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Chastity Cage

Trish, got a call from her friends to go out dancing. She agreed to go, asking if they’d come at 9 o’clock to pick her up.

She got ready to go out. She had a new dress that she wanted to wear. It was a little black dress.

Trish is a 28-year-old big, beautiful woman. She stands 6 feet tall barefooted. She has a DD bar cup size, and wears a size 18. Her most stunning features are her medium length red hair, and big brown eyes. She has always laughed that she is hider not a flaunter in clothing.

But this little black dress is going to show all her curves, and her long legs. She decided to wear some heels to look extra cute, even though it will make her well over 6 feet tall.

Trish was ready when her friends got there. They all went to the club ready to find some fun.

Tom was hanging out with a couple of his friends. They started getting bored just hanging around the house. They all agreed to go to a club to see what kind of fun they could find.

Tom is about 5 foot 6 inches tall, with very broad shoulders. He is very fit, and toned. Tom has sandy blond hair, and blue eyes. He is a very handsome 25-year-old man. Though he carries himself well he is always concerned about the size of his cock.

Tom knows that he is not very well endowed. He’s measured himself when he was hard, his cock measuring up at just over 5 ½ inches. He is proud that his cock is very thick with a bulbous head, but even more proud that he has very large balls.

Trish, and her friends were able to get a table. They were having drinks while watching the crowd. They all were checking out the men. Trish didn’t really see anyone that was catching her eye.

A guy came, and asked her to dance. When she stood up from her seat, she was taller than him. He looked up, and made a smart-ass comment about her being so big and tall. Trish decided that she didn’t want to dance after all – telling him to beat it, and sat back down.

Trish ordered another drink while her friends were all out on the dance floor. She was getting very discouraged; this is how it always turns out when she is at a club. Alone at the table.

Tom, and his friends got to the club. They were searching the room to see who was there. Tom was at the bar getting a drink, when he noticed Trish.

Her red hair is what truly caught his attention. He paid for his beer, and decided to go talk to Trish. Tom walked over to the table. He asked, “May I join you?”

Trish looked at Tom for a second. She replied, “Sure, my friends are all out on the dance floor.”

Tom smiled, and took a seat right next to Trish. He stuck his hand out, and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Tom.” He said.

Reaching for his hand, “Hi, I’m Trish. Nice to meet you.” She replied.

Tom asked, “Why are you not out on the dance floor?”

Trish just shrugged her shoulders.

“Do you want to dance?” Tom asked. “I would love to dance with you.” Tom told her.

Trish sighed, and said, “You don’t need to do that.” “I’m fine sitting here watching. I’m used to it.”

Tom looked at Trish oddly. “Why would you be used to it?” “Do you not like to dance?” Tom asked her.

Trish chuckled, and told him, “No, I love to dance. But I seem to intimidate guys.”

“Really?” Tom said surprised. He could not understand why, she was beautiful.

“Yeah, I am a bigger lady, and most guys don’t always like that.” Trish told him.

“Seriously?” “Don’t they know bigger is better!” Tom said.

Trish smiled at him, “Thanks.”

“No, I’m very serious.” “You are very beautiful!” Tom said.

Tom grabbed Trish’s hand, and said, “Let’s go dance.”

Trish stood up, she towered over Tom. He looked up at Trish, and smiled. “Oh, yeah… you are beautiful!”

They went out on the dance floor, and danced the next four songs together. Trish was having a wonderful time.

“Wow, I’m warm. I need a drink.” Trish said fanning herself.

Tom held her hand, and led her back to the table. When they got back to the table, all of Trish’s friends were there.

Trish introduced Tom to all of them, and sat down to get off her feet. She quickly remembered why she did not wear heels often.

They all said hello to each other. Tom was able to find a chair to bring over to the table, and sit with them. While they were, all talking, Tom’s friends came over. They told Tom that they were heading home. They asked if Yalova Escort he needed a ride? Tom looked at Trish, and asked her, “Do I need a ride with them home?”

