spilled himself as well. His penis spurting its load in the churned up mud beneath him just before he collapsed into the muck. The orc’s cock popping wetly from his stretched hole as he lay face down in the mud and dirt.

“I think this one liked it, Nashgurz,” the first orc laughed as he wiped his prick on Galdorian’s pale buttocks. As he moved to Galdorian’s head, grasping him by the hair and lifting his face from the mud, the orc caught sight of Celebrian, writhing in her bonds, her face flush with desire. “Methinks another filthy elf liked it too. Ishnazugk! Lookit this!”

“What is this,” the orc leader sneered as he turned to Celebrian, “My dirty little elf-whore is enjoying the festivities?” He grasped her face in his hands, his long, black talons pressing into the porcelain smooth skin of her face, and looked into her emerald eyes. Celebrian did not flinch under his gaze, instead she breathed rapidly, her breasts heaving, her blood coloring the flesh of her chest and shoulders.

He moved closer to her, hooking a claw of his other hand into the top of her gown and tearing it down the front, exposing her rapidly rising and falling breasts to his gaze. He traced one erect nipple with a black nail and Celebrian shuddered, closing her eyes and moaning. “What does it want, eh? Tell me, whore.”

Celebrian opened her eyes, looking the orc leader in the eye as she spoke, “To be your slave-queen, my lord, that is what I want. If you find me worthy.”

Ishnaguzk laughed and slid his hand down the pale column of her throat, squeezing tightly, “Do you know what your place will be as my queen? Hmm? Do you know where a slut-queen ranks amongst Orcs? Somewhere between MY piss and my shit. Untie her.”

“Yes, my lord,” Celebrian murmured as her two captors released her from her bonds, and she stood before Ishnaguzk with her breasts bared. She was still aroused mightily by the stench and blood around her. The orcs had begun lining up her ruined guard for their ultimate demise, pounding waist-high, blunt wooden stakes into the ground, one for each elf.

“Good, then you can begin your training now. I need to piss. Kneel before me, elf-bitch and open your mouth nice and wide.” His leering mouth turned what it could into a smile as Celebrian dropped to her knees in front of him.

Celebrian moaned, she could think of nothing but being used and filled with the great cocks of her new masters. Her breath was ragged as she kneeled before the great orc, his huge penis bobbing before her face. She opened her mouth, watching as he aimed his filthy organ toward her eager face. She felt like she might come as the stream of hot piss splashed on to her tongue. She reached up and felt her own breasts, pinching the nipples tightly, and she did come silently as she began to swallow the golden elixir of her master’s piss. When he was finished, he allowed her to lick the tip and clean the head with her lips.

“Thank you, my lord,” Celebrian smiled as she knelt there, not moving until directed to rise and stand once more before Ishnazugk, her hands clasped behind her back.

“Yes, we shall see if you have the makings of a slave-queen of the Orcs,” Ishnazugk laughed. “I saw you come as I pissed down your throat my Lady. I did not give you permission, but such unbridled lust should not go….unbridled. Yes, I will have much pleasure in training you, I think.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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