Trish smiled, she looked at his friends, and said, “No, I will make sure he gets home tonight.”

They all said good-bye, and left the club. Trish’s friends were ready to leave also. Trish told them to go on home, that Tom, and her will get a cab. So, her friends left the club also.

Tom, and Trish decided it was time to leave also.

They went outside to look for a cab. At the moment, there weren’t any around. Tom was holding Trish’s hand. He started walking. Trish asked him, “Where are we going?”

Tom replied, “Let’s start walking, and get away from all the noise.”

As Tom was walking past an alleyway, he pulled Trish inside. She asked him, “What are you doing?”

Tom smiled, and told her, “I would like to kiss you.” “May I?” he asked her.

Trish said “Yes, most definitely!”

It was a little awkward at first. But they were able to get positioned so they weren’t so clumsy.

Tom kissed Trish passionately, while she was returning the kiss.

Tom moved to kissing Trish’s neck. Trish moved her head to the side so Tom would have better access. Trish started moaning. Tom started blowing in her ear. By him doing this it gave her goosebumps all over her body. Tom whispered in her ear, “You want to go back to my place, or yours?”

Trish moaned, and replied, “Whichever is closer!”

Tom laughed. They walked back to the street. Tom waved down a cab. When they got into the back of the cab Tom asked Trish, “What street do you live on?”

She replied, “Oak street.”

Tom said, “I’m closer.” He told the cabbie where to go.

The cab stopped in front of Tom’s house. Tom paid the cabbie, and they got out of the car. Tom grabbed Trish’s hand, and then he led her into the house.

Once they got inside the door, Trish kicked off her heels. By doing this it only made her about 5 inches taller than Tom. So, it was not as awkward kissing, like it was in the alleyway.

Tom backed Trish up against the wall, and started kissing her again. Trish wrapped her arms around Tom’s neck. Tom was rubbing on Trish’s tits.

Trish put her head against the wall moaning.

Trish’s tits have always been overly sensitive.

Tom leaned down a little, and started sucking on her nipples through her dress. Trish put her hands-on Tom’s head holding him to her tits.

He reached behind her to unzip her dress, lightly cupping her ass while moving up to the zipper. Then he pulled the front of her dress down off her tits. He now was able to tongue directly on her nipples. Trish was squirming against the wall, moaning.

Tom lifted his head, to kiss her again. Trish started pulling his shirt up to his chest. She wanted to feel his skin. He stopped kissing her so, she could pull his shirt all the way off. Trish was rubbing her hands up, and down Tom’s chest.

Trish asked if they could go to his bedroom to get more comfortable. Tom agreed, and led her to the bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom Trish got completely undressed. Tom took off his pants, but left his boxer briefs on. They both got on the bed, sitting on their knees facing one another.

They were both lightly touching all over each others bodies. Trish could see that Tom’s cock was hard. She went to touch it. He pulled back a little. This threw Trish off for a second. “What’s the matter?” “Why haven’t you taken your underwear off?” Trish asked Tom.

Tom was a little embarrassed. “I have to confess; I don’t have very big cock.”

Trish looked down, and replied, “From what I can see it looks to be a good size.” “Let me see it.”

Tom got off the bed, with his back to her, he pulled off his underwear. When he turned around his cock was standing straight out in front of him.

Trish smiled, “Your cock is beautiful!” She told Tom.

Tom crawled back on the bed, facing Trish. She reached down to rub his cock. Tom moaned once Trish’s hands were on him.

Trish asked Tom, “Would you please lay down on the bed?”

Tom laid down, and stretched out. Trish started rubbing all over Tom’s body.

Trish leaned over Tom, and started licking his nipples. After his nipples hardened in her mouth, Trish moved downwards kissing along Tom’s stomach.

When Trish Yalova Escort Bayan got to his cock, she put the tip in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. She was rubbing his balls as she was starting to go up, and down on Tom’s cock with her mouth.

Tom told Trish, “Turn your ass around here so I can play with your pussy.”

Trish turned her body so that she could still suck on Tom’s cock while he started finger fucking her pussy.

Trish was moaning on Tom’s cock, which made Tom moan. Trish would lift off his cock to give her jaw a break for a moment. When her mouth was not on his cock, she was moving her hand up, and down. She leaned down to kiss Tom in the crease of his leg that joins with the groin. That made Tom moan even louder.

Tom instructed Trish, “I want you to get up on your knees. Then take your right leg, and put it over my stomach, and lean back. I want to taste your pussy.”

Trish did as Tom asked of her. He started licking her pussy. She inhaled sharply. It felt absolutely wonderful.

Trish was having a hard time concentrating on Tom’s cock while he was licking her. She lifts her mouth off his cock, and leaned up. She noticed that his cock fell right between her tits. She squeezed her tits around his cock. Tom started thrusting his hips, fucking her tits.

Trish came on Tom’s hand. It felt so good having a man touching her. It had been a little while.

Tom asked Trish, “How do you want to be?”

Trish replied, “Let’s start out with me on my back.”

They both shifted around so Trish was laying on her back, and Tom was on top of her. Tom was sucking on her tits. Trish was squirming under Tom from all the sensations she was feeling.

Tom then grabbed a condom out of the side table by the bed. He got up on his knees, and put the condom on.

Tom took Trish’s legs, and lifted them up to her chest so she was wide open for him. Tom thrust his cock into her pussy, and stayed still for a moment.

Tom started thrusting in, and out of Trish’s pussy. She wanted to be able to move against his cock. But the way he had her legs, she couldn’t move.

After a couple of minutes, Tom leaned back, and put her feet on his shoulders. Now Trish was able to meet every one of Tom’s thrusts.

Trish reached down, and started rubbing her clit. She had an orgasm that made her squirt all over the front of Tom’s stomach. She was pretty turned on watching her juices run down his stomach into

his pubic hair.

“That was fucking hot!” Tom said to her. “I have never seen any women do that before in real life.”

Trish smiled, and replied, “There is more where that came from!”

Tom moved, and told Trish. “Get on your hands, and knees'”

Trish got up, and turned around. Tom entered her from behind.

Tom leaned over Trish’s back to rub her tits. He was rolling, and pinching her nipples, making them very hard.

Trish then leaned down so that her head was on the bed. At this angle, she could really feel Tom’s cock. It felt so good. She then reached under her, and started rubbing Tom’s balls while he was thrusting into her pussy.

Tom asked Trish, “Can I finger your ass?”

“Oh, yes please do!” Trish responded.

Tom spit on Trish’s asshole, and inserted his thumb, making Trish scream.

Tom pulled his thumb out of her ass quickly. “What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” Trish asked.

“You screamed, I thought I hurt you.” Tom replied.

Trish chuckled, and replied, “Did I forget to mention that I am a screamer?”

Tom responded with a big smile, “Yes you did. I like it!”

Trish looked over her shoulder with a coy, sly look at Tom, and said, “So then finger fuck my ass. It felt amazing.”

Tom spit on Trish’s asshole again, and inserted his thumb. He started moving his thumb with the rhythm of his thrusting in her pussy.

Trish yelled out, “Pound my pussy!” “Fuck! Your cock feels wonderful!”

Tom started thrusting harder. Trish yelled, “Harder! You won’t hurt me.”

Tom took his thumb out of her ass, so he could grab her hips to start pounding her pussy hard.

Trish moved her hand from Tom’s balls to her clit. She was rubbing frantically, she screamed, and had a huge orgasm.

Tom slowed down on his thrusting after Trish had her orgasm. He knew he was on the verge of cumming. He was not ready to end this with Trish Escort Yalova yet. Her pussy is so tight around his cock, and feeling fantastic.

Tom pulled out of Trish, and laid on his back. “Crawl on top of me.” Tom told her.

Trish slid down onto Tom’s rock hard cock. She started grinding against him. Trish leaned forward, and Tom grabbed her ass, and started pumping into her pussy.

Trish was kissing Tom. At one point, she started sucking on his tongue while they were fucking. That turned Tom on so much, that he started thrusting upwards harder, and faster. He moved his head, and grunted loudly as he came.

Tom didn’t think he had ever came that hard before. He was drained, but felt alive.

Trish had another orgasm when Tom had his. She laid on top of him for a few minutes. When she tried to move off him, he wrapped his arms around her to keep her still.

After a few more minutes, Tom let go of Trish, and she got off him. She laid on the bed in pure ecstasy.

Tom got up, and went into the bathroom to remove the full condom. He cleaned himself up, then came back to bed.

He swatted Trish on the ass, and asked her, “Are you alive over there?”

Trish laughed, and responded, “Barely.” “That was phenomenal!” She told Tom.

He laughed, and agreed with her.

Tom asked Trish, “Do you want to stay all night, or do you want me to take you home?”

Trish opened her eyes, and looked at Tom. “Are you kicking me out?” She asked.

“God, no I want you to stay.” Tom told her. “I just want to make sure that is what you want also.”

Trish replied, “I would like to stay at least until morning.” She added, “Besides I don’t think I will be able to move for a bit anyways.”

Tom laughed. They laid beside one another. They were asking each other about themselves. They laid there, and talked for about an hour. They both crashed out with smiles on their faces.

Tom woke up with a rock-hard cock, and knew where he wanted to put it. He started rubbing on Trish’s ass. She started pushing back at his hand.

Tom rolled her over, spread her legs, and thrust into her. Trish opened her eyes, and looked at Tom with a smile. “Good morning, handsome.” She said to Tom.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Tom said to Trish.

They fucked slowly, at a leisurely pace. Tom had not put on a condom. He was getting ready to pull out. Trish wrapped her legs around him. “It’s okay, I’m on the pill – cum in my pussy.”

Tom thrust a couple more times, and they came together.

Tom rolled off Trish bringing her with him. The laid there for a bit, and cuddled.

Tom chuckled, and said to Trish, “I like when we are laying down.”

Trish looked at Tom oddly, and asked, “Why is that?”

“Because when we are laying down, it doesn’t matter that I am shorter than you.” Tom replied.

“Does my height bother you?” Trish asked Tom.

“Hell, no!” Tom responded, “I love your long legs, and when we dance I can rest my head on your tits.” Tom said.

Trish laughed, and replied, “Well, I am glad I can give you a comfortable place to rest your head.”

Tom laughed with her. Then got serious, and asked her, “Do you have a problem with me being shorter than you?”

Trish looked at Tom in the eyes, and told him honestly. “Height has never been an issue with me. Besides we are the same size laying down.”

Tom pulled Trish in closer to him, and kissed her.

Trish looked at Tom, and said to him, “Unfortunately, I need to get home. I already had plans for the day.”

Tom replied, “No problem, I will get you home.”

They both got out of bed, they each went to the bathroom, and got dressed.

Tom drove Trish home. When he got to her place he turned, and looked at her. “Can I see you again?” He asked.

Trish lean over, and kissed Tom. “Most definitely!” She told him.

They exchanged phone numbers. Kissing again before saying good bye.

As Trish got out of the car, she asked Tom, “What are you doing later?”

Tom smiled, and said to her, “Waiting for your call, so I can come over to see you.”

Trish laughed, and told Tom that she will call later.

When she got to her door she turned, and waved at Tom with a huge smile on her face.

Tom waved back, and waited until she got inside her house. As he was pulling away, his phone rang. He looked at it, and it was Trish.

Tom laughed as he answered the phone. “That was fast, miss me already?” He asked.

Trish laughed, and told him, “I just wanted to say thank you for last night. I was the best night ever!”

“You’re more than welcome.” Tom noted to Trish. “I’ll look forward seeing you soon!”

